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  1. A Changeling in Heart? (Sign ups and OOC)

    Ratan, my Changeling, would come as a guest knowing not of what his kind are, but perhaps willing to learn. A tropical island and happy ponies is the perfect place to collect good materials for his glass blowing and something about happy ponies makes him -- happy!
  2. The Divine Protectorate

    Temporarily inactive due to lack of interest.
  3. Studying the Swarm

    Thread will be posted after Oct 31st. Those who have posted with interest will be alerted when it is up.
  4. hello everypony

    Greetings! Hope we have a sweet and fun time together!
  5. Hello :D

    Hello and welcome. Eeyup you can make as many OCs as your heart desires far as I can tell.
  6. An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Mac himself did indeed have a sweetheart. It went as well as any relationship could, at least he thought so. It wasn't as if he had any experience otherwise, but did hope his efforts and tenacity sure showed him capable! It was an awful long distance to travel to be sure, but one would never hear Mac complain as he took his apples right on over for her to bake something nice! Despite his shyness Mac was a bit of an unbeknownst mare killer. Many found the stallion a charming sort who could very well make cutting a deck of cards look good. He never did try to be that sort of pony who fiddled around with a filly’s heart. As an older brother he was rather comely when it came to caring for mares! He had two sisters, a granny and irreplaceable cousins and aunts! T'weren't no way in hay he'd do wrong by a mare. He always felt it a might dishonest and arrogant to show off your money and looks over good old-fashioned hard work and perseverance to show somepony else you were reliable! As he had his thoughts it seemed Applejack was up and ready to test that little theory by excusing herself to tend to little Zappy! “Huh?!” Mac was thrown for a loop at the sudden departure of his younger sister. He let those compliments about tree bucking get to his head and he was caught in the spinner! Now he was all his lonesome with the maroon mare! Not that he had and reservations about her as his knowledge of her former intentions may or may not have been shared with him. After a while descriptions of baddies often became so common telling them apart was right a job on its own. He furrowed his brows before he cleared his throat. Turning to face the mare he was able to focus on her proper. Seems her horn was mangled something fierce. But, more over, that armor she wore looked really heavy. She must have been strong. “Soldier?” He wondered, ears swiveling forward before he turned to start walking toward the kitchen, stopping only to make sure the mare was following. “Uuhh...sorry.” he didn't realize maybe it wasn't something she wanted to share. It was one's personal job after all, but one could not blame Mac for the curiosity. "Hungry?" Of course Mac was. He'd spent the whole morning in the field and only had three snack breaks! He always built himself up an appetite.
  7. An Apple a Day Keeps Discord at Bay [Invite]

    It seems the spirit's ploy was seen right though. But it was hardly in him to lie. Perverse reality, alter it to his liking, but lying wasn't something that suited a god of chaos. After all.what need did he have to lie? If there was something he wished to be he so willed it and it was. At least that was the easiest way to explain his peculiar ability and propensity to just magic that which he needed into existence. Working for things came foreign to him. It was why the game of Ogres and Oubliettes seemed to fascinate him so. It was a rule one had to work through and leave all to chance and the will of the world's gamemaster. There Discord had little to no control over how things turned out and it was -- intriguing. To think even in their leisure ponies were able to leave things up to chance! His ears would pin back as he pressed the tips of his paw and claw’s digits together like a foal caught with their hooves in the cookie jar indeed. He floated off the ground, hind legs tucked close in guilt and tail curled around his hind quarters. He seemed a pitiable beast sometimes. It was difficult to imagine just how Discord managed amongst the ponies. With such powerful magic and bad habits one could do little to relate in how he struggled to keep it all at a reasonable level. It was not as if he wasn't learning though! Mistakes were proof enough of his attempts at learning new skills. Had he his way he would simply change things to his liking. Though in this case… “Well… “ oh how did he go about explaining such a thing?! “You didn't seem all too peppy after our game and well putting you to rest was no simple task. I mean sleep, who does that?” He dismissed. “One thing led to another and instead of removing your ailment I turned you into a cow for about four hours.” Three of which was his attempting to cover up the err. “I mean to think…” he fluffed up like an offended pegasus, pressing his paw to his chest in a haughty manner. “Who would have thought Masquerade's costume, which I used for makeshift pajamas, would alter the metamorphic aether around you, and countered by some harmonic interference my attempt to slightly increase the morphic values of the transformative spell gave to a near permanent value of spots. Well I had to get help to dispel it?” he seemed to pester off at the end of his rant realizing how truly troublesome it all sounded! Well he had tried to fix it. At least. He huffed and lowered down to the ground, his little Sunday brunch vanishing, save for the coffee in the case the mare needed it for this headache. He didn't look her in the eye and worried the end of his tufted tail between his paw and claw. It seemed he had something else to say by the way his jaws parted, held hung until he could crawl over the obstacle of his pride to profess his particular penalty. “...sorry….” the words snaked between a huffing snout, the preeminent prince of panic not at all well processing his verbal vindication for his pratfall. “Sorry.” He bit our in a clearer tone, head turning to face the mare in question. His eyes were wide and foal-like as they pathetically glistened in unshed tears. Surely the mare of Honesty could appreciate his truth and his heartfelt, if not noodly, apology.
  8. An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    No one could ever say that Big MacIntosh was inconsiderate. Why heck he was sure t’weren’t many who even called him by his full name! Thought that aside it seemed Applejack was just fine, already greeted their guest and what not. The pony looked to be an Ear-- no a Unicorn? Gosh seems her horns gotten chipped off. Maybe she was some sort a soldier like he first thought. Even a wicked scar along her face showed she faced some sort of hardship, though nothing of the sort that he was thinking. Without a view on her cutie mark and naught but some sorta insignia to go on he could only think of her as some sort of knight. Though he wondered what kingdom. Course Mac knew the Crystal Empire had its own sorts, but Applejack was friends with the Princess of Friendship herself. There was no short guessing that she likely met her fair share of dignitaries and emissaries. His sister sure was cultured! A lucky Apple to have experienced as much as she did! Though he could say he was friend with the princesses too, having spent a good day with the Princess of the Moon and having regular game days with the Friendship Princesses’ baby dragon and a demi-god that’s done friends with their local Sanctuary manager Fluttershy! He knew plenty himself, but s’to be expected in a town like Ponyville. He’d admit there were days he missed more quieter times before it got all haywire, but he supposed it was much to ask given a lot of good things came out of these changes! He took noticed the dark, purple mare turned her gaze from him almost with a nervous fizzle. He realized he had too-long stared at her and likely gave her a sort of self-conscious feeling abouts. He did sometimes forget he was a big fella and didn’t much make smaller company too comfortable. It took time for some newer folk to really approach him. He was a workhorse after all, but he wasn’t all business! He nodded furiously when Applejack said he was gentle, and sure as hay, no other he could figure as big as he that sweet. Though Steve Magnet was an exception even if’n he wasn’t a pony. Nice fella, always wanting to do his mane up something nice, but Big Mac never did feel he’d look all that well with a spiffy top! “Eeyup!” He’d agree with his sister before stepping closer. Seems the mare hadn’t a place to go. They could always use the extra hooves and during this time of year it wasn’t any more true with a new mum like AJ with her hooves fuller than usual! “Uh-huh.” He nodded, admitting that he was indeed a great tree bucker! He didn’t think there was much left to do right now though -- he finished the fields and by the looks of it AJ has cleared out most the orchard on this field. “Uh…” His stomach grumbled as if to ring the lunch bell before Granny herself! He blushed and chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. “..sorry.” That was a bit rude of his belly, but it couldn't tell a lie and a big fella like him could always eat twice his weight in apples after a good workday!
  9. Light of my Life [Closed]

    As he walked with her towards the hospital Lightning could not help the proud strut as the mare tucked beneath his outstretched wing. The monocle that rest over his eye was held with naught but his brow, so smiling risked his losing the one thing that kept it in place: his creased brow. He could not seem to help it around her though! Just her speaking made his heart flutter, but her using him as an umbrella was just beyond endearing, or at least anything he could define with his limited vocabulary. Indeed there was so much in this world and yet despite their language it could often be so difficult to express one's heart physically did well to display the discrepancy between the spoken word and feeling heart. If he could he would have floated clear off the ground! “Magnificent?” He sputtered a bit at the compliment, his monocle fogging up at the swell of his ego. “Well, b-but of course! You deserve only the best!” Bird or prey? Him? He knew it had to be sweet words. He was a quivering coward. To be compared to a hunter was almost embarrassing if it was not downright gratifying! To think he was able to present himself in such a way that his young, special somepony would hold the near-mad belief that he was meaningful. It was almost sad, and yet his confidence jumped a mile at the words. He stood straighter and found himself feeling he could take on the world! Finally arriving Distant Lighting looked around. It was a most curious facility. Different yet the same as home. “ hope they have what you need dear.” He professed. Though he did like to simply walk with her. The storm was overhead. A small shower, but bothersome nonetheless.
  10. I have a lone Changeling who doesn't particularly have a home. Travels for work.od be interested in seeing how they interact and if they could indeed end up room mates, maybe just friends. Rat's app is here.
  11. Big Mac was glad to see the little guy get over his tears as quick as he did. They did have family to greet. He t’weren't much surprised great uncle Apple Strudel made the trip. Given it was a party and the theme he never seemed one to miss on a family celebration or reunion. He was pleasantly surprised Grandpa Pear made the trip, given he had his own business to care for. It would do Zap good to know his more immediate family at an early age. Good meetings always started early. Though on that he did sort of fret about how he'd do meeting all the others. While Dash and AJ coupled up and producing a foal, alone, seemed overall as normal as Ponyville got. There were the other hoot and a half a nonsensical tomfoolery that really did to try his patience. And he was a patient, understanding pony. But golly there were times he worried the town’s done lost its marbles. Oh! Applejack caught his suggestion, which was good. He'd nearly forgot he made it as he had turned his focus on piling away the blocks. Zap could do with a bit of combing back, especially after his spill. Playing did rough up a mane, but he also had feathers to contend with. Granny praised Apple Bloom’s work and Mac could only agree. It looked so good! He couldn't wait to have a bite proper, though seemed his littlest sister was already trying out the product. Heh. Working in the kitchen had to be quite the job! Being able to snack and nibble on your confectioneries… Mac didn't have skill for cooking. Aside from upkeep on the farm the most he was skilled with was that and even so there were times the equipment or structures suffered under his heftier hoof. He'd start on by helping carry the heavier food items to the tables and well needed seating to lay out enough room for everypony, plus some. One never knew who would drop by and that was just how parties ended up! Especially an Apple party. Though Mac was worried. Applejack has been awful twitchy since the beginning of the day, and it wasn't her usual tensions that had her aiming for the stars when the treetops were just as swell. Something about how she focused her gaze and continued to assure the wellness of the perfectly fine situation made him think she was far beyond ordinary nervous about Zappy’s first year. He did suppose being a mom was tough, but AJ was one of the toughest ponies he knew. She was his sister after all! After hauling out the cake to the main table the eldest of the Apple siblings approached Applejack. “Hey…” he took care at the accusation, regardless of it's truth. AJ was always quite resistant to admitting this here and that, though she's gotten better at it over the years. “Chin up.” He reached out a hoof to Pat her side. If she needs help cleaning Zap Apple up for the party he was more than willing to take him off her hooves for a moment while she collected herself.
  12. An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Now there were few more proud of his sister than Big Mac himself. While some ponies did share claim to that pride t’weren't nothing like the pride of family and knowing your blood was out there doing the world something good. He was rightly worried of the sorts a trouble she got into, seeing the sorts a villain she handled on occasion. Discord, while as tame as a bear in a sanctuary still ain’t something to shake a stick at. Still a might dangerous if’n left to his own devices, mind you. Now her latest adventures kept her home with nothing more dangerous than a toddling half-pint colt, courtesy to the union of his mothers Dash and AJ. While a good couple he felt they were awfully busy on their own to raise him without the help of the Apples, but that coulda just been tradition talking and the worry of an older brother and first time Uncle. Now today there was nothing to fret about. AJ was home having herself a little break from both adventuring and mothering doing a bit of field work. He was sure she was glad to be in the orchards again. He knows he was thankful for the help. As eager as Apple Bloom was to take up her sister’s responsibilities she was still pint-sized herself and the workload was just not healthy for a youth to take on. They should be off playing. So should he, to be honest. After a whole afternoon pulling the plow he was about ready to hurl it in the lake and take a nap! That wouldn’t be at all responsible, but seems the screws on the joints were getting loose and as such it made it a challenge to pull straight without a constant sort of wobble. Pulling from the straps he freed himself. The whole field was plowed. Weeds had been taken care of and any old roots that had tried out were plucked up. Now that he had a moment free from the irritation of the plow he took notice of the silence… The signature cracks of AJ’s hooves meeting the side of a tree were nowhere in the air. “Huh…” That was quite queer indeed. Picking his plow up he would carry it back to the barn, taking care not to slam the doors on the way out. Hiois strength was known to occasionally be the cause of the needing of repairs. Turning heel the stallion made his way out toward the orchard. Filled baskets, but no Applejack in sight. His ears perked up at the sound of a none-too-distant Applejack. Well now. Pushing ahead he would soon cross around an apple tree to spot the orange coat of his sister as well as the visage of another beauty. “Errr…” Where had that thought come from? Golly though she was different looking. Not that different was bad, but she definitely didn’t seem like she was from town. “Err… howdy!” Big Mac finally spoke up, whittling away the attempt or two to find familiarity in her. Something about her was a bit -- well, spooky if he was honest. That out fit looked kinda like a sailor’s, but a naval sort. But it was pretty dark for one. Not something you wore at a farm, that was for sure!
  13. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    A confounding convention collectively covered with crowned princes, and soon to be one uncrowned prince who was looking to gain his own colors, was quite an event indeed. To miss such a parade of pampered, pompous patricians was, to say the least, dismaying. Ungainly as it seemed to invite the providential ruler of chaos and all its preceding peculiarities there he stood: confounded as to what the diplomatic heir of her sun-marked heiny had to win in such a game. They were not -- close, per say, but it was not to say he did not lend the perfectly coiffed colt of savoir-faire a divine reprieve from the stresses of monotony and the ailments of the ruling class, not limited to constipation and inflammation of madness. Though measured by its Arcadian style the Gallopocus Islands had been tainted by the leisurely nature of ponies who take advantage of a naturally warm climate. Here they needn't sit concerned over complexities like weather management or seasonal balances. Here it was always summer and ready to grow! What was important was -- was -- well why were they gathering? The obtained memorandum that meekly mused on the meeting of managing missionaries of Harmony from around the globe. Princes, as they were. Hardly in place beside the matriarchal madams who ruled much of the world, within reasonable context, so it seemed queer the younger sirs gathered here. Perhaps in secret to usurp power and position?! Though Blueblood hardly seemed the type. He was a might content under his aunt's rule and her methodologies that kept him fed and the country in peace. Arriving on the backs of sea turtles, well one sea turtle appropriately named Bill, the draconequus stepped off his aquatic vessel dressed in a loud, floral patterned shirt, a straw hat and sandals that seemed more fit the local tourists than a prince. Though given he was the one that lorded over chaos it was more or less to be expected. Lowering his shades he pulled his luggage from the turtle and tipped him by placing a bucket of fresh kelp on his back. With that the sea bound reptile sunk back into the sea, content with it's nutritious reward. “Well it looks like I'm not the only one invited.” Good. It wouldn't be much of a part otherwise. Or, convention, he supposed. “None of you seem at all dressed up.” Perhaps Spike's definition was off. Not a one was dressed like a superhero and he certainly wasn't as the advice at paw was to never gear up your first time. “ I'm guessing it's your first time too?” he leaned over to look over the Neighponese prince to whisper, likely pressing discomfort into the unfamiliar individual.
  14. Damnit Jim I'm a Draconequus not a Pony!

    As with any event involving Discord many more questions seemed to arise with each question answered. It was the nature of ponies to fret, worry, and prepare for the inevitabilities of life, but when facing such marked obstacles the leniency of such preparedness became irrelevant. Try as they may there was never planning in regards to him. Even any measurable precautions taken to observe his nature were often fooled by that very unpredictability. Be that as it may it wasn't a wholly distressing experience. Oft times he brought events one would not have otherwise experienced leading such a cautious and planned out life. Perhaps Chaos was not as bad as everypony made it out to be? Even Discord seemed inclined to have a good laugh and run about being the center of attention. Hardly malicious nor dangerous. Though there were times he could forget just how omnipotent he could be. A few gentle reminders would reign that in. With their boat prepared it seemed all was ready to go. Crusader seemed suspect at the mention of a queen. The snake appeared beside her in a sailor’s outfit and moved to snapp a bubbly life preserver on the hefty mare. “Oh you worry too much. I am sure Bluey Blue has many a pet names for you. Who can deny that those who serve the mistress of the island don’t carry similar?” He appeared coiled on the ship’s mast. “Avast and all!” Well this seemed familiar. At least this time there were no knights to stop them, right? “You’re either plundering or being the plundered, Crusader. Which will you be? It is a vacation after all.” It was his nature to pull one from their comfort zone, their state of normality. He was there to make sure they didn’t constant think within the confines of their special, little boxes. The boat was equipped with all manner of amenities. A cooler full of treats and cozy couches for couples to enjoy close quarter sailing! The large deck was shaded by an awning that pulled in to provide for those who wished to suntan and those who wished to nap. On this particular boat there was a small buffet set up with some fishing gear laid out. Perhaps if Crusader wished to catch something to take home as a souvenir well they could always pack in the Aquarium! Fresh kelp salad covered with sesame seeds and olive oil sat laid over ice. A presentation of Neighponese rice and vegetable rolls lay stacked, displayed atop a giant, edible, mushroom cap which was sprinkled with seasoned truffle oil. There was more calorie rich cakes: chocolate mousse with small red velvet cupcakes complete with creme cheese frosting. All in all it was a spread laid out for a king and queen! The noodle seemed to be perfectly content flapping in the wind on the mast like some silly, snaking, wacky, inflatable noodle toy. What the couple would not have expected, and would come to pass: was a grand aquatic display in the distance. It seemed some of the inhabitants put on a show at sea where they ride out on local marine turtles and have tricks played out by visiting dolphins who loved the attention and free fish.It was quite a site to see the large, amazonian hunks and dames to surf the turtle's backs with naught but a bucket of fish and a counterbalance.It put many couples in a cozy mood and even those on their own would find themselves in a delightful mood seeing the playful and skillful antics of the sea life!
  15. The elder Apple sibling supposed he asked for this. While not opposed to the company of wee ones, he was surprised Applejack took him up on the offer. Sort of. She was busy with little Zap so the normally overly responsible Applejack, who often took it upon herself to accompany Apple Bloom to these sorts of things, was unable to choose between the two. Mac was off for the season, having done cleared several acres on his own. The rest were for AJ to take care of so that left him with plenty of free time to pursue the hobbies he normally did. Like his singing or O&O games. This time of year the farm was quite busy preparing for the fall. Cider season was coming round and that was always a game changer for things. Seems a few fillies and colts from the schoolhouse and other places were given opportunity to visit a palace in the Far East, as if they had a lot of those. Being a good big brother he accompanied Apple Bloom so AJ needn’t choose. He wasn’t quite sure what the gig was, some sorta -- what AJ had called it: ah right important delegate. To what he wasn’t sure. Harmony, he supposed, with a name like Nation of Harmony. He figured that was something Twilight or Princess Celestia were supposed to do, but young’un were important for teaching other young’un. Stubborn as they were they did seem to have a herding mentality and gather up to do all sorts of neat stuff he sometimes found himself missing doing when he was a colt with a lot less responsibilites. It was a good time to brush up on his Long, having dabbled in the language a few times trading with visitors. He knew basic greetings but not much beyond that. With a helpful little translating guide the Equestrian chaperone followed along. “Hhmmm…” The larger stallion responded to Apple Bloom’s general question. “Whelp…” There was sure a lot to do according to the guide, but if they were going to be sorta messengers of Harmony maybe it was best to start at the beginning. “Here.” Was his suggesting. At the beginning was a good as palace as any to start and wait for the touring help, somepony from the Palace was supposed to meet them. A guard maybe or a tour guide? Mac made sure to get in a head count, though one of the little ones looked to be from even further than they. Reckon they were also here to learn, which was good. He would follow behind the herd of young’uns. Knowing them as he did if even one crawled out of sight the country could kiss a classic artifact goodbye. Now to say they would do that -- but it was one of the many worries one sorta had with a rambunctious little sister like Apple Bloom. There was a voice that called from -- somewhere. Suddenly a flash and smoke! Mac was up and ready to act, but it seemed they found the welcoming committee. Sure was a lot of rules, not that he expected much less from such an important looking place but you would think they’d separate the tour groups as to not interfere with cas-- palace activities. What did he know? He was a farmer and businesspony. Sure as heck was his job to make sure everything was efficient! “Howdy.” Mac greeted the maiden. “Oh.” A prince huh? He bowed his head politely. “How’d ya do.” He’d tried to say his greeting a bit more formally but -- what did you expect from a farm pony?