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    My biggest interest is competitive paintball. Yeah it sounds silly but look it up. It's really an intense sport that actually requires a lot of focus and endurance. I've been playing on a team for a year now and have been to Vegas multiple times for different events. For all you speedballers out there my current gun is an LV1. Sadly I haven't been able to play much because I am now a refferee and I must say it is pretty nice being paid to watch other teams play. Won't lie, I do miss it. I'll quit ranting for now about paintball but if you're a fellow speeder feel free to inbox me!

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    Just about any background pony

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  1. Thanks I don't watch much tv buut dazed and confused is my favorite movie
  2. Hey maan so I'm new to this whole.. Thing kinda. I used to be a part of this online community and it was pretty sweet till the man **** it down. Been lookin for a new place for awhile n thought I'd try this out. I like to so if anyone wants to just let me know man.
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