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  1. Last post wins

    That's some hot pizza At least it better be, if it's not then I'm not paying
  2. Last post wins

    On the one claw, being a child forever means no heavy life decisions and all that boring stuff, but on the other, being an adult means that you're a lot more free in what you can do compared to your time spent as a child. Either is probably better in the long run than being a teenager.
  3. Last post wins

    When I strike it big time in the gold rush I'll get you the best laptop
  4. Last post wins

    Top ten reasons why you should play Warframe
  5. Last post wins

    Anyone seen A Quiet Place
  6. Last post wins

  7. Last post wins

    I hear British people have lots of success with Darlings, maybe start there
  8. Last post wins

    Post-birthday life lesson If you're going to eat nothing but terrible food all day then be prepared for the stomach ache
  9. Last post wins

    Mine glows, is loud, and has a window too But I can change the color, right now it's on a great purple(except for one of the fans which has red lights that I can't change, the other two case fans do too but I had to unplug them since they weren't working right) Oh, and the occasional freeze-ups, other than that this thing is alright
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    Oh, the game's free, nobody mentioned that
  11. Last post wins

    Warframe is the kind of game that gets away with selling you characters at like $20 worth of their premium currency because you can trade for said currency(my friend says the trade economy in-game is pretty good, I haven't gotten into it because ew people) and there's nothing game-changing locked behind a paywall to my knowledge, everything can be acquired in-game through a lot of grinding. A Warframe RP could be neat because it's basically robot superheroes in space. There's more to the world but that's the most important part.
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    I'd love to try a Warframe RP But that's probably not what you meant
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    My schmoozing skills could use work
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    Twice is a coincidence, right
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    The dino's out of the bag now