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  1. I'll get it right eventually
  2. I need a better computer, one that can handle all the tabs I try to have open without crashing. It's really annoying when it deletes the songs I put here too.
  3. I wonder if anyone looks here and dies a little on the inside seeing me post this many times in a row. Sidenote: I wanted to change my username to DJ Dyn-0, but spaces aren't allowed(and the - might not be either, didn't check) and without those it wouldn't look nearly as nice.
  4. Just tell me if any of this doesn't sit with you or tickle your fancy, I'll try to avoid stuff like it in the future. Also tell me what to look for in specific if anything.
  5. Oh my God I was just going to post more stuff and then I hit the stupid button my mouse that goes to the previous page, and this website unlike some others doesn't save when I go back to it. I'm going to get those songs back and then go to bed.
  6. I have a terrible attitude about life. The guy went to sleep and suddenly it's future Patchie's problem, so I don't even really care. Also, thinking about a name change, something different from my normal two(three if you count Discord/Steam) names.
  7. This is honestly pretty random, either songs other people showed me or songs straight from a website that has like 33k random songs from YouTube, so it might be a bit different from the usual Oh but Bang Bang is a keeper This guy added me on steam, and I can't tell if he's joking around or not. If he's not then he might think we're e-dating, which I thought he was joking about, seriously. I'm really confused and worried now.
  8. My current one is wonderful, but this is perfect.
  9. Hit a button, lost all progress
  10. Let's hope sixty, and that's a fine life to live imo.
  11. I'll use spoilers from now on, I was too lazy up until this point.