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  1. Hahaha.... yeah, I will definitely let people know when I get it written
  2. Thanks! I do have a whole story for them worked out, but I'm kinda keeping it under wraps until I can write it down in a proper story format so certain things don't become spoilers. Once the story is written, I will be working on getting Aquiel's character sheet written out.
  3. *laugh* Um... yeah Aquiel's actually doing her best not to become a villain... XD When I designed her, I wanted to play with Nightmare Moon's appearance because to me it is so striking and interesting (the most interesting to me of the show), and I ended up with a very, very complicated backstory for her that explains why she looks the way she does.
  4. Lyipheoryia - I'd definitely be interested, once I can get my Aquiel accepted And thank you, Dubstep! Ponies are a very therapudic thing for me to draw hah hah
  5. Thanks Toothpaste! Nice to know I'm not the only one who's come for the fandom, hah hah And Yarnicorn... she looks like your dog? I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not! lol Thanks Dreamy! Actually pawing my way through the character application, and I'm curious... my OCs come from a kingdom I created (partly because especially Aquiel's backstory is seriously complicated), so is that ok? I'm happy to take these characters into other areas, but where they're from is kinda important...
  6. Ah, sisterly AppleJackies! *wave* lol...
  7. (late reply to this FTW!) YAY someone else liking Discord for Q! There was a fanart showing the two I found a while ago that I loved... can't remember where it was though... (yay Google?) Anyway! Hope to see ya on the boards! (once I get applications and stuff done...)
  8. Hello! I'm Red, and I'm new here. (obviously... mwahahaha) I'm an artist and part-time roleplayer who's recently started getting into the MLP fandom. While I've seen some episodes of the show, I've found myself more intrigued by the fan community and I'd like to be a part of it. This has gotten me to watch certain episodes (because of fan art, songs, and other works), so I'm... mostly up to date? Ahaha... Anyway, I went on Google to find some MLP communities and so found Canterlot.com, and from what I've seen it's a nice, friendly place to explore the fandom. Now I'm following the prompts on how to introduce myself, so... hm. Favorite main cast member? Um...? Hm. Being a Trekkie, I like watching Discord (the pony version of Q, quite literally!), but I also really liked Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis (yes I like villains. :P). But I can't say I have a favorite... I will say a personality tester said I was most like Applejack, so I like her too. Anyway! Glad to be here, and I look forward to talking about characters and stories and projects!
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