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  1. Apple Adonis (Invite)

    The affluent Apple, who only spoke what was necessary, often found himself at a loss of words for his own actions. The nails in question wouldn’t really be necessary could he control his own strength. Of course what made that difficult was because strength was all part of his job. Pulling, plowing, bucking, building why he was surprised his parents hadn’t named him Buff Apple! That aside the big, red farmer sighed as he nearly tore the fence off its hinges as he pulled it open to politely welcome the dark Griffon in. He wasn’t sure why she was there until she popped out a roll of papers. His red ears perked, jostling his honeysuckle bangs. He parted his jaw to speak, but only was able to grunt out an: “Oh.” “O-oh!” He came further into his realization. He stepped to the side, allowing the Griffon to pass him. Just in time, he was growing pretty sour at how nothing around here ever seemed to stay fixed! Sure small repairs were a thing to expect when you ran a farm. Equipment needed care just as much as the ponies working the fields. He was tickled pink, well redder? … didn’t matter. He moved to st as she seemed to continue on with her explanation, the dutiful Apple listening closely. It seemed she put a lot of work into her goods, which did put a bit of Mac’s mind at ease. Barn pack? That sounded dandy. He stood once more and moved to take up the invoice with his muzzle, before turning his head toward the dilapidated barn. “Well uh, if’n you can see…” The paper flapped about in the stallion’s muzzle as he spoke. It was quite a mess in deed. The wood was worn, some was splintered as if it had suffered a stampede, which almost never happened at the Apple’s farm! Her help with this extra care package could certainly do the farm some good. The barn could really use some help and Mac gladly lead her towards the disastrous attempt at repair.
  2. Fish Aren't Always Friends [Invite]

    This had been Night's first time one land, or anywhere near a pony's city. Everything was different and held a sense of anxiety over the aquatics's head. It was obvious in the way his gills rapidly danced against his neck, lungs struggling to fill up for the first time. By the way his fins tapped against the concrete surface it was clear it was difficult for the seapony to steady himself. It was difficult to imagine a seapony spending his life in the trenches as the majority of sea ponies lived closer to the surface or the like. His dark scales were designed to shelter him in the shadows against rippling bioluminescent plankton and fish. The hunter was, at his very nature: an ambush predator. You would never see him until his fangs were upon you! The shark did to keep to the deep waters up until recently. His nomadic lifestyle came to a halt when ocean territories saw an increase in supplanted villages scattered in the reefs. It drove the prey of the trench dwellers ever deeper. Joining the royal court as an advisor of sorts was something that forced him to the forefront. But this? This was too much! At least when at court he could stay in the background and duck away behind curtains. But there were so many eyes, staring at him. Clef assured him this was the usual response when sea dwellers happened their way onto land. It was suggested that the coast would be best to search, but that meant they had to cross the pier and down onto the beach where some ponies and other species vacationed. Night raised his head, nostrils flaring as smells became obvious. All of this was sensory overload, particularly for one who had never left he sea. The smells were bewildering, having never taken a whiff of anything before. His sensitive whiskers danced at the movement of all the ponies and he became annoyed! Which was his default setting in any case. “Let us make haste.” He began to waddles along with Celf for unlike him Night had flippers for forelimbs. It took a bit, but he eventually learned the motion he needed to get a forward march. It was not unlike the lumbering movements of seals. “What?” Clef began to explain that ponies, maddening as it sounded, controlled the weather?! Night was not sure if he should be envious or horrified. It seemed a useful skill to be able to manage weather. With such power one could change the course of the sea. If he had to choose between ultimate, cosmic powers and divination, well it was a clear choice. He knew that ponies turned the cycles of the day and night for many generations now, but he thought such power needed to manage the world on such a level required great power… The more he thought of it the more angry he became. How dare ponies! His neutral expression drifted down into an angry scowl, though it was nearly impossible to tell the two expressions apart save an upturned lip that bore his fangs. He let out a snort, which unexpectedly and comically causes him to snot a bit… hurriedly shaking his head to clear the embarrassing reaction.l, he let out a squeak. What in the dark trench’s name!? He wiggled and stamped a flipper on the ground. “Ha! This pony weather control is nothing compared to Geomancy!” His ego wouldn't allow it! Pointing his fin down he would pat the docks. “You see I read the soil, sand and stones and learn of things to come before they occur and can change the course of one's very destiny!” It sounded pretty deep. Luckily they had a goal. Finding a new shell on the coast should be easy, but by the way Night made it seem it was an in depth task. If Clef found a nice one, though, they be able to go to the capital and despite his rather arrogant attitude Night was the sort to keep his promises. It was exciting! And Night has never been to a beach either so it would be a treat for them both!
  3. A Noodle and the Moon (closed:Rex)

    That was a problematic circumstance that seemed to happen on occasion with his games. It was not as if his intention was to harm, or endanger. The chaotic spirit sometimes interfered with his more personal games, but the larger scaled boards ran on their own measure, with their own life. It was a type of magic that gave life to ideas, and sometimes those ideas, while not inherently bad, could be in and of themselves a threatening prospect when questioned. The conditions for the game were placed in a manner so that everything happened naturally. Whatever occurred was in reaction to a pony's actions. In these cases he felt he had an understanding on how ponies would react and the game should play out easily, but they frequently exceeded his expectations which was delight for the easily bored spirit. He had hoped the Lunar mare would accept his invitation to play, but there was a sense of superiority that led him to consider she would back out, knowing well his games were challenging for even the most skilled ponies, at least when he didn't hold back. While remiss to admit he pulled his punches when it came to taunting the princesses all these years ago. They were quite lucky he went easy on them, even underestimating their intelligence and skill. During his O&O games he could go all out on the stallion and dragon. It was a relief when the insects were captured, but it would seem that they did not vanish, which was a queer situation. Typically the creatures summoned by the game would vanish once the condition of the roll was met, but it seemed that the longer they played the more the area would change. Wild jungle vines had started to grow along Luna’s tower. The trees that lined the castle ground started to grow and Branch out, canopies knitting together until the skyline was nothing but green. “i couldn't tell you how to solve this problem, as I cannot just snap things away until the game ends. But have you noticed something odd?” He wasn't versed in Equus’ Flora and fauna but he was pretty sure trees didn't grow that fast. Were one to peer off the balcony the trees has created a street of outstretched branches, of which below the shade created a deep darkness that was impenetrable by even the light of the moon. Something had gone awry and he wasn't quite sure as to what it was. He pressed a claw to his lip as he floated over his trap. Luna made her roll. The spirit floated down to land on all hours, his forelimbs tucking between his haunches, which caused his back to hunch as he was exceptionally long when compared to a pony. Manifesting a raincoat and hat on them both the spirit would perk his ears as they were raised upon the surface of a raft. The board sat balanced on the head of a coconut which had dried grass as a mane and a face painted on with what looked like chalk, but it certainly smelled like frosting! The water had filled her balcony and since gravity still ruled a pony's world the water that seemed to raise from beneath them rushed over the edge. The tower was several hundred hooves high and with the game altering the physical reality around them the balcony railings had become piles of stones and boulders. At the end of the water road a spider monkey sat staring at them with large, bulbous eyes. Its mouth parted with a hiss to reveal deal fangs for it was a literal spider monkey! It leapt into the air and dashed across an overhanging branch. Reaching out its hand web would shoot out and capture the board. Without that they couldn't take Discord's turn! Discord had tried to lunge at the primate, but it was faster than the physical inept chimera who would fall towards Luna. The monkey jumped down into the canopy, vanishing into the sea of green and down went their raft… Below the dark jungle of what was once the castle grounds were filled with singing birds of paradise and deadly predators only meant to be found in the Forbidden Jungles of the southern landmasses. Discord had been thrown from the rafters on the way down and into a tree where he became entangled by the shrubbery. He looked around, hoping to spot Luna, or the game board. “Luna?!” Oh goodness! “First I try to woo the princess than I get her thrown off a waterfall! I'll be hung for sure.” He wiggled, realizing he was trapped. “Too late!” With much struggling Discord finally snapped the vines with the help of magically created scissors, but his lack of foresight caused him to tumble headfirst into some berry bushes. “Luna?!” He popped his head out the bush, a bird's nest on his crown with a very confused looking father bird, roosting in the nest. Not too far from the struggling noodle the spider monkey sat in the tree, the game too heavy to carry along so easily for one so small. It sat nibbling on the dice, the pieces magically latched to the board so it could not remove them.
  4. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Discord was especially tickled. His linkling was ahead on the way to the Castle without threat! Icy having let that Pizzapony by may have hurt the noble's chances as well as Earth Writer! Oh dear. The pony would be able to see the pizzapony with the box in hoof, he would like reach the castle before him, than what would Write boast about?! There had to be a way to stop him... With Medo beside Discord the spirit peered down, rolling his eyes at her spoiled pouting. Motioning his paw he levitated her out the penalty box and onto his head. He would offer her a slice of pizza, the nobles complaining that she was getting spoiled. With pizza all around Discord shrugged. "You were so close dear. But so was Ice Storm. What a shame..." So that pizzapony was all a ploy? "But I'll give those trapped in the penalty box a chance to get back in the game. He snapped his paws. With that several boxes of pizza appeared in front of all those in the penalty box, five in exactness. Regarding him he was but three spaces from the castle. "If you can eat through all of these when this timer hits zero... you are free to continue the game." He pulled a stopwatch from his feathers and it began to count down from ten.
  5. Taking a Trip to Saddle Arabia [Open!]

    It was a lovely day for the pegasus to have lunch out doors, but he felt that the weather in Saddle Arabia was always just right. Large wings but twice the average span of most pegasus and with tri colored feathers this Saddle Arabian native allowed his wings to sit aloft from his shoulders to take in that warm air. While he was fond of the cooler airs of the indoors, sometimes one needed the chance to take in the mid-afternoon sun. He was glad to have an hour of lunch today. as his work kept him locked up in the university nigh since sunup, but he was no teacher. This pegasus was a studious scholar and he certainly looked the part with a saddlebag heavy with tomes with bottles of fresh ink always ready to take notes. It helped he was a walking quill factory. Despite the heat of the day the cafe areas were as busy as ever! But today there seemed to be a unique denizen, no no two! His head took a slight cant as his grey-blue eyes peered through the thick lens of his monocle. The chain looped back and was pierced into the fold of his ear. Nary wherever the pegasus twitched them they dared not pull hard to thrust the glass from his eye. And what so! This surprise caused both forms to prick up and a snort escape his snout. The small equine danced in place, red hooves scraping against the cobblestone streets. His short, red tail danced behind him as his wings raised to properly tuck against his shoulders and side. Right. Right he was a pony of knowledge! Though many peers were convinced his field was closer to the pseudo sciences of psychology than having much worth in the way of archaeology, but it was what he and his sister had gotten into. It was their passion, though they skewed in agreement as to what was most important to study! He felt the development of culture through one's history was quite vital to understand their present, while she in the latter believed the idea of their architecture's development was key! Right, now how to get their attention? Should he pose valiantly? Maybe...?! But by the time he had formulated a simple greeting he had stumbled to a stop in front of the individuals. "Ah! Pardon day! Good me!" No wait... "I mean -- good day, pardon me, but if I may inquire... you young ladies are curious specimens..." Wait er no! "Figures! Figures!" he sputtered and flailed his wings about a bit before pulling a book and quill from his bag. "I am a scholar of the near by university, I study different cultures across Equus you -- you two are --?" A smirugh and Okapi? No wait... that did not seem right.
  6. Discord was the sort that appeared when you least wanted it, but when you needed it most. He was the unexpected challenge you faced when life had thrown so many bricks you are on the verge of building a wall to keep everypony out. Choices like this often created ripples across time and space. The chaotic spirit could, honestly, care less about the choices made by the denizens of Equus as they had no bearing on his existence, but in the same breathe it did affect them. In some, small way, that did seem to bother him. These tiny, helpless ponies struggling through the tiniest of inconveniences. Well to a spirit who exceeded now, they were quite inconsequential. This one seemed at the edge of her world and it was, in part due, to Discord pushing out his paw. He was perhaps not as gentle with his insinuations due to the way he had been berated. Despite his reformation he was a proud creature remiss of admitting when he was wrong. Straight away. He was aware of the maid’s miserable state. How problematic was it for these ponies to hold Harmony to such esteem that any measure of change, no matter how positive, was a painful walk across a field of coals. The fires it burned beneath hooves and claws was something relieved with hurried steps. The long, purposeful path they took to ease their way to change did more harm. He lay there on the ground, ears pricking forward as she wallowed in her gloom, the nonsensical beast chewing on his mushroom. A walking disaster, some called him. A calamity with every step! And he didn’t even walk! The spirit, unbound by gravity and untouched by the idea of physics others held him to: the draconequus was a bizarre and timeless creature wrapped up in myth, legend and, worst of all: opinionated ponies who felt threatened by being unable to control him When Qing finally took notice of the spirit, her eyes upon him as if he was some ghost: the draconequus pricked his ears up and swiveled the forward to face her as a grin painted itself on his features. Snaggletooth and all the male seemed pleased with himself! That is until she screeched. As the maid began to fumble about Discord took to the air. His magic took hold of the knocked over objects, only to awkwardly tower them into a single structure. Close enough to their original positioning… were one creating found art. Nevertheless it seemed nothing broke in her mind panic. Discord's expression twisted into confusion as the mare regarded his presence with that of some sort of roving tom cat that peeked into windows! “Oh well,” he removed the bowler cap from his head and bowed. “Pardon me.” Discord seemed to warp out of existence. The door separating Qing from the world, a temporary shelter from her anxieties, would sound with a distinct rapping that imitated the tune of Shave and a Haircut. Two bits fell from nothingness on the kirin’s side and slipped into a slot on the back of a piggy bank before the door swung open. In a stylish boater hat and red and white, pinstripe jacket: the draconequus slid in with his forearms extended, a cane waving in his paw. His exaggerated smile faded. The disguise vanished and the spirit would now be lounged back on the airs of his ego. “You are much too high strung darling.” The spirit plucked a ukulele now rest on his stomach playing a familiar chord of notes reminiscent of dancing chopsticks. Odd. Peculiar musical tastes aside. “I can see you're under quite a bit of pressure. The dinner date wasn't so difficult was it? I think it turned out quite well, despite my lack of interference.” It was true! Why all the spirit had done was show up and their very concepts of harmony had crumpled to pieces. He was quite smug about it as it only did to prove the weight of his words he did share with ponies. Their ways were convoluted and only served to make their existence short and boring. What was wrong in sparring a few hours to games and nonsense? “Come now, what has you so bent out of shape?” One could almost jump at the accusation as his words often did to twist reality. There was a warranted fear he may disfigure her for a verbal pun! But, instead, he manifested a pretzel and munched on it leisurely.
  7. Big Mac wiggled his ears as he looked over to Wind Walker. His face scrunched up as he pulled up his forehoof slightly. He didn’t much care for spooks, a superstitious sort of pony what with all manner of issues often cropping up before harvests. He had ways to appease the winds and keep himself from falling to pieces. With how Ponyville seemed to lure the bizarre, though, spooks weren’t much worse than Bugbears. He looked down at Echo and Aspen greeting. It was good the little ones were getting along. Sometimes adults ain’t the most open of sorts with their stubborn assumptions of others, but that was what this trip was for! It helped foster more open minds about different cultures and their ways. It was enough they had reformed chaos spirits and unhinged critters skittering around Equestria. Trips like this helped develop some sense in the young’uns and gave Mac a chance to travel outside of Equestrias borders. He was a learned sort, despite his quiet and unassuming nature. Enjoying books and seeing new places his farm life only carried him so far, seeing as apples were more an Equestrian business, what with Griffons having no use for their fruits and apples doing no good underwater either! Well all that aside the red pony would let out a chuckle and raise his head to Lian, nodding. It was good to know. He would talk to him more on it later. He got the feeling Apple Bloom wouldn’t much appreciate her brother cramping her style. She seemed to be doing quite well acting like an Apple in like. He completely understood, though Lian may be a bit out of her league… Eeyup. Poor thing. First crushes were always rough. “Come on now,” He called to the others, making sure Kaze at least saw him when he spoke, as the munchkins all seemed frightfully distractible. “Keep yer manners.” They had to pay mind to their hosts lest they break some cultural no no. ((sorry about the delay the site never alerted me))
  8. The Grand Galloping What? (Open)

    He may have been a god of chaos but it did not mean he was the god of chaos. Ponies often mistook chaos as something visible, something one could touch. There were times when chaos was subtle. It was making coffee in the stead of tea. It was wearing a silly hat to a formal party. It was altering the details, however small, to change the outcome of a situation that you had full control over. It was this misunderstanding of chaos that left ponies incapable of controlling their destiny. When you feared tomorrow you could never be on time for the trolley today. He was a king of an unseen and underpopulated nation. Even those who claimed to be fanatics of his ways knew next to nothing of what chaos really was… Belonged? Gods did not belong amongst mortals. They were, after all, but manifestations of forces of nature. The universe would continue even if they were to never dip a hoof in to interfere. It was something of which he rarely did. As such her words made him laugh. Ever the elegant dignitary of madness he would remove his hat and from it pull a kettle of tea which he would pour into a cup that he plucked from a saucer that, previously, was not there. Letting the tea pour itself he pulled a box of creme filled, chocolate frosted donuts from nothing. Setting them down he'd flip the lid with his paw and claw, respectively, upon the top so he could slide it open with pizazz. “I much prefer the chocolate covered one's, with creme in the middle.” He would offer her one of the delicate confectionaries. He snorted at her response. Theater? She looked nothing of the sort! No powdered wigs or embellished accent, flailing arms! Taking a donut in his claws he would raise it to his mizzle for a bite as he examined her. She was quite an accomplished mare, but he wondered if she was truly proud of these or felt she could do more. His ears folded back as his head leaned forward. His eyes narrowed at her question. His accomplishments?! A bit shocked by the query he placed his paw to his chest, ears snapping forward and head raising up. Well he … he… “I’ve made friends.” He supposed. Was that it? “Yes, I’ve made quite a few lovely friends since coming back to Equestria.” He looked down to his donut, poking it and squeezing some of the creme out. “Though, a few things remain unfinished since my first arrival.” There was not much known about his first visit to Canterlot beyond his confrontation with the Princesses and being sealed in stone for a few hundred years. The details were never -- known. “But these things take time as you know.” He waved his paw. “It doesn’t matter how much you accomplish, just that you continue being someone ponies can remember, no?” At least that was what he used to think. “Or, maybe -- just perhaps: it is instead about you having fun.” He tapped his claws and nails on the box. It seemed -- that even this ancient spirit was not sure what was important: being remembered or making memories. He chuckled a bit. “You ponies are curious things. I never wondered about these things until I started playing with you. Aberrations, curiosities.” He’d confront. “It is frightful how dangerous you are, and yet quite impressive the things your design in your limited time. I rather enjoy that about you.” He would grin. “I like that you do many things, in the stead of perfecting one.” Yes. They were good as they were, changing yet unchanging. True denizens of chaos. “You are all very chaotic, despite wanting nothing to do with me.” He smiled.
  9. The spirit laid on the bed of confetti that was now piled in the room. He looked like a Prench maid laid out as his paw was rest beneath his chin and his claw on the knee of his hind hoof. Many looked to him as this horrifying being that enjoyed making a pony's life miserable, but on the contrary! He was quite given to bringing all manner of flavor into their lives. He was difficult to understand sometimes though as he was a being that lived across dimensions at the same time so his visual parodies were oft used to better relate his intentions to the mortals! He slid off the pile and would end up close enough to boop his muzzle to Bevel and, if she did not move, he would do so! Smooshing his snout to hers his jaws would part and eyebrows, those bushy white caterpillars, would wiggle before he sat up on his tail and hold a laser pointer to a calendar that -- was maybe a calendar? It had days of the week and numbers, but it also had recipes for white stars and a mathematical equation to prove cake. There were a few sticky notes detailing colors and an angry looking scribble of Twilight and a happy looking doodle of Ice Storm, though both were done in crayon. “If you take the time to calculate for decaying anachronistic crystals and use a banana for scale you'd see that week is a very long time.” He tossed the laser pointer out the window. Next thing one sees is a cat chasing a pony after it was caught in their mane. More on that later. His gaze snapped to Glimmer who had insulted the glorious mustache. Pulling his feathers open like a jacket he pulled out a pink mustache and pinned it on the magical mare. His red eyes peered into her candy ones as she listed off her duties. Really? You want to do paperwork? What are you, Twilight? The spirit nodded knowledgeably. That's what he thought! “I'm glad you asked!!” He laughed out and looked to Glimmer. “Now I know we had tried once, but it seems I was all wrong in my approach…” Regrets already perhaps? For as soon as she asked he threw out his forelimbs which stretched like rubber bands and captured the two mares. With his tail he held up Twilight's sleepover book “While I am far from following the rules Twilight's sleepover book gave me a few good ideas.” He opened it to a random page. “I want this makeover. I want to look fabulous! Oh and let us not forget this warfare done solely with pillows.” Pillow Fights were quintessential for such events! Something was strange with that book. It looked like the one Twilight had but… did it have some sort of enchantment on it…? ...Oh no... Oh. Oh yes.
  10. The Howler's Den: Long Kong Branch (Open)

    The dark-furred Kirin was a sour looking fellow. He looked as if a cat was constantly barking up his wrong tree. Or something. He was never sure with those Equestrian sayings. A sleek body and rich, dense fur the male looked at the peak of his physical condition, but the sturdy looking mob boss had a malady of problems that pricked and prodded at his health on the regular. Drinking would do naught but exasperate his conditions, but it was better than the green sludge to medicine pony fed him on the daily. His lips curled up, sharp fangs designed for the consumption of fish would be on display for but a moment’s pass as a growling exhale pumped from his chest. Tall, dark and handsome with a hint of terror in those eyes of his. The black sclera of the Protectorate leader were ominous, legendary. Those that had the luck of seeing his face and surviving knew well of his haunting gaze. His head cocked to the side at Xovra, those dark eyes narrowing. His magenta pupils shimmered hauntingly. “Time is money Corva, and I rather like increasing profits.” He warned as he sashayed to the counter. The fluffy lord looked more like a scruffy nerf herder than some scary crime boss and that was how it should be. The face of the Protectorate was known by few. To rivals he was a ghost that would pass them and they would never know seeing. But the members knew exactly who they were working for. A young pony came in asking about puppies. His long ears folded back as he looked to Toboe, making a face at her as she slid his bottle to her. Taking it in his hoofs he would snort. Could they smell you? His eyes asked before he raised the bottle to take a sip, unable to hold back his amusement. Jian downed half his bottle before sitting up as a third came in. Pretty sharply dressed. All Jian had on was his thick, purple coat of fur that was, sadly, attached to his body. Rolling his shoulders as his tail hung from the stool, to the floor he couldn’t help but comment. “[What is with all the foreigners? Toboe, I didn’t know you started serving ponies.]” He would say in Long before motioning his hoof, whiskers curling up. “[And selling puppies now?]” He joked. Long Kong wasn’t the safest of places, especially at night and out of the safety of a group. The Protectorate’s influence seeped into many of the businesses and even government officials. Why Jian himself, was a known son of a decorated naval officer. His duties to his family a bit more on the down low. Coltson would need to be careful. Suits weren't always welcomed in these parts...
  11. A Noodle and the Moon (closed:Rex)

    Discord thought himself quite clever. Putting the princess to play a foal’s game, to challenge a myth. Now that was the ultimate game! This game worked very differently from other board games. It was enchanted with a bit of chaos so that it became reality. The humdrum of the everyday were erased with your choices. Your cowardice was punished and your inability to think outside the structured box was pushed to breaking limits. Rolls put a player on a path through a jungle exploration. It was filled with all the details of a real jungle adventure such as rabid monkeys, falling boulders, and ancient beasts! It was games like these found its way into the hooves of foals in summer camp, or curios adolescents in their uncle’s ruddy cabin. It was something spoken of with fear, adoration and excitement but with never shred of proof of it ever existing… He had taken note of it, her drifting. The magical inconsistency of a powerful being returning to their throne was never a simple matter. Being in one’s element was natural, even to creatures like Discord, or maidens akin to gods such as the princesses. Though Alicorn were naught compared to him, so he felt: they too would start to break apart if ever they strayed from their nature. It was why Discord could only be Discord. Straying from Chaos had ended quite badly for him, both times. One could only be as they were, but that did not mean they had to live boring and uneventful lives. There could very well be ten of him, but they had all picked to live life a bit differently. Even Accord had comes to terms with is … vain attempts to perfect the universe. He clapped his paw and claw together at her excitement. “Oh far more than even the most exciting adventure.” He promised. But he couldn't help that he was forgetting something about the game… He did not know what the game could release. It was a risky chance for a bit of fun. But was that not the way of chaos? The game shifted to their desires and twisted their ideas of what an adventure was. When her piece moved the spirit floated about the board, watching. The center goal of the board shifted, the drums once again growing in octave as Luna’s piece moved. Dragonflies erupted onto the balcony forcing the mare to jump from her seat. She was quick, he’d give her that, but whatever the game had manifested caused his fur and feathers to stand on end. When, whatever it was, stalked away, the spirit smoothed out his floof and scoffed. Discord was never one to back down from a challenge. “Oh easy.” Taking the dice in paw the game shifted his piece into that of a crocodile. “Well...go!” Tossing the dice they would bounce around the game case’s enclosure before stopping on 4 and 4! With an eight his crocodile moved forward. He leaned forward to read. “Survive a swarm of insects.” He snorted and pulled a beekeeper's outfit over himself. “Oh please. How simple.” but something was off. A cloud of black appeared over them, but it became bigger and bigger as it came down. It was a swarm of giant mosquitoes. The large jungle-colored bugs lunged down at them, slashing their deadly proboscis at the pair, shredding Discord's cover to pieces. The spirit manifested a large flyswatter and smacked the face of one of the bugs, but it seemed to make them angry. Flooding up the mad spirit ran away from it, leading the beasties in a circle before he magicked a giant net, catching them. They would angrily buzz and try to stab the draconequus with their noses. He dodged. “Um dear, perhaps you should roll?!” rolling up a newspaper he'd smack the mouthy bugs.
  12. Damnit Jim I'm a Draconequus not a Pony!

    Discord always did seem to have all his ducks in a row. He was quite good at shifting the pace of a situation to suit his needs and desires. However much he may be redeemed: he was still a being of pure chaos. It had to channel somewhere to alleviate the boredom that came with a scheduled lifestyle. Wake, work, eat, bed. Ponies could be unnervingly repetitive. A little chaos kept them from becoming stale, boring and made sure they didn't simply fade away the moment he blinked. It was sometimes the sad case for a creature whose longevity exceeded even that of the universe while, in the same note: he was much younger than it. A paradox wrapped in an enigma inside a riddle. Discord was the captain of the boat and everypony was his passenger, or so he liked to play upon. He really had no desire to Lord over the ponies. That had been a passing game, as with all of his desires. But thinking upon it in such a way made him sound no better than the Changelings. Discord quickly became hyper aware of what surrounded him. There he had played pied Piper and given them a world full of their dreams. Ponies, Kirin, Griffon, and all in between had gathered for peace and relaxation and unknowingly fed the parasitic race of insects. The ones that Thorax coddled were uninterestingly plain, but they are mere newborns by compare. They have hardly breathed life into the universe yet come to understand it. Ponies were at the crux of space exploration and continued to expand to placed the spirit, frankly, had not seen them. All while he was absorbed in his thoughts the duck was parked and the defeated shark carried away on a gurney. The couple, Blueblood and Crusader, had been led to their table. Aria was put to sing and break down the last barriers of happiness to make sure every creature that stepped hoof, claw, or paw on that island came out happy and every Changeling aiding their Queen would feed… feed and never starve again. They were antagonists to the truest of sense. The stole happiness that was not their own. They fed off love that they knew not how to abide beyond the vampiric instinct shared by parasitic hydraflowers. Aria began her song and Discord moved to float near and by, eyeing the Queen. The Prince of Chaos was no slack. He was well aware of the games she was playing. But should he feel bad about it? No pony was hurt and he got what he wanted. The dilapidated ruins she had built her nest in. The food was carted out as the small pony sang. Her voice carried in ways that chilled. It wasn't until that beat dropped that it became clear Aria was no slack herself. Queenie wasn't pulling punches. Even the food has been specifically tailored to each groups’ tastes. The freshest fruits, greens, grains and on. The banquet hall was roomy enough to keep couples together and friends in their groups. Seating even allowed a measure of privacy behind screens that focused their view to the stage as opposed to their neighbors. Well played indeed, but Discord had a few more ways to disrupt that sanctity of peace that she tried so hard to preserve. The spirit appeared on a stool between the couple with a cob of corn and a top hat. “I'll have to admit this island queen knows how to treat her guests.” He mused.
  13. Apple Adonis (Invite)

    Mac didn't like spending on new things when old stuff worked just fine, but that meant going through a lot of nails repairing old walls and screws to rotate wobbly wheels. But the barn, despite how much he repaired it, saw the most peril with his strength. Much of the farm's equipment was stored in the main barn, safe from the weather. It was also a nifty place to nap between jobs. The nails he used to raise the barn just would no longer do the job so he had to spend a little extra to get some stronger tools for the job. Mac was just getting out of the barn as Zelda was clearing the way. He raised a hoof to fleck off the last bits of straw from his secret, but well deserved break. It wouldn't do good if he didn't look like a hard working stallion! He looked around before spotting where he had left his cart. Around his neck was that hefty work collar he was often seen with. Shuffling towards it he moved to prepare to holster himself up to it until he heard the bell in the main house. He blinked and shook his head. “Oh!” A delivery at this hour, how queer. “Wait a minute…” Was it perhaps the nails he had ordered?! Rearing up he took off trotting toward the delivery side. You'd often see carts lined up there getting stopped with apple barrels or casks of cider! The mail pony didn't have to walk to the main house as the post was close to the farm’s entrance. Zelda was pretty lucky that today's hoof traffic was light. With spring here most of the Apples were busy planting the new stock for summer and fall harvests. The big, red Apple made his way to the fence. He reached his head up to grab a hanging rope and gave it a tug with his muzzle. The gate opened wide. “Uh, howdy. Can ah help you?” Mac called to the Griffon, hopeful she had his nails!
  14. Opalus Symphony [Invite]

    It was always the refrain that was hardest. Looking at a music sheet one could always predict the end coming. It was staged, scripted and went on for a measured number of chorus. It was, for some ponies, a relatable comparison to life. The way it ended. Life did not end abruptly. You always knew when your time had come to play the final note. But not for a being like Discord. Music had a discordant structure reserved for the chaos of existence. Instruments that, alone, would never be able to hold the tune are accompanied by others in a cacophonic parade that created a tune pleasurable to the ears. To think one could make noise so appealing. Discord had sealed away what he would and would come back upon the quivering sounds of spellwords that escaped the mare's lips. His ears danced about to the best as the sir crackled with movement and the sound of silence hot like a hammer upon a cracked bell. Everything distorted and, for a moment, tastes of purple. Numbers shaped in the sound as the air became deeply flavored. Chaos and music often went hoof and hoof but when one was given to such a euphoria that they would claim instances of synesthesia it had reached the peak of its performability. And perform the young alicorn mare did as she crumpled from her casting. The wailing snap of her spell ended his trip through the harmonics of a dizzying escapade. The call of her hoof on his back dropped him back to reality. He sputtered as spaghetti fell from his pockets, the baggy jeans he was suddenly ready seemed barely able to fit his lanky, discombobulated form let alone hold up to gravity. His eyes narrowed at Twilight as he used his claw to scoop the globs of pasta into his pockets with his paw holding, what seemed to be, a small universe contained in his pantaloons. “Or having such objects thrust upon you.” After all with was Squall’s hootnanning that created a hullabaloo! The spirit was nearly impressed. “I’m all for lunch.” He'd respond in a pause as the splort of the pasta audibly squelched when he wiggled his toes. “No spaghetti.” He pressed. “This is for Bluey Blue a few months ago.” Wait for him a few months ago…? But as the pasta vanished into the pocket and did the pants it was a comment better left unquestioned. He looked around. It seemed reality didn't collapse on itself. He was impressed. Those had been some huge chorus’ Twilight sang. The spirit floated off the ground, his snaking body shifting as he pushed to observe Ice Storm’s orbs. They seem to have found a link. He scratched his beard, claws raking through as a delighted grin pained his muzzle with s wall of sharp teeth. The apple offering snake laughed as he nodded, bibs appearing around the mare’s necks. “Perhaps an all you can eat place? After that I am feeling a bit peckish.” He pulled a dandelion from his dark coat of feathers before it became clear it was a string of bibs all with different print. Icy had a lobster on hers and Twilight a club sandwich. “What do you say?” He seemed to have trouble tugging out the last bit of rope until yoink! The two mares would likely find themselves pulled through, if they didn't resist, dangling from the rope like kites in a tree. He would grin sheepishly and set them down.
  15. I'm still up for it