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About Me

Lumina: hello I'm Lumina not much is known about me other than I grew up in an orphanage in the Crystal Empire and disappeared along with all of the crystal ponies 


Thunder: Hello! I'm Thunder and this is my little sis Lightning

Lightning: um your only older than me by a minute...

Thunder: shush my shy little sister, anyways Lightning and I are twin sisters were both pegasi

Lightning: and both...

Thunder: ...really fast fliers!

Lighting: ... *quietly mumbles to herself*


Ember: Hello I'm Ember I ran away from home at a young age into the Everfree Forest one day I after my many years away from home I trotted out of the Everfree Forest


ok so those are my rp characters ok so Lumina is a changeling who unlike most of her kin is not plotting against pony kind

Thunder and Lighting are twin pegasi Thunder is obnoxious and loud at times where as Lightning is almost the exact opposite of her twin

Ember is a unicorn who ran away from home as a young filly and didn't come back until she was a teenager


Cutie Marks

Lumina: has no cutie mark

Thunder:   latest?cb=20130813174517

Lightning:  il_fullxfull.463059065_gxz4.jpg


Ember:  2b2e5b08546c8b1f75cfaf654332e346

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