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  1. (I give up RPing.Sorry.It's just not interesting and appealing to me anymore. I can't wait for you to be back at everypony. Also, happy new year :3)
  2. (Yay new computer now :3) "Yes, finally, let's go!"-He said as he jumped on it with Lubally and Star. (Where are Wright and Flutters again?xd)
  3. "I think they went for the humans..."-He said, looking around hopelessly. (Made this with MS Paint 2002 lol )
  4. (Darn it ;3; ) Cappuchino ran with Star to there.After awhile, they made it.
  5. (Sorry ;-; ) An explosion happened. "We need backup, now!Canterlot is falling!!"-Some guard said! "Hey, where should we go?"-CM asked him. "OUTTA HERE OF COURSE!"-The guard screamed, and started shooting magic at humans.
  6. (Examination season.Hope you forgive me ;-; ) "But where are they?I thought they were gone?"-He said loudly.
  7. (Hairless monkeys XD) "They are crazy!What should we do??"-He said.
  8. "What are those things?"-He said. (Staying up late for homework ;-; )
  9. *ponies and people screaming* "What was that??"-Cappuchino said.
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