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  1. Cappy seemed to give a few bits for the cause! The cause, well getting a kiss, a second on. Oh he'd continue to get in line if he could, manifesting as many bits as needed. The attention was nice and the apples were a bonus. He wasn't sure what he could do with the apples, maybe set them free or make snacks for Tuesday Tea. He could rain down a veritable menu of apple treats and even go diving for apples in a giant tub! So many delightful things to make Flutter giggle! Darn tootin’, as she would say, did he know what he was here for! The first kiss was fun, a second can only be more fun! His large ears swiveled forward, those ratty wings and lanky limbs straightened out as he watched her gather him some sweet apples! He laughed out, a whistle singing through the middle of those bucked, front teeth! He paused and raised his forehood, cocking his head in a smug manner. “Well you could say I’m a connoisseur of of apples~” He chuckled and plopped a whole bag of bits, not bothering to count up the amount. “Plus they’re tasty! Have you ever had apple pizza? Amazine~!” He grinned and wiggled a bit. “Oh I’m sure you’ve seen me around Ponyville. It’s always such a gasser here. I’ve probably plugged up a pipe or two and fancied up a few sinks!” He grinned widely. Taking a moment to look over his own body he hummed. “You can call this one Detached Cable.” That was a pony name right? Ehhhh close enough. “Now where’s my smooch miss business Apple?” His squint faced grin showed he was just delighting in this exchange!
  2. Opalus Symphony [Invite]

    @IceStorm @SteelEagle Magic was -- a lot like music. If Octavia was let to explain the experience she had behind the cello it was hauntingly reminiscent of how a wizard felt when threading around existence with his control over the aether. Each experience was unique and different, but one thing all those could tell you that was always the same: is that there was nothing in the world like it. Power was an illusion and one had to measure up to constantly growing forces of opposition. That was why one always had to practice their song. To sustain a harmony in one's some meant abandoning all idea that you were superior. To play music meant you had to succumb to the force that was the melody. And just like music, magic had to be played with the heart, or risk creating cacophony. How contradicting. Perhaps that what had drawn the spirit near, or the coincidence of his friend in Canterlot. Whatever had drawn him he had become enraptured with the new toy in the ice mare’s possession. He floated around her, moving to attempt the object and levitate it over the palm.of his paw. The chimeric snake tittered as he pressed his face close, the stone's facets distorting his reflection. Sliding his tongue out playfully he smooshed his face against its surface only to be bit by a surge of magic. He snorted and shook his head, releasing the object as his paw and claw came to cover his snout, his mane puffed out in an afro from the static shock. “Honestly, Squall has the most curious things.” He held out his claws, manifesting a comb to tug back his mane. With a sproing the do returned to it's short and stiff standing. He tucked the comb into his feathers and floated down to the ground until he was on his haunches. While Canterlot was the center of Equestria’s magical education, he was still impressed by the unique things to come to pass through. He turned his gaze to Icy and grinned widely. “Oh come now. What use do you have of something so impractical? I'll trade you a bar of chocolate for it.” He held out a small bar in foil. “And if that's not enough, how about more?!” He held out his paws only for the tiny bar to poof into a jumbo size twice the size of the mare. He peeked over it, smirking. But if Discord wanted fit must have some merit in terms of magic and power.
  3. An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Mac followed along, hardly suspect of his sister's eventual plan to use him as a training dummy. He enjoyed the walk there, carrying his napping nephew. The stallion's steps were measured. Beyond the rhythmic clip, clop of his heavy hoofs his large body didn't at all bounce about unsteadily. Read ears swiveled forward as Tempest spoke. Sure seemed awful she had to deal with so much. Though... She didn't seem too remorseful. That arrogant pride was on par with Discord. She went on how she was strong and made those no-goods the what for with her leadership yet... Mac would nod at his thoughts. "Take responsibility, however bad." Eeyup! As a strong pony others followed and looked up to, you definitely has to take responsibility and not just by doing a few good deeds. That didn't make any pony good. She could do to tell her stories with a more remorseful disposition, but the last radiated pride and power. T'weren't a bad thing, mind you, but it would make it hard for some others to approach, specially after that there troublemaking. If'n they see she isn't much inclined to even frown, he was sure some of their more faint-prone residents wouldn't take to it. And there went AJ with the overly complex explanations. Too much talk, bot enough do. It'd be easier if she just show her. The hogs that ran up, inspecting Tempest had the right of it. She was irregular, a new face. Petting them as they got near AJ instructed little Zap to clamber off, but what for? Tyke was right comfortable! Though it soon became obvious when she offered him as example. "What?" He protested whilst stepping forward. He looked none too thrilled, expression flat and ears pinned against his mane. Really AJ? We're doing it this way? Didn't much seem he had a choice either! He sighed, shaking out his head, mentally prepping himself! Alright, come on! He debated on rearing up when Applejack tossed her lasso, but weren't what hogs did, so he'd likely sit and be stubborn about it all. Maybe.
  4. The little repairpony was delighted to be in line, mainly because it was his second go around! All the kisses. He giggled, tongue poking out over his bucked teeth. With flap-happy little wings and a gangly trot the lanky stallion would crawl his way back to the front of the line. Hopefully Applejack would be none the wiser until it was too late. "Hoo yes!" He hopped and dropped into the front spot in line. "Apples please!" He lisped through those teeth. Oh, bits. Right. What was it with ponies and bits?! He didn't really have bits of his own, chaos noodles didn't work. Even Cappy didn't seem to charge for his services. Wholly odd. He patted his hoof on his chest. Clearly no luck finding bits there. After a moment of thought he had a eureka moment! Pushing his hoof under his wings, twisting oddly to reach -- he'd circle around in place twice before finally extracting a bag of bits. Dropped it on the table the disguised noodle would lick his lips dramatically and push to stance. He leaned his head forward and closed his eyes before pointing to his cheek. "Ah kiss please!" Something was off about the little fellow... More so than usual for the Ponyville residents. Oh well apples and kisses!
  5. Home is where... (Changeling Islands, Discord)

    There weren't many roles to be found in a hive of thousands. There were those who hunted for the hearth and those who protected their home from the dangers that often befell such a predatory forces. Living among one's prey was always fraught with danger. Extermination was often a worry and hunger was a threat. It left their strain aggressive and wont for war. One could suppose why Thorax chose the path he did. The threat of extinction seemed a good reason to make friends with your enemy. Tactics needed to change for rushing to a cause over and over, failing each time and still proceeding with the premeditated actions was a sure sign of insanity. And what mother wouldn't go mad seeing her brood suffer in hunger? These days there was no shortage of happiness and harmony. Plenty for Changelings to feast upon. Her answer caused him to jump, pony ears pricking at the swell of thoughts in his head. A mother?! He had one? Father had always told him he had no mother, that he had no family. In truth he had not! All he knew was father and the words he spoke. He was saved, his father said, from being sold to a worse fate. The story always changed though. Some days a storm washed his egg to his father's door. He was fished from the sewers or stolen from a farm, mistook for a chicken egg. Ratan was not unaware of how other ponies lived together. When he tried to play with others his age, parents would pull them away, mothers and fathers alike. His father would just laugh at their words. While in his youth he did not understand them, as he grew up the jagged words cut like glass on the skin. Feeling her hold him was an indescribable feeling, a sensation that made his carapaced tighten. A mother's love for her child was different than a father's it was also love and very different from Rat’s father. The little lost bug let out a shuddering exhale, his barrel rumbling with a soft purring set of clicks. Such a gentle hug! Not like when his father rubbed his hoof through his mane so roughly. At her question he would nod and dissipate his disguise. Before her sat a scrawny, starving bug with poison pinions devoid of venom. His horn was broken, unable to cast and wings so stunted in their growth he would never be able to fly. To many he would be a burden. Looking upon the Queen… her dark carapace and healthy weight. Her beautiful sea green membrane and full sized wings. Her twisted horn and silken tresses. Rat didn't even have a full fin. His fin short and tapered, webbing torn and unhealthy. Those eyes, which should be a burning red, are a pale shade of pink, though twas more a result of his partial albinism, even so... he was a mess, and sat there, bared before a mother.
  6. Night Prophecy [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Night Prophecy Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Kelpie (Dark Shyshark Pattern) Eye colour: Red, with green sclera Coat: Black Mane/Tail: Spines, stripes and tailfin have a deep, olive green coloration Physique: Bulky Residence: Okeanos Occupation: Court Wizard Cutie Mark: A blue book with a red marker Unique Traits: Serrated Teeth: With a carnivorous diet of fish, shellfish and the odd octopus the Kelpie’s serrated teeth help grip his prey and enemies alike. Calcified Skin: Hardly the smooth, slimy skin one would expect of an aquatic: Night Prophecy’s skin is like that of a shark and rough to the touch, even capable of cutting softer skin if not careful. Generalist Predator: He will eat anything, taking opportunity in even the strangest of meals so long as it is able to sustain him. Nictitating Membrane: Otherwise known as the third eyelid. Inside his eyelids he has a third, thin membrane that covers his eye to protect them in silty, dirty water, and other troublesome environmental conditions while still being able to see. Deep Sea Diver: Born and built for the deep sea, Night can dive deeper than most, even into trenches many Seapony and Kelpie alike dare not tread -- or swim as is the case. Geomancy: He can divine fortunes, read the currents and tell the future by reading cracks in sand, soil, and stone. He can also use this power to impose temporary disruptions in terrestrial leylines to essentially sap the latent and active magical abilities of the land and sea born creatures of Equus. History: Night Prophecy was born in a nameless trench in the deeper parts of the ocean East of the Gallopocus Islands. Among the trenches were a variety of underwater volcanoes and other thermal activity that kept his gam’s waters warm and full of life. Living in the tropics was not always easy as storms from the sea often built up in the east before dying out on its way to the west. This sometimes left them following schools of fish to keep their bellies full. His gam were nomads. Unlike their Seapony cousins this gam of Kelpies much preferred the bounty of the open ocean and the security of the trench depths. Night Prophecy aged and was tutored in the beliefs of his gam. Being the dark shadows of the trenches provides food, shelter and a place to lay their eggs they were a center of their system of faith. To them the sun mean nothing and they often lie and wait beneath the sands were creatures blindly lurked for the bounty of shellfish and crustaceans as well as the freshest of kelp. This natural departure from the sun often left his gam detesting it as light often lured away their prey or scattered the more skittish sorts. In adulthood he would never find understanding in the Equestrian worship of a sun pony… Those who feared his skills would demean him with the nickname Nessie, a rather disregarding name given to a mythical creature from fairy tales. He had come to both abhor and relish in the foalish title, often using it to instill a sense of harmlessness, painting the voracious predator as more gentle than he actually was. When, Nessie, was of age his prowess with third sight, as it was called, was trained by his gam’s eldest. With her Night Prophecy excelled in the art of Geomancy in which one reads the soil, sand and stones to read the future and natural ways of the world. He can also read the leylines of the land and impose on a pony strength or weakness in a pony or seapony by temporarily altering or disabling them by shifting the land in a way to corrupt its flow. With these skills he became the first of his gam to master Geomancy by his adulthood. As he aged he continued to study and travel with the gam. On a regular visit to Okeanos, his gam often travelling down to trade, Night Prophecy had learned of the arrival of ponies into the oceanic depths, his curiosity meeting their own. As it was unicorn ponies had.great powers which fes an envy in the shark pony. He had read something of interest in the soil, warning of a great sea storm which what overtook a small settlement. This was what first secured his chance at securing a place in the kingdom and the first move to greater power. This desire drove him to approach the king. Seeking a position in the court the Kelpie played many a underfinned tricks to just the competition even going as far as altering the leylines of power to weaken his opposition. A true predator the aquatic would find ways to chase his opponents far from the kingdom's waters until he was only left. He believes his path isn't he only path that can unite all fins under the king and secure his power over the lands and sea alike with him playing puppeteer. Character Personality: Night is a power hungry perfectionist. His desire to succeed comes from a competitive nature fueled by a subjective view on the law and its makers. Merciless as he was meticulous once you made an enemy of the eloquent shark you made one for life. A purist he detests the idea of standing beneath ponykind, moving aside for their earthborn talents. He is loyal to his king and gam, studious and vengeful. Character Summary: Night Prophecy was born and raised in the deep seas of the coasts of the Gallapocus Islands. Strongly competitive and power hungry he has become focused on gaining power under the force of the king, seeking to gain power over the pretentious and powerful ponies that Lord over the land. Magically inclined he has the ability to read the earth and predict events as well as mute the magical conduits that affect earth ponies and unicorn, as well as other terrestrial and seabound magical beings, for a short amount of time. He seek to use his powers to become even more powerful.
  7. The spirit took delight in Bev-- Gearbox's distress. Schadenfreude! A delightful word best uses in such a situation. He would push to his hind hooves and would attempt to dip the stallion. He could hear Kaze squeal in delight as sunbutt plays gift giver. Honestly with such powerful magic he would think she'd be more creative! Alas… He looked into Gearbox’s eyes and pulled his lips back in a smirk. His sweater would once again alter and change, the caribou depicted on it now rest beneath the tree in the golden, glittering snow of sequins. As the music changes to a slower beat he moved faster around the dark stallion, playing at a somba type dance. It was to be expected. “Well if you're looking for something I think I can help you. Perhaps you'd be willing to accept having an outing with me. A handsome stallion like you? I am sure you have many chasing your tail, but I wouldn't mind spending my New Years with you.” He chuckled deeply. There was something about him.too familiar. Well any foal getting his gift would be in for a surprise! Speaking of surprises and a barrel full of Yaks. In came the prince. The disguised spirit felt it was an opportunity. He canted his head, horn lighting up before a number of the tables treats and remaining sweets began to gather. Armed with spoons full of whipped creme and mugs of marshmallows the Hearthswarming delights would drop from.the table and take positions. What better to greet more royalty than delivering sweet treats right into open muzzles? The professor smirked. “C'est l'heure du dessert.” He mused before opening his mouth and catching an airborne marshmallow. And about went the tiny sweets delivering treats to ponies, yaks and the like to open for the tasty delights!
  8. The spirit was quite smug about his gift. She was stunned silent! Of course ponies would care for such gifts! Made by paw and a little magic it was something her personally pieced together! It was a gift rarely, never received. Oh he gave plenty, but his gifts were often attached to chaotic and magical consequences. This sweater? It kept her warm. No magic misdirection. No ineffective integration. Nor would one suffer from silly, sidetracking side effects. As the cinnamon flurry ceases the smug serpent was quite pleased with himself! He wiggled in place with his paw and claw on their respective knees. It was not until Luna spoke that his ears would raise from their folded position. His smug smirk faded into a confused, quirked lip. “You made something--?” His paw pushed up to press against his chest, a bit unsure of how to take her response. “...for me? Oh surely you just!” Despite the very act part of the altruistic nature of the holiday, he found it -- improbable. Oh and he hated improbability he couldn't control! But at the same time… When the item materialized around his neck he leaned back reactively. His first thought, of course, was that he was perhaps -- being played a prank on! And why wouldn't he? He often teased or made jest with the mare on occasion. It was natural to think that once his guard was down she would strike! N-not to say that his guard ever went down. Please! Preposterous! Her words caused him to settle as his paw has reached up to touch against the cool metal of the chain, head cocking to the side to peer down at the new accessory. His brows knitted as his expression softened. By now he had raised off the bench in his movements, his perpetual state of chaos taking hold once more as gravity was defied, even though he appeared to hold a seated position on a solid surface. “Oh...well,” he chuckles, ears pinning back. “You're…” a real gift? The last time he received something so it has been the cruel joke of a tyrant, one he still felt deeply against. “A real gift?” To give was one measure of altruism, and fed his ego well to see ponies accept them, but to receive a gift… He took a moment, raising his paw and claw to touch against it. Starlight, huh? A rather amusing gift from a Princess of the Night to a beast who often did to corrupt the wishes ponies sent to the stars above. Not that he meant harm no in his actions… but he understood it was something she had earnestly considered before presenting it to him. Be it out of an ironic joke or sincere regard. He could shape it? A toy? A gift… He wiped his paw over his eyes, drying the tears lest they set into ice. “A number one, huh?” He looked to her with a grin. “You'll have Fluttershy to contest with that position, but perhaps you'd, instead, prefer to be my special somepony instead?” He folded his ears back, grinning at her. Though in all honesty he didn't expect to be taken seriously. While his ego strong pushed that no pony could deny his charm, many did find him intolerable! What would she… think?
  9. He didn't much take to the idea that there were others, though he could see those who admired her had fine tastes even if they were far out of their league! The spirit himself had not system to measure just what put a pony in or out of reach of another. The idea of coveting their company was a new concept in and of itself. It has also come to his attention that the more ponies willing to play a game the more willing they would be to participate of their own free will. It made it easier to impose rules and structure the game. He supposed it was more envy, even jealousy that carried weight to that thought. He was sure many of these admirers did, indeed, fancy the very things he did with her, but his reasons were his own. The spirit seemed a jolly mess as the mare accepted his proposal. As she scrawled her name on what felt like a contract with the chaotic noodle the book floated up of its own volition and erupted in a blast of snowflake shaped confetti! A hint of vanilla wafted in the air as the flakes rained down. Those were actually edible and they were quite tasty! When the edible, glittering flakes dissipated in his paw and claw sat a soft package, a gift! It was wrapped in lovely paper that when shifted stars sparkled like in the night sky. The paper itself felt soft and crinkled whenever it was manipulated. “Well I thought you would like this. I made it myself.” Half way. It was rightly difficult to recall if he was on knit or purl half the time. Inside the wrapping paper was a hideously adorable sweater. To many this outfit was known as an ugly sweater, while to some... the cerulean blue sweater was three shades brighter than the night maiden’s fur. The bottom band and sleeve cuffs were a pastel pink. The chest of the sweater had the image of the full moon whilst the back the same waxing crescent mark as found on Luna's flank. He brushed his paw over his nose before looking away and waving his claw dismissively. “Now it's no big deal. The front changes with the moon.” He explained. It would follow the moon phase while the back maintained the visage of her cutie mark. “But I can understand if you have fallen head over heels for me, but please understand what you're saying!” Ah the overdramatic prince. But what was that he said? Falling for him? Could it be that was what he meant be number one admirer? After all the egotistical god of chaos had admitted to admiring another… so did that mean …? How could one be sure?!
  10. The unicorn raised a brow as Rarity seemed to have the sense of generosity to praise him even in his absence! Though he was a bit unsure of it. One would almost think she was convincing herself! Honeywing and the mare went on about fashion. He puffed up his chest and folded his ears back. He was never into fancy baubles or high trimmed collars. Even in this form his collared shirt sleeves were messily rolled up over his elbows and the sweater a size or two too large for his more slender figure. This Glitz sounded a real patience tester. Who could stand such long hours pouring over individual threads for hours to come!? Well except Rarity of course. His jaws parted, the hair of a quip resting on the edge of his lip. It was bit down when Rarity and Honeywing went on about clothing. He had to stop his eyes from rolling clean out his head as the Harmony Stone user and Winged chatterbox began their flights of fancy over pleased pants and other inane banter on style, which he had plenty of! “They sound lovely,” he offered to Honeywing. “They would have stopped this party.” After all those sorts did find themselves only able to go one about a singular topic. Having a hobby was nice, but weaving through and between conversations was a skill known by only a few bards, ah despite his rolling Archer. He slipped away to Celestia some point after a bit of gossip with Honeywing, only for her to depart and play the part of diplomat. It had left him with little choice but to horde choice snacks and hold them hostage later for her neglect! How dare she be dutiful during the holidays! That had been when he spotted Gearbox, more so their sound as his name on the lips of mortals did often send chills down one's spine. It seems one of those spine tingling epiphanies came to Blue when he seemed to all but manifest beside the group. When the look of realization came upon the the stallion the professor hooked his hoof into Gearbox's free one, were it hanging free after shaking hooves with Rarity. "Enchantée…" he purred, that voice dripping with teasing amusement when the stallion accepted his offer. "If you'd pardon me Master Blue…" he led the masculine figure out to the open floor. Discord was charmed by the music. It was always fun hearing Octavia twist her chords in a display, whilst Vinyl watched would surely make her play harder, and what fun that would bring. It was true chaos. He stood with his hooves close together. He leaned his left foreleg forward, despite having to lead with your right, and bowed to the fit looking inventor. He trotted up to him until his nose nearly touched his partner's, eyes starting down into their golden ones. A stunning fellow who was a strange and unpredictable force. He would attempt to lead Gearbox in their dance. His eyes drifted to the side as he turned with the stallion, catching sight of a familiar coat of green. Were Medo to caught his gaze he offered her a wink, tempting maidens to fall to their knees! Turning his attention back to Gearbox he hummed. "Who is this fellow you're looking for? I could have sworn you said Discord, but for such a handsome stallion to be involved with such a -- figure. I hope he wasn't your dance partner of choice." He spoke with a soft, alluring tone. He would dance about Gearbox with steps and moved that contradicted traditional waltzes, yet fit for the current state of music from the mare of song! "I'd hate to have competition…" he drew close, speaking his words with a hot softness.
  11. The boasting professor seemed to smirk at Honeywing’s enthusiasm. Oh little did they know. Turning his head the distracting sweater seemed to change its scene with every turn a phrase. As they discussed Rarity’s so called old flame, his ears pricked up as the Neighponese rattled back and forth. As Honeywing has words with Rarity he decided it has been best to move along and tease the solar princess. She seemed dismayed by the idea of him having a progeny amongst her ponies. Chaos was a powerful thing and to fully understand that the present determined the future, while the approximate present did not precisely determine the future there was a level of deterministic chaos that gave unicorn an edge. While Chaos Theory serviced ten or more fields in education, leave it to Discord to teach dynamical systems. As if to present his point to the mare his sweater changed design to show a Caribou’s silhouette grazing among the trees. “Very well.” He determined as Celestia requested he save her some cake. Cake?! He hummed and gave Honeywing a smirk as he made his way to the buffet table. It seemed ponies were getting up to dance. He slowed a piece of cake, before levitating an enormously large piece onto his plate. When Ishi looked in his direction the handsome unicorn arched a brow and waved the fork in his magic after taking a large bite, pouching it in his cheek. They already seemed to be asking other ponies to dance. He would have liked to ask Celestia, but she was busy playing diplomat. While he could see how boring that might be it was opportunity to late waste to the table of treats piling his plate in a tower of colorful treats the unicorn simply held the plate in place with magic, letting the tipping totem of treats tremble with his trots. Finding a suitable standing point, far away from the crowd, the professor settled with his plate. He pursed his lips, making eyes at his mountainous meal. Parting his jaws the male's fleshy, pink tongue peeked out to wet his lips. His dark, raccoon shadowed eyes turned to the socializing ponies only for him to perk up, ears snapping to attention at the sight he beheld. In all her now masculine glory: the inventor had strode her way into the party. The past place he would have thought Bevel would brave given their track record with group activities. He sucked wind over his tooth. His magic pulled open a small pocket on his sweater and dropped his tray of treats into a tiny dimension. Before one could blink the lithe figure was upon the mar-- stallion, his horn alight as he would attempt to pull on Gearbox’s shoulder to grab his attention and disrupt him from name dropping. “I have not seen you yet. I am Professor Theory. Perhaps you would like to dance?” He looked into the male’s eyes with his own intense ones, brows arched. Before even receiving an answer he would look to Blueblood and Rarity. “Pardon me while I take this dance.” He pardoned with his deep, chocolatey voice.
  12. So she too found the festivities of ponies peculiar. Such a giving holiday for ones that can be so selfish was an amusing concept. That was not to say he couldn’t be selfish on occasion, but it was always for a good cause -- he assured himself. Aside from the typical social faux pas that he so often partook in the spirit did seems to have caused little to no lasting trouble about the Equestrian citizens as of late. He had to hit the ground running, or in his case floating encased in a bubble of misery, to truly see that he had done something truly vile. He had the power to change the very fabric of existence, and yet he chose to fraternize with a wholly selfish creature who dared not seek friendship over his own means. Discord was selfish, but never had he ever pursued events he did not think would be ever more fun, at least after his freedom. Yes Tirek had humbled the spirit and caused him to question himself and the use of his powers. He may be teasing the carolers, but there were some among them that paid him no mind so it was all in good, teasing jest. Like a foal making faces in the window of a high brow affair. He sputtered before pulling his paw around his face, forming a scarf that was patterned with polka dots and seemed aged and frayed.Peeking his muzzle from behind the worn fabric and pushed away the drumming sound that washed over the perplexing attractiveness of her voice. The way she agreed and disagreed with him, in the same word was endearing,. While she could see and engage in his opinion of the matter she felt her own way and had no qualms of finding a fondness in the paradoxical existence that was the pony presence. He looked to his toes, of both his talon and hoof. Wiggling them the beast’s paw and claw held onto his hind knees as he fiddled about in his mind the vast collection of meanings of this one moment. He perked up at the mention of eggnog. “Ooh~ what a wonderful drink!” He gushed. “To think that ponies could create a delightful combination! It is like drinking cake!” And truly, it was, without all those messy crumbs. He tittered and looked to her face, only to catch her gaze. His feathers and chest fluff floofed , well at least he only felt that bit against the scarf for little did he realize the entirety of his form had taken the likeness of a cottonweed with how he responded. It caused the carolers too pause, some titter. He stiffened, only for them to resume with the next song, moving on to fill another part of the park with their holiday music. It was now silent. Between them would only echo the sound of their breathing, snakes of warm vapor escaping the spirit’s muzzle, his crinkled beard peeking beneath the threaded fabric of the covering. Snow began to fall, but were the princess to take a second look they were actually flakes of cinnamon. Discord held out his paw and claw to her, cupped in his monstrous paws was a mug of warm eggnog. It seemed he tried to present her with something she enjoyed. While a bit silly, it was a wholesome courtesy of kindness only the spirit knew. To be able to create anything from nothing and attribute nothing to everything he tried his best to make good of his powers this time around. He did only have one more chance. His brows furrowed as his features dipped into a sad smile. “Um, Princess. If ever I may be so bold.” The drops of cinnamon rained down into the mug. “I know you must have many, as do I,” He added to lighten the air. “But could I perchance be your number one admirer?” He held out a little book, offering the mare a quill to obtain her autograph, smiles abound. His every silly request hid something more … Were she to sign his little book the wrapped gift would pop up from the tome’s pages, a little fanfare of confetti following its appearance! But if she did not well the book would itself erupt into a rain of confetti and vanish altogether.
  13. A Noodle and the Moon (closed:Rex)

    There were many answers the spirit had and often given without the consent of the learning, pushing away their dull efforts in lieu of more colorful theories of thought. But it seemed as he began to gain, himself, an ever growing well of questions he could not realistically determine what was his own desire and one born of boredom. Dedicating himself to nothing, and knowing everything, made life quiet boring. Entertaining oneself became a priority and pressing mortals for opinions beyond this understanding grew into a fascination more than he would care to admit. He perked his ears, her voice ringing between. Up here, upon the edge, perspectives were skewed, but it wasn't hard to see that they, together, sat in a place that was difficult for other ponies to reach. It was not because he was a draconequus or she an alicorn. Those rare and unique qualities had not failed to shape their positions, but it was not what had gotten them to this point. It was, truly, cause of the ponies. Anything they had become and would, was wholly fault of their own. He would have been perfectly content to continue aimlessly roaming about causing untold chaos that could have eventually undone the universe. Maybe. Any yet as he sat here he found himself almost thankful for the interference. “Well, good. We wouldn't want you taking me too seriously.” He pressed his digits together, paw and claws fidgeting as they rest between his haunches, the serpentine chimera hunched forward a bit so that his head was at level with the sitting mare. When had she gotten so close? He rolled his eyes, head turning so his muzzle faced from the lunar deity. He was decidedly at a roadblock. He couldn't have reached the end of his sport. Despite the utter incompetence he's shown for managing himself, he's become better. It took considerable practice and effort on his part. Such practiced allowed him to become more aware of the ponies around him. While still one to drive to be the center of attention, he was also strongly aware when others did not like it. With friendship being a fresh concept it opened the door to other -- worries. He laughed out suddenly and looked to the mare in question. “This is not like our usual play dates.” In Discordian fashion the spirit pulled from behind the mare’s ears a deck of cards. He held it in his paw before smirking. “Perhaps a wager this time?” He presented. “Whomever wins could ask anything of the other. No questions asked.” Discord knew what he wanted! But would she play into his paw? Could he ask of her to fill that void in his paw, without directly asking her? He'd try! Never one to easily submit to his search for the company of others... This was a bit different. Still new. It wasn't like friendship or their former rivalry prior to his stoning.
  14. Now what in tarnation? Big Mac had only turned his eyes forward for a second and these tykes are spawning all over which way! Now he was sure he counted them up right! This one was way too big to be the same age as the others, least he would consider. It weren't more than a moment that he took to consider his own youth. He had shot up taller than a sapling by Apple Bloom’s age. He'd seem a monster in primary school with his size alone! It helped ya get picked first for sports, but didn't count for much else when the younger ponies right felt you was some otherworldly giant! Now ta count again… he had Kaze, Wind Walker, Apple Bloom, Echo and now Aspen. “Alright.” The older Apple nodded to the griff. “No harm done. Stick close.” He soothed the apologizing bird’s worries. There wasn't a thing to be upset over! So they were a bit late? He was out there… Long Guo was sure a challenge navigating. The Palace may have stuck out but finding the front door was like finding a parent trunk in an orchid's root system! Mac looked to Sī Jīn apologetically. It wasn't the youth’s fault. Maybe it was even a bit his. He could spared another hour to wait for the type, but being tardy didn't hold to his reputation none either. He'd make it up to Aspen a bit later in the day. As they began the tour Mac seemed impressed by the knowledge the hoofmaiden was able to carry! He was interested in books, but much of his literature of choice were books on things like singing, ventriloquism, and all manner of curious so it yourself projects. And that was with what little time he could spare to leisure. Maybe he ought to pick up a history book while here. It seed a sensible thing. He made sure to walk along the middle of the tiny hers so he could keep an eye on the back and front of their little group. He arched a brow at the mention of hidden passages. Honestly it sounded something out of one of his O&O campaigns. We're places like this the fact for the play on fiction? Stranger as fact seemed it was reasonable. What really interested him the mention of food outside the palace. So they did barter and it wasn't some closed off, self sustaining ward… “Uhhh what about apples?” If they were short a few good golden delicious’.. he'd be glad to supply.
  15. The slinky spirit hadn't even time to roast his chestnuts, he had spent much of the day dutifully working on his surprise. He had already honed in on one of the carolers, his mischievous stare causing the group to become nervous and slip from their Harmonious tune on occasion. He hadn't even don't anything yet! But the god did take amusement and a measured pleasure in being able to simultaneously spook ponies and do little to cause them great concern. He was reformed after all, so any no do-goodery was quickly put on halt. His tail had been swaying from side to side, the white tuft at the end holding a threatening pose as if he was to snap the puff like he snapped his claws. The action always did cause to make trouble! His ears perked upon hearing a cool, familiar tone. “Good evening!” He cheered, holding out a paw in greeting before floating right off his seat! “Well you're early!” He turned his right foreclaw’s wrist to display his sundial, which was for not as such an hour in the evening. With winter arrived the moon rose to the sky much sooner, leaving him with more time to spend poking and prodding the night princess for playdates. At first it had just been cards on the balcony, but his visits seemed to get longer and longer as he tempted to distract her the whole of each night. One could almost pose the accusation that the spirit wanted her to slack off and get in trouble with her doing and often obstinate sister. Though between the two the timekeeper was actually Kibitz. That Butler could be mistook for an Time Wizard with how he kept the two moving to the seconds. His paw opened, pulling up the stone bench for them to sit on. “Have a seat. I see you and Twilight managed today.” He patted the spot next to him. There was to be no surprise that the seat was cold, but goodness the spirit needed a cooling down! He was stewing in his own fur and feathers at the mare’s approach. He promised himself it was simply the anticipation of presenting his surprise! His paw and claw clasped together as his hind legs dangled off the side of the beach in his sitting position. Those mismatched eyes drifted away from the mare and back to the carolers who seemed to jump in tone at his glance. He chuckled as the ones who seemed more used to his tomfoolery did only to roll their eyes at the disruption as they strongly continued on their singing. “Stupendously merry are these festivities. If I didn't witness it for myself I would have labeled all ponies as selfish.” He was not wrong for his assumptions. As a spirit of chaos he lived in a very grey world devoid of true measures of good and evil. Everything done were base accommodations of greet, gluttony and all the comparable points of a beast. Sometimes he did see ponies as beneath him, unable to surpass the bases of instinct with simple, critical thought. Sometimes he suffered the envious incline of wanting all that they had. Their love, their possessions, their leisure… wholly unattainable to him. While he could manifested anything he desired, with but the blink of his eye -- it meant little without the process of gains they seemed able to work towards with naught but kind words. His paw brushed up behind his mane, sproinging the tough tuft of fur that he kept short and stiff! “So, why did you partake in this silly holiday?” Though give enough time rumor will place him near the center of a gift exchange. “You're a princess. Would you really care to get a gift from an admirer?” He smirked, brushing his paw digit along his muzzle.