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Hello! I'm Red, an artist and roleplayer who is interested in the MLP fan community and the cool things they have created :)

For those who are curious about the characters I've thus far put into my gallery, I am working on a short fanfiction that explains their story and how they exist within the MLP universe. Once it's up and posted, I will have a link to it here. It does explain why I chose the apparently not-so-popular-as-an-OC alicorn as my main OC. I created her under the assumption that Celestia and Luna are not the only rulers who can be alicorns, because... ok where did they come from, where did they go... questions like that make no sense to me.

(I'm sorry, but the rarity of a born alicorn princess in the new season just... does not make any sense to me and seems to counter the already existing lore in the series, because if (as I've read was officially stated) Twilight Sparkle isn't going to outlive her friends, then there's no way that Celestia and Luna (who are at least a thousand years old as explained in the first episode) can be the ascended form of alicorn.) 

(Then again, the show can be PROVEN to contradict itself because Luna seems to regress because she's got the full-power mane (flowing, again noted by the creators as a sign of reaching their potential) becoming Nightmare Moon, using the more recent design from season 2, but her season 1 appearance is of a younger, not full potential Luna. It's a problem when you change the appearance of a character and don't bother referencing the designs when jumping through your series timeline (also, when Discord is turned to stone the first time, as seen by Twilight = flowing mane!!!)).

Rare = fine, only four in the (I'm assuming) country of Equestria = fine, but impossible to be a born alicorn? That sounds contradictory in terms of the princesses themselves. 


The only spoilers I'm open to revealing at this point about Aquiel's backstory (to help fend off accusations of her being a Mary Sue, which surprisingly is a lot of people's first reaction without even reading about the character) are:

  • Her family comes from a seaside kingdom and so another country called Crystal Cliffs, which inherently is their main export; this kingdom has a royal alicorn family that is focused on the sea (so focusing on storms, the tide, travel across the sea (navigation), etc.), so they have an important role, which does not conflict with Equestria's rulers' roles
  • There IS a king and queen, so Aquiel and her sister Aquamarine are the princesses and are not currently the rulers of their country, which opens Aquiel for the role I want to pull her into for any roleplaying purposes: acting as an ambassador for her people in Equestria and so able to travel
  • Yes, there IS a reason why she looks like a villain but isn't, and no it ended up not being just for aesthetics. It has everything to do with her backstory, and how certain characters (i.e., her family versus some of their subjects) view her
  • While Aquiel does have a strong, royal power, it's only one element that she has a special talent with (along the lines of Celestia with the sun), which again ties in to how she's viewed (because of her backstory)

I hope my little "rant" here (sparked by watching and reading a lot of criticisms of people who pick the "wrong" kind of character for the "wrong" reasons) doesn't turn anyone off; I'm really a very friendly person, and while I like trying to get my characters to fit within the world of the series that inspired them, I do like having my own little headcanon and I support everyone having their own as well. :)

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