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  1. My friend reminded me as soon as I finished part 4, what a bruh moment my new headcanon is that it was just a random stranger and not himself
  2. I started watching JoJo last week help me I'm on part 4
  3. Most days I still feel like a dumb kid, but on days like this I feel like I'm making progress to something better after all
  4. Oh I haven't plugged Risk of Rain 2 yet, go buy that and we can all play it together and genocide the aliens on their home planet
  5. I'm still keeping up with Shield Hero for the most part, and I'm watching OPM S2 as it comes out despite the, uh, downgrade
  6. Embrace your inner weeb I just caught up with the last three chapters of the manga I hadn't read yet, I should check for another soon
  7. You look like All Might if All Might weren't All Might
  8. I grew a body by being a couch potato and eating poorly
  9. That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me
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