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  1. Rocky

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    I randomly felt the need to check if they put up a dub of Made In Abyss and I see they did. I rewatched the first episode and I want to keep going but I don't know if my heart can take it a second time..
  2. Rocky

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    Sheesh.. First my grandfather, next your coworker, and now today I heard a friend of ours from town passed away out of nowhere.. Grim reaper is having a busy week...
  3. Rocky

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    Isn't it like China that gets it first? Or that general part of Earth?
  4. Rocky

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    Would you please? I've always been jealous of the fact you guys get tomorrow before us.
  5. Rocky

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    Well you should fix your timezone
  6. Rocky

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    I'll try to pop on for a bit. also happy new year guys
  7. Rocky

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    Thanks, Fawkes.. Doing something in their honor.. I dig that. You're right, it really does make you think about what could have been. I said I was going to visit for Thanksgiving this year and I never made it. I wish I just sucked it up and went... What could have been.. The fact I didn't make that trip will stick with me.. However, what I think will come of this is us reconnecting with his side of the family. It's a very large family.. We would typically see pretty much all of them at family holiday gatherings which were held at said grandfather's house.. and since we haven't visited them for the holidays in 10 years, we haven't seen much of that side of the family. I really want to reconnect with all of them... I haven't had a single reason not to visit (it was the drive that turned me off from visiting, actually. They are quite a ways away... I know that is a horrible excuse when it comes to family, though).. Yeah, ten years is long enough.
  8. Rocky

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    A day late but Merry Christmas you guys! On a different, slightly darker note..
  9. Rocky

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    I feel like if I ordered a Frenda keychain It'd show up broken into two pieces badum tss
  10. Rocky

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    I was being a bit sarcastic when I said that her being cute had nothing to do with it. Like, it is the reason entirely. You're right though.. I never really took that into consideration. Cheap emotional hooks.. That's exactly what it is... And I reacted exactly as they wanted me to.. I feel like I've been played.
  11. Rocky

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    Okay guys this is totally irrelevant but, I really need to vent this. I'll put it in a spoiler (it does spoil some stuff involving A Certain Magical Index).. Oh yeah sorry if I sound like a complete child Okay, with that, I hope you all had a great weekend!
  12. Rocky

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    Oooooh sounds fun. I might consider that. I know it'll be a nerve wracking experience when trying to choose what stuff you think/hope the other will like, and then an anxiety experience after I ship it out, thinking constantly "I shouldn't have sent that... Why didn't I send this!?".. I know it's really the thought that counts but, I think it gets to a point where some people's taste in everything is pure trash.
  13. Rocky

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    Angie sent me a couple things many years ago back when we were a packaged deal.. What I sent her was never even close to being as cool as what she sent me... Kinda feel bad about that now haha
  14. Rocky

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    I feel you on that haha. Obviously it'd be far too expensive and complicated to be any fun at all. But honestly, I think it would stand as a testiment of LPW's dedication if we were ever insane enough to attempt it. I'd be totally down for a secret santa-esque thing!