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  1. "Huh? What?" Thought Lilly as she snapped out of her daydreaming. Lilly had been so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't realize everypony was leaving until most of them had made their ways out the door. Not wanting to get in trouble for 'not listening' again, the purple filly scampered to pile of excited foals wanting to witness the Wonderbolts in action. As they slowly made their way outside, Lilly began to worry if she missed anything important in her daze. But this feeling did not last long. Shortly after feeling the warmness of the sun hit her worried face, a tiny ladybug landed softly on her little nose. Focusing her eyes on the red, spotted insect, the little Unicorn could make out what liked like a smile on its face. Only staying but a few seconds, the ladybug lifted off and fluttered to its next destination. Filled with glee and admiration, the purple foal followed the bug, leaving the group of her schoolmates.
  2. I had no way of knowing it was your manor. It looked like a giant golden Ra hovering over the landscape preparing to swipe up Ponyville in its talons. And you HAD to expect someone to find it eventually, considering the Minecraft Overviewer. Also, why do you have a Time Alter hovering above it?
  3. Does anyone have any explanations for these two structures? Their locations, far from any towns, and there possible intents confuse me.
  4. Don't forget the roofs. It can be hard to notice White on White sometimes.
  5. Sorry, thought you meant Thursday. "Posted Today, 03:49 AM" Also, is anyone else having trouble joing the server while having MineLP active?
  6. I'm certain you are using "log in" lightly. (The Server is 1.2.3)
  7. I donated $10. Sorry I couldn't donate more.
  8. Actually, the Love and Tolerance mod DOES re-texture Skeletons and Creepers. Though it doesnt change their models
  9. There are several different types of Villagers, and thus several different ponyfied villagers. I know there is a Carrot Top, a Bob Bon and a Lyra Villager.
  10. Anyone know why there are Villagers in Ponyville? I don't mind it. They can occupy the empty houses. I'm just curious.
  11. Kay, I check and there is a 1.2.3 compatible version up. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/multiverse-core/
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