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  1. Hello. After some nostalgia and me totally being right about everything Discord, I was thinking about coming back to roleplay. To be sure I am getting a little better as I had been going through a difficult time in life so the overwhelming negativity had taken its toll on my weakened state of mind. I am feeling a bit stronger and can assure I will be more inclined to disregard the behaviors that had first driven me away, if those that wish to roleplay again, really a deeply important hobby of mine, wish to do so. I am looking to resume or pick up threads I have previously been "the next to reply" to if it is viable.
  2. Huh I just found this so I'll revive this necrotic thread. I can't say it's been fun. It has been a hard road trying to settle myself here after drama from a previous group who, to this day, continues their antics. I have had some fun threads, finished very few. Because people force their own headcanons on others I find myself and my character, OOC and IC, being regularly accosted despite it being Canon in both show and comics that he is a good noodle. Well I can't stand any more. The lack of community and conversation has killed my muse completely and I don't see it coming back ever. I've made some friends. Others decided to make an enemy of me unnecessarily. I have Asperger's and it is not something I like to admit but to get people to actually talk to me like a normal person it seems, at times, I had to admit such things. My characters were altered during the application process (of which later became Canon despite being Canon in comics and the old series long before) in order to participate in RP, characters I had to apply for because there were none who wished to play with my Discord. Overall I felt the experience negative and cliquey, unopen to a member who tried their hardest for almost three years to be part of this community. A player should not need to try three years to be accepted. No matter what character they play. I do feel hurt and that it is something that cannot be repaired because of the idea that 'I don't like this character idea.' instead of 'I want to RP'. Bad form. I hope in the future other Discord players or anyone to join isn't treated like this than told that it is basically their fault for picking the character. Goodbye.
  3. (don't worry. I had to exit the role-play. Feel free to continue)
  4. Big Mac perked his ears, brows furrowing as he swiveled them forward. There was a moment he thought he heard Applejack say 'snortin' apples', and by Celestia he could tell you right now applesauce got stuck in your mizzle and gave you the worst sneezing fits... It had been on a date with one of his cousins! Well no matter. "Well ya see--" of course why would Mac explain something so detailed? It seemed the fates had it out for him. He could hear Granny calling from halfway across Las Pegasus it felt. He drooped and unhooked himself from the cart. It was high noon. That meant Granny like needed help with lunch. "Uh, gotta go." He motioned his hoof and sauntered off. It was good reason why they needed so many hooves! Mac and Applejack had only so many! Off the big horse would go. [Exit Post]
  5. Miss yah bud. :wail:

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    2. tacobob


      Sorry to hear that..While Fire Walker DREADED the Goofy Draconequus...Your posts were always very entertaining to read and always  on character...<3

    3. Dubstep


      I'm going to do my part to help rebuild their muse too <3

    4. PyroBlaze


      Love ya, Rex. I always enjoyed reading your posts too.

  6. Teleportation was Discord's specialty! But there was also the law of funny that the chaotic spirit tended to follow. If, in some way, the act wasn't amusing: it seemed a waste of effort. He crosses his claw and paw over one another on the table as he pondered the rotund pony's ponderings on the poffered parchment. "Well go on pup," he encouraged the canine. "You owe me at least this favor." He looked over to Psmith, his declarations of his son's aide meant to prove useful. "Hmm it makes sense that you could depend on your flesh and blood..." The concept made the spirit think, only for his thoughts to unsettle by Roan's query. He examined the map from where he sat before shaking his head. "You must understand I can't just will myself around the Everfree forest. It has a means of disrupting my magic. Annoying things." He murmured before floating about for a moment.
  7. Clothomancy wasn't the spirit's specialty, after all this outfit was hooftailored! He scratched his chin and observed the Kirin, whose voice was muffled by a pair of construction earmuffs. He scratched his beard with his paw, the elbow of that forelimb resting on his crossed claw. Yes, yes an outfit deserving a royal Canterlot princess. Or maybe Yama could be the prince. He a snap of his claws he would weave together a stunning outfit form fitting to the Kirin. The chaotic spirit delighted in the idea that the Manic Marmalade Marshmallow Cake was piquing curiosity. Swiveling his ears forward Berry Punch's pragmatic presentation of prancing about. His muzzle blushed as he tugged on a tie around his neck, loosing it. "No respect." He muttered clearing his throat at the tease before he looked over to Cain and gasped, eyes going wide as saucers. "I didn't think I would ever see it again!" He accepted the offering as if he were some god upon his votive! He looked over to Big Mac as the elegant Macicorn arrived. My, my, it was become quite a shift. He was reminded that you needn't sixty-three for the rule to pass vote. A pawful of ponies was enough. Oh and an unlucky dragon. he wiggled his forked tongue at the cake pop and shook his head. Though he was not to sure if Rose's spider was male or female, but it would do as well! "Now, don't you waste time!" He couldn't imagine what the mare would have to treat them. She made such tasty drinks! "We shouldn't keep a mare waiting." Discord felt like he was leading a thousand monster parade down the streets, or thousand princesses, and made way to Berry's! Of course he wouldn't rush those gathering treats still at Cain's, but they were hardly out of sight as he moved to adjust his bag, shuffling it out, the cake pop levitating beside him, some of the marshmallow cover slurped off. He cleared his throat. "Trick or treat! Though, preferably, treat." he wiggled his bushy brows and prepared to be handsomely rewarded for his efforts!
  8. Discord held his sack of candy, ears folded back with a smug grin as Wind Walker declared his Counthood with obstinacy. Oh he liked this one, she knew exactly where it was aaahh-- his ears pinned back at her shouting. He did to try and remain on his hind legs throughout his treating as a floating vampire was probably too spooky for ponies. That and it was easier for the group to keep up with him when he wasn't dipping in and between dimensions as he fluttered about. More joined their merry trio -- a certain entourage of strange creatures. While White Rose certainly stood out for the spirit, it didn't much matter what creature joined the party, so long as they were able to collect enough candy. He looked to Spike, ears picking up as he waved his claw dismissively, paw tight on the sack. "Your body weight," Not that there was any real measurement beyond that in the story. "Something about equivalent exchange. If you expect a candy mold in your shape I would think that you need enough candy to trade for it, yes? If you don't bring treats than you get tricked and I am sure I don't want to be tricked by some old Ghoul in the woods." After all he was the trickster, thank you very much. Valen's question caused the spirit to smirk, pleading him to vanish for a moment leaving naught behind but a Discord-shaped scarecrow. The devious chaos spirit appeared behind the Prench maid, his muzzle painted up in a sharp grin, ears pulled back as he floated over the Orange's shoulder in a miniature shape in an angel's costume, complete with halo and pitchfork. Wait -- He moved to prod the idol's cheek and chuckled. "Oh please, Spike brought this upon himself for not sticking to our schedule." Despite Discord's chaotic nature the spirit was much inclined to run on a schedule. he did not keep pocket watches for show as he zipped and zapped to and from time. It made handling one's time imperative when your friends' days were but seconds in compare. Every moment, every second, ever half tick of a tock. "But you are a clever one. Maybe I forgot to tell him about the consequences for leaving my game board before time was up." He chuckled. "Perhaps Spike just needed a little push. It isn't easy being the only boy in your group of friends." he wiggled the pitch fork and turned it into a flower before tucking it behind Valen's ear, As quickly as he had manifested from the group's front the spirit peeked around the scarecrow. "What are you all doing? Come now, don't dawdle!" He snapped his claws, the scarecrow shrieking before bouncing away into the town. O-oh dear that won't bode well... Cain seemed to be prepared for the night as a whole. So many delightful treats and tasty confections. Discord would nearly drool as his eyes danced around the collection of goodies. At the offer for custom made candy Discord had the immediate thought, one of which he was remiss to say the Cake's never sold in their store despite it being a most popular treat in Chaosville. The spirit, all aglow with the holiday spirit floated off the ground, his tail curling beneath him. "Well if that's the case than how about a Manic Marshmallow Marmalade Cake pop?" he wiggled his paw, spooky colored glitter puffing from his paw. "You know a cake pop coated in marshmallow with orange marmalade filling sprinkled with chocolate stars!" Oh he had to be able to make such a treat! Honestly he was unsure how it never caught on in Ponyville. He was particularly fond of marmalade, especially on scones!
  9. The vivacious spirit chortled at Spike's predicament. It was one brought on by his own haste and would not be pressed onto the spirit! Oh, no no! Even his candy sack seemed ever so inclined to raise a fashion statement with Spike's new, oh ho ho -- job class. He pressed his claw to his chest and looked over Valen. "I must say you should stop rummaging in Bluey Blue's collection of outfits! Unless that is of your own personal design~?" Said claws reached up to scratch at his beard thoughtfully before his ears perked up. "Hmph, at least somepony here appreciates my needlework, and I suppose -- somecreature." He arched a busy brow and wiggled his paw at the kirin. Oh what fun. "Yes, yes well the first step is obvious is it not?" He held up the sack. "We fill these to the brim with goodies! Come along if we dawdle any longer the zombies will get to all the treats before we." He cocked his head, clapping his paw and claw together to get some grease on their wheels. Ever the demanding spirit! It wasn't until he had focused on the task that a shout overtook him, causing his mane and tail puff to bristle. His ears snapped back as he winced. Smoothing down the flat expression that drew upon his face was followed by an eyeroll and a puff of poof when he vanished, only to appear behind the little Wind Walker. He observed her costume for a moment before perking up. "Ah well if it isn't little Woona~" He cooed. "And here I thought you were over that phase in your life!" He commented offpawedly, as if referencing something out of the realm of everypony's understanding. As he was wont to do. "Well I suppose we should add the princess to our entourage. The more candy the better chances we have..." Oh yes Discord was quite inclined to collect his weight in the dark, milky gold! Plodding along with his herd, the spirit toddled on his hind legs observing the houses. Now a plan was needed. One couldn't just go to any house. Lights being off usually indicated a lack of candy supply or none at all. Such places demanded to be vandalized for such clear infractions of the Nightmare Night spirit, but alas Discord had but one egg and half a roll of toilet paper. It wasn't until he had considered heading to the cake's to borrow some eggs that a pony with a voice near equaling Wind Walker's would cry out! His ears perked and swiveled forward. He curled his head back as a glint of desire painted a grin on his lips. "I think we found our first stop..." But could Candy Caine full such an order? And one concerning a certain, mischievous spirit who all but fit like a puzzle piece in Nightmare Night! "Onward my minions!" And what little choice had they to carry such a title on this night, of all nights! With a flash and bang the Count of Chaos would vanish. A door would appear in front of Caine's stall proceeded by a vigorous knock. That door was than burst open to reveal the parade of candy hunters!
  10. Nightmare Night was never a huge part of Discord's life experience. Even the past few he never had a reason to participate. Given he was a regular resident of Ponyville, despite his home being located far and close in-between in Chaosville. He had dawned a fabulous cape with some paling powder painting his grey hide. With the addition of a false fang and a snazzy vest over a blouse the spirit became the spirit of lore as he dressed himself in the garments of an immortal, ancient undead count! Count Discord was ready for the night and with a slick of grease through his make he was ready to spook with the best of them. While it was no Fool's Day he could get behind an evening of tricks and treats! Of course it was difficult to convince his usual companions. Big Mac, unfortunately, was already signed up for a familial venture with the tiniest Apple and his parental entourage. Snapping the last of his vest's buttons and curling his beard the spirit would collect large sacks with spooky print and be out of his door in a flash! Let's see who else? Well aside from the Apples the resident CMC, of which he was an honorary member of, were out and about enjoying the evening most like together or with their authoritative figures. Luna, ironically so, was busy as well and Glimmer buried under paperwork. She would make a lovely cubicle zombie! It cut the list shorter and shorter. Than there was Spike. The spirit had, a week prior, been playing Ogres and Oubliettes with the guys, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash missing the session due to prior commitments. Perhaps they were lucky, or unlucky in that regard. But without the mares it seemed to have left Spike with the sole responsibility of handling a most auspicious idol and the noodle himself was not the sort to debase himself to such manual efforts, plus he had appraised the item to be worthless, so found no point in collecting it, dibs aside. This totem in question had some sort of enchantment attached to it that Spike's Detect Magic couldn't confirm, due to its level gap. The trap was triggered as soon as the wizardly dragon grabbed hold. Discord had looked through the module's manual, but was having difficulty understanding the details of the conditions as it was far from anything he's seen! During such games one would surmise some simple curse! But alas he had been unable to decipher it. Once more Spike had left before the game could end causing a glitch in the system of sorts. "I have returned!" He declared, appearing above a very discontent looking Spike and fabulous looking Valen. "Oh..." he wasn't expecting the prancing pony to present such a provocatively Prench outfit in public! "Well, well if it isn't the little Orange." The noodly count mused as he lowered down onto his hind legs. With talon and hoof touching to the ground he would hold out the dutifully needleworked potato sacks. They had fierce some designs on the fronts. Valen's an angry orange with fangs and Spike a ferocious rendition of himself as an adult dragon with a smoky sneer. "Here, you can't expect to fill such paltry sized sacks!" He handed Yama his which had a peculiarly profoundly pouting wolf with a devious grin on his maw. The spirit's own sack had a devious red balloon design with a toothy grin. He seemed to have been working on them last minute. The spirit of chaos did some fine work with the needle. You should see his crocheted sweaters! With personalized sacks there would never be a question of whose was whose! But why the massive bags? Surely they were just to go down the block and enjoy some of the games. No, no. Discord had done some reading up on this tradition. It seemed that collected candy was to be paid in full to the spirit of the terrifying Nightmare Moon, but given the absolving of her hideous fables the collected candy seemed to hold no purpose of sacrifice save to the small bellies of overfeasting foals, colts, and fillies! No Discord had declared to Spike that had he come out to trick and treat with him there was to be great reward. "Is that everycreature?" Oh it probably wasn't, but he would not be delayed as time was everything for an eternal serpent of madness. Pulling his picket watch from his vest one would come to realize the curious, bat-like shape of it. He tossed it to the side, leaving the clockwork creature to fly away into the night. "So as you may know I have gathered you all here for a very important mission." he pressed his paw and claw together as he nodded a solemn head bob. "You see I was doing a little research on this Pony holiday and it seems before Nightmare Moon the collection of candy had served a different purpose." Now knowing Discord he could be making it up, but when it came to candy and treats the spirit did not play games... mostly. Discord stared off to the houses. Parties being held, lights filling the streets and candies being passed out to good fillies, colts, nymphs, and other itty bitty creatures. "Have any of you ever heard of the Ghoul?" he swiveled an ear to the crowd. "Well it seems when you collect enough candy, at least your weight of it, a strange house shaped like a gourd appears on the edge of the Everfree Forest. In that house lives a Ghoul and for the most dutiful goblins and fiends who had collected their treats are to be rewarded with a candy equal, of not greater, than their size." Now Discord was not one to befall to legends and rumors of ponies, but this mystery had other parts. "It was even said that Celestia herself has seen this Ghoul and gotten a chocolate sized Celestia in return!" He clenched ups paw into a fist. "I'll not have it!" W-what? "She won't be the only one to meet this Ghoul!" So it wasn't just about the candy. The competitive chaos spirit would perhaps never change in that regard... "But there was just one catch... for any house to fail to offer the tastiest of treats we must return a trick." He manifested a tiny notepad and a pair of spectacles on the end of his nose. "I made a note of the conditions in the book to summon the Ghoul."
  11. What a woeful turn of events. Who would have thought running took so much energy?! It was nothing like ponies make it seem! His ears folded back k at Hawke's offering. It could have been a trap, but he doesn't remember trapping his own treats. Taking the honey pop it settled it, with hisagic, in his jaws before rolling it to the corner of his cheek. He rolled his eyes at being cheered on. "Oh please. I'm am quite experienced in the competitive arts. I'll find a way to out do all of you creatures." His eyes shot to Taira. So. He thought he was funny? Puffing his chest out the spirit in question stamped his hoof on the gepind. Pulling a walkie talkie from his fur he would contact his partner in pranks. Bandit, while having a blast riding Strifecord's opponent, would flail his arms and pull a headset from his fur and place it atop his head. Taking a moment to adjust the microphone he chittered into it. "Plan W!" Dark Strife tossed the walkie talkie to the side and smeared black paint under his eyes. He bolted along, snacking on his sweet treat. Bandit nodded, holding onto the wolf before he held put a pepper shakers to try and flake it on the wolf's body. The plan? The shake and scratch him out of his Kirin form! It was hardly a harmful prank but it was due to spook other racers so he could get a good laugh at the mouthy wolf!
  12. The vendor twirled his mustache at Applejack and snorted. "Oh and here I thought I had a lovely side business. You know you should consider honey dipped apples. They go great with tea." He would offer Hawke and any who wished for the suckers, and who delayed for the distraction, a free pop. "Oh no, no: no charge. I'm not evil as to deny my fellow racers a treat." Of course the Vendorcord did his job the actual racing pony was finding that stitch in his side spreading. He paused a moment to lean on a tree and wheeze. "Oh I'm getting to old for this." Reaching a hoof up to adjust his mane he would manifest a paper fan and trot along, said fan would be folded into a paper airplane by his magic. A note would be scribbled in before it was sent flying through the race, flashes occasionally emitting from it. Whathuh now? He chuckled and trotted along. Colortura seems to have fallen into Pinkie's pace. Honestly that mare had more energy than he did in his pinkie! Ho ho ho! Oh now where was that paper airplane? Oh, perfect. His ears perked as he sought that wise load Taira. His hat had failed as a distraction, but at least he was close to the action. Beyond the race Discord seemed up to something or another. Which didn't seem odd in his case. His inane distractions aside he raced along like any other pony, bird, or fish! Mostly like a fish because this oxygen thing was hard!
  13. He was far from the cause of the cave in, but the uneducated would fall to blaming his magnificent presence as the cause. Oh hardly. He wouldn't have course nor reason to alter nature which was far from the predictable measures farmer's almanacs would have you believe! Weather and soil did as it pleased and this day was no exception. The umbrella came in handy as it kept the loose and cascading debris from clunking him on the nogging. "I don't remember summoning hail..." He peeked out only for a twirl of most coming about among a small rescue party to entertain heroic endeavors. "Well, these paths are just all falling apart aren't they?" He declared, watching the racers resume after their brave hurrahs. The spirit would almost feel bad leaving his trap ahead, but he was hardly cheating. A few bent rules never strained a game, only mad eit more interesting! He galloped along, ears folding back at Applejack's banter. Indeed he was well met with luck as his distraction worked for the grey pony at the stall had a most handsome mustache! It couldn't be him! "Nay ma'am, selling honey pops! Better than any apple you've had!" And so Applejack was given the bait. They were just ordinary hardened honey candies, but a distraction enough for Strifecord himself to continue along and at least try and catch up! The handsome, mustached stallion, who looked an awful like like a certain, grey furred racer, offered Hawke and Pinkie a sweet treat. "Don't go diverging off into the sap now. I hear it's all the rage these days, kids and their hoppity hips and sticky hooves. Back in my day we walked fifteen miles to get a honey pop! Uphill. In the snow!" He rambled on in hopes of keeping them along as far as he could. Meanwhile the true, grey racing unicorn trot along in an even pace.
  14. The unicorn trotted along at an easy gallop and focused his magic around a branch on the ground. It was long and had a pointy end. What was he going to do with it? Why stir the honeypot. If they were going to make it out of here and ahead of those long-winded athletes he needed to come up with a sticky plan which involved a bee's hive, bugbear and a deluge of golden gooey treat! He poked around the bushes, the magic wrapped around the stick in hopes he would fish out a bugbear eventually. His ear swiveled to the side as he heard somepony call his name. Hoo were he that Stiltrumpkinskin fellow, or was it Myxlplyx...? Well whomever it was he was referencing the stallion of disharmony was not going to suddenly vanish into the void upon his name being hailed. He looked to the mare who fell to his side to introduce herself. His thin brow arched, the maniacal magician sans his usual fluffy face caterpillars. "Charmed." he offered with a grin, jabbing a particular bush more roughly. "Hmm...?" He turned a dualcolored eye to her and smirked. "But of course Ra-Ra darling. I myself am the lord of chaos and the spirit of spontaneous surprises!!" Not that he knew just quite how his plan would work to aide them, but it would, somehow. With another jab of the sharp ended stick a distinct 'doink' was heard, the dilapidated branch catching between the bushes. Using his magic he tugged and tugged only for loud buzzing to be heard and the search for his elusive bugbear over. His magic slowly released the stick as the honey craving fiend growled at the provocation. A raincoat appeared over the gray unicorn and the stylish mare, with matching boots, of course. The bugbear erupted from its hiding spot, honey and hive wax splattering all over the place. Dis-- Dark Strife summoned an umbrella, catching the splattering wax and looked to fashionista. "Run." Was all he stated before trotting ahead, the buzzing bug bear after them! It wouldn't be able to enter the cave, out of principle, of far nastier critters likely inhabiting its confines, but also in no way would its wings work. As the spirit hustled the end of his umbrella caught the edge of the cave and lit up into a sizeable torch which he carried beside him with his magic. "Hmm not quite what I was expecting, but it'll do." What was he expecting poking a sleeping bugbear?! "Ho ho! Delightful, now we should have an advantage with this honey!" The raincoat he wore seemed soaked in it, but what use was that? "You see dear obstacles are only as sweet as the deal." Outside the hills cloned specters of the unicorn appeared wearing rather unconvincing disguises and sat behind stalls selling honey suckers for passing racers in hopes of further distracting them on their runs! The signs on the stalls read "Honey Treats, Sweeter than Celestia!" quite a declaration!
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