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  1. "Well somepony's holding a grudge." Discord seemed to contently slather marmalade over a length cut baguette, layering it with cheese, pickles, two English Muffins and three cherries before folding it in half and dunking it into his cup of coffee. "You act as if anypony got hurt or the world ended!" In truth once everypony's magic returned no one was hurt. Except Discord's pride. That was still in repair here and there. There was no guilt, persay, as he was able to stop Tirek, but there is he inkling of concern that his desire for attention seemed to almost hurt those he cared about. After the whole Accord incident. Something like that wasn't needed again! He scoffed at Squall's attempt to corner his dignity in that little box. He took a bite of his monstrous food creation and muttered with a full muzzle, stuffing a few buttecreme cookies in there for good measure. Oooh so tasty, he loved buttercreme cookies! "I'm starting to think you have some unresolved hurt and are projecting, but I can't blame you for wanting my glamorous life full of friendship! Don't worry I'll be your friend, even if everypony else thinks your just some rich pony playing at being a vigilante." He tittered. He slipped his coffee loudly while Squall spoke to Fire Walker, looking to the mare and perking his ears at the lascivious rumor. "Oh please, I'm much too old for those kinds of foalish titles. Fluttershy is just my favorite!" He assured. "She was my first friend in this realm after all." He proceeded to eat the cup and saucer, moving to float after the group. Despite all his oddities there was some measure of expectation from the chaotic noodle, particularly when it came to meddling. Unless he had fun doing it meddling just wasn't as fun as it could be! He oh so did love meddling, though some mistook that for being supportive. The mismatched Chimera would vanish in a puff of smoke, reappearing in the shape of the unicorn, prancing along besides them. "What do you think I just have this face because it looks almost as pretty as me?" The Raccoon settled stop his head as he bounced along. "I am a renowned detective. I'm sure I can find some dirty secrets in the port and reveal some string or another of corruption that you can use!" Ponies did often love coveting priceless magical artifacts and other things. There was no way a monopoly so big didn't have a few open holes to fit a self righteous noblepony in. He grinned at Fire Walker. "Besides as a Knight I'm sure you'd be quite keen on taking down some real evil-doers. I know a few secrets about the wharf district…" What did Discord know?
  2. Balayan: Fur of Ash Deep in Mount Vukizo sleeps legend of a bat whose fur is made of ash. It is believed in ancient times that the Veld was lush with forest and woodland. While there is no evidence of such stories from the scientific community: the Taraju speak of a great bat who had wings as wide as a griffon, with a body as long as a sea serpent. The Balayan was a stubborn creature who would never leave his forests because they were warm and wet. It is said that his brother had become upset of Balayan constantly hiding in his woods and would ask him to visit ever day. Balayan refused and every day his brother would call to him again. Finally Balayan replied to his brother that he would not leave his woods because his brother's home was too dry and invited his brother to, instead, come and visit. But this enraged his brother who, feeling that Balayan was arrogant in thinking his home was best, would call his friends to chase Balayan from his home. Balayan hid in the deep woods and fled his pursuers, but when they lit a fire to clear some of the trees the fires ran out of control and burned all of the trees across the Veld. Balayan was not found and it was aid all that remained was a pile of ash. Many speak of the great bat of ash who comes down from the snow capped mountains in search for his pursuers. Offerings are left at the base of the mountains in hopes to appease the spirit so that the dormant volcano would never wake to seek revenge on the ancestors of his pursuers that live in the Veld to this day. - Haunted Paths Across Equus, a Pocket Guide
  3. He would certainly take offense to that since he, himself, was a stone-faced gangster. "Five bits is rather low..." He grumbled. Resting his hooves on the counter the Qilin lowered his skull, ears folding back as he scrunched his muzzle. "What is that smell?" He looked over to the others. The boss' sensitive olfactories were hard to by pass. Someone carried a stench on them that was unbearable. Of course he was an utter neat freak and the very fact that Bluemoon had a dirty hoof caused him to nicker and try to send the brute away. "Wipe your hooves before entering you slobs!" He whinnied in irritation. It seems the boss was grumpy, but that was because he had yet to get his morning tea and fried tofu! He had strange tastes and much preferred bland tofu. Looking to Toboe he would squint. "You're also scruffy." Much scruffier than he remembered. "But I want my tofu. Who are we waiting on? We have a very important job today and you peons are late." A big job was on the horizon! They had a few hooves already on tasks but he needed down-to-Equus ponies dealing with the personal stuff. Busybodies as it were.
  4. Discord pulled his paw to his chest, gasping in shock. Lowering his head his mismatched eyes seemed to give off a glow as he reached out his large, griffon's claw, only to manifest a bouquet of flowers. "Oh come now, I come bearing gifts!" He would float the blooming lilies off towards Squall as the spirit curtsied, only to vanish in a plume of smoke moments after. He would reappear, floating within the confines of the kitchen, already trying a handkerchief around his neck. The banner seemed to have a queer representation of a cupcake on it. What was queer was the fact said cupcake was topped with a mackerel! "Oh I could go for a bit of tea, honestly, but if coffee's all you haaave," he drawled. "I take mine with creme and butter! Oh and some buttercreme cookies!" He did so delight in buttercreme cookies! Yes the spirit of Chaos was quite a sight, one that often dismayed his hosts. With a long snout he pulled his teeth back into a grin as he cocked his head slightly, the crooked snaggled tooth on full display. It was quite surprising he managed to stay hidden for so long too! His long, undulating form would float in casual east several inches off his seat as he crossed his hoof over his dragon knee. My my, wasn't he a grumpy nutter butter!? Looking to Fire Walker the seedy spirit of chaos would rest his chin onto the back of his paw. Oh yes she was quite clever and doing her best to sooth the stallion's rage. "Oh come now, you act as if I've come to cause mayhem or something. After all we are having a sleepover." He mused, crossing his paw and claw, a halo appearing over his head before falling and looping around his long neck, turning into a glowing hoop of colors. "Besides I've come to help you out. I am one of Twilight's top students of Friendship after all." Begrudgingly at times. Well most of the time. "Oh that whole kick with Tirek was just something to liven up the afternoon! I can admit I let it go a bit too far. Far be it for me to expect him to betray me. No fun that one." He pouted before smirking. "Well do you want my help or not stormcoat?" The Draconequus was offering the pony quite a gift, but at what cost? There was always a cost for a crooked djinni such as he!
  5. Well well well we could continuie too that thread with your gangster pone in the Howler's Den! Since that'll kick up the story for the Protectorate!
  6. Hello, the master of mayhem is back, as you can see! Oh and -- the others, I guess. Well standing point I will be continuing what I started and they will be finding an end, one way or another! If you wish to partake in writing a story with me, or -- one of the others feel free to look below at a list of shenanigans to partake in! Discord: First and foremost I the great and magnanimous Discord has a game in mind! Now after the wonderful holiday of April Fool's I have decided to open a park on the old hive I traded Queenie for! Now I spruced it up and it should do well for this game! A veritable playland with toys, candy and all sorts of ingenious devices sure to put a stitch in your side -- er not a literal, painful stitch, you know -- of laughter and joy... anyway the land is called Plushtastic Park. If your pony or otherwise is an intrepid explorer, a hunter of fierce game, or even one who enjoys fast rides -- you'll enjoy this thread of adventure! WoE Application Distant Lightning: A Pegesus Pony of Saddle Arabia this diligent Cultural Anthropologist seeks to better understand Eqquestria now that Saddle Arabia is more open to the outside world. If you are in need of a hoity-toity high brow pony who knows about as much as he speaks look no further! He is a twin of a mare and, sometimes, together, they travel to distant lands hoof in hoof to spread awareness of history and lore! It is believed Distant Lightning is the writer of the book series Journal 100 Curses and Haunted Paths Across Eorzea, a Pocket Guide. WoE Application Kappi Stjarna: A native of Whitescar this large, brutish pony suffers the Lykos curse. He is abnormally strong and devastatingly -- nerdy. A cartographer and astronomer this powerhouse of a pony charts the uncharitable and maps the unknown: delving into deep valleys or climbing the highest mountains. He is soft spoken and highly expressive, if you call snorting and grunting expressive... But if there's a place you're afraid to explore you can be sure that Kappi knows no fear! No really, he doesn't. Don't explore with him. WoE Application Da Jian-yá: A Kirin of the Peaks of Peril, born and raised in Long Guo: he has become a mark on everyone's hide. Leader of the Divine Protectorate this boss of crime and no-do-goodery is known well of his black sclera and deep, ebony fur. The purple stripes and fur that mar his body paint him a noble creature among his kin, but he is highly temperamental and known to be unsociable. He controls trade in many areas of New Town, Long Kong, and is known to bully shops into paying bodyguard fees. Whether you seek to lend an ear to the reasons of his actions or stop his questionable behaviors this is the Kirin for you! WoE Application Sombra: The King of Monsters, this pony no longer has a kingdom to call his own but he continues to lead others out of Darkness as a pony once did for him. He seeks to repent for the evil he had done and right his wrongs so if you know creatures bereft of good and wholesomeness this is the shadow that will show you the path in the darkness. While this good king is a leader for kindness and vital member of the Crystal Empire: he still struggles with his own demons and on occasion the darkness he absorbs from others or still scrapes from the bottom of his heart: leaks out. Positive thoughts Somby, deep breathely. WoE Application Ratan/Emerald Shard: Rat is a Changeling who, for a long time, did not know he was a Changeling, and grew up among ponykind. While attempting to integrate into Chrysalis' hive he still lives in Manehatten as a glassmaker. He travels around to sell or trade his wears and specializes in finding colored stones to make his work invaluable to art collectors. He was once used as a packmule for no-do-goodery organizations in Manehatten and while not a bad pony sometimes lets his gullible and kindly nature get the best of him, so he ends up sometimes helping those that don't deserve it. WoE Application Big Mac: Not needing an introduction my long time Ogres and Oubliettes partner Big McIntosh! While I cannot say anything bad about him, save his fluttery unwillingness to chat, he is a hard workpony and is somepony you can go to if you need advice or a boulder lifted. He's not wont to leave Ponyville on adventures save to deliver apples across the way so you can find him close to home, and furthest yet: the Crystal Empire. WoE Application Night Prophecy: Nessie is a Kelpie of the Okeanos kingdom: a court wizard you are not wont to find on land unless absolutely necessary. He works under the king and can be difficult to deal with. A master of Geomancy he likes to tout his ability over Earth Magicks that Earth-walkers cannot even begin to understand. He can divine stone and sand to determine the future or even change it... WoE Application
  7. Hello. After some nostalgia and me totally being right about everything Discord, I was thinking about coming back to roleplay. To be sure I am getting a little better as I had been going through a difficult time in life so the overwhelming negativity had taken its toll on my weakened state of mind. I am feeling a bit stronger and can assure I will be more inclined to disregard the behaviors that had first driven me away, if those that wish to roleplay again, really a deeply important hobby of mine, wish to do so. I am looking to resume or pick up threads I have previously been "the next to reply" to if it is viable.
  8. Huh I just found this so I'll revive this necrotic thread. I can't say it's been fun. It has been a hard road trying to settle myself here after drama from a previous group who, to this day, continues their antics. I have had some fun threads, finished very few. Because people force their own headcanons on others I find myself and my character, OOC and IC, being regularly accosted despite it being Canon in both show and comics that he is a good noodle. Well I can't stand any more. The lack of community and conversation has killed my muse completely and I don't see it coming back ever. I've made some friends. Others decided to make an enemy of me unnecessarily. I have Asperger's and it is not something I like to admit but to get people to actually talk to me like a normal person it seems, at times, I had to admit such things. My characters were altered during the application process (of which later became Canon despite being Canon in comics and the old series long before) in order to participate in RP, characters I had to apply for because there were none who wished to play with my Discord. Overall I felt the experience negative and cliquey, unopen to a member who tried their hardest for almost three years to be part of this community. A player should not need to try three years to be accepted. No matter what character they play. I do feel hurt and that it is something that cannot be repaired because of the idea that 'I don't like this character idea.' instead of 'I want to RP'. Bad form. I hope in the future other Discord players or anyone to join isn't treated like this than told that it is basically their fault for picking the character. Goodbye.
  9. (don't worry. I had to exit the role-play. Feel free to continue)
  10. Big Mac perked his ears, brows furrowing as he swiveled them forward. There was a moment he thought he heard Applejack say 'snortin' apples', and by Celestia he could tell you right now applesauce got stuck in your mizzle and gave you the worst sneezing fits... It had been on a date with one of his cousins! Well no matter. "Well ya see--" of course why would Mac explain something so detailed? It seemed the fates had it out for him. He could hear Granny calling from halfway across Las Pegasus it felt. He drooped and unhooked himself from the cart. It was high noon. That meant Granny like needed help with lunch. "Uh, gotta go." He motioned his hoof and sauntered off. It was good reason why they needed so many hooves! Mac and Applejack had only so many! Off the big horse would go. [Exit Post]
  11. Miss yah bud. :wail:

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  12. Teleportation was Discord's specialty! But there was also the law of funny that the chaotic spirit tended to follow. If, in some way, the act wasn't amusing: it seemed a waste of effort. He crosses his claw and paw over one another on the table as he pondered the rotund pony's ponderings on the poffered parchment. "Well go on pup," he encouraged the canine. "You owe me at least this favor." He looked over to Psmith, his declarations of his son's aide meant to prove useful. "Hmm it makes sense that you could depend on your flesh and blood..." The concept made the spirit think, only for his thoughts to unsettle by Roan's query. He examined the map from where he sat before shaking his head. "You must understand I can't just will myself around the Everfree forest. It has a means of disrupting my magic. Annoying things." He murmured before floating about for a moment.
  13. Clothomancy wasn't the spirit's specialty, after all this outfit was hooftailored! He scratched his chin and observed the Kirin, whose voice was muffled by a pair of construction earmuffs. He scratched his beard with his paw, the elbow of that forelimb resting on his crossed claw. Yes, yes an outfit deserving a royal Canterlot princess. Or maybe Yama could be the prince. He a snap of his claws he would weave together a stunning outfit form fitting to the Kirin. The chaotic spirit delighted in the idea that the Manic Marmalade Marshmallow Cake was piquing curiosity. Swiveling his ears forward Berry Punch's pragmatic presentation of prancing about. His muzzle blushed as he tugged on a tie around his neck, loosing it. "No respect." He muttered clearing his throat at the tease before he looked over to Cain and gasped, eyes going wide as saucers. "I didn't think I would ever see it again!" He accepted the offering as if he were some god upon his votive! He looked over to Big Mac as the elegant Macicorn arrived. My, my, it was become quite a shift. He was reminded that you needn't sixty-three for the rule to pass vote. A pawful of ponies was enough. Oh and an unlucky dragon. he wiggled his forked tongue at the cake pop and shook his head. Though he was not to sure if Rose's spider was male or female, but it would do as well! "Now, don't you waste time!" He couldn't imagine what the mare would have to treat them. She made such tasty drinks! "We shouldn't keep a mare waiting." Discord felt like he was leading a thousand monster parade down the streets, or thousand princesses, and made way to Berry's! Of course he wouldn't rush those gathering treats still at Cain's, but they were hardly out of sight as he moved to adjust his bag, shuffling it out, the cake pop levitating beside him, some of the marshmallow cover slurped off. He cleared his throat. "Trick or treat! Though, preferably, treat." he wiggled his bushy brows and prepared to be handsomely rewarded for his efforts!
  14. Discord held his sack of candy, ears folded back with a smug grin as Wind Walker declared his Counthood with obstinacy. Oh he liked this one, she knew exactly where it was aaahh-- his ears pinned back at her shouting. He did to try and remain on his hind legs throughout his treating as a floating vampire was probably too spooky for ponies. That and it was easier for the group to keep up with him when he wasn't dipping in and between dimensions as he fluttered about. More joined their merry trio -- a certain entourage of strange creatures. While White Rose certainly stood out for the spirit, it didn't much matter what creature joined the party, so long as they were able to collect enough candy. He looked to Spike, ears picking up as he waved his claw dismissively, paw tight on the sack. "Your body weight," Not that there was any real measurement beyond that in the story. "Something about equivalent exchange. If you expect a candy mold in your shape I would think that you need enough candy to trade for it, yes? If you don't bring treats than you get tricked and I am sure I don't want to be tricked by some old Ghoul in the woods." After all he was the trickster, thank you very much. Valen's question caused the spirit to smirk, pleading him to vanish for a moment leaving naught behind but a Discord-shaped scarecrow. The devious chaos spirit appeared behind the Prench maid, his muzzle painted up in a sharp grin, ears pulled back as he floated over the Orange's shoulder in a miniature shape in an angel's costume, complete with halo and pitchfork. Wait -- He moved to prod the idol's cheek and chuckled. "Oh please, Spike brought this upon himself for not sticking to our schedule." Despite Discord's chaotic nature the spirit was much inclined to run on a schedule. he did not keep pocket watches for show as he zipped and zapped to and from time. It made handling one's time imperative when your friends' days were but seconds in compare. Every moment, every second, ever half tick of a tock. "But you are a clever one. Maybe I forgot to tell him about the consequences for leaving my game board before time was up." He chuckled. "Perhaps Spike just needed a little push. It isn't easy being the only boy in your group of friends." he wiggled the pitch fork and turned it into a flower before tucking it behind Valen's ear, As quickly as he had manifested from the group's front the spirit peeked around the scarecrow. "What are you all doing? Come now, don't dawdle!" He snapped his claws, the scarecrow shrieking before bouncing away into the town. O-oh dear that won't bode well... Cain seemed to be prepared for the night as a whole. So many delightful treats and tasty confections. Discord would nearly drool as his eyes danced around the collection of goodies. At the offer for custom made candy Discord had the immediate thought, one of which he was remiss to say the Cake's never sold in their store despite it being a most popular treat in Chaosville. The spirit, all aglow with the holiday spirit floated off the ground, his tail curling beneath him. "Well if that's the case than how about a Manic Marshmallow Marmalade Cake pop?" he wiggled his paw, spooky colored glitter puffing from his paw. "You know a cake pop coated in marshmallow with orange marmalade filling sprinkled with chocolate stars!" Oh he had to be able to make such a treat! Honestly he was unsure how it never caught on in Ponyville. He was particularly fond of marmalade, especially on scones!
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