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  1. Last post wins

    I swear if I find another maggot in/around my food I'm moving to space
  2. Last post wins

    I know none of these things
  3. Last post wins

    There was a little squirmy boi in my hotdog roll I hope he's happy in the landfill
  4. Last post wins

    Who wants to give the dino some money
  5. Last post wins

    Me: does random voices until my throat hurts also me: keeps doing random voices I'm sick and tired of random MHA spoilers so I've decided to read the manga, but I just finished what's aired of the dub despite being caught up with the sub, so it's a whole lot of bleh as I go through(because I refuse to skip) what I've seen twice or more
  6. Last post wins

    My, it is that
  7. Last post wins

    You don't have to be let down if you don't get picked up
  8. Last post wins

    That impostor is still on the banner I wonder if he'll be my friend
  9. Last post wins

    They've just never been my thing, really any damage and especially potentially permanent stuff spooks me
  10. Last post wins

    Piercings are not for me
  11. Last post wins

    Right, I was gonna respond to that
  12. Last post wins

    Y'all have fun with that
  13. Last post wins

    What're those
  14. Last post wins

    Like everything else will eventually
  15. Last post wins

    Is there a good MHA RP going on here right now, I need my Dino For All