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  1. I saw the entire first season on youtube.
  2. panzerschreck


    I only watch good anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gunbuster, and Serial Experiments Lain. :^)
  3. The Powerpuff Girls reboot, is kinda, well.. garbage.
  4. I saved it on my pc from somewhere, maybe danbooru.
  5. I have quite a few: Nine Inch Nails Nirvana Joy Division Opeth Slayer Candlemass Boris At the Drive In Death Electric Wizard Deafheaven Mastodon and loads more...
  6. I don't really roleplay but thanks anyways. My parents aren't really supportive of me going to college far away. The greatest combination yet.
  7. yep, i barely turned 18 a month ago I have a Dean ML X (left handed) and a Vox VX1, I'm kinda poor and trying to buy a case because I chipped the paint the other day. Likes SNES or PS1, but PS2 stuff too. And I also played Left4Dead2 on Steam a lot. I have zero time to go on Steam though.
  8. I was really into MLP back in like 2012 but then I just sort of lost interest in it. Recently it started appealing to me again. My perception on the characters has changed as well. I used to hate Twilight Sparkle but now I really like her. I remember freshman year of high school there were plenty of bronies but they all graduated and stuff. I'm a senior now, heading to university soon. Hope I'll meet people with similar hobbies there. I'm going in undeclared but I'm leaning towards majoring in botany (plant biology) and minoring in music, because I love music. Anyways, I'm really into anime. In fact userpic is Chaika from Chaika the Coffin Princess. My other hobbies include playing guitar, buying musical equipment, playing older video games, listening to music, reading about history, and being a weeb I guess. I mean I did spend 70 dollars on an Asuka figure.
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