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  1. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay .
  2. Welcome~ Please enjoy your stay
  3. Finals time~  Wish me luck!  



    1. DreamySunday
    2. ZephyrBurst


      No luck necessary. Only your own mind.

    3. Sondash145


      Human capabilities can push far beyond what any luck can do. Just get in and do your best!

  4. This is a great forum to make friends on! Welcome, and please enjoy your stay
  5. Welcome, please enjoy your stay
  6. planning

    Nightingale loves Las Pegasus! (her app is in my sig) It would make sense for her to be there on a gig for her DJ talents~ Don't really have any ideas for a problem though...maybe a bit of emotional toil at realizing her mother was also performing? And she doesn't know whether or not to approach her mother?
  7. noob

    Welcome! Please enjoy your stay Here's some RD:
  8. Scientifically, you can't raise a "Star" or a "moon". I don't really think the MLP Canonverse really complies with our scientific standards.
  9. Calamity turned back around and continued to follow Feng, hiding quick frowns with an endearing smile. He nodded, scanning Feng's saddlebag. It did seem...fully packed, something he hadn't noticed before. He glanced at his own saddle bag, a rather unpleasant thought growing in his head: You know...we could just use the scolopamine and enchant everypony. He quickly shook the thought away, disheartened by his lack of trust in a fellow Imperial Watcher. There isn't enough powder, anyways~ And I wouldn't want to "cheat" on a mission. He second-checked himself, and the more he tried to reason on why he shouldn't follow with his wild plans, the more odd it seemed that he even considered it an idea in the first place. Nevermind myself~ This is Feng's mission now: and I'll follow through with my promise to let him lead. The Triads...not exactly the most pleasant place. He looked around, a move based solely on habit before speaking, "As for myself, I'm sure you can convince them that I was a fellow initiate that failed to pass the Imperial Watch exams. Perhaps my older age was a deterrent? " He smiled, adopting a mock expression of shock and curiosity, "A Qilin that had wanted to be a Watcher since he was little, and gave up all that he owned for armor and weapons to train. Alas, he did not pass the examinations and found himself fundless and with no family left to run to. Fortunately, he met a very kind stallion that offered to take him to the Mountains, where he could start anew in life"
  10. I'll play Nightingale, her app is in my sig. She'll serve as a secondary character to tag along, offer support, provide financial help, etc.
  11. Welcome!
  12. These ones: Very cool~
  13. I wouldn't mind a doodle of Queen Galaxia~ Any pose you'd like.
  14. I love the figurines, especially the Guardians of Harmony ones~ ((I still have a G3 RD figurine that sits next to my G4 RD))
  15. I'm in as well, but I'd be willing to play a secondary character so that the first 5 that expressed interest can be Knights~