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  1. MLP is great but I just watched Endgame and it's 2 AM and I'm not over it Wound up watching Far From Home after that, wasn't as emotionally oof but I still enjoyed it, wish Spidey wasn't leaving
  2. Everyone should watch Dr. Stone and be blessed by the science mans I may be a dinosaur but that doesn't mean I've gone extinct just yet but with this sore throat i have i just might
  3. My aunt was in Korea for a while as an English teacher I think
  4. Do you make the pizza or does the pizza make you
  5. There's this chicken salad I like from a store near me but sometimes it tastes completely different without any warning and I spent longer than I'd like to admit making the perfect sandwich just to sink my teeth in and realize it's the really gross kind, I'm never making food again
  6. shoulda joined after they finished the revamped tutorials
  7. Valkyr is basically nude 24/7. I used her Prime which is slightly less nude against the new boss, but I was still getting wiped across the floor. I used stupid Wukong because he's the worst kind of OP and beat the boss, I still need to do it like a bunch more times but I can't be bothered
  8. I haven't really been playing Warframe a lot but I decided to try the new boss, it has been a painful and annoying experience
  9. Just finished episode 19 of part 5, I'm a little slower than before because I was finishing up some work before summer hits. I'm gonna go full binge now though
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