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  1. I'm not sure if it's supposed to go here or the creative thing or whatever because it says no ads and ik not sure if this is an ad no don't get mad at me pls anyways, I'll draw your oc!
  2. I also hate dogs with all my heart. But cats are bae.
  3. Hello guys! I've just come to role play a bit or somthing. You can just call me Warrior or WildCard. Uh... I'm into Warriors by Erin Hunter and I role play alot on their new site. I'm sad they closed up their other one but oh well. Yeah... I'm pretty literate in role play and I'm not a noob at all. I've probably seen every episode of mlp 11 times. More actually. I can memorize lines from the show while I watch it so yeah... I really like sans.. I role play every second of my life so... yeah... boi!
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