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  2. Welcome! Please enjoy your stay I don't think we have any Canterlot-affiliated TF2 servers, but I'm sure at least one of here plays the game.
  3. Welcome! Enjoy your stay Red pandas are so cool!
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  5. Calamity gave a slow smile to Feng, noting his apparent impression and adoration, "Master Feng, there are many tricks that hide within our Kingdom, right before your eyes. Only those that know what they are looking for will be able to find them," He reached from beneath his armor and extended out another, smaller bottle of powder to Feng. The powder looked so peaceful, resting in a tempered glass bottle with a small pearl as a cork. It seemed so harmless, devoid of its poisonous intentions. "Here-take this. Do what you may with it, but its consequences are out of my hoof," Another test. Another challenge. Always another battle. This was a trial he had given to many of his Imperial Watchers, to test the limits of their hearts and to see-if given the opportunity-what great good or evil they might condone. He remembered the young prospect, born from a powerful family and the brightest of his training regiment: using the powder to make fun at the civilians and to hurt the pets. He remembered the genius Unicorn, who used the powder to help himself focus and passed all the components of admittance into the Imperial Watch with flying colours. He remembered the young Qilin...himself. The Qilin that swore on the Scopolamine to never be hurt by anyone, and to never let anyone see his weaknesses. He remembered the Qilin throwing the bottle of powder onto himself, trying to forget his own misery and his pain. He remembered feeling cold and heartless, but feeling alone all the same. And as he looked at young Feng, Calamity wondered what he would do with his newfound power. Would Feng prove to be a wicked heart and use it to hurt others? Would Feng use it on himself to increase his limits and to dissolve whatever pain he had? Would Feng pass the test, and truly join the ranks as one of the Calamity's closest allies? But, most of all, what would Feng reveal inside? He gave Feng one last look, a cold, harsh eye that came only from years of seasoned power and hatred and bitterness and anger; and he turned his smile back on and said, "Lead the way, Master Feng~ This is your place, afterall."
  6. Indeed it was! Rosewind (our friendly Admin) put it in for me
  7. Any rp's I have yet to reply to?  Please link below :).  I used to have a document with the links to all my rp's, but my PC got a little wiry recently and the document basically won't load.  

    1. Bellosh


      If you'd so like, Calamity is free to address the Imperial Court now that the Chancellor wrapped up her report: 


    2. PrinceBlueblood
    3. Rudan
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  11. Way to go Thread Necromancer! But in complete seriousness, this thread is over a year old. ParrySlice hasn't been seen in a long time, and Dragonlover has been banned.
  12. Welcome! Please enjoy your stay~
  13. Awww, was a beautiful scene Fantastic artwork, Zeig. I love how you managed to convey all those emotions~
  14. Neria kept her grip tight on her staff, looking from beneath her cloak. He seemed friendly, talkative, perhaps too trustworthy. She grew up in a world where any creature other than "Unicorn" was disliked, and being an Earth Pony didn't lend her any kindness. His smile seemed genuine, but his eyes hid more than cheerful optimism. She tuned her head to face him, and stepped towards him, "Neria." She pointed the tip of her staff towards him: perhaps a greeting, perhaps a threat.
  15. Excited to learn about what hides beneath the Caves of Canterlot? Eager to know about how Chrysalis was able to hide Princess Cadenza below Canterlot without anypony knowing? Well-here's your chance to find out! Come explore the caves with renowned explorer Aventura! Fill this out to join in (or post the app to the OC you'll be using): Name: Approximate Age: Gender: Race: Why he/she is interested in the Caves: Weapon of Choice: Special Area of Knowledge: Appearance, General Personality and Cutie Mark: