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  1. Sparkle once more didn't help she was too shocked to do anything
  2. Sparkle still didn't take any notice of Red
  3. Sparkle did't bother helping move and just blinked
  4. No reply or action at all Sparkle was just there
  5. Sparkle stopped now she couldn't move the fear was overwhelming
  6. Sparkle shook her head she couldn't find the ability to go forwards
  7. Sparkle moved backwards and hid in a cupboard
  8. "well maybe we should move or something?"
  9. "yes... I'm so hungry right now... I need food"
  10. "can I eat it? whatever it is?"
  11. Sparkle's stomach rumbled louder and louder
  12. Sparkle was getting hungrier and hungrier, Red wasn't helping she could just see herself chomping down on her
  13. "or before I make something mine..." Sparkle whispered
  14. "N-n *blegh!* to..." Sparkle threw up yet again "not the greatest taste..."
  15. Sparkle shook her head like she was trying to force something out and then puked again
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