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  1. I feel ya. I've made a point of coming and going from the franchise several times over the nearly 8 years (7.5 now, phew!) of this incarnation of MLP. I sat myself down this morning and watched the S8 premiere, and I definitely enjoyed it. I'll take a look at episodes 3-5 later, maybe tomorrow or the day after (I'm off work for a few days). I remember the early days fondly (I stumbled upon it on February 10/11, 2011, iirc), when this thing was bright and shiny and new. The enthusiasm was boundless. New fans were joining everyday. We boarded our covered wagons and set off into the wild unknown. Do I wish I could go back and experience it like that again? Sure I do! Those were some good times, but those are past. Not that pony isn't good anymore - in fact, I think the episodes have only gotten better and better - but that it isn't new anymore. Still, the S8 premiere is hinting subtly at future changes, and I'm curious and excited to see what G5 will be when it rears its head in the next few years.
  2. ArtaFactia


    WOW. Seriously, this is an AMAZING picture. I'm going to jump on the sycophantic train with Cerali. This is just... *drools*
  3. A Festivus for the rest of us! ...wait, wrong show. Oh well! I don't celebrate anything myself, but I do think a chaotic holiday celebration sounds a bit more rousing than plain old Xmas/Hearth Warming's.
  4. *Ba dum tsh* I'm with you on the CMC thing, I'd love to see a spin-off, though perhaps with them a bit older, either teenage CMC or adult CMC. They are rather precious as they are now, but I'm a big fan of seeing characters grow up, new generations making their mark and all that. But if it was just a filly CMC spin-off I'd still watch the heck out of that. Ponyponyponyponypony! And yes, in answer to the (now banished) OP, I am quite looking forward to Season 6. Season 5 really surprised me, and honestly, I think it's probably the strongest season I've watched so far. An excellent mix of adventure and slice-of-life, and great continuity between episodes (that made me squee so hard!). I hope season 6 delivers just as well as 5 did. Bring it on, Hasbro, I am so ready!
  5. Oh my! It seems you made quite the impression at the wedding, Princess! I can only hope that Arta might make your acquaintance someday. :3
  6. Thanks, Rackenhammer! I have a feeling I may be in need of your assistance sometime, then, since I do quite like to RP. I found what my old account was, it's SorrowWing. Can't get into it though. Not that I'm too concerned about that, anyhow.
  7. ArtaFactia

    Art For Friends!

    Art that I've done of characters belonging to other ponies.
  8. I saw 'Babadook', and I was like 'I'm guessing somepony is into horror stuff', and I was right. I work in the electronics department at my local Walmart and I remember seeing The Babadook come out on video a few months ago. Welcome to Canterlot!
  9. A question for Princess Bluebelle. I'm guessing it has been some little time now since your transformation. I understand you've been keeping yourself scarce from the public eye, but I'm sure at some point you've ventured outside once or twice, yes? If so, how have other ponies received you? Has anyone recognized you by virtue of your cutie mark? And have stallions (or mares!) paid you more than polite attention?
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Arta Factia Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Green, and seen through a pair of elliptical-lensed glasses Coat: Cream Mane/Tail: Chestnut brown. Mane is usually pulled back into a ponytail and secured with a beaded scrunchy, but on occasion she will let it down. Tail is a standard length, combed to a shine, but otherwise she does nothing fancy with it. Physique: Slim, and slightly shorter in height than the average mare. Thankfully, she has wings, so hard-to-reach places aren’t a problem! Residence: Hoofington Occupation: Architect Cutie Mark: A baluster (e.g. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1e/Baluster_(PSF).png/100px-Baluster_(PSF).png ) Arta, whenever her nose wasn’t buried in a book, found her young eyes appreciating the subtlety of sculpture, something she first noticed upon seeing a statue in Baltimare. That had sparked such an interest that before long it wasn’t merely novels that she was taking home from the library, it was also books on art, especially those about sculpting. Wherever there was a statue to be seen, she would see it, and fancied that when she was older, that was what she was going to do, chiseling and carving out great works of her own. One day, though, she came across a particularly interesting building in Baltimare, one not built like many of the others in the city, and her interest began to veer more towards architecture in general. ‘Buildings are like functional sculptures,’ she reasoned, and decided that they deserved as much scrutiny as did the statues scattered about the city. She delved into books on architecture, doing her best to comprehend the terms and techniques described within, the modes and styles of the past and present, and soon every building she saw a work of art, whether it be elegant and extravagant, with sweeping lines and arches, or severe and almost Spartan, with straight, unforgiving lines. The filly, graced with this newfound knowledge, sat down one day and decided that she, Arta, would try to design her own building. The product of several days of drawing (and plenty of erasing!) saw her with a crude but effective blueprint drawn up, and the intensity of her focus had been so much that she hadn’t noticed the tingling sensation on her rump. It was only when she proudly showed the blueprint to her parents that they pointed out her newly acquired cutie mark, a single baluster, representing her love of architecture, as well as symbolically referencing her attitude toward supporting friends and family, as a baluster is part of a balustrade, something to lean on for support and to protect one from dangerous falls. History: Arta was born in Baltimare, the bustling seaport city of Southern Equestria. She is the daughter of a literature professor (her father, Pensive Scroll, and it is no doubt partly his influence that led to her love of reading), and a professional groomer/stylist (her mother, Swift Dive, from whom Arta learned a good deal about how to make herself presentable, and then some). Growing up, her parents showed her how passionate they were about their own talents and interests, but they were wise enough not to prod and push her in a direction of their choosing, instead letting her explore the world for herself...well, Baltimare, occasional vacations to Canterlot and Fillydelphia, and as many books as she pleased. And ever since she decided upon a career in architecture, they have supported her throughout her schooling and beyond. Now, she lives in Hoofington, having moved there for the peace and quiet that Baltimare doesn’t offer, working as a freelance architect out of her modest two-story house. She lives simply, and her only unnecessary spending (though quite necessary to her) would be the money she spends on books. Word has slowly been getting around of her name, and commissions are slowly but surely starting to trickle in, leaving Arta with enough work to get by comfortably. Summary: Arta, a student of sculpture and architecture, can’t help but examine the world around her, looking keenly at lines and shapes. Her close friends know this and don’t bat an eye when she does it, but to strangers she can seem to be a bit odd, assessing how structures, as well as ponies themselves, look. Unlike some architects with dreams of grandeur and their names in lights, she wishes only to have a good reputation and a modest amount of renown; to be swamped in commissions and requests would not be ideal for her. She likes books, chocolate, a wide range of music (she often listens to music while reading, if only to further fuel her escapism), and snuggling with friends. Outside of her work as an architect, she dabbles in writing poetry and short fiction, and has had a few pieces published in various literature journals. She is kind and quite accepting of others, delighting in the multifarious quirks and proclivities of those she meets rather than going out of her way to find fault with them; that being said, if she sees behaviour that is generally agreed to be demeaning or cruel, she has no problem putting her hoof down and speaking up. Arta is good at making friends, and makes them quite easily, but she doesn’t like being around too many at once - a few, or perhaps just one, at a time. Though she can be fairly outgoing and sociable when the mood strikes her, she does have a tendency to squirrel herself away with her scribblings and her books, and sometimes it takes some prodding to get her out of the house. Of course, once you drag her out, she usually perks up and is happy to go along with the fun.
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