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  1. Last post wins

    I think I've finally reached a conclusion. I'm not a very good person.
  2. Last post wins

    I think my friend said that was meh, while another said it was good, I'm still on Yahari... something. I'm bad with names. Why not worry though
  3. Last post wins

    The dino must slepp
  4. Last post wins

    Eh, I watch the Big Bang Theory occasionally, though it's only for a part of an episode here or there Like the first song, I hear it on the radio This one I hear on the radio a bit too, it's eh I think I've heard this one, love it I'm too tired to listen to these last two I don't know about y'all but I'd rather not be called a baby except for all those fetishes I have
  5. Last post wins
  6. Last post wins

    Friend just shared this
  7. Last post wins

    Right now my actual PC's internet connection is disgusting so it probably can't handle tons of YouTube videos open, which is pretty much my method of searching. I'd do it on this chromebook but I don't even have a mouse or anything for it, and it's just ew.
  8. Last post wins

    Sonic Heroes is a lot worse than I remember.
  9. Last post wins

    I should probably find a gym that suits a dinosaur such as myself. Or any gym.
  10. Last post wins

    I'll just post this here so you can get a look at the roles we're planning on possibly using for the first game if it goes off. It's pretty much set up except for the roles I still need to get, then I'll add the channels depending on that.
  11. Last post wins

  12. Last post wins

    Maybe we will only use the roles that get forgotten about. There are about eight thousand of them. Oh, 9093. Yeah we don't need boring normal roles.
  13. Last post wins

    Neato. I'm not sure if it'll just be using the less-than-amazing roles people suggest, or if it'll have traditional roles from the website. The latter would be fun for playing with just friends. I'll post the invite one I finish moving everything from DMs and such.