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  1. I need to rewatch the show and then see the movie
  2. I have a folder of stolen Rikkas would you like to see The best way to get random comments from strangers is get a haircut, my hair was past my shoulders and now it's super short and I've talked to people I've never seen in my life(at least one anyway) about it
  3. Rikka Takanashi is still the only waifu for me
  4. I mean tbh I RP pretty much daily on Discord
  5. I'm in love with Shield Hero, I might check that second one out soon
  6. Honestly I love Mob Psycho's animation, it's weird but it's really neat. I'd recommend at least trying an episode or two before you brush it off, I think it's reaaaally good. Also same for MHA, but honestly I'm caught up with the manga so I just want to see it animated for cool factor. Dino now understands why people drink coffee. I usually feel sleepy around 8 PM but I've had enough caffeine and sugar to be watching YouTube and talking to people and procrastinating all of this week's work that I haven't done which is due iiin 14 hours or so at half past ten PM
  7. Let's stop fighting and put our differences aside to watch Mob Psycho together. The latest episode is wholesome and amazing and it makes me wanna cry from how heartwarming it is
  8. Sallie's computer chair(aka a wooden folding chair) broke
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