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  1. I really want some KFC.

    1. PatchworkPsycho


      Man, sometimes I feel like I'm way too creepy responding to these so fast.

      Your #1 stalker feels you, man. Been too long.



      Also I keep this open like all the time for no reason, so that's how I respond so quick.

    2. SpikeyWikey


      Haha, don't worry 'bout it. It's fine! 


      I just really like pouring the gravy over /everything/ it's SO tasty.

    3. PatchworkPsycho


      Gravy + anything = a good time.




      I mean anything.

      Like, even vegetables.

      It's nuts!

  2. The Moon Rises is pretty awesome!

  3. Yeah, I loved this two parter! Got to see Chrissy and also Starlight had her moment in the spotlight! The changelings do look a bit odd now but I believe that is something that'll quickly grow on me. I'm just glad we didn't reform Chrissy too, I wonder if she'll play some part in either the season 7 storyline or perhaps even the movie?
  4. "I fell over today. It wasn't all bad though, I had Rarity fussing over whether or not I was /okay/" 

  5. Hey! Thank you, I shall definitely enjoy my stay! That's great! the first step for any would be actor or actress is to put themselves out there for the entire world to see and not give one single toss about it. The thrill of the performance will always carry you through to the end! I hope you get on well, I had a wonderful three years taking my performing arts course! and I hope you also have a lovely time, just remember to not let /anything/ stunt your confidence and keep above the coursework (There isn't a lot but if you let it build up like I foolishly did in my first year then it may seem like a lot) and you'll be brilliant! Ha, I like rambling too! I just did it right then-..and I was going to do it again but I stopped myself just in time. It's lovely to meet you too!
  6. I use twitch whenever I want a bigger dose of a youtuber that I like.
  7. I have this open, a twitch tab and a twitter!
  8. Hm, fair enough then, yeah. I have this open on another tab.
  9. Yes, you love her. You know you do Hai! It's lovely to meet you! Don't worry I barely RP as her!
  10. I shall do! Thank you very much!
  11. Hey! Thanks, I can't wait to have tons of fun on here!
  12. So, what's up people? I'm a newbie here! How are you all?
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