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  1. Rocky

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    Oh absolutely. There's something every day.
  2. Rocky

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    Thanks haha.. Also yeah my coworkers and I have actually gotten along a lot better since that chat we had. They never hated me. They just made fun of me constantly. I mean, they still do. Not as often but, I think as long as I'm working here, it's the way things will be. Also wow you exist!
  3. Rocky

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    You haven't ever, by chance, gone by the name of Steven Spielberg.. Have you?
  4. Rocky

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    Did you play the dinosaur in the movie?
  5. Rocky

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    At work I recently was talking to some coworkers during lunch about how annoying another coworker was when he eats (chews with his mouth open and makes this weird popping sound with every chew). I was really going off about this guy when halfway through I stopped talking because I realized that I didn't recall seeing him leave the cafeteria (as he usually leaves for a smoke break). Slowly looked over my shoulder aaaaand yep, sitting right behind me. I probably turned red as a fire hydrant as I tried to stutter an explanation to him. I chuckled, he didn't, the other coworkers bailed on me, it was a good time. So yeah, I didn't exactly proudly proclaim I expose myself to people in public places but, I've had some slip-ups of sorts. Also holy cow I joined this place a month after you.. I had just turned 15. I can't believe it's really been nearly eight years. Feels longer..
  6. Rocky

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    I did manage to watch the game all the way through. Needless to say, I was thinking of what other, more interesting things I could be doing instead.
  7. Rocky

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    It's weird that my family isn't even into football yet we watch the game and eat party food like we actually care.
  8. Rocky

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    Superbowl is a thing tonight I guess...
  9. Rocky

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    Nothing is more important than Famime.
  10. Rocky

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    Famime! Sounded better in my head..
  11. Rocky

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    Welcome baaaaaaack~ So, because she's never seen it, I've been rewatching Toradora with my sister. We hardly ever hang out so it's been fun to watch a couple episodes together every other evening. Aaaand after we finish Toradora, we'll move onto the next one. Maybe we'll take on Hyouka next. That was one of the first ones I ever binged almost a whole year ago so it'll be cool to rewatch it. Anime brings families together™
  12. Rocky

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    I'm glad you like them!
  13. Rocky

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    'Tis just one of 4 Rockymobiles. Before Patch goes deciding, let it be known that I have many (less creepy) options.