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  1. Now i need Spider Web and Nightcrawler they appear in the order i have typed Spider Web with the blue coat and Nightcrawler the other one Ignore three and four those are my friends ocs I need them grown up ponies, humans, sad, crying, sleeping, and laughing as fillys ok.ok
  2. So I was wondering, well first I should mention my change of name it is now October Twirl, i just thought it fit a little better. But if i give you guys some pictures of my ocs can someone redraw them in different positions? I suck at drawing. First i need someone to do October in different positions, and i need a human version, and sleeping as human and pony I'll make another topic things for each oc I at least need October Sad, crying, begging, laughing, as a bat (small little thing like on Hotel Transylvania), being tickled (preferably by Discord for a fanfiction), and human. At the most, if anyone wants to draw other versions ok. Anyone who has a problem with this should leave me alone, i'm new here...
  3. Names Alex here, I don't know much about Canterlot.com so I was wondering if anyone can help me get used to it. If you want to help I would be very, very grateful to you. I'm a weirdo. Trust me very weird. In school I have maybe 6 friends, because I are the dumb. That's a line my friend Alison uses during Choir. Oh yes that's right I'm in choir. That's why, if you ever do any sort of role-play type things with me, my character always is good at singing. Always. Oops used the Harry Potter line that makes me sad. Harry Potter is another thing I like, Draco is my favorite. I love the bad guys. Not Voldemort, but like Loki, Bucky, Discord, Scar, and those guys. How the hell did I go from I need help to I love the villains. I'm strange, you'll learn that very, very quickly. Weirdo. I'm like a Lord of Chaos myself. I'm the Queen of Randomness. Totally.
  4. My name is Alex. I've had a My Little Pony obsession since I was just a little filly. So here's some favorites and least favorites. There won't be many. Favorites: Main Pony: Either Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie (or Luna) Background Pony: Derpy or Vinyl Pony hairstyle: Rainbow Dashes. Filly: Scootaloo or Diamond Tiara Least Favorites: Main Pony: Rarity Background Pony: I CAN'T CHOOSE THEY'RE ALL GREAT Pony hairstyle: Pinkie Pie (mostly because my hair is as poofy as Pinkies) Filly: Silver spoon
  5. October Lee (a.k.a.i.e.)(also known as in equestria) Amber Crescent. She is 18 whereas she's been in Equestria for 10 years. Love Interest: Discord. Of course. Friends with the mane six, or seven. She is fun, rambunctious, chaotic (sometimes), and childlike. She lived with Pinkie Pie at Sugar Cube Corner. They are practically sisters. She's part bat part pony. In pony form. She can also (at will) turn human and into a flat out bat. I mean small, wings, furry, critters.
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