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  1. It's bitterly cold out today and I wish I could sleep through it. I wish I could sleep through all of late fall and winter. Hibernation.
  2. Eternal rest doesn't sound too bad at this very moment.. Impulsions 2:24
  3. With Demon Slayer over I'm just sitting here waiting for MHA's 4th season to start. Like this feels like the longest I've ever waited for something.
  4. Hey Patch, you know there's someone here that hasn't seen Far From Home yet and while it may be their fault for slacking, they still may wish death upon people who spoil it for them.
  5. I'm hardly around now either.. I try to be but it just doesn't happen. Also if any of you haven't seen Akame Ga Kill then good.
  6. Death is my embodiment as of late.
  7. Yeah no more factory work for me. Now I can get overwhelmed with impatient customers who think we serve fast food.
  8. Depends on the day. Lately the dough has been tossing me.
  9. Haha I wish that word applied here.
  10. Thank you, Rose. Went for the throat this time, I see. I couldn't think of a comeback so here's a picture of a rock I found by Googling 'a rock'.
  11. No they are fixing it. I guess the director tweeted that they heard how no one likes it and they are redesigning Sonic to look the way he's supposed to. Could be bs but I'd like to think its true. I wonder if Jim Carrey's still got it.
  12. Feeling that sunshine right about now.
  13. Firstly, this is extremely accurate. And super cool. I've never seen a Citroen in person before.. someone should hurry up and import one in my town.
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