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  1. that was totally unintended on my part.
  2. as awesome as that sounds, is not happening on a near future, that would involve redoing ALL the sprites and animation work of every char; too much work for an indie dev when they could be using that time to polish the game per se.
  3. rang a bell immedtiately since my parents (specially my mom) talk about it a lot
  4. Lord Wikipedia says (found it since i know the spanish name ) Moonlight Mask (月光仮面 Gekkō Kamen?) is a fictional superhero that has appeared in Japanese tokusatsu and anime television shows and movies since his TV debut in 1958. Created by writer Kōhan Kawauchi, Moonlight Mask is best described as Japan's answer to The Lone Ranger and Batman. (...) The 1972 anime series The anime adaptation Seigi wo Ai Suru Mono - Gekkō Kamen (正義を愛する者 - 月光仮面), translated as The One Who Loves Justice: Moonlight Mask, was produced by Knack, and aired on Nippon Television from January 10, 1972 to October 2, 1972, with a total of 39 episodes (divided into three segments). The show also became very popular in Latin America under the title Centella (Fang Note: spanish for Sparkle.... no, really) . Japanese voice actor Michihiro Ikemizu provided the voice of Jūrō Iwai/Moonlight Mask.
  5. Guilty Crown ep 19: if you arent watching this already... well what on earth are you waiting for?
  6. Saint Seiya on its full violent glory since when i was 4, i turned out fine, thanks. i had some of a grey area when i was 10 through 13~14 since there werent really any means to watch any quality anime besides DB/DBZ here (remember im from Colombia.... and pokemon as an anime has always been crap and you know it) but i got to see some stuff later on the anime frame of a channel named Locomotion, including NGE and most of Cowboy Bebop, then Locomotion turned to full anime when i was 16 showing Hellsing and FMA among others, fan since then. edit: oh wait, Digimon and Shaman King have been part of my life since i was like 8 or 9, cant remember
  7. so.... what happens when you put 2 tool-assisted chars head to head on SMBB? (removing the inherent cheapness of said game and adding some Guilty Gear music for good measure)
  8. goddammit.... just saw the Gyo ova.... its true that it loses some creepiness factor since i had read the manga before but is still creepy as f***
  9. same problems, both the'mark as read' and the post -> unread one; using firefox here..... also the "Go to first unread post" button throws me to page 1, no exceptions edit: wait, if i click the 'go to first' located on the LEFT (the star/circle shaped one) the other one seems to work. already cleared cookies cache, etc.
  10. get it? guns... shooting.... the.......uhhh foot... ontopic: i agree that the show has reached some heavy points with GREAT subtlety, (which makes it important on how all ponies react to it, a pretty important point for me) but the time (topic) when subtlety wont be enough will happen, but im confident the team will surpass any difficulties that surface on that.
  11. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ......pretty self explanatory i guess...
  12. OH MY GOD YES, MLA TOTAL ECLIPSE TO AIR THIS SUMMER, WOOH- i seriously hope he doesnt ruin this one (along with the chance of the original trilogy for getting animated)
  13. oh wheatley.... you adorable piece of backstabbing moron.
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