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  1. Last post wins

    Cracking your neck is so weird
  2. Last post wins

    I am your lawyer
  3. Last post wins

    Alright Rocky I just need you to give me your account information and leave the website for about a week Why am I up at 2 AM again, this is not the time I'm supposed to be up Meh, back to questioning religion or sleeping, whichever is more painful
  4. Last post wins

    I'll maybe get to the series eventually
  5. Last post wins

    My default is music, whenever I want to do several things like play a game or watch something, I decide that there's too many things to watch and I already have the music on, sooo
  6. Last post wins

    Okiedokie I think I somehow posted the wrong video earlier How did I manage to do that
  7. Last post wins

    So in this D&D campaign, at least three or four of the seven people chose the same background, so we all have instruments yet I'm the only bard So I had my character play this And now I've been listening to this for 16 minutes Will continue with it once the top video is over for me again
  8. Last post wins

    All Dogs Go to Heaven was fun like that Almost said Gods All Dogs are Gods
  9. Last post wins

    Speech impediments are unconstitutional because they impede our freedom of speech, we must crush them with our mighty American musculature!
  10. Last post wins

    I'd like to point out that there is indeed sarcasm in this first statement
  11. Last post wins

    Ah, that explains it And I suppose that's one way to make a night you'll never forget.
  12. Last post wins

    It was just my third character sheet for the D&D game that finally started And then I realized that all of the other players except for one guy I purposely avoid in RPs where I can for a reason It's mostly the tone All of their characters sound like robots
  13. Last post wins

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa spacing
  14. Last post wins

    Curse you, me. I was working on something on my PC, but I didn't make the app I was using sync with Google Drive, so I had to redo part of it here.Well I remembered some of it, the rest I had to redo.