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  1. Well, I'm the Starlight player (in WoE), so I'm definitely interested in anything involving her and more dimensions!
  2. Sounds interesting~ I'd be up for playing Starlight Glimmer~
  3. Welcome! Please enjoy your stay
  4. (Same here!)
  5. Calamity blinked in surprise, controlling his breathing as not to show any excess emotion. Throughout his many years, this test had been administered many times. Yet, time after time, he had always been disappointed. And even those that did pass the test always chose to keep the powder, never to so blatantly refuse it. Maybe he's better than you give him credit for~did you ever think of that, Calamity? He took a deep breath, putting on the "kind old stallion" face, before accepting the vial from Feng. "Interesting decision, Master Feng," He took the bottle and looked it over, turning it around and around. The dust glimmered in the sun, and he swiveled his head around the vial. He shifted ever so closely towards Feng, smiling lightly and still turning the bottle. So tempting...isn't it beautiful? You must take it must fall into temptation. Once again, he extended the powder to Feng. "All your dreams could come true..." He smiled, and leaned close towards Feng, staring into his eyes. What a curious pair of eyes! Everyone's eyes are different, but his are So bright and full of potential. So righteous and clever, thinking that he could rule the world. He almost sniffed, but froze when he saw something. Love? Romance? Inspiration? But for whom... He glided behind Feng, his body winding around him and trapping him. "You could get her to love you," A little bit of him wanted Feng to reject the vial, and to thrust it onto the ground. He wanted Feng to stand firm in his beliefs, and to become one of hist most trusted Watchers. He wanted to watch him succeed in his path, and be strong in his own abilities. He wanted what a good Censor would want from his guards: loyalty, confidence, and power. But inside, Calamity was a lot more than a pretty face. He wanted to watch Feng fail, and to feel the power as he squashed Feng. He wanted to see Feng beg for his position back, his job back, his country back. He wanted to see Feng cry and break down, and he wanted to be the one to lift him back up. I want to do for him what I couldn't do for my sister. Looking into his eyes...the power and the confidence and the potential and the was like looking into her eyes. And despite how much he wanted to deny it, his eyes were glistening from tears, not the sun.
  6.'s been a while since I've been here~  I was thinking of leaving the forum, since I've been having less and less time on my hands-but I was reading one of my old roleplays the other day, and I think those are worth staying for :) 


    So yeah!  I'm back :D  

    1. Rosewind


      Well it is kinda dead right now, even with the new season starting up. This site'll be here whenever you pop back in!

    2. SymphonicFire


      Lyi! Welcome back! :catbug: 

    3. PrinceBlueblood


      Glad you thought me worth coming back to!  Hopefully, I'll make it worth your while.

  7. I might not have the time to give it a very thorough edit, but I'm 100% willing to do some pre-reading and give some feedback Send me a pm~
  8. recruiting

    Nightingale wouldn't mind being an ally~ (her app is in my sig). She's a DJ/Underground Music Scene Producer/Royal Lunar Guards Reserves-so she's always sneaking around at night. Because of her networking with the Underground Music Scene, she has a lot of connections in high places, and would definitely serve useful if Phobos would ever need it. Since she's a batpony, the night is also her realm. She's very comfortable around shadows and darkness-just like Phobos~
  9. Some reboots are actually very good...but most of them are just insults to the original show. I mean, how many of us can look at Ghostbusters 2016 and actually say, "Wow! It totally measured up to the original series!", or watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and agree that, "It was better than the original"? Especially with Disney's new interest in remaking their old animations into live-actions, it's been case after case of "maybe this will turn out OK?" Going back to @PulseWave's point~ Yes, most people who were fan of the G3 aren't super-happy with the G4 bronies, but I do know quite a few G3 fans that enjoy the G4 as well (including myself). I'm glad G4 was made, but it would have been nice if they had kept some of the references to G3 in-show.
  10. Whoo!  Season 7 starts on April 15th :D 

    1. tacobob


      D'Oh! I mentioned that awhile back. They're also putting out little teasers as well.

    2. Rudan


      The hype is on. BC

      Let's rock.

  11. Welcome! Please enjoy your stay
  12. WELCOME! Pinkie is the best !
  13. Need more energy.  Need less work.  Need to roleplay.  Need money~  


    Sorry to all the people I'm rping with, but work is really starting to pile up on my teeny tiny desk~ 

    1. Rudan


      Life can be a barrel of doo-doo, don't worry about it. Just focus on sorting your stuff out and relax.

    2. Sondash145


      Ah, I too am swamped.

      I'm not good at giving advice, just wanted you to know you're not the only one.

    3. ToothpasteThy


      Need more money and need less work? I do believe those to things don't often go together 8v

  14. Welcome! Please enjoy your stay Celestia is an amazing leader indeed!
  15. Welcome! Please enjoy your stay