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  1. hi I really don't know what to do here so um... derp *hides* I guess I'll introduce myself I guess um most people call me M&M, I enjoy video games especially horror games like fnaf, I discovered that I love MLP because of my evil brother who actually bit me one time... he's also 5 years older than me I also spend about 99% of my life on a computer the other 1% is when I get bored and hang out with my neighbors, also my favorite pony at the time (every once and a while it changes) is Princess Luna
  2. um i just read your birthday and... r u a fan of fnaf? I'm just asking.

    1. Dio
    2. QuickLime


      It's surprising, but people can be born in 1987 without being involved in FNAF

    3. Thunderstar


      awww i was hoping I wasn't the only person who had a fandom of mlp and fnaf

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