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    I like sharks, dragons, and I love all kinds of pets especially dogs, cats and lizards. I love volunteering at shelters. I love deep shades of green, purple, pink and blue and I also love neon colors. I enjoy mlp and I love the movie how to train your dragon as well as the show. I've seen every episode of the show and if you share any interests that are somewhat like mine please post.

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  1. http://images6.fanpop.com/image/polls/1137000/1137823_1351844894172_full.png
  2. As Luna Dragonfire looked out of her castle window she smiled to herself. Today is the first day of school. Summer was horrible and lonely but maybe she could make some friends during the school year. She knew how important her image was to her clan so she applied makeup and washed her hair before putting on her best dress. as future leader she could not afford to look sloppy so she tied up her hair into a lovely bun. Ok she thought I'm ready. She never bothered to look at the huge fancy mirror next to her bed because she knew what she would see. A hideous 12 year old orphan changeling princess with white hair and deep purple eyes. She had not enough holes and her wings were too small. Her hair curled around her no matter how hard she tried to smooth it out. And did she mention it was white. Most changelings had green strait hair but she was weird. She knew she would be made fun of at school. But it was too late to back out now, so smiling with her ugly ugly face she walked outside trying to look happy on her way to rivers edge in canterlot
  3. Granted now you hate it and have to eat it everyday I wish that I would be more popular
  4. I think they are great but many try like a pop theme like firework
  5. If you want a sample of my singing just ask
  6. Hi I can totally sing and I can be a cover artist I guess. Please msg me if you want my help
  7. That is super cool. I tried it and all I got was a digital mess
  8. I am on!!! Jenny seriously I never leave when you don't answer. You wait like five seconds before you leave. If you don't come soon grrrrrrrrrr
  9. Wow... I love your character
  10. It's so awesome I can't wait to hear it when it's done
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