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  1. Peace Breeze is ready to strike out and travel the world! I'm open to taking him absolutely ANYWHERE, and doing any kind of RP, from something wild and adventurous to just slice of life meetings! He's ready to make some friends all across the world! (and if he happens to meet a nice mare or stallion along the way, weeell I'm open to that too!)
  2. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Peace Breeze, often just called Breezy. Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Pale seafoam Coat: His main coat color is a very peachy orange with a lighter yellowish shade as an accent color. His coat is short but has a noticeably curly quality to it. Mane/Tail: A gradient between lighter and darker seafoam green, kept in very neat and tidy dreds pulled back with a purple bandanna. He has a rather scruffy face. Physique: Breezy is more on the smaller side as far as stallion's go, with a very sturdy athletic build and strong well kept wings, it's very clear that he takes good care of his health. Residence: Hoofenheim Occupation: Runs a shop that sells homemade incense and teas, as well as other relaxing soaps and remedial oddities. Cutie Mark: A yin-yang enveloped in a calming breeze. Breezy was fairly young when he received his cutie mark, and his life at the time was at a rather turbulent point. His mother and father were divorcing, and he was facing being completely uprooted by his mother moving to Manehatten. With so much uncertainty and chaos in his life, the young colt found himself in a rather difficult place, dealing with more stress tha a colt his age ought to. It all came to a head one morning as he stormed from his home to get a moment's respite from it all. An overwhelming calm washed over the young stallion as he stood overlooking the sea, and he figured out two things, that he would be okay, no matter what, and that what he wanted more than anything was to bring that same calm to other ponies who were facing stress and strife. Unique Traits: Breezy has a rather distinct gap in his teeth where two where knocked out. History: Breezy was born in Hoofenheim to two fisherponies. His childhood was, for the most part, a happy one, and he's always had a good relationship with both of his parents even going into adulthood. There was a period of turbulence in his life, however, when his mother and father's fishing business began to sink and their relationship began to fall apart. He was left with his father in the end to live in Hoofenheim, but kept in close contact with his mother in Manehatten. Overall the split didn't have a lasting negative effect on the young colt, and even managed to help him find his calling. When he struck off on his own, he could never bring himself to leave the seaside city that he loved so much, so instead he settled into a cozy home by the sea, using a carefully built and maintained greenhouse to cultivate the plants he uses to make his various remedies, teas, and incenses. His shop is further inland, along the main strand, rather small and welcoming and always smelling of something different every day. He loves nothing more than coaching ponies through hard or stressful times with the aid of his rather effective products. While he is happy where he is currently, he does have dreams of travelling the world, of seeing everything he can see and finding new and interesting plants and recipes from all over. He puts a few bits back for every sale to save up for enough to manage such a venture. Character Personality: Breezy is as his name suggests, an incredibly down to earth and relaxed stallion. He is as zen as they come, and gives off a very intense hippy vibe to most people who meet him at a glance. Nothing seems to get him bothered or upset, and when it does, he is very good at finding his center again and letting it roll off his back. He tends to address everyone, mare or stallion, as 'bruh', 'bro', 'dude', or 'bruv', though if someone expresses a dislike for this he's quick to correct the behavior. He sees the world as glass half full, and really never seems to get upset or down and dumpy. And he loves nothing more than being around other ponies, making them smile and laugh, helping them embrace the chill and relax, or even just sitting in a full room and listening to the conversations taking place around him. He loves to fly and is fairly athletic, his favorite sports being beach volleyball and badminton, though he plays less for competition and more for fun and exercise He does have a slight issue with personal space, and his first method of greeting is usually a hug and a kiss on each cheek, he's got a bit habit of getting a bit too close and putting a leg or wing around ponies to talk to them, he mean well, he just tends to be friendlier than some expect upon first meeting. Character Summary: Despite the hardships that he's faced in the past, Breezy is an incredibly well adjusted and well socialized young stallion. With a knack for plant husbandry and teaching ponies the best ways to relax, he will be your friend until the end. He's happy where he is at the moment, but dreams of travelling when he has a stable amount of bits to do so, whether to spread his advice or learn new tricks of the trade, he aspires to see all that there is to see out there in the big beautiful world. He's about as zen and chill as they come, and while his personal space issues can come as a shock to most who meet him for the first time, it's hard to dislike the friendly stallion and his easygoing demeanor.
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  4. Hey everyone! I don't know if anyone will remember me but I'm back! University got way too much for me to juggle along with this site, but the semester is winding down to a close and I REALLY missed this place!

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  5. I could not have been a better night for exploring a town lost to time. There was a fog that hung thick in the air, so thick that it almost created an oppressive hold of its own that seemed to suck the very life and breath out of the world around it. There were no birds, no tell-tale sounds of live thriving within the fog's embrace, giving the night a lifeless air. This town was notorious, but the exact location seemed to change depending on who you asked, whether through a need to keep others away or a genuine uncertainty of the exact location, the map that had been cobbled together through he said she said directions seemed to be heading in the right direction, gripped in the soft pink magical aura of the stallion who was currently looking for the town. He'd heard stories about the town, some good, others bad, but all were the same in the overwhelming curiosity they had implanted in the young stallion. It wasn't just curiosity that brought the cat to the middle of nowhere, looking for a town that may or may not actually exist, he was here for another purpose, more business oriented. Fine the town and discern what happened there, those were the instructions the police in the town over had given him, and that was the real reason he found himself searching for the town in fog so thick, it made breathing difficult. They say that sometimes, you only find things where you're least likely to, from wallets to abandoned towns that seemed to hold true. And as Symphony trotted intrepidly through the oppressive fog, he quite literately stumbled directly into the town. He lifted the shades from his eyes as he studied the sign that hung like an ominous warning, barely breaking through the fog, but it was the words on the sign that piqued his interest. WELCOME TO BLACKTHORN GROVE "So here it is..." The stallion's face was solemn as he looked the sign over, it was remarkably untouched by the elements, something that, in hindsight, should have been the first red flag, but the fearless stallion didn't even consider the fact, or if he did he chose to ignore the warning, as he trotted along the road into the mysterious town, the fog seeming to swallow him alive as he followed the road. His first impression of the town was that while it was somewhat dilapidated, the town was remarkably well preserved, seemingly caught hanging in time as if the previous inhabitants just one day ceased to be. He found the thought almost sad, especially when his hoof bumped a long abandoned children's doll, "Shame..." He nudged it with his foot, whatever had happened here, every citizen had suffered the same fate all at once. His keen eyes picked up other unsettling signs as he took his first exploration, strange markings sprayed ominously over some of the buildings and walls, cult activity perhaps, he mused to himself, deciding that he would keep his ears alert for any sounds of the living creeping about. His interest was perked when he saw a large, ornate building come into view through the fog, the bell in the large tower seemed to hang suspended in time, forever frozen by rust and age. He had a feeling this was the town hall, and did not hesitate to slip inside, musing that if any building in this strange town was going to have any inkling of what happened here, Town Hall would be the one.
  6. WOAH I LIVE?!

    Finally free of finals so I am back :D

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      THANK YOU for the welcome! I really missed this place and I'm so upset I had to miss the wrap up for the most part, I hope no one is too sore at me, I was so all over the place and stressed fufu it suuuucked. I'm back now though I'm gonns do ALL the RPs.

  7. Hey guys sorry for vanishing again, the semester is getting close to being over and thus, the chaos of final projects and busy studying begins, I can't promise that I'm 100% HERE yet, but summer vacation is coming up and I'll for SURE be 100% then! In the meantime is there anywhere that I am immediately needed?

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    Anthro Chrysalis

    I really love the way you handled her legs! That can't be an easy thing to translate into anthro form but you nailed it!
  9. Spike wasn't usually one to get up as early as he was, usually he clung to sleep as long as he possibly could, but the sunlight that was filtering through the curtains was warm, and invited him into the waking world, which he greeted with a huge toothy yawn. He'd spent the first few minutes of being awake looking throughout the castle for Twilight, until he remembered that she'd gone to the library that they'd called home for so long. A part of him would admit to missing the place, it held a lot of nostalgia for the sentimental dragon. But he'd be a liar if he said he didn't appreciate having his own room, something he'd never actually had before. He huffed as he closed the large doors to the front entrance, deciding to go and find his friend, it was such a perfect, sunny day anyway, so he was happy to be outside enjoying it. He noticed when he entered town that it was all hustle and bustle, ponies were very active this morning, which he credited to just how awesome it was outside. He found himself grinning as he waved to ponies going about their business, the agreeable little dragon could easily say that he was friends with everyone, and there weren't many ponies who disliked him. He got wide eyed and called out when he spotted Twilight and Starlight not too far away, "Heeey! Twi, Star!" He picked up speed in his eagerness to greet them, coming to a stop in front of the two mares and the other assembled ponies, "Morning! I thought you might've ended up spending the night, Twi!" He grinned at Starlight and gave her a friendly wave as well, "Did you two sleep alright?" He peeked around the side of them both to the other ponies, "New friends?" He hoped so, new friends were always exciting.
  10. Naaah I don't think so to be honest. It feels more likely that he'll, in the end, choose to remain Twilight's assistant. It'd be much more in pine with his character and relationship with Twilight I think. Or that's what I'm hoping because I love Spike c'8
  11. I have an OC that I'm currently working on getting ready to post up who is going to be a major go-getting pegasus stallion, he dreams more than anything of being a Wonderbolt, or at least become a famous flier. He's going to be wheelchair bound without the use of his back legs, get told constantly that he can't do it, that he'd never be strong enough to actually get through the try-outs to even be in their flight academy. But he bucks their nay-saying and has a very fiery determination to do it. He's incredibly athletic and despite his lack of back leg usage, he's working to strengthen his wings and devise a way to be able to maneuver without his legs getting in the way. He's very brash and confident, with a bit of a temper and a fiery personality, but an all around likable pony. He majorly looks up to Rainbow Dash, so he'd probably eventually look for her to tell her this, and to meet his hero face to face. His dreams are far fetched and maybe even unachievable, but he's not giving up on them anytime soon. I don't know if he'd ever actually make it into the flight school, much less the Wonderbolts, as there are a lot of drills he probably wouldn't be able to do. But I'd like him to at least TRY, even if he fails, and if he does he'd just push himself harder and try again and again. He'd probably end up hurting himself more than anything, so it'll be interesting to watch him develop through that. Symphony Spirit is a pony who's story is fairly up in the air, but I'd like for him to eventually face a spirit much stronger than him, something he never foresaw happening, getting in over his head on a case or on a call from a client. Overexerting himself and severely damaging his horn, horribly crippling his magic. He would have to live with the knowledge that his whole life's purpose was meaningless now. He would slip into a deep melancholy, until someone pulled him out, I'd like him to eventually become infatuated with another pony, pulled out of his despair and given a new drive to find a way to work around his newfound limits. I definitely want Symphony to find someone to care for, he's far to loving a pony to be alone forever. This wouldn't happen for a while, since he still has so many stories to tell and things to do, but I'd love to go down this road with him someday.
  12. Since Twilight is in the thread I'd love to throw Spike in! ^^ Lemme know what the order is/when I should post! http://www.canterlot.com/forums/topic/22151-spike-the-dragonready/ Name: Spike Gender: Male Age: Technically a baby dragon Physical Description: Short with a bit of a cute pudge to his scaled tummy. He has pale purple scales covering him from head to toe, with a light green belly covered in still-soft plates. He has harker green spines from the top of his head, down to his spaded tail, and green frills on either side of his face. His eyes are bright green with slitted pupils, and he has small fangs poking from either side of his face. Cutie Mark: N/A Personality: Dedicated and loyal, he's always willing to lend a claw to his friends, but sometimes takes on more than he can chew in his childish need to make ponies proud of him. He can be sarcastic with a witty tongue, and sometimes struggles with his place in pony society. His pride often gets the better of him. Small Bio: Spike was hatched from his egg by Twilight sparkle during her exam, he's been a constant companion to her ever since then, taking on his role of her number one assistant with pride. He's accompanied Twilight through all of her adventures, serving as a constant rock for the princess when she needs it, and helping to keep the castle organized when she doesn't.
  13. OKAY I went through and tweaked the terminology to sound more friendly and I THINK I got all the mentions of necromancy! ^^ I really liked your spirit channeling term, so I used it instead, it describes what he does better anyway!
  14. Grrrgle. The small dragon's feet were beginning to drag across the ground as he plodded rather miserably through the ever thickening woods. It was getting distinctively darker as time went on, and he was beginning to have very unwelcome thoughts as he walked. What if I'm walking farther away from home? What if I never make it home at all? He gulped and pulled his tail closer to himself for comfort, trying to banish those thoughts away as they tried to settle in his stomach like a hard stone of fear. Speaking of his stomach. Grrrgle. He was beginning to wish he'd packed provisions, even just a snack for the train ride over would have been better than nothing. He hadn't eaten since breakfast, and his growing body was craving something to eat. The hunger mixed with the fear and onliness was beginning to bubble up in the form of large tears, but he was quiet as they slid down his cheeks, he squeezed his tail tighter, he knew the only way out of this was to call for help, he could find a way to write a makeshift message and--NO! He sniffled and wiped his eyes, a dogged determination replacing the hopelessness that had clouded them before. Twilight didn't need to be bothered, no one needed to be bothered. He could take care of himself. His growling stomach thought otherwise. He wasn't even aware of the presence behind him, the shadow following him closely, to caught up in his own negative thoughts to even sense another creature behind him. The darkness masked any shadows, the rustling of the trees hid any sound, and the damn smell that hung in the air hid the scent of the dog-like begin following him closely. It wasn't until he heard a distinct snap that he jerked his head up, suddenly acutely aware of his surroundings. He glanced around before turning, his green eyes meeting the blue eyes of. "D-d-d-diamond dog!?" Fight, Flight, Freeze, his instincts battled in his head until one won out, he lowered himself to the ground and covered his head with his arms, shaking like a leaf, "P-please don't eat me! I'm tough and scales are a pain to pick out of your teeth!" He'd had a run in with Diamond Dogs once before, they had tried to kidnap his dearest Rarity, was this one going to capture him too?! He made a pitiful noise and looked up with a fearfully wide eye, from the bristling fur to the sharp teeth, he was absolutely certain that she was either about to swallow him whole, or steal him away as a prisoner.
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