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  1. What if I told you guys I looked exactly like All Might except I didn't look anything like him?
  2. Dude you're like basically motor oil at this point.
  3. T(he) la(st) d(ay) be(for)e (break)ing my (fast) car owo
  4. You can draw spooky things but today I drew a cat on a sticky note.
  5. Yeah I'm starting to think 'flip Jacob off on a regular basis' is in all my coworkers' job descriptions. In all honesty, I spent a good 10 minutes flipping myself off to use my hand as reference for that picture. 🙂
  6. Look, kid... If you're going to illustrate yourself flipping us off, at least have the common courtesy to make it realistic.
  7. Patch, I think the avatar I made for you covers every birthday you've had and ever will have. I don't feel I ever have to get you another gift.
  8. No don't do alcohol! Actually don't let me tell you how to live but don't do alcohol! There are alternatives! Like when I get depressed, I usually go out with some friends and rob convenience store.
  9. I once stole a Hotwheels car off of someone's front lawn!
  10. Once I walked into a music store without any intention of buying anything and left with a $1000 keyboard. If that's not an impulse buy then I don't know what is.
  11. I can almost feel the pain from just thinking of that but, it's probably far worse than what I can imagine.. Also today I made one of those damned Walmart impulse purchases.. I mean it was only $5 so eh.
  12. Current leg hair status: im proud yes thank u 4 askin (:
  13. Ah yeah.. I'm on and off with facial hair. When I grow it out, sometimes I wish I was clean shaven.. Then when I do shave, I miss it, so.. I can't really win. I've been told that I look better with it. Mine does grow in thick and full so, I like having it for the most part. The most annoying thing is I don't know when stuff it caught in it. Like, I'll have an hour long conversation with someone while I'm out somewhere, then I'll walk by a mirror and half of my lunch is just chilling in my beard. It's like, come on, couldn't they have told me at some point while we were talking? Oh yeah and there was a time when I had just a handlebar mustache and, well, it got some interesting reactions. Because my hair was long at the time, I got called Ron Jeremy and Inigo Montoya, among other names.
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