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  1. Bumblebees are.cute as heck
  2. Id say go for it all the more fun when things are ho ho ho topsy turvy! Im up for any amount of fun happening.
  3. The idea is to give the Changelings dome roleplay to do and other job!types. Not enough jobs for scholars, journalists, etc. There comes rumor to different hives as well as different locations within Equestria about a special target/prey item meant to lure various changelings. The story of the target is different in different areas, ranging from a lone caravan of travelers that spread parties and joy across Equestria, to groups of tough Outlaws that spook lone settlements for their enjoyment, to tempt as many Changelings out of hiding as possible. The goal is to study Changelings from different hives: how they get along with strangers, how many variants appear from a single region, and overall variation between them. We'd need not only Changelings from different hives (or the same) -- but somepony to study them. This thread will be pushed along by me in a steady pace. The PO will cycle and if three days have passed and you have not posted, it moves along to the next player. You will have a chance to post until the GM post. • Do not double up on posts (meaning unless the GM has posted you cannot post a second time) • Consent; always and forever • Plot, connive and cause trouble with each other if you wish. No hard feelings: IC =/= OOC.
  4. Lykos - The Beast Within Since before antiquity there have been stories of ponies who have had the touch of a wild side in them. It was spoken of as a curse by some and a blessing by others. These tales change from place to place, but one thing always remains the same: that golden glow. In some cases these feral ponies are spoken of in legends. Stallions or mares who — as great warriors — faced armies of enemies with the ferocity of a wolf and running the field like sheep. These legends, though, were not always spoken of in a positive light. One well known legend, that of the Lykos tribe, would stand to be the first instance in which this condition appeared. There was of a great family of Pegasus before the formation of a unified tribe of ponies. While the land was still filled with disorganized tribes, a greedy clan sought to form and hoard wealth, keeping much from their fellow ponies in need. A unicorn wizard disguised himself in hopes of saving the family from their own selfishness and greed. Under the guise of searching for shelter and food from the family: though more than capable of affording a single visitor they would give to her naught but rotten hay and dirty water. All that was offered for a bed was as sheet upon the floor of a barn. Treated as such, the old wizard cursed the family with a voracious curse that fed off their greed. Onto them, the Lykos tribe, all would become the beasts that they acted like. From there the curse spread. As countries become denser in population the original bloodline became thinner so the curse had to find other ways to pass on, to survive. It became virulent in nature, aggressive as the beasts it created. After so many generations the curse became stronger by latching onto new prey. To do so it had to find new ways of infecting. Now scratches and bites could infect the most robust of beings. In the past many of these cursed beings were cast out of society unable to be controlled, but many sought to remain in their tribes and learned to cope with their wild sides. There is no known permanent cure for the curse, but there are many ways to control it. In many, more distant lands: imprisonment was the best solution for an ancient question: how do you stop a wild beast? Lykos manifest during the phases of the months where the light of the harvest moon is full, becoming more predominant during the winter months where the nights were longer. They grow long, sharp teeth, though in the case of others fur and feathers become distinctly shaggy and body mass increases by at least ten pounds. Fighting becomes instinct, the sense of smell increases and one completely loses their ability to use magic in lieu of a heightened sense for battle and gain in physical prowess. With so many strengths come in weight, an excess, of weaknesses such as Poison Joke rendering the beasts completely unconscious, noxious smells stopping them cold, and various traps and cages that would hold any other critter. -Journal of 100 Curses; #25
  5. Omnipotent or simply not: the spirit did sometimes caught on quickly to a pony's more affluent hobby. It wasn't as if they kept such a thing secret. It was practiced enough to become a clockwork habit you could easily set a watch to. Oh ponies like to think they were secretive, but they were, by far the most predictable and unpredictable in the most paradoxical fashion that delighted the spirit. It was l, indeed, so much fun: he had taken to one of their more disorganized hobbies of Ogres and Oubliettes. Quite a wonderful game of with, chance, and skill. Of which the spirit boasted all three! It was a shame Crusader didn't fall into the trap. She quickly caught onto the leasing words which sought to hook the mare into a gag. Soon Crusader. Soon. Leave it to Blue to have his aunt's lighter sense of humor. It was something the chimeric serpent could appreciate, but alas he resisted the giggles that are often a result of such a foalish noise. This one was, at least, accompanied by the delightful scent of freshly made pasta! Who could resist such a treat? Discord was no slouch when it came to preparing food either. Consider it a free lesson from Fluttershy where an obnoxious amount of detail went into preparing a meal that was not quite the norm! Tooting pasta at least was a step up from tiny, flying spaghetti monsters. The smug spirit would nearly burst as Blue all but swan do certain into what was, for him, indirect consent to play a game. Crusader only aides in the influential suggestion. "Oh please, why worry, why wait?!" With a snap of his claws he would manifest another home who looked rather posh. With a white mustache in the place of a curly wizard's beard the opposing, discordian figure was dressed up, all dapper, in a grey suit. He bowed, tipping his bowler cap, cane in his gloves claw. "Leave it to Accord he'll have everything up and running in perfect order in no time." Perfect order seemed just as dangerous as pure chaos. The spirit would appear floating between mare one and stallion two. His paw would rest on Blue, who enjoy the pasta, and his claw rest on Star's shoulder, his eyes pinching up in amusement. He curled back and clapped his paw and claw together before sliding his paw back against his skull creating a most delightful pompadour of blond that was shaped like a cannon and stiff enough to balance a bagel. The spirit was than bound in a noodle fitting, leopard print one piece suit of spandex. Setting a headset microphone onto his skull the draconequus was ready to open the way. "Please. Leave it to me. You'll need naught but the noses on your face." Were they so inclined to not step from the path of his magical snap: they would be stripped, with gusto, of their current cloth and armorment for more relaxing wear (though it wouldn't be of any surprise if for Crusader relaxing meant keeping them). The spirit reached up and grabbed the walls of existence. “Welcome to Hoofston Paradise! The world of a thousand and one follies, lollies and lick ‘em lollies!” He would manifest a giant lollipop and hand it to Blue. “Here where, in its center, a magic fountain flows non stop manifesting dreams of wine, mares, stallions, and all manner of enjoyable games, events, and parties all night long! Start licking your envelopes little fillies because this realm will have you writing back home non stop with all the off the wall events!” As he pushed away the curtain it would be revealed to the two a world beyond a world they had ever imagined yet it was a place within Equus, the draconequus claimed, a land far away, a paradise within a paradise! It all could have been hot air, because something certainly blew them in a southerly direction to the equatorial suana of twin suns, heat and magic. The skies were a deep green and the seas as clear as glass with a beach of black sand that left a hoof feeling warm and miraculously relaxed. They were approached by an entourage of gigantic equine: ponies that seemed more horses with their robust figures and straining muscles meant for the beach. These glorious beach bums would grace the Stallion and his maiden with a garland of lei with various ginger, jasmine and orchid blossoms to welcome their guests. They would be presented with a kiss on the cheek, were they to not squirm away and loudly cheered on as they were met with song and a warm, festive welcome. "Welcomed by your hosts, natives to Hoofston Paradise!" The spirit declared loudly into his microphone. When the sea of bodies would, eventually part, the two would be graced with the sight of many other ponies, long, and many other races who have taken to the vacation realm. Some had wholly become part of the local backdrop with flower-print shorts and a mare, or stallion were that their given preference, on each side. We're they to look behind them -- the curtains had closed and the manor? Well it was gone, or at least they were.
  6. Leave it to Twilight to overanalyze a situation. He could do naught but sit there and blink as she went on. At one point he slid a visor cap atop his head and would manifest a pinstripe vest over a blouse with suspender trousers to sit on a stool in front of a stenotype machine trying to keep on with the mare. He typed away on the keys, causing the diction machine to click and shuffle, trails of paper being spat out. His features shrunk in focus as he tried keeping up. The mood were even written in. It didn't take long for the machine to overload from the strain of keeping up with the Alicorn mare and kerpop! Keys and gears ruptured from the device and clattered about. When Twilight looked to him with question he would be all but completely engulfed into paper, mummified betwixt the notations. He adjusted the bifocals on his nose and pushed the visor up. "I'm sorry judge, I couldn't quite keep up to all that." In a flash the equipment and paper was gone, leaving the draconequus floating over the grass. His brows furrowed as his ears folded back. He didn't much care for the accusations of being fallible, despite, very clearly, having made a mistake. He was really incorrigible when it came to admitting such things. He was yet capable of being honest with himself about needing others, let alone the worry he fostered since the Tirek incident. More than anything he wanted ponies too like him, particularly those he was already close to, but to err was to fail… If he was not perfect and amazing how could they respect him? Who would admire a creature as powerful as he, which made mistakes? Nopony forgot a mistake. That was the nature of things. While there was one who would ensure he was no mere force of nature and that he could care… there was still a wary trepidation. He pressed his paw to his chest and folded his ears back. His eyes cast to the ground as he turned his head from the princess of Friendship. Consequences could be severe, huh? He looked to Applejack, quite aware of how irate she was in her current state hood. He clenched his paw, letting his claw brush over it. It was with these he caused the problem. The problem? "Well, we were playing a game and she bumped her head. How was I to know that ponies were so fragile?' but he knew. He knew they weren't as durable as he pretended. "She laid down and I tried making her comfortable…" but nothing he did worked. His ears folded down. "...I don't know. I tried fixing it." And Chaos was chaos. He, inherently, was just unable to fix anything. He could change it. Alter it, make it new, rebuild it, unbuild it but to create something exactly as it was after it's fallen apart was far against anything he has learned. Quite simply Discord could not fix things. Entropy was all he knew. To break down and build back from scratch. The costume, more than likely, interfered with such a spell! And in such a state of worry he simply did not consider it!
  7. He grinned and brushed his hoof over the apple, turning it into a prune as she preened herself. As the life was sucked from the juicy, ripe fruit, drying that glorious red skin into a shriveled, purple casing: one could recognize the true visage of the queen. Perhaps the act was a simple change for drama's sake, or it had a deep meaning standing behind it. With Discord one could never be too sure how his actions coincided with his speeches, but the verbal recourse that followed the impactful act would explain it all. He turned around, wings beating a mile a minute as he kept Pace with a naturally hatched Changeling. He tossed the prune into his muzzle, gobbling it all up with those gnashing fangs which seemed better appropriated to the vampiric habits of the species as a whole. He could understand why Thorax's group has no need for them. They were like flowers now. Instead of violently consuming the energy they simply photosynthesized it. Quite charming to consider a garden of flowery rainbow Changeling. He tucked his forehooves against his body and offered the queen a smirk. “Oh Queenie, it isn't a question of playing fairly. It is a matter of playing a game others want to play.” What did he propose? It still seemed it was a course of playing nice with ponies, but he said nothing about following the rules, something of which he was unaccustomed to, as a god. No there were many ways to get such a fly to crawl into his web of her own volition and that was all he needed to do. He has to encourage her to change. Change, one would think Changelings would be used to and yet she has done the same thing over and over, even going as far as directly charging into pony territory. Now he was not given to give evildoers advice but he felt a sense of pity for the abominable queen. She was at the end of her rope, why she even nearly hung from it. There wasn't a moment he could picture the queen being some.sort of her or turning into one of those sorbet colored tarts. He liked her unripe, wrinkly and sour self. She could do with a bit of humility, but that wasn't his job to change her. Oh despite what one thought: it was his job to simply point a pony in the right direction. “Riddle me this Queenie. What does Twilight, Celestia and Luna, as well as Cadence have that you do not?” He landed on the ground and pulled a tattered umbrella from behind a rock. Opening it up overhead as a chunk of debris tumbled down from the ceiling. With a boink it would bounce off and ricochet into one of the soldiers trying to Snoop. 'Wagh!’ the sound of him rolling down and taking the tower of Changeling with him who has aided in his climbing to get closer… came falling like a house of cards. The collapsing pile of curious bugs created a massive dust cloud that blew into their meeting space. When it cleared Sqwib, as it was, seated in a throne. Not just and throne: but his. A magnificently large seat of red with antlers seemingly growing out of the sides. He sat back with a crown of flowers rest on his head. “A kingdom darling.” He held out his hooves and in flashes of smoke and light did appear glorious decorations of black and green across the walls. Banners with an obscure, bug-head shaped silhouette indicating the Changeling’s sovereignty. “Instead of hunting your prey make the prey come to you and want to give you…” He smirked. “You're a queen, but by name only. So why not make this place here… your kingdom and make them -- come to you and respect you.” He chuckled as the disguise began the crumble. In all of his drama loving form the spirit fully manifested in his true, predatory glory nothing short of narcissism for the chimera. In another snap -- everything was gone. “I've always wondered what a Changeling kingdom would be like. If you are better than Thorax, I don't see why you can't run a kingdom and secure yourself… power. After all they have to play by the rules. Sovereign kingdom tend to come with certain -- “ he rubbed his paw digits together. “... expectations of your neighbors.” That was the third option and quite a doozy.
  8. “What a shame Miss Apple.” He tossed the empty bucket and changed out of his outfit with a snap. He floated over the moomare as he pondered the Friendship mare’s lateness. With a sigh he waved off AJ’s temper. “Oh don't become cross with me. I've done my best to make you comfortable. It isn't my fault you couldn't produce a lasting --” with a squish and plat it seems Twilight appeared in all her so glory! The spirit puffed up, his head fur and back feathers bristling out. Clenching his fore paw and claw before tucking to his chest he leaned his head forward. Those long ears pinned back as he had a rather nervous grin. She appeared sooner than he expected. Completely when she was, precisely, not meant to be! It ruined his joke! Turning his head slightly, waving his paw gingerly as if to beckon her over to oversee the minor disaster. “Well, darling, if I knew I wouldn't have phoned you.” He determined with a certainty. “Undoing spells I've done that aren't coming undid isn't an issue I frequently come across. In fact, never.” He assured this was a first time and that it was wholly accidental. To be quite fair it was a rather simple transformation spell that was being interfered with by Masquerade's outfit. Of why Discord was borrowing that should everypony’s question at hoof. He was looking at the problem all wrong, because when looking at a problem he was not given to try and solve it like a pony would. He would simply cease it to be or make it anew, not undo or take something apart. It was all quite contrary for him to fix a problem he had made to be temporary, or he thought he made it one way and not the other. “She'll be fine, right?” He did seem concerned, despite his tomfoolery.
  9. So long as it was allowed and he was able to fool the smaller, much lesser, hivewards: the spirit would keep his guise. There was no sense in causing a full blown panic, yet, as it was given some hundred eyes of the remaining half million would be watching, upon on this intruder. Yes that has been the issue as of late, hasn't it? In the stead of the Changelings being the intruders it was they who has been, for the first time: infiltrated. It was unexpected, especially with a bunch of background ponies in action. Discord would have a few words for the producers if they thought him some background pony. He was, after all, a semi-god. His ever encompassing presence was not needed so long as he had a few books and spare comics to entertain his free time. Ponies were clever. Their made up plights and adventures were as entertaining as their real ones! A lot less spandex though… He pushed his carapaced covered hoof to his chest, head cocking to the side a bit. Before his mandibles parted to speak he squorked in surprise at the sudden crumble of ceiling. It was an undignified sound, but an expectedly unexpected curiosity that escaped his vocals. It sounded almost Changeling. His expression flattened as those red eyes creased beneath his senior solid brow, the armored plates loose about the face to push up expressions when needed. His wings buzzed a little poot as he looked to Chrysalis, doing to remain afloat with physical compromise rather than his magic. At least for the time being. Dis-- Sqwib couldn't help the laughter that began to bubble up from his chest. He slowly circled back as his hooves came to his chest, the scraping belly laugh echoing through the shattering halls. It was the grinding, grating, and mocking tone that seemed all but natural to a god who claimed he knew all and saw all -- well to be fair he never claimed such, but he always did have a remarkable intuition for the actions of others before that themselves made the decision. He fell shortsighted in regarding his own actions and controlling his fiercely chaotic mannerisms, but it was always difficult discerning oneself from a reflection built upon ego. And that was precisely what Chrysalis had… When his laughter ebbed away, something that easily chipped away the guarded patience of a pony, he was face to face with the Queen of Mean. While he had the face of a Changeling it wasn't hard to see that smirk beneath the shifted carapaced. That snaggletooth amongst the sharp, piercing canines of the feralkin. These psychic vampiric, insects we're but a step away from being parasites. But in the grand scheme of things -- they were not quiet. After all the emotions consumed eventually returned, but oft times the Chrysalian insectoids overstayed their welcome that, by the time they had their fill from the extended points of hiatus … well they were like a Bugbear come spring: ready to consume more than their stomachs could hold. “Oh dear Queenie. Living is not a simple desire. You creatures, Ponies and Changelings alike, seem to think life is some simple step down the road. No it's more like a board game.” He shook his hole pocked hoof, something rattling inside. “Sometimes when you roll the dice and take a gamble… you lose.” He shook out the white dice to the ground, the red dots indicated snake eyes! They blinked and he pulled them up, popping them back into his eye sockets in a sleight of hoof. “You see to play the game you have to know the rules. And the rules are in the hoof of the game master.” He inferred. Keeping promises, huh? Sometimes it wasn't easy keeping them. Even a god like him could not always hold to his word. While he was willing to provide there the cases he was simply too late. Mortals were fragile and, moreover, their time ran much faster than his own. A trip through the cosmos often twisted the idea of time and he would.arrive precisely when he is meant to, even if it means he is late. Lashing out in hurt… Queenie, in some ways, was like him. Except he wasn't a food crazed but who was always on the verge of their next famine. But perhaps that was the problem. He cocked his head and scoffed. “Don't be so quick to believe rumors. I may not have solid loyalties to any one entity, but that is because I am a greater entity who doesn't quite fit into the puzzle of your petty squabbles, but don't worry so much.You got exactly what you wished for darling.” He held out what looked to be a Saddle Arabian lamp in his hoof that lit up with a small flame shaped like Sqwib. The flame danced about and stopped to look at Chrysalis. “You decided to go against the game and was defeated by the heroes. But the heroes can be negotiated with to get what you desire… you just have to play the game.” The flame was blown out by the multicolored insect and tossed back onto a stone where it fell with a clatter and clank. He fluttered around. My this place was familiar. He scratched his chitinous chin coming to a stop at an particularly fascinating stalactite. “I love what you did with the place. You know with a bit more color you could perhaps get off scot-free like Thorax and his merry band of misfits. But I suppose there is another way…” And just like that the god of chaos presented three paths to the queen, one seemingly leading to an easy solution courtesy of the spirit, and the remaining two: join Thorax or play nice with the ponies. But Canterlot wasn't built in a day. He did not expect Chrysalis to be able to change her ways so easily. Evil queen’s did have certain… “...reputation. “ he said aloud, holding a bright, red apple, inspecting the insect Queen’s reflection off of it.
  10. It was a curious deed as to where Discord got half these names he picked out. It was not surprising that he had no sense when it came to pony, or even Changeling, naming conventions, but with a name like Discord one could only assume the most absurd and fantastical names would come out his box of surprises. While, moreover, he had the ability to create -- no the power to assume the form of any creature of being in the whole of Equus he often took to these half strewn, discombobulated mashup of parts and colors that seemed more that he was playing a game rather than taking a serious role in the current events of Equestria. But perhaps that is what it meant to be a god. It meant not holding oneself responsible for the choices mortals made, or decided upon. Perhaps he was just that: a shadow on the stage one meant to eventually be forgotten … forgotten? Forgot. He has forgotten many things, and recalls very little of what he once meant to mortals. They would eventually vanish from his life so lasting bonds had never been a concern until recently. Seeing Chrysalis lose her hive brought him no pleasure, nor had it struck any pity from him. Eventually societies had to change. Eventually -- leaders had to move on and queens dethroned. It only took one spark of chaos. It took but one citizen, one insect amongst millions to realize something had to be different. All creatures were inherently chaotic. Their desire for order was the same as their desire for chaos. An odd balance that Discord would have never, and still won’t, admit to -- even if he does enjoy the occasional moment of peace and quiet among the squabbling ponies and their perpetual problems. “Oh come now, tricks, me?” He gasped. “I wasn’t even involved in the matter at hoof.” He put his forelegs to his chest looking offended. “Oh please, and keep away from my favorite queenie?” He fluttered his red eyes before watching the others quickly vacate on command. “My you can sure -- empty a room.” He fluttered off the ground, an annoying little buzz on his back which was quite suiting to the chaotic bug. “Well I was never into their whole sense of fashion, but gotta love that passion. They learned from the best. I hear you were a go getter of a queen, always going out and getting what you wanted, but something like that made me wonder…” He motioned a holey hoof. “What were you after besides, oh you know, revenge? Couldn’t have been something so paltry?”
  11. Do I look like a Jabberwocky to you? I am far less drooly and far more handsome. Besides you'd be bored without a little chaos.
  12. Pertaining to such events -- they were indeed a terrible memory. He had never felt so vile. As an immortal being you took pride in your own, personal ego. Despite others finding offense in your ways you always stood above them. His acts beside Tirek had caused him to fall beneath that creature he thought he was. It had all been in good fun, a chance to be chaos in its purest form. Or so he thought. There were many times during the event that he questioned his path, even wondered if he had gone too far. It had been the first time he had worried about the wellbeing of others and the first time he had regretted his actions. Twas never a means to remove that stain, but he could repair it with a better standing, which he suffered to do, albeit in his own way. His efforts were still a bit odd, and mad to those who could not understand him, but they were there. Discord clasped his paw and claw over his muzzle as the mare was subjected to the meal’s -- humor. Landing down on the ground he settled on all fours, standing at about the height of an adult stallion Earth Pony. Swiveling his ears forward he moved to flop on his rump, settling his forelimbs between his haunches. “Yes, while Miss Star recounts the ingredients… I made it for lunch today and had some left over.” He assured. “At least I forwent the nutmeg.” Though why was that important? He motioned his paw. “I was in the neighborhood actually. Visiting so I thought I’d dropped in. Hadn’t visited since the winter.” ANd goodness he has lost weight, though he would, personally, admit to only dropping that extra layer of feathers. The pasta did smell quite good and it was freshly made chaos! Nutritious too. Aside from its toots it seemed quite normal. Though not really. Tooting pasta is never normal. “Goodness Blue you look purple in the face.” He looked to Star. “And as usual you look as if you’re ready to bench press me with your eyebrows. How is your flower arranging by the way? Good?” He settled back and crossed his forelimbs over his chest. “You know I think you need a vacation. Rarity would surely suggest the same thing, perhaps even pay for it, but I can do one better…” He sat back and let his paw stroke over his chin thoughtfully.
  13. The spirit delighted in playing games from the early morning to late at night. How else did an immortal draconequus entertain himself on the daily? His long, stretched body curled toward the bottom as his tail formed a spring-like shape and settled itself on the ground. He raised his hind legs and folded those equine ears back as his grin pulled back ear to ear at the sight of the two making themselves known. Well it seemed they were a pair of peas in a pod! He held his gift with care: his larger paw on the underside while his claw daintily touched along the top cover to keep the contents from spilling out and the toot noises from expelling before the surprise was set! He snorted at the mare’s words as his mismatched eyes traveled up the behemoth of a pegasus. “How rude! If you must know madam goliath, Fluttershy much enjoys my delightful company! Besides I am reformed from my antler tip to my tail’s tuf.” He provided proof by wiggling his tail’s fluff puff like a free-formed paw. His eyes drifted toward Blue before he vanished and appeared behind the pair holding out the pasta dish. “Though from my angle -- Blue you look as if you were run over by the very cart that pulls you from statehood to statehood.” He would tease, though the vision of a frazzled patron of goodwill was quite obvious. “Don’t tell me Lulu even drags you about as your eyes have the dark halves of the moon dangling beneath them.” The wordy snake hissed as he floated upside down, crossing his hindlegs and holding out his forelimbs in a shrug. He always seemed to move from topic to topic with the grace of a cat ambling along a fence’s ledge. The wave he weaved between, in and out of words was quite amazing considering his age, but more over his limited ability to communicate in a way that mortals could more easily comprehend. It was one reason the visual cues of his verbal jabs aided him, whilst his more memetic and rather trope spun words did often leave some groaning. He put his paw and claw to his sides as he rotated to correct his gravitational positioning around the pair.
  14. @PrinceBlueblood @moonshineTheleocat --------- And so it was Discord was on the hunt once more. For such a peaceful chaos spirit he sure had a sneaky streak. After a bit of fun and games with Slim Chance he had himself a little rest and decided to visit other Canterlonian citizens. Blueblood was his next target. After their winter fling involving spaghetti and flying meatball monsters it was safe to say that he owed the poor noble a normal bowl of pasta. This time the meatballs were not tiny gremlins, but the bowl as a whole made amusing flatulence noises whenever you opened the tupperware. Pfft. “Hehehehe. He’ll enjoy that.” The spirit amused himself with the dish. Soon he floated his way to the property in question. Curling his tail he would give the door a knock twice over before pushing in with a bellow and cheer. “Good evening fellow ponies!” He removed his hat and placed it aside, making sure to scrape his boots, which he suddenly had in the midst of a muggy summer’s day… and tossed them aside henceforth!
  15. It was easier to arrive at the quiet edge of a costal village than parade into a busy port. While his title and fearsome nature was hardly beyond the borders of the Crystal Empire and a few dignitaries from the Equestrian Empire: he still stuck out like a sore thumb. A unicorn that stood at the same height as an adult Earth Stallion with fur as Black as charcoal and an ash-black mane stood out. He wore his fur inlaid, red cloak draped over his shoulders to distort his size as best he could. Though one thing he could not go without, an accessory that has defined him for ages: his metal, plate sabatons and metal circlet. The armor had become as part of him as the ruby Crystals that stood as symbol of his corruption. While corrupt no longer the red stone remained part of his Umbrum form, never allowing him to forget what his fear and hatred has wrought onto others. A brand burned into his Incorporeal husk. For now the former king of monsters was not the fearsome billow of corrupted smoke, but a strong, land worthy stallion whose looks could label him as royalty though his lips dared not utter such reverences again, not until such was earned. If he was going to forever be known as the King of monsters it would be because he overcame them. Doing his best to not linger, the stared already dusting his coat with a faint red. It was understanding, the stares, but having such attentions, positive ones, was still quite new. Not unwelcomed, but new. Adjusting himself, making sure the saddlebags beneath his cloak were evenly rest on his spine, the pony began his March forward. The heavy claps of his sabatons we're not the only thing to draw attention, but the way he Marche. Whilst his corruption no longer presented itself what remained was the ferocious pride. It was like watching a warrior-king parade down the streets. The soft rabble of the peasantry was warning. No one seemed afraid, happily working and living their lives. It made the ideas he once held of slavery all the more wretched. Despite the actions sitting more beneath a flag of hateful revenge than arrogant superiority, it did not make the actions any less remorseful. If anything they were far more despairing. Amidst his private musings the king's ears would catch a most distressing cry: "Are you alright?” A feminine voice called. After a paise there came a second call. “Are you in any particular pain?” His thick legs pulled to a stop, tail swishing behind him as he would swivel his ears in attempt to pinpoint the direction of the worried queries. While the situation did not concern him: the stallion, very well, could not ignore somepony in trouble. He was not who he once was… turning heel he would fall into a trot from his paced gait. Heavy in his build the muscular stallion would find little difficulty switching terrain from the aged cobblestone walkways to the sand embankment, but it was no easy task shuffling his heavily feathered fetlock through the sands as his hooves sunk ankle deep. Plowing through with ambling gaits he soon pulled into view from the horizon, spotting the young pair, to whom.had caught his attention. He did not draw too close, leaving a space of three ponies between them lest his form summoned distress in the others. His brows we're twisted up in worry, ears rotated back as he pulled a forehooves up and off the sinking ground to display his concern. "Is all well? Do you require aide?" His deep, gravelly tone was like listening to a bull speak more so than a pony. He had a form to match, that was for sure. "I am foreign, I do not seek to meddle, yet…" the smaller male seemed -- quite distressed. Even by the way he spoke the stallion of shadows seemed like a royal dignitary. His speech pattern was formal and his words were like a humble lod regarding the common rabble. Naturally his manner of speech sounded quite condescending, as did the way he moved seemed to show he looked down on others, but his kind tone and willingness to help could dispel that immediately.