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  1. Rarity follows Twilight and they encounter Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, darling," she trots over to her. "I suppose you're having a picnic?"
  2. After watching Grave of the Fireflies--ugh, my heart... *Sniff*

    1. tacobob


      Go see 'When The Wind Blows'.

    2. BisKit


      Hm. Kinda saw that somewhere in my childhood, I think I cried back there as well.

  3. http://mlp-episodes.tk/ <-- This is where I found it. ((Keep scrolling!)) http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Princess_Spike <-- Doesn't seem far-fetched.. maybe.
  4. Rarity followed Twilight as they arrive at Fluttershy's cottage. Twilight attempts to call out for her, and Rarity assists. "Fluttershy, darling? Are you in there?" she said. "Please open up- It's us, Rarity, Twilight and Spike?"
  5. "Alright then," she started to follow Twilight. "Kindly lead the way." she smiled in delight.
  6. "Fluttershy, you say? Sure!" Rarity smiled. "Then we can probably go fetch Applejack, and so on.."
  7. ((Alrighty then.)) "My! Well, If it's orders from you, darling, I'd be happy to abide!" She took a breathe, hardly ignoring about her unfinished project. "Anyway, that corset isn't anything important, just an idea for designing and all." Rarity swept a tiny drop of sweat trickling slowly under her mane. Indeed it started to heat up today, yet staying under a shade would be probably fine enough. "Let's go, then!" She smiled and was ready to follow Twilight.
  8. ((i wonder when will flutters and the rest come in? any updates in posting order?))
  9. She giggles as Spike replies. Waving her hoof with an awkward smile towards him, she shifts back to Twilight. "Hm? And like I told you, you should enjoy the luxury of a princess!" She slowly sighed, envying Twilight for her Princess title. "A letter? From Princess Celestia?!" Rarity immediately grabbed the letter and read it thoroughly with no hesitation. Urgent.. to see... your friends... She draws nearer to the paper. ..at...Canterlot? "Canterlot! Oh, another dream come true to visit the beautiful paradise once more!" Her dreamy eyes were sparkling in the midst of the emergency. Rarity looked back at the letter to continue the remaining sentences. Peace... tragedy... in the lands! She smiled wryly, embarrassed in her own excitement in visiting Canterlot again. "My, my.. It must be danger back there, a total fiasco!" She sounded concerned despite sighing once more, remembering the corset. "I might have to say bye-bye to my darling corset.." she murmured.
  10. Not much in pity, though, I do want to take AJ to the fact I can work with her anyway.
  11. Hm. Let me take Applejack for you. That's a lot of characters for you to work with, Ashton.
  12. ((Am I late? Gosh, I overslept. 'Scuse me..)) The purple-maned mare was busy finishing the corset of a dress she was working on. It look quite bland, not to mention it had no sequins! "Oh, dear.. I might have to get some sequins.. or just another batch of diamonds just in case.." She said to herself as she opened the door, surprised at who was there. Twilight and Spike; She wonders what they we're doing here. "Oh! Why hello there, Princess Twilight," Rarity bounced her curly mane to keep it in tact. "And of course, hello, Spike darling!" Rarity almost forgot to ask why they we're here. "May I ask something? Well, why have you come to me? To my boutique?" She repeatedly fluttered her eyelids in excitement to what Twilight could say.
  13. Man, I missed the spot for Flutters I'll take Rarity if I can't take Flutters ;-;
  14. Oh! Was that vague to you? ene I meant Jet and her father *became rivals, if you we're wondering.
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