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    Pretty much everything interests me to a degree, including the logical fallacies of my own religion. Never be afraid to strike up a chat with me, I don't bite.

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  1. I wanna get to know you guis!

    Hi, call me James! I'm pretty new to the site, and after a few weeks of putting this off, I've decided to finally make my presence known here! That being said, feel free to strike up a chat with me. I can be about anything, and I'd really like to make a friend or two while I'm on here. So, go ahead!
  2. You'll learn to love me or hate me, choose a side <3

    Hi, nice to meet you!
  3. You'll learn to love me or hate me, choose a side <3

    Thank you, I fully intend to enjoy myself here, lol. And yeah, BF1 looks incredible. I still can't play it, so I guess I'm stuck to BF4 for now.
  4. You'll learn to love me or hate me, choose a side <3

    Thank you, you two! I can tell I'm gonna have a good time here, and i appreciate the warm welcomes.
  5. Hey, I'm the admin of my character (possibly s), call me Saint James, or simply James. This is my intro, and in the interest of time and being as not-awkward as possible, here it is. Interests: I want to be a marine in the USMC. I like skating, gaming (specially BF4), dank memes, love (I AM A HUMAN, DAMNIT) and being the best darn draw-er-er I can. (that being said, my prof pic isn't mine. It's from a good friend of mine.) How I found I was looking for a detailed AU map for another roleplay site I used, and found your guys' map. I squealed with how darn awesome it is, not gonna lie. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: Lol, honestly I was the stereotypical brony hater back in 6th grade, then when I was getting ready for school one day, I said screw it and watched waiting for my parents to get up. Ended up really liking it, but I haven't watched it since the drama baby was born. I'm in it for the fandom Favorite pony: Coco Pommel. I. Love. Her. Misc, I guess?: I'd just like to say I like to cuss, but seeing as this is a new site, and I didn't read the rules yet, I'm gonna err on the side of safety and try not to cuss publicly. I like this site, and I don't wanna get a warning my first hour on here. My OC is a marine based in this wonderful, wonderful map this site has made, where they have modern tech, powered by magiC AND STUF. Anyway, nice to meet you all!