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  1. S6 RETURNS TOMORROW!? YUS! also hello!
  2. Lol. we should probably get into a pm conversation tho XD.
  3. Ahaha. The moment you realize that is completely true.
  4. Well we got into discussions XD
  5. Cool! and i won't ask what it is. I always try and not ask reality questions.
  6. Ahaha XD Welp, i just realized im kindof a person who never really had future plans.
  7. K. Just an odd thing i do to people i trust.
  8. Ill add the siblings to Snakeclan and ill add two cats to Hawkclan. Yes i can RP 5 cats at a time XD Sapphirestorm, Rubylight and Emeraldmoon = Snakeclan Amberstorm and Moonshadow = Hawkclan. Before i had completely forgotten about Moonshadow... so i decided to use him so i don't forget!
  9. KK... I might make a cat for both clans then. Might be a bit complicated adding two more cats to my list though XD
  10. Alright. Ill be able to join after the raid. And im having trouble choosing which clan. i was sure at first and now im not
  11. KK. I read the first page. But i still want to be sure i am allowed.
  12. Welp. Ill have to wait for the leader now. XD.
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