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  1. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Grim would become a variable inside an already carrying game. Checkers had a rather straight forward set of rules conditioned over years of foalhood play. When the sullen participant begrudgingly budged to partake in the parade he brought with him a piece of the pi... In short Grim was withing earshot of the arguing nobles who thought they could talk the other into jumping the pizzapony! With the nobles too busy arguing they would leave themselves open... Taking Ice Storm's advice he would nod and steel himself. He would jump over one of the nobles and take off to the next space. The one jumped over would blink as he felt s pull and poof! Into the penalty zone! He would appear on the Botique side, seated behind a white line he could not pass. Well at least refreshments were offered... Medo and Earth Writer shared their topics on teaming up. It was a sound refusal, but somepony didn't tell the nobles that! They thought teaming up would better their chances so there were now two, side to side, heading on toward Writer with a grin. Nensho would soon be able to see a deliverypony hop over s noble and send him away, which left Ice Storm, a red piece, and another noble, who was left dumbfounded and angry at the mare. "You're a red piece!" He'd competitively dictated to her. With Nensho being blue that would give him a chance to capture either. Taira and Dunnie has a bit to catch up to themselves. Still nearer the castle entrance many of the more competitive ponies has gone out to win themselves the elusive title!
  2. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    He let out a laugh. The princess's little dragon certainly was still a hatchling if he could come up with such a brilliantly delicious ride! Well not that the ancient chaos noodle could talk. The balloon floating by Spike had been the one to show the clue over the mirrors and looked down to the dragon, it's headset still wrapped around its balloon. Dangling from its tail was a clipboard. Intense wasn't the half of it. He motioned his paw. "Squall is competitive." In laymen's terms. If you left it to the noblepony he could nigh well have some chaos running through his blood. "Oh?" His ears perked, hearing the bellowing blowhard. "That's why you have the balloons. Ask them!" He smirked. Squall's balloon seemed to be rather twitchy, not the bravest if spheres, always afraid it'd be popped! The balloon looked to Squall and nodded. It seemed a-ok to interfere with one's neighbor. Though that made the scavenger hunt sound more like pirates, ursurping your neighbor's treasure or stonewalling their progress! It looked to be an easy enough thing to do, but would Squall's plan be perceived as cheating or add to the madness that was the draconequus' game? Pyro was carried to the roof of one of the shops, planted atop The grocer's which was just across the way from the hardware store! From my up there he'd be able to spot Big McIntosh talking to a pony below. Was he offering directions? "Eeyup." Mac turned about to tuck his head under the flap of his saddlebag and procured what looked to be the very bottle Lens needed! But -- Mac put it back away. "There." He pointed to a small stall that seemed to be passing them out as sweet sweet prizes. It seemed some ponies we're taking advantage of Discord's games to sell and promote their own goods! With that Mac would wave a hoof and head off. He was going to meet Spike after his errands to partake in the dragon's game. "Oh, Glimmer did you prepare that?" He'd wiggle a bushy brow.
  3. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    As more arrived on the board, or awoke to find themselves the targets of the chimera's manic delights some became quite focused on a goal while others decided it was better to just go through the motions. Those were the miserable lot not able to find their inner foal. Taira, the old mountain goat, seemed to have met one of his companions on the side of kings! When the chef and mountain goat collided there was a strange noise before poit! The two were stood side by side within their respective squares. It seemed they could not hold the same space for long before the board decided they were out of bounds. Some nobles had the head to enjoy the day off, even some of the citizenry found it was more approachable to pass out fliers to their restaurants and hotels while they were caught in a literal tourist trap.The reporter found himself allied with a Neighponiese mare, the pony blinking as she was beckoned by the stallion. "Are you stuck here too? What's going on?" She bounded along her squares with relative ease, her leaps agile and acrobatic. "Is this normal here!?" For Icy it was going to be one heck of a day. Free ice Cream? That was right up Discord's alley! But it seemed Icy's hunt would be met with a troublesome trial. While she made forward march, a pair of nobles stood arguing about who should move into the square first. In front of them was a spooked deliverypony who had been on his way to deliver a pizza! He looked to her pleadingly, the pockfaced lad only trying to do his job! Medo now blue as the sk-- well the sky was green now. Maybe they switched spots? In the distance the reporter and bouncy mare would be seen over a few hundred squares of mix and matched colors! The Castle, relatively, was hardly a distance for ponies but it was no short trot to its courts. The guards were hardly of noble bloodlines so the castle was wholly unguarded as they were sent to the blue field and nobles, who were in no place protecting the gates had no choice. They too had a desire to win this game and would do all they could to interfere.
  4. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Good ol daddums! It seems the foreign visitors found themselves split! Tourists were always quite interesting during the holidays! Sitting atop a balcony the magnanimous noodle watched as Taira collected himself. Holding a pair of opera glasses on his muzzle he viewed the kirin from afar. Adjusting the focus the distant pony was quite up close. When Discord removed the glasses he found himself beside the hefty harbinger of the mountain snows. "Well, well. This is quite the welcome to Equestria's capital." The spirit offered invitingly and held out an invitation. "Welcome to the festivities." With that he vanished! The missive had a welcoming message to the Parade if fools and explains the rules of the checkers games. There seemed to be a grand reward to the pony who first made it to the end of the board and took over the pieces across the kingdom! The bottom had an added note for the mountain king. "If ever you wish to see your queen, she's on the enemy side of the board! Good luck as she may be after your crown, and prize!" But... Would Niju do such a thing? Yes. Yes she would. Many found on the board were particularly competitive and would do all they could to warn a prize favored from a god beast!
  5. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Leave it to Squall to remain unfazed as the world was being, literally, turned upside-down. Pretty sure the sky was actually starting to grow grass by this point. With the shops carrying banners to display their participation in the games Discord could feel his ears get talked off by the prattling paragon. He would reach up to remove one of his ears and reattach them. He grinning gaze was turned upon the spectacularly spry and eccentric noblepony. Oh he wouldn't have handled the checkers game half as well. Crossing his paw over his claw, leaning over the pink puffs: his long neck leaned down to look over the spelunking sportspony. "I'm impressed you were even able to wait that long Squall." He crooned, quite used to having the surveyor pry on his age, unbothered by the limited count Squall could present such a, possibly, ancient creature. "Well I suppose while there is still spring in those bones of could stand to my challenge boo problem." When the noble went about his following the rules to a preciseness well that was when the cat was let out the bag. From the paper bag beside the spirit an orange tabby spilled out and raced into the field, around its neck a silver bells. What the...? "Oh Squall, to say such a thing... Come now you know better. What's a game I'd the rules couldn't be bent just a little?" That was the Discord pranksters have come to respect. While remiss to be downsized to just two locales it was easier on the princesses and their apprentices to clean up after the games. Speaking of! He snatched a cup from the air and would snap his straw into the contents. A long and sloppy sip allowed the spirit to slurp up its contents before looking to Starlight. He waved his paw. "Oh don't worry about the slide. I'm sure Spike has it all under control." Or had he put Big Mac in charge of that?! "No matter!" Wait, what? "I am quite expectant of Squall's sharp wit. But do you really think they'll get by long enough to figure out what they are really looking for?" He asked the mare, taking another messy slurp. 0 warmth was limited to his items, but it wouldn't make it an impossible task. With many ponies about his worst obstacle would be, well his neighbors! The balloon in the fire pony's possession squeaked impatiently and wiggled its string tail. Perhaps... No. If he held on could it really carry his weight over the crowd? Well such would only be limited to what Pyro could imagine, right? This was a game of chaos... As Lens inspected the shops it seemed each banner had a brightly cast item, but none were the ones on his list! His balloon seemed anxious and tried to tug away. It seemed more a hindrance. Typical Discord... Or was it? The balloons were there to help after all. In fact Lens' stretchy hint finder seemed to have it's gaze set upon a certain red stallion with a honeysuckle mane. Was that Big Mac? Squall would find himself in a collision course with another pony! With a number of them around it wasn't a surprise some took similar paths.
  6. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Discord was a fit with giggles as he rolled about on his cloud. Some ponies were quite surprised with their participation! The spirit leaned over the puffy pink plume to regard Squall with a cheeky grin. "I know I can't believed they agreed. Mind you there are some are some stipulations, but I suppose not permanently disabling a pony's talent is fair." He snarked. "Well I don't think anypony's ride is slated to leave since time has more or less been frozen in this particular area. The game board's bounds are strict." He reached up and tugged a balloon from the air for Squall. "I couldn't cross the trademark of another festival, so parade will do. And considering later..." He held the balloon out to Squall. "Copyright and all." He said, breaking a few walls, including the fourth. Squall's first item was a stuffed dinosaur. His ears perked as came front an center an exotic pone! Well, well well! He grinned deviously, floating around the mare. "A balloon for you my dear? Welcome to the festival. Knee high, and all." He returned the greeting. The poor disguised fox would find her balloon nervously squeaking back, her own item looked to be a carrot. It seemed simple enough, but not everywhere in Ponyville could one find such an ordinary crop! Apples, after all, held the corner market on such sweet produce. Each pony was responsible for finding their own item. One would think it difficult to locate them, but with the pictures on the missives -- the amount of detail said pictures shown, it was perhaps not so easy. For Lens they had to locate a purple bottle with a brown label, grapes pictured on the label. Squall's stuffed dinosaur was a plate dino with an orange body, and green stripes. Pyro's box of nails was a small fifty pack in a red box and, lastly, Yanhua's carrot was yellow! Banners would appear on shops it seemed Discord's game board was lending a hoof so ponies did not need to search each and every place! How kind. Unfortunately -- any hints they would get from their balloons were spoken in Balloon. They would need to mime with their partners to find their objects!
  7. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    The spirit cooed and folded his ears back, dipping his tongue into the glass, pulling out a malted milkball. "Chocolate milk. Now I am sure there are some ponies in Ponyville who quite specialize in fruity drinks. I am sure there is a registry somewhere. Or you can always make a trade~" He offered a hint, leaning back into the soft, pillowy cloud. The balloon bobbed up and down, rolling its eyes before squeaking and moving to tug Lens along. They had a head start, so may as well before others arrived! They would have to find their way. They knew Ponyville well enough to locate a shop right? Hopefully. When Pyro arrived icier than a certain ice cream cake making pony he knew the spirit sat up and rest his paw on his knee, his malted, chocolaty drink floating beside him. he reached up to grab a red, grumpy looking balloon and lowered it down to the once matchboxed pone. The missive on his balloon required, at first: a box of nails. That seemed easy enough though it did not seem to have anything to do with Pyro's abilities. "Remember you can always ask your balloon for a hint oh and well." Wit ha snap The spirit provided Pyro with earmuffs and a scarf. "Free of charge." He grinned widely and seemed delighted some ponies had come by already! The game seemed simple enough: go around Ponyville and find these objects. It meant talking to your neighbor and asking them from help. But such simple games weren't in Discord's nature! There was like some deeper meaning. Ponies finding themselves, or learning something dark and heinous about their neighbor! Oooor it just amused him to see them scurrying about for really common objects that they were normally without.
  8. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Discord was lounged out on a pink cloud, a number of balloons of various shapes and colors hovered about with furled missives tied to their tails. The mockery of madness and illusion of insecurities would all be gone in a matter of moments when the spirit was found being a showpony. With his hind legs crossed looking as if he was more on vacation the spirit was, in fact, hard at work, making sure the universe didn't collide in his absence. His ear swiveled back the squeaky chirp of balloons about. He popped his head out the underside of the cloud when Lens, the pony, peeked from the crowd. He wasn't the only with his Cutie Mark X'd out, but he was one of the first to seek him out! He popped back up and reached to the sky, grabbing the tail of one of the balloons. "Well, well well that was quick. Here's your balloon." He offered. "It carries your map and helpful hints." but far be it for the spirit to mention that the balloons only spoke in Balloon. The missive for Lens had a few simple items to find. The first on the list was a bottle of wine! The lest, as a whole, seemed incomplete. The spirit laid back and gave his drink a sip. "You'll find that each item appears as it is required. Find item one, and the others will appear. If you ever get lost just as the Balloon, he's a green bunny, just for you."
  9. Canterlot would find the whole of their grounds turned into a giant checkers board. Nobles would find themselves warped into a fine red and commoners blue. The rules of checkers was pretty obvious, but in the case that it was not instructions would be given to everypony. The first of the blue pieces to reach Canterlot Castle would be kinged and charged with capturing every noble participating in Canterlot to win. As for the nobles the first to reach Rarity’s Boutique would be kinged and charged with capturing all of the commoners and business ponies that were participating. The first side to win would earn a prize, but the king himself or herself would earn an even greater prize. From the Canterlot side Discord was visibly sitting and sipping jello from a coconut with a tiny drink umbrella in his eyebrow. If ever a pony was captured they would be warped to his side and, if he was feeling gregarious he could set pieces back onto the field if the leader piece of their respective side came to free their comrades. Nobles, now a nifty shade of red, will start off at Canterlot Castle, warped there by the board, and must make their way to the Boutique to get kinged. Commoners, with a fair shade of blue, start off at the Boutique, warped there by the board, and must head out toward the castle to get their boost. The rules of Checkers apply: You must hop over your opponent to capture them. You can only move forward, or diagonally and so on.
  10. Those of Ponyville that had been caught amidst the game to participate would find that their powers or natural talents have been reversed and to those fallen into the game would receive a set of instructions to find Discord and retrieve a scavenger hunt list. Finding their items and using them properly would return their magic and talents and earn them a grand prize, courtesy of the god of chaos. Over their cutie marks a big red X would be plastered on their flank and they would be provided with a saddlebag to carry the collected objects. Discord was lounged over the portal on his throne, perfectly between Canterlot and Ponyville, sipping jello out of a coconut with a tiny drink umbrella in his eyebrows.
  11. Come spring ponies of Ponyville and Canterlot would find themselves waking up to not the bright morning sky of blue hey were used to, but to the glittering aurora of green and pink, the sun stuck somewhere between dawn and dusk. It was pretty obvious what had occurred but a large banner and beneath it was what appeared to be a portal between the respective areas. Across the banner it red the Parade of fools. Between the portals multicolored balloons with faces on them floated about, their strong tails carrying a large mirror. Static displayed on the mirror, Discord appearing tapping the microphone. “Is this thing on?” The back of his head facing the crowds. A blue balloon with headphones squeaked and pointed its string tail the other way. Discord blinked and spun around. “O-oh my how embarrassing. Well live performances, am I right? That’s right ponies!” The mirror zoomed out to reveal the veritable king of fools seated on his old throne, a cap and jester’s hat atop of his head. “Greetings one and all! With the gracious leniency of your princesses,” He spat out his tongue and gagged. “I have been granted a day to let you ponies loose from all responsibility: a vacation of sorts. Of course you’ll have the security from your princesses that any changes and alterations will turn it back to normal at the day’s end…” The balloon squeaked. Discord waved his paw dismissively. “Oh fine, fine.” He unfurled the conspicuous looking contract. “In accordance to the games’ rules np ponies shall be harmed, size, color, age shifted in a way that would interfere with the games’ progress and there will be no effects lasting beyond the day.” He paused in his speaking and grinned. “But what’s a day if the sun doesn't set? Of course the agreement was this for halting the day… I have hidden a pocket of my magic somewhere as a reward for one of the games. If a pony can find it using the convenient clues the game will end! Until than fools, jokers and party makers enjoy because today is just for you. Anypony else is a player in the game!” He cackled and held out his paw, tossing the microphone back for the balloon manager to catch. It had an annoyed expression as the microphone bounces off it and held up a picture of Everfree Forest before the mirror zoomed in on Discord once more. With a snap of his claws the fields would be set! The first game is a Scavenger Hunt in Ponyville The second is a capital wide mass checkers game! The games continue until May 18th! -------- There is no posting order. The pace of the game is set by Discord or the game board itself! Things may move ahead or back unexpectedly!
  12. The Grand Galloping What? (Open)

    At her regarding him with pleasant apologies for not having much contact with beings as infallible as he! Well all that could be forgiven, easily. After all when did ponies get chance to meet a Cassanova such as he? The draconequus was quite smug about his uniqueness among ponies, oft mixing awe and horror! Praise and attention were a chaos spirit's favorite treat. “Oh of course darling.” He cooed. “Manehatten? Always wanted to visit. I hear it's the place to be if you're a pony of theater.” It would be delightful to pop up on Trixie during a show. He pricked his ears and swiveled then forward, a tiny bowler hat manifesting. He'd wiggle his muzzle and use his ear to tip the cap. The hat vanished and he would sit back. He could understand how dreary the peaceful, predictable, passing of Ponyville could be, but it had a way of drawing in the most chaotic, crazed catastrophes that, all in all, are not fault if his! If one could believe. He leaned himself forward, lips pulling back into s mischievous grin. You could almost see purple stripes manifest on his fluffy cheeks as the Cheshire smile was amplified by his pinched eyes. “If you delight in confectionaries and meals there's no better place than Sugarcube Corner in Ponyville. The Cakes always have something new.” Which the spirit could respect. “The chocolatiest chocolate and sugariest sweets and cackiest candies.” he praised as he pulled a cheesecake from thin air. He paused a moment, feeling something missing. A gravy boat floated from the buffet table and arrived with a toot toot, only to drizzle warm caramel onto his treat. He munched on his sweet and arched a brow at the mare. “My we have a morbid view. I would think it less so murder than a representation of magic.” He held up a needle and thread. “Sometimes magic can create delicate designs,” he leaned back with a pair of bifocals and an embroidery hoop in paw. Appearing beside Kahoot the design was a beautifully crafted scene of Canterlot castle. The backdrop seemed to move: clouds blowing by and the grass swaying in the winds. It was elegant and peaceful… that is, until, his head burst through the hoop, causing it to vanish and confetti to splatter on the table cloth, turning into paint, staining it like a Paddock painting. “And sometimes it's erratic, disruptive. But hardly ever harmful. Unless there's intent. And I've more intent to slowly annoy my good friend than do her harm.” While he did hold a bit of a grudge for being locked in stone for a thousand and some years, he supposed he owed her for introducing him to … his friends. He chuckled at her regarding his antics with a joke, despite the darker path. His ears folded back and head moved to rest on his paw. He snorted at her dip into the creme and held out his claw, a can of the fluffy creme appearing as if out of his sleeve. “This is much easier.” He opened his jaw and sprayed a good amount into his craw before plunking in a cherry. Chomping it down he licked clean any excess around his lips and offered her the confectionary spray. “And no need to be so formal. I may be a hero, but I am humbled.” Yes as humble as a three tier double chocolate ice cream cake. “But you, have you any interesting accomplishments? You said you're a theater pony but I must admit to having never seen a stage play or the sort. I don't spend much time in such places.” Despite Ponyville having its own little theater for the arts.
  13. Fish Aren't Always Friends [Invite]

    Night Prophecy wasn't the most elegant of fish. While he was well spoken and had a strong personality his will was weak and his propensity for cloddishness was ill suited for one who was a member of a royal court. He was raised in a nomadic gam, the kelpie had a sharp nature shaped by his predatory habits. Feeding off the weak worked well when you were hungry for food or power. While it wasn't the way of all kelpie these days: Night was part of a dying breed finding difficult times assimilating to the more give and give ways that ponies spread. The poisonous habits eroded their proud ways, but they had to adapt lest go the way of the wendigo. Flapping his fins he moved to keep up with Clef. His fin pinned back against his skull as he ducked passing boats. There didn't seem to be any means to get on land as there seemed walls of stone raised to keep the water out. Ponies seemed a backwards sort. The sea was a source of food and safety. It .made little sense to him to wall it out of your city. You could even grow kelp in it! They just needed to learn to breathe water. He sneered, bubbles rippling from his nostrils as his gills spread open to catch his sharp breathe. “Are you sure about this? It's be a shame if the ponies decided to toss you back into the water thinking you've beached yourself.” As soon as his snarky comment scrawled from between his fangs a motorboat zipped by. His neck recoiled faster than a turtle in a storm. He bit down on his lips, brows furrowing as he hissed out a choice curse or two in a magic tongue. He watched as Clef studied a filly across the way. Hurrying over, and being sure to keep his head down, the aquatic equine watched as his cousin found way above the waves. Tentative in leaving the safety of the sea, leaving the unquestionable security of his oceanic abode: he hesitated. Nickering in irritation he would finally flap his fins, kicking his tail to rush up, breaking surface. This was the first time he's been above water so it took a deep, panices and chocking gasp to expel the water from his lungs to fill them. He bleated out as an excess water was forced from his mouth, gills closing against his neck. Reaching up his find he would follow Clef up. The black, mottled scales of the shark pony glittered under the splash of the ocean below and gaze of the sun above. His fin raised to half mast as he pulled himself out of the waters for the first time. Not as majestic as he was in the sea the finned aquatic pushed about like an underweight seal. The shark was used to warmer waters so there was no need for abundant fat stores. While the chilly waters were unpleasant without the guard of layers he still preferred it to being on land. He blinked and shuffled after Clef and parted his fang-filled jaws. “Are you sure about this?” Some ponies seemed to have seen a ghost when they rose up from the deep! “Where would be the best place to find this? I've … never been to this city.” Right! This city. Yesss. He didn't want to let on his never being on the surface after all. He looked over to the youth and shook his head. “What? Don't seaponies have divination?” While he too was a seapony he was of a different breed. “It's like predicting the weather, except with rocks and not clouds.” That made a whole lot of sense actually. “Pegasus read the clouds to know the weather than alter it, right? Well I read the earth to see what the day will be like and try to alter it.” It was the simplest means to explain how geomancy worked!
  14. Apple Adonis (Invite)

    @tacobob ------- Sweet Apple Acres was a big place. Aside from the number of orchards they had, from reds, to greens and even Zap Apples having their own patch: theirs was a land built on the backs of their ancestors who had first settled Ponyville. It t’weren’t no small operation. It was up to them to provide food for all the ponies settling here and so as more and more came to settle more orchards were planted. Sweet Apple Acres came to be more than just the acres originally settled. That meant there was a whole lot of work to do. The work fell squarely on the shoulders of the Apples and their kin to tend the fields. The spring was finally here. Thanks to Twilight being in charge of the planning for the committee Winter Wrap-up went by faster letting them sow seeds sooner. Though it meant starting work earlier, something Mac was at odds at. He liked keeping busy and maintaining the barn was a regular chore, upkeep with the fields seasonal, but it was a full time jo and Mac here liked taking naps on occasion. His sister was more the workaholic where as he was responsible so stealing away for naps in a pile of hay wasn't much a surprise for his kin to spot. Today was such a day. With lunch abiding the red apple a well deserved break he decided to just take a moment to collect himself. It was in that moment he was leaving the barn. Shaking out his boss the substantially built Apple would loose hay from his fur, catching a straw between his lips before he let out a snort. Reaching up he'd give a good brush of his honeysuckle colored mane to ensure any and all evidence of his leisure was dusted away.
  15. Damnit Jim I'm a Draconequus not a Pony!

    It wasn't a difficult thing to understand. The god of chaos had given the Changelings a chance to live a new life. But why? Now how this served him had yet to be seen. The mecanations born of the chimeric Lord of conundrums was of troubling compromise. Sometimes he wanted to help a pony, but it was his past habits that created feelings of hesitation, of misplaced trust that the sought to undermine. As was his nature. Since they wanted be good he would be the best good pony ever! Bwuahaha! Oh! He pulled a periscope from his tackle box, which appeared on the railing of the boat. Dunking it into the water the blinking eyes of the scope below would spy the vigorous Star Crusader was ponyhandling what looked to be a rather voracious guppy. Blue seemed unable to handle the weight of his companion's considerable gravity. She had fallen and not even the dense sea could hold her aloft. Down she had gone and, with her, Blue! The spirit pocketed the periscope and peered over the edge of the water. The spirit would toss a lifesaver. It hit the water with a kersplash, but as it floated to Blue it seemed to be a giant rubber ducky as opposed to a traditional donut. It came equipped with a life guard's vest and whistle. Riiiight. Discord rode on the duck's back with a net in his paw as he looked to his watch on his left claw. It was in that moment a massive tiger shark, bright orange and with black stripes, would lead from the water, into the sparkle of the setting sun. The shark has large tears dangling from its eyes and several teeth missing or cracked from the force of the mare he had attempted to consume. Discord held out the net to catch the shark, his magic clutching to the weight of the two occupants as they fell. He stumbles forward into the water leaving the two bodies fished from the sea to land on the duckie with a bounce and quack. “Now what to do in a time like this?” he moved to check the tag hanging around the Ducky's life jacket. It read pull during emergencies. “Well I suppose…” with s yank there was a deflating noise with slowly sang from the rubber waterfowl. Fhweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee The ducky seemed to sink beneath the weight of the shark and it's maiden, but doubled in size to fit Blue and its chimeric captain! Discord sat perched on the Ducky's head and pulled the head of a ham radio microphone from his vest, but to s pony it was sure a strange and rare seen device! A fizzle of static danced from the paw held machine. “Next stop, land.” With a click he tucked the object away and the rubber duck made its way back to the main island where many of the boats were coming in or being brought in. It looks like they were just in time for the dinner before the show! Trays of food for various species and seats suited to each one's body endured they had the utmost comfort for the coming performance and that the Changelings, for once, would have plenty to eat… But Discord would keep his word, right? The ponies had turned him so against the tides of evil. He had never been the sort to directly interfere… all worries that could arise come on closer to a goal...