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  1. What a woeful turn of events. Who would have thought running took so much energy?! It was nothing like ponies make it seem! His ears folded back k at Hawke's offering. It could have been a trap, but he doesn't remember trapping his own treats. Taking the honey pop it settled it, with hisagic, in his jaws before rolling it to the corner of his cheek. He rolled his eyes at being cheered on. "Oh please. I'm am quite experienced in the competitive arts. I'll find a way to out do all of you creatures." His eyes shot to Taira. So. He thought he was funny? Puffing his chest out the spirit in question stamped his hoof on the gepind. Pulling a walkie talkie from his fur he would contact his partner in pranks. Bandit, while having a blast riding Strifecord's opponent, would flail his arms and pull a headset from his fur and place it atop his head. Taking a moment to adjust the microphone he chittered into it. "Plan W!" Dark Strife tossed the walkie talkie to the side and smeared black paint under his eyes. He bolted along, snacking on his sweet treat. Bandit nodded, holding onto the wolf before he held put a pepper shakers to try and flake it on the wolf's body. The plan? The shake and scratch him out of his Kirin form! It was hardly a harmful prank but it was due to spook other racers so he could get a good laugh at the mouthy wolf!
  2. The vendor twirled his mustache at Applejack and snorted. "Oh and here I thought I had a lovely side business. You know you should consider honey dipped apples. They go great with tea." He would offer Hawke and any who wished for the suckers, and who delayed for the distraction, a free pop. "Oh no, no: no charge. I'm not evil as to deny my fellow racers a treat." Of course the Vendorcord did his job the actual racing pony was finding that stitch in his side spreading. He paused a moment to lean on a tree and wheeze. "Oh I'm getting to old for this." Reaching a hoof up to adjust his mane he would manifest a paper fan and trot along, said fan would be folded into a paper airplane by his magic. A note would be scribbled in before it was sent flying through the race, flashes occasionally emitting from it. Whathuh now? He chuckled and trotted along. Colortura seems to have fallen into Pinkie's pace. Honestly that mare had more energy than he did in his pinkie! Ho ho ho! Oh now where was that paper airplane? Oh, perfect. His ears perked as he sought that wise load Taira. His hat had failed as a distraction, but at least he was close to the action. Beyond the race Discord seemed up to something or another. Which didn't seem odd in his case. His inane distractions aside he raced along like any other pony, bird, or fish! Mostly like a fish because this oxygen thing was hard!
  3. He was far from the cause of the cave in, but the uneducated would fall to blaming his magnificent presence as the cause. Oh hardly. He wouldn't have course nor reason to alter nature which was far from the predictable measures farmer's almanacs would have you believe! Weather and soil did as it pleased and this day was no exception. The umbrella came in handy as it kept the loose and cascading debris from clunking him on the nogging. "I don't remember summoning hail..." He peeked out only for a twirl of most coming about among a small rescue party to entertain heroic endeavors. "Well, these paths are just all falling apart aren't they?" He declared, watching the racers resume after their brave hurrahs. The spirit would almost feel bad leaving his trap ahead, but he was hardly cheating. A few bent rules never strained a game, only mad eit more interesting! He galloped along, ears folding back at Applejack's banter. Indeed he was well met with luck as his distraction worked for the grey pony at the stall had a most handsome mustache! It couldn't be him! "Nay ma'am, selling honey pops! Better than any apple you've had!" And so Applejack was given the bait. They were just ordinary hardened honey candies, but a distraction enough for Strifecord himself to continue along and at least try and catch up! The handsome, mustached stallion, who looked an awful like like a certain, grey furred racer, offered Hawke and Pinkie a sweet treat. "Don't go diverging off into the sap now. I hear it's all the rage these days, kids and their hoppity hips and sticky hooves. Back in my day we walked fifteen miles to get a honey pop! Uphill. In the snow!" He rambled on in hopes of keeping them along as far as he could. Meanwhile the true, grey racing unicorn trot along in an even pace.
  4. The unicorn trotted along at an easy gallop and focused his magic around a branch on the ground. It was long and had a pointy end. What was he going to do with it? Why stir the honeypot. If they were going to make it out of here and ahead of those long-winded athletes he needed to come up with a sticky plan which involved a bee's hive, bugbear and a deluge of golden gooey treat! He poked around the bushes, the magic wrapped around the stick in hopes he would fish out a bugbear eventually. His ear swiveled to the side as he heard somepony call his name. Hoo were he that Stiltrumpkinskin fellow, or was it Myxlplyx...? Well whomever it was he was referencing the stallion of disharmony was not going to suddenly vanish into the void upon his name being hailed. He looked to the mare who fell to his side to introduce herself. His thin brow arched, the maniacal magician sans his usual fluffy face caterpillars. "Charmed." he offered with a grin, jabbing a particular bush more roughly. "Hmm...?" He turned a dualcolored eye to her and smirked. "But of course Ra-Ra darling. I myself am the lord of chaos and the spirit of spontaneous surprises!!" Not that he knew just quite how his plan would work to aide them, but it would, somehow. With another jab of the sharp ended stick a distinct 'doink' was heard, the dilapidated branch catching between the bushes. Using his magic he tugged and tugged only for loud buzzing to be heard and the search for his elusive bugbear over. His magic slowly released the stick as the honey craving fiend growled at the provocation. A raincoat appeared over the gray unicorn and the stylish mare, with matching boots, of course. The bugbear erupted from its hiding spot, honey and hive wax splattering all over the place. Dis-- Dark Strife summoned an umbrella, catching the splattering wax and looked to fashionista. "Run." Was all he stated before trotting ahead, the buzzing bug bear after them! It wouldn't be able to enter the cave, out of principle, of far nastier critters likely inhabiting its confines, but also in no way would its wings work. As the spirit hustled the end of his umbrella caught the edge of the cave and lit up into a sizeable torch which he carried beside him with his magic. "Hmm not quite what I was expecting, but it'll do." What was he expecting poking a sleeping bugbear?! "Ho ho! Delightful, now we should have an advantage with this honey!" The raincoat he wore seemed soaked in it, but what use was that? "You see dear obstacles are only as sweet as the deal." Outside the hills cloned specters of the unicorn appeared wearing rather unconvincing disguises and sat behind stalls selling honey suckers for passing racers in hopes of further distracting them on their runs! The signs on the stalls read "Honey Treats, Sweeter than Celestia!" quite a declaration!
  5. RexDraco

    What was Left Behind [Open, Walk-in]

    The spirit gave a chuckle and pricked his ears forward, always finding a means to circumvent the usual with his most unusual manners. "Hardly something to be surprised about. I once knew pigeons who could sew!" Quite a feat that, they even fancied passing missives on from one to the other. He raised his head, paw coming to scratch at his beard. With the funds and a sharp nosed pup it shouldn't be so hard for them to find what they were looking for, but it was a curious thing the spirit having become suddenly interested in their exploration. Leave it to Discord to shift in his interests at the blink of an eye. He looked to Roan, apparently the decision of their venture up to him. With the spirit helping maybe they could, or maybe not. It was hard to tell if Discord was really helping or moreover observing. Maybe a bit of both. "Oh yes, certainly daring adventurer and explorers such as yourself are capable of seeking the truth! I am sure the princesses would award us handsomely!" Oh well there was clue into the spirit's motives!
  6. "Oh he doesn't mind," He regarded about their worry of the raccoon. "After all he gets to see the world from the best perch." he was talking about himself, of course. He seems to have made it in time across the bridge before anything happened. The ponies behind him? Well at least they now had a net below of pink, fluffy clouds. He wasn't heartless, just a bit queer. Yes that is it. Queer! This whole thing was strange, Ponies, left and right, were chatting and having all manner of conversations as they raced ahead and competed for what seemed little more than someone to chat with. It was like a day for tea, except outside. Absolutely barbaric! But also frightfully lonely. He supposed these sorts of competitions were not for him. He was never much of an athlete. Too much work, not enough fun. And the rules, hah! They had rules for their rules, making them verily unbendable. His ears folded back as he was neither in the back, nor the front of the herd, just the lonely middle. And now they were at Roundbottom Range. What a peculiar name for a place. He supposed it was fitting the whole place seemed a circle where you could easily become lost! The spirit in question slowed to a halt, ears raising up from their positions. Reaching his hoof up he would rub at his chin and trot toward the darker path. "Ho ho ho, perhaps I can find something that will surface a bit of fun in this race. There's no rule saying I have to race alone!" And the forest and dark caverns of Equestria were full of delightful distractions of beasts and other loathsome creatures who simply needed a hug!
  7. The old looking unicorn kept his trot, pushing his pony legs as far as they would allow. Star's sake! Why didn't ones just invent aeroplanes instead? They could have sky races! He eventually ambled up to where Hawke and Pinkie were, the pair's head still seemingly in the clouds they nearly feel through. And here he was worried about her! Hmph! Flicking his ears the stallion turned his mismatched eyes toward the Griffon who seemed at a loss for his name. It was probably better he did not give these visitors his name. It wasn't as if he had a problem declaring his great and unabiding lordship over chaos and disharmony, but it was in that the very inkling of consideration that he may actually lose... He'd never be able to show his face again! He was surprised Pinkie hadn't noticed but knowing her if it wasn't a baked message in a pie or an imperative plot point to a joke -- it seemed to go clear over her head. At least she would have you think. If he hasn't the title already he was sure Pinkie would have the first resume in a god of chaos. "Oh, what?!" He nickered out at the news. "Oh blast it!" His ears folded back as he snorted at the regard of his intimacy with nature. "Yes well she does have a way with all things green. Or purple. Or blue." He flicked his tongue out, which didn't look very pony like, before sucking it back in. "Oh, him? I don't have ...pets, no. He is my traveling companion. Sometimes he is my hat when the duty so fits. He was supposed to distract Taira, not become distracted by the scenery... Oh well." He lamented Hawke's words. "But this just means I need a better plan to catch up to that old dog!" He was really in on it to get Taira!
  8. Discord had made some slight miscalculations regarding his flight path. When he had first considered this it was merely to catch the wolf off guard from his disgruntling remarks that did to stir the ire of the spirit. If not for their little wager the questionable unicorn would have not thought twice about turning him into a toy poodle and being done with it! But now it was a matter of pride. Discord -- er, Dark Strife, couldn't be at the back of the pack and definitely not behind that mountainous blowhard! The spirit felt a sense of irritation over take him as he pulled his face from the tree's embrace before peeling back and fluttering to the ground in a useless, flattened shape. With a pop the spirit regained his third dimensional-ness and slammed onto his rump. "Grrr I would have gotten away with this if it weren't for you meddling trees!" He fumed, only to blink in realization. "Oh ho ho, wrong series." The spirit rolled to his hooves and pulled a helmet from thin air before clapping it atop his head. He put his all into making it through the forest and keeping up with what pony plots he could maintain view with, but it was becoming harder and harder for the spirit as he was never one excelled in athleticism. He could see now what all the hullabaloo was with Dash being so skilled with feats that seemed ordinary for a group that pandered about on four legs. The hoots and hollers of a certain mad dashing pony made it easy to follow the lost crowd of racers, but boy they had gotten quite a distance from him. His age was catching up with him and as he made it to stage three a wheeze escaped his lungs. Standing on his hind legs the unicorn manifested a paper fan to air himself as he saw a most dastardly obstacle come into view. "Oh you've got to be kidding me! Who is drawing up these stages?! When this is all over I am calling my agent." he huffed, crossing his forehooves over his chest, a sour expression on his face. "I am starting to wonder if the unicorns did some terraforming for them because I don't remember so many dangerous paths in Ponyville." He dropped to all fours and grumpily strolled along looking for hide and hair of that kirin. "I am chaos incarnate and even I think this is just too much....?" What the? Coming to the ravine his gold and red eyes drew between the span of space cut through the ground. Some ponies jumped over and others took the bridge. Oh -- on no not this again. Last time he took the bridge he nearly drowned. Not that he could, Dis-- Strife was an excellent swimmer. Flicking his cropped tail the annoyed old unicorn snorted and trotted to the edge of the ravine. He looked down finding it to be a very long way down.... His ears would perk as a suddenly pink blur shot down the crevasse. His mane was tossed back by the speed of falling Pinkie. He blinked, head pulled back and hoof raised over his chest in minor offense. Okay so maybe the ravine wasn't so safe to jump over. He skulked back and trotted toward the bridge, eyeing the cascading cupcake. He could help her before she hit rock bottom, but it looked like Hawke was on the case. Discord wouldn't just let his friend fall to her pancake-y doom while he was around, just to win. That was evil. But he did like heroics and swooping in at the last minute seemed far more savior-esque than catching her midway. He came to the bridge and slowed to a stop. He watched the bird-cat dive down to save the sweet parading mare. Once he was assured they were safe the disguised spirit, only so for the sake of sportsponyship, would manifest a netting of pink clouds below just in case any other ponies decide to fall to their doom. He cocked his head and scoffed. "It isn't as if I am helping, I just felt it could do with a splash of color." Flicked his tail he would trot across the bridge. "Now where is that mouthy pup." He spat out, refocused on his goal: kick Taira's ego to the curb!
  9. Leave it to Discord to come up with some kooy plan that was overly convoluted despite the simplicity of his venture. All he needed to do was run, but that was so antiquated! Who ran these days? This unicorn shaped spirit would clamp his had on the feathered maiden's tail and use his advantage to catch speed! He would still manage to speak a bit while holding on. "Oh please, if a pony hasn't heard of you it's due to the ignorance of their single faceted lifestyles." But he was the sort that kept up with tabloids and gossip. It was no good if you were an infetesimal cosmic being and didn't even delight in the obscure and unique knowledge of the world you resided in. Besides gossip was always great to share during tea. Discord's raccoon friend seemed delighted in riding along with everyone. It was much different from his usual trips with the unusual spirit. He would chitter out knowledgeably about his time spent in Neighpon, though not many could understand critter speak... Suddenly a grey blur rocketed passed Boulder and Pinkie. "Pardon me chaps!" He tipped a fedora stop his head with his magic as the rolling skates in question vanished inexplicably. But there seemed a slight miscalculation in his trajectory. In this form he was far less noodly so as his hooves slescaped the hold of gravity so did the rest of his half sized body. He blinked his ruby eyes as he launched passed Taira. With no hooves on the ground, and limited by the rules of the game, there was no way to right himself without sprouting wings or teleporting. "Oh well this is a fine kettle of pick--" but before the spirit could name the offending vegetable he would careen through the air and collide with a tree with enough force to not only embed himself, but create a distinct pony shape indention as he had shifted and landed spread eagle on the trunk. His eyes began to spin as he peeled off the trunk and fell backwards with a think, right on his back.
  10. Didn't at all help the inconspicuous floating rock to keep them from getting washed away. Sometimes rocks just floated, haven't you ponies ever seen a floating rock? Honestly couldn't they just have delicious weather? he wouldn't mind being swept away in a chocolate monsoon. He was having a bit of bad luck with all this athleticism. A great and powerful spirit like him just didn't have time to run about aimlessly. He wasn't quite sure of the meaning of the whole event either, just that ponies ran, and it was some strange Ponyville tradition. Honestly they had a tradition for everything, even drinking cider! He sat on the rock looking a touched annoyed as Taira's form faded into obscurity. He snorted and stamped a hoof. "No more mister nice pony..." He muttered, his cold gaze drifting toward the griffoness who deemed to declare herself before him. "Oh, you're that cat bird who has a perchance for meddling in affairs not hers to?" well that explained things. "Charmed." he murred before hopping onto land as soon as they were close enough. "I am sure you're an interesting cat-bird..." He looked her up and down, "thing, but right now I've a race to win and prove to certain smoky mountains that they aren't as young as they think they are!" He kicked the mud from his hooves and flicked his tail. "Yes, yes his name is Taira and he's absolutely incorrigible!" The spirit declared before shaking out his body. For a moment he couldn't remember if ponies just sprouted wings for no reason, but that was against the basic rules wasn't it... Hmm... Discord looked to the cat bird and smirked. So she wanted to catch up to Taira, did she? Hooo... "Well I can do you one better." he moved to whisper in her ear. Going all out was easy enough but he needed an advantage and a pair of rolling skates. Brilliant! Oh he did enjoy outdoing himself! Th plan was simple! He would hold onto her tail as she made a break after Taira and Disc-- Dark Strife would ricochet off her tail, kicking off the skates and taking to the air while still under the regards of the rules and -- if she played her part he would personally introduce her to Taira and his -- windy abilities. Ho ho ho! He'll have you yet Neighponese!
  11. A smirk played on the beguiling wizard's features. The pony, though fit as any could be he was much older than most what with his grey-black mane and lines along his eyes. He jumped up in delight and pranced along with his tail up when his raccoon hat had landed on Taira, providing the Kirin with a little shade. "I see you've met my hat." The head cocking caballo chortled and resumed his run along the path. It was not until they arrived on a crossroads that the spirit would give pause to consider. He trotted in a circle and stopped to look at the others. Now he had never raced before and come to think of it he was not sure if there were traps triggered by taking the wrong road! The equine shaped noodle wasn't one for following the crowd, but this proved to be a dangerous venture. If it was trapped he could be disqualified or worse, he'd have to face a horde of swamp things. That brook hardly looked sanitary. His lip curled up in disgust before he looked to the wooden pathway. Folding his ears back the plainly grey unicorn tapped the edge with a hoof, testing it. He inched his weight into it and stood a moment. Bouncing around in place he would satisfy himself that the bridge was indeed not trapped. "Puh, of course I'm fine. It was a little trip, is all." Not really but that was what that smoky face mountain stallion got for distracting him. Even if Bevel in a cheerleader's outfit was a fine distraction, Nevertheless he had to keep face! Cheating was hardly what it could be called. Simply a distraction. Yes. So Discord would cross the bridge with a prance in his step to give that bird an eyeful of his immaculate magnificence! He noticed. Senpai always noticed, even if he said nothing. "Ha! Silly ponies, no dirty hooves for me!" He delighted. "This racing thing is easier than I thought. I could do without the walking, but if I outdo that loaded kirin -- well it would be worth it." He was assured that his lighter build was an advantage against the swoll Neighponese!
  12. The easily beguiled spirit, given to distracts of such, turned a head to the field to find his fan section. Well he wouldn't mind making a habit out of this. He wondered if he won would he gain more of a following? Reaching a hoof up to brush back his mane, the spiky mess that it was. The grumpy, old stallion was already the most handsome here, why wouldn't he have the biggest section? In fact it was quite queer that there weren't throngs of ponies already cheering for him. His brow quirked before all four hooves clapped to the ground, having had only that moment where none of his toes touched to soil. Resuming his trot he let his horn light with the glow of his uniquely colored magic and filled a few bleachers with copies of Discords all holding banners, flags, and wearing matching jerseys depicting the grey magician. He smirked and puffed his chest out. "For such a wide load, you certainly haven't got the crowd on your side!" He spat before he resumed skipping along. He would take note of a rather lithe looking griffon. The sort was surprising given that he was unaware of any monetary prize and, what was more, is that wings and magic were two things renounced by this Earth Pony tradition. He supposed it made sense for Applejack to go what was it she said? Hog-wild, during such an event. He did not recognize Coloratura, but he wasn't one hip to the pony world of fashion and bourgeois. He supposed it suffice to say he has seen her, that is what was cool now right? Never meeting a pony and learning about them. Also something involving rampant photography while hidden in their bushes... It seemed Icy was to join the fun which, he had not expected given her new position had left her far less fun and busier than the Apple in question! Tempting thing to tarnish. He would be sure to interfere with her at some other time. Bouncing along his ears perked when he caught the red ruby Fire Walker giving in his form a peep whilst about with the pink bit of candy gal. Wiggling his brow the stallion cocked his head. Certainly she recalled him, the grumpy old magician. No the outfit wasn't complete was it? He looked forward and with a pop and spark a raccoon appeared atop his loony crown. It looks to had fall from the trees in its surprise! And what was an event without Squall taking Discord's attention away?! But now was his chance! Be it wholly by accident, or by the Star's will the dark-furred spirit tripped! Boulder Dash's calamity lent in on the whole parade of show for the spirit tumbled forward and sent the raccoon flying in hopes if would land and latch to the kirin ahead of him. Pushing to his hooves and a bit of faux dusting off the disguised spirit resumed his manic trotting as if nothing at all, had occurred. Ho ho ho!
  13. RexDraco

    A Noodle and the Moon (closed:Rex)

    The spirit would manage to detach himself from the low laying shrubbery and would find that she was well. His ears wiggled before his lion's paw gave a snap and the nest would vanish, reappearing in the branches above. The spirit floated off the ground, his tail swaying behind him before the amalgamation of parts landed on the ground. On all fours and settled from their fall the spirit sat his rump on the overground grasses below and look around. Holding out a claw he pulled from his feathery coat a hard cap and would place them on the princesses' and his own head before he turned his gaze up into the trees at the curious simian who had found game with his dice. "This is unexpected. And here I thought the Zebra made jest that the boardgame was cursed." Excuse you noodle? Ugh, of course he had such a thing. "I suppose it was quite a steal trading it for a pawful of string and some pocket lint." He perhaps should have further questioned the artifact were that the case. Pushing up he would vanish and appear behind the monkey with a net. Swinging down to catch the critter it would screech out and drop the dice onto the board. With a click and clatter the pair of ivory cubes rolled to a halt upon the numbers three and four. He and the monkey blinked as the chaos god's piece began to move and landed on a space. It seems to have counted for his move as he had forced the dice from the monkey. Looking onto the center a new rhyme would appear. "If you are to survive, evade the hunter's arrows until you reach the camp?" Within a moment of reciting the revealed prophecy an arrow whizzed over Discord's head, causing him to plummet down to the ground, the game landing in his lap. From the foliage emerged a massive Minotaur who looked quite akin to Tirek of not for his hunter's coat and sturdy hunter's bow. A mirage of a past trial come to face the pair in a most terrifying manner. He smirked and stomped his front hooves as he held the weapon in his hands, aiming another shot at the pair. Discord snap closed the board and held it up, the arrow slamming into the wooden casing, getting embedded. That was a bit too close of a call. The hunter pulled a horn to his mouth and blew! Upon the sounding of its call from the jungle jumped too Timberwolves, the beasts snarling and glowing a magical green. A camp? What camp?! The spirit looked around and spotted, atop from where they fell: the castle, or at least where it was. Now covered in vines and other fauna and flora it was a paradise for the multicolored birds that now encircled its perches. "We should perhaps -- run!" The spirit dashed to the side as the Timberwolf pounced him, another heading for the princess. It seemed the pair had to find a way back up from their fall into the castle and find home base before the awfully Tirek looking hunter had his way and mounted Discord on his wall. Normally the goal of a game was to win, but with the board's added objectives it made getting to the end of the paths on set a touch more difficult. Oh goodness he hadn't meant for the game to be so -- fun! he chuckled as he toted the board on his head, floating low to the ground. Even in such he was limited with his powers. What fun would it be if he too was not bound by the game's rules? "Come now Lulu! You should make your roll, it is a long walk back!" He lowered his head, the dice awaiting the princess' actions!
  14. RexDraco

    Apple Adonis (Invite)

    Get out? Sure it was a bit messy and a few termites did seem to be ruining things but Mac wasn't the sort to be chased out his own cellar. He was an Apple and by hayseed he weren't some coward who'd run off come a crisis! The stallion furrowed his brows, assured that he had what it took to handle this mess. Looking around he would spot a few old bottles, cleaned and like to be used for jam come the next apple picking season. Well that was an idea, if any! All they had to do was capture their leader, right? The hefty red stallion leaped into action! He was pretty heroic on his own, what without the Elements of Harmony or any sort a magic! he was great the way he was and sometimes being friends with chaos gods, dragons and princesses of magic it was plum hard to remember that he was tough too! "Dig!" The Apple commanded as he pointed a hoof to the floor while lifting up his empty jar. "It ain't no changeling, but reckon it'd work the same!" Remove a queen from power and your little colony had no reason to stay. the queen was down there somewhere among the sawdust and old, dilapidated barrels of wood! He would lend a hood and start abouts smashing any old and splintered bit of wood, barrel or crate, that laid about in disuse! His muscular legs were fit for such a task as they spent a lifetime apple bucking. His muscles were trained and, despite his natural Earth pony power, the big fellow stood on top of most with his sheer skill at wielding it. He could topple a barn, but he was gentle enough to bake a pie, and that controlled showed underneath that red fur!
  15. Oh what an ill-begotten holiday. Leave it to ponies to invent a day in which the primary extracurricular activity is running, and more running! He would have words with a certain princess about their calendar. They needed more days off from scuttling about like critters! He was not one for wiggling around on four limbs. As the god of chaos he took a touch of pride when it came to disregarding the laws of physics and that would include plodding about on hooves, claws and all other manner of limbs he was given to! Now in Ponyville the god of chaos was hardly a surprising sight these days. His inwards and outwards manifestations of self and the occasional odd shopping trip hardly turned heads so when he donned a rather obvious ponysona to join the race it was a bit -- surprising. If nothing else the spirit was rather against hard work. Seeing as you have become a being of infinitesimal power it seemed prudent to lay about and sip tea while occasionally enjoying a weekend of of Ogres and Oubliettes. But from his stallion-cave of hobbies, odds and ends and into the outside world he would brave the predicable realm of nature! The unicorn shaped spirit wiggled his number around his body using his magic. The number read 42. "I don't understand what Fluttershy sees in it..." Though he complained on the matter he did delight in the oddity that was the shifting seasons what with the erratic colors and delightful crisp, fall air. "...alright so it is a bit quaint..." He cocked his head, hooves prancing to the starting place. His cropped tail and messy mane were a bit removed from his usual form of chaos, but it was Discord all right! Folding his ears back as he strode up beside the rotund rear end of a nosy kirin he would grind his hooves against the dirt in an attempt to find his hoofing. On honestly how did ponies walk on these things on a regular basis? He could see things clearly from the view of Rainbow Dash whose own hooves rarely, if ever, seemed to meet solid ground. He found kinship with her in that regard. With all the complaints he had about hooves and exercise one would think the chimera would find comfort in the bleachers with a box of popcorn and opera glasses observing the manic inclinations of racers and their no-do goodery to find way to the finish line. He always found competition between ponies fascinating. The distance they would go to find solidarity in victory, as if it made any more difference in their insignificant-- oh pish posh! Ponies were fun! And so were their games, he just wished they were bit more inventive. The only reason Discord was here was due to a certain -- challenge from an irritating visitor from the Neighpon region. Who did he think he was?! The spirit was old enough to be his great, great, great, great, great, ten times removed, great grandfather! He could handle a little race! The spirit made a show of stretching his limbs, brows wiggling at a certain little cheerleader in the crowd. Far be it for him to disappoint his fans. With the calls from the stallions it seemed the race would begin. An ear busting "Yeeeeeeeehawww!" was enough to alert Discord of a certain mare among the racers. He winced and shook his head. "Oh for the love of gingersnaps..." The spirit muttered and began off in his trot. His head was raised up as he proudly shifted into a measured gait. "Oh, I see you're taking up the whole lane with that tail of yours." he bit out at the kirin, the bulkier brute, raced passed him. The spirit in disguise eyed him with those claret orbs, which drowned beneath his molten sclera. He tittered out and flicked his tail in a decidedly, challenging manner. The words were meant to catch the mist keeper off guard as he kept his less than -- speedy pace for now.