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  1. I've actually got quite a list of possible characters that I had ideas for but never fleshed out enough for a full character application. PM me if you want more details
  2. ((Oh gosh this still exists! )) The pony sounded...nice enough. Starry gave an audible gasp of surprise as she found her hoof being shaken vigorously, and struggled to draw back her hoof. "No, I should have no trouble finding my room at all. There are only three grand suites in this hotel, afterall," She flicked her tail, and cast another infrared spell over the scene: young mare, covered in some sort of substance that seemed to be stuck to the mare's coat. With a look of absolute Canterlite horror on her face, she asked, "Are you covered in mud?"
  3. It's amazing! Thank you so much for doing this
  4. Awesome banner Symphonic! <3 It's so cool!

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      Awesome banner Symphonic and @Rosewind ! 

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      Awww thanks, Symph is very, very talented!

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  5. I've been here for just over 2 years now~ :D 

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      Congrats Lyi! :catbug: 

  6. It seems I've returned again (again) (again) (again). I can't seem to get enough of roleplaying, and I can't find a more friendly site than this Well, I guess I'd better do my introductions again for all the new members: Hiya! I'm Lyi - roleplayer, occasional artist, and editor. I'm a big fan of the show, a big fan of roleplaying, and a big fan of this site. My favourite ponies are still Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, and I admit I'm not quite caught up to the show's latest episodes yet. Time to get back into some roleplaying!
  7. If this is still open, I'm interested! Here's a pic of my Aerion, Nightingale~ Any pose is fine, as long as she's wearing her signature headphones Thanks so much for doing this!
  8. ((Hotel Mystere (2017) )) Startled with a thump, Starry gave a gasp. Did somepony just...trip over me? She gave a look of disbelief, before hearing the voice of a chipper, polite, mare offering an apology. She stood up, brushing the dust off her coat and straightening her mane, "Starry Requiem, Heir and Head of the House Requiem." She sniffed the air, sticking her snout to the sky whilst smirking, "And who exactly are you?"
  9. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay .
  10. Welcome~ Please enjoy your stay
  11. Finals time~  Wish me luck!  



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      No luck necessary. Only your own mind.

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      Human capabilities can push far beyond what any luck can do. Just get in and do your best!

  12. This is a great forum to make friends on! Welcome, and please enjoy your stay
  13. Welcome, please enjoy your stay
  14. planning

    Nightingale loves Las Pegasus! (her app is in my sig) It would make sense for her to be there on a gig for her DJ talents~ Don't really have any ideas for a problem though...maybe a bit of emotional toil at realizing her mother was also performing? And she doesn't know whether or not to approach her mother?
  15. noob

    Welcome! Please enjoy your stay Here's some RD: