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  1. So just saw Nara was accepted, yay! Now it's time to start plotting things out for this poor soul. Profile can be found here if you're interested in history and stuff. Image can be found there to cause I'm lazy and already have a couple on here I have to post. Nara is a little terrifying lady whose slowly taking charge of her family's business in smelting and forging. Despite her mother wanting her to be a high society lady, Nara would rather kick back with the poor and spend time at the forge than attend fancy parties. She's all about equal opportunity, and has begun using her funds to better living conditions and quality of life in the city. She uses her own family history as proof that anyone can make it big if they just work hard enough. Friends; Any friends either in Neighpon or abroad since Nara did extensive travelling. Would most likely be merchants, miners, or anyone who works with the earth or what lies beneath. She would also have some high class friends, either introduced to her by her mother, or ones she has found agreeable on her own. She is also very familiar with those in the less well-off parts of Kyoma, and likes to spend time with them. Apprentice: Nara has begun to open the family business for young citizens wanting to learn a trade in hopes of creating a better future. Any young character with an interest in smelting or forging can come to Nara and learn from her while staying at her family’s estate. Suitors; Despite how she acts Nara is a part of the elite of Kyoma due to her family’s standings in society. Because of this her parents would have begun arrangements for a marriage. So long as they’re an upper class citizen that her parents (especially her mother) approves of they’ll get stuck with a rather grumpy bride. Much awkwardness and hilarity will ensue as Nara will get used to being tied down. Can be any pony like species and most likely a citizen of Neighpon, although they won’t mind looking elsewhere. Family (images here!); So far I just have her immediate family, that now includes a brother I just threw in cause who doesn't love baby brothers? Kohaku is the eldest son of Iwao, and the largest. This guy looks intimidating with his stature and stoic facial expressions. While he is talented with the forge, his expertise lies with smelting and working with gold. His magic makes it easier for him to find the metal, and had been a boon to the family business. His scales have a metallic sheen to them, a trait said to be passed down from his great-great grandfather. He rarely shows emotion, but has a heart of gold and can be very compassionate. Like Taki he only wants to best for his children, but it can come off as him being overbearing. He is the only one Nara is afraid to cross. Hus cutie mark is gold ore, showing his talents in finding and smelting gold. Taki is rather small compared to her husband, but she is the hen that rules the roost. While Kohaku works the forges Taki runs the business by crunching numbers and rubbing elbows with the best merchants and blacksmiths. She comes from a well-known noble family, and has used her higher learning and lineage to make the business more prosperous. She is a stern bot doting mother, only wanting the best for her children. Her cutie mark is three stars in a purple ‘galaxy’ due to her family’s magic heritage, and her own strong ties to magic. Arekusuii (Little Alexei) named after a griffon merchant that saved Taki while she was pregnant with Arekusuii, this little colt is spirited and adventurous. Being the son of Kohaku has made Areku a bit spoiled, but he knows better than to defy his parents. He hates being treated like a baby and wishes he can just grow up sooner. He does not have a cutie mark yet, but he is very interested in golems, including whatever else you want him to be interested in. He and Nara get along as well as any siblings, and she has given him the nickname Little Alexei, that is until he grows taller than her. Areku was very sick as a younger child, but has since gotten better, it’s up to you if you want to keep him in fragile health. More images will be made of him as he grows!
  2. Roleplay Type: WoEName: NaraSex: FemaleAge: Young MareSpecies: KirinEye colour: BlackCoat: Ruddy red that gradients to a dark brown. Cream belly scales and onyx colored scales on face, shoulders, and haunches.Mane/Tail: Black-brown and cream. Mane is short and slicked back, shaved at the back except for two strands at the base. Tail has longer hair up close to the base, and gradients down to mane hair color at the tip. Physique: Thin and long, favors the deer physique. Legs are long and spindly looking, gives her most of her height. Antlers are two-pronged and same color as her body. Residence: Family home in KyomaOccupation: Smelter/BlacksmithCutie Mark: Fissured ground with lava flowing downward. Shows the connection her family has to the earth deep below the surface, and the fire it takes to purify it. Nara earned her cutie mark during her official training in the family business. Already a teenager and with no cutie mark from the talents and professions her mother offered, Nara’s father took her under his wing. The filly had shown an interest in the ores and the process at a young age, and so he had hoped her talent was tied with it. Her father was correct in his assumptions when Nara’s magic grew strongest when smelting the ores. Her cutie mark appeared after she completed her first batch of iron bars which she sold to the local blacksmith. Unique Traits: Despite her weak looking physique Nara has an incredible stamina and constitution. She’s able to work the forge and smelter for long hours before tiring, often working all night. Magic breath, like most in her family, has an almost lava like appearance rather than a normal light flame. Fire breath is extremely hot and used as the fire to smelt ores and forge weapons. Also makes her somewhat resistant to high temperatures, the hot work environment never really bothering her. Knows how to make weapons and armor, but is most adept at helmets, able to make intricate designs for ceremonies and sturdy ones for combat. Vast knowledge of ores and stones she uses to help her family business. History: Nara comes from a long line of smelters and blacksmiths, a family tied to the deepest roots of the earth. Her grandfather Iwao, a son of simple farmers, found his talent of breaking the ores to their purest form, and set himself to perfect his craft. With three generations working the fires to produce the metals Neighpon needed Iwao and his family prospered. His eldest son Kohaku was betrothed to a high class lady named Taki, solidifying themselves in the eyes of the elite. Kohaku went to have a family of his own, resulting in a little ruddy filly they called Nara. A runt of a newborn any passerby would think the red filly wouldn’t do anything worthwhile. She was the weakest of her generation, her cousins able to run faster and play rougher than her. It didn’t help her mother coddled Nara and tried to get her daughter to conform to her ideas on what a lady should be. She would take Nara to fancy parties to mingle with the upper crust, and took her on play dates with foals from influential families. It never interested the red filly, what she was really curious about was her father’s business. She would rather bask in the heat of the smelter, and watch as lumpy ore would turn into gleaming bars of iron, copper, silver, and gold. She would watch her grandmother do business with miners from the window as she worked on her schooling. Her lessons were full of private tutors, one for nearly every subject. Math and writing bored her, but she liked history and the sciences alright enough. As she was reaching her teenage years her father began to school her in his trade. Her grandfather had grown too weak to run the business, and so had left it in Kohaku’s capable hooves. With no other children to speak of he began to train Nara to take over the smelters once it was his time to retire. Nara took to her lessons like a fish to water, finding her magic strongest when working with the ores. Once she started her training it didn’t take long for Nara to receive her cutie mark, effectively tying her to the profession. As she grew Nara became more exposed to other cultures. Ponies and Griffons came from all over to sell their ores to the family. Nara became interested in the foreign cultures, often asking her family’s cook to make exotic meals and even buying into the ponies’ fashion. After her training was complete Nara took a journey off shore to the distant lands. She continued her education with both ponies and griffons, learning their own techniques to use as her own. After two years of travelling Nara returned to her home in Kyoma to further expand on the family business. She had her father invest in expanding the forge, and used her newfound skills to create weapons and armor of all sorts. They gained new clients, also infatuated with the foreign cultures, wanting custom made swords and armor reminiscent of the armor ponies wore, or the swords griffons wielded. Nara has also began using most of her newfound profit to better the city she lives in by donating to better the poorer districts and investing in what she thinks will benefit all. She has even begun to take apprentices from less well-off families who are interested in the trade. Character Personality: Nara is a mare of the people, a salt of the earth smelter who doesn’t do well when it comes to fine airs and grace. She would rather walk amongst the poor and experience the real world than spend her times at fancy parties with the upper crust. She knows when to play nice, but she can be seen as too blunt and harsh by the more well-to-do members of society. She has no time for whining or excuses, and doesn’t like to beat around the bush or sugar coat things. Nara believes in spreading the wealth that she has amassed, and so helps those more in need by investing in infrastructure and programs. Nara is highly superstitious, coming from a very traditional family she follows the legends and rituals to make sure her business prospers. She has the same range of expression as a wet stone. She gets fired up (almost literally) when talking about her passion for ores and stones, and the process her family had perfected. She can be jovial, especially when letting loose around friends after a hard days work. She likes to wrestle with her fellow workers, and her cousins have learned to fear her bear hugs. Besides enjoying her time at work Nara also enjoys the hot springs, working out, and experiencing the different cultures that come to the shores of Neighpon. She enjoys the cuisine and fashion from the far off lands, and when she does have to go to parties with her family she can always be seen in western fashion. Character Summary: Nara is the runt first born of her father, but has shown great promise when working with the forge that has been in her family for three generations. Despite her small size Nara is a spitfire who has trouble fitting in with the newfound high class status her family has come into. She is an equalizer who wants to give everyone a chance to succeed.
  3. Yo thanks for the welcome and I think I will, just spending some time looking at what is all on the forum.
  4. From the album Goblin's Artwork

    Still working on the profile but this is going to be my rp character, currently dubbed Nara. Took me three tires before I was happy with the color scheme. She's a little spitfire smelter in the city of Kyoma who helps to run her family's business. She likes to tussle and is stronger than she appears, and she would rather smelt than attend fancy parties like her mother wants. Expect to see her at some point in the roleplaying world.
  5. Hey everyone I'm Goblin, just joined the site but a moment ago. 25 year old lady with somewhat useless illustration degree (internship now, but really no art jobs in a twenty mile radius). Doing odd jobs here and there, substituting with temp jobs during the holidays and summer while gaining art experience. In the process of doing a side project graphic novel, but really who's got time for any of that? I like to work out, walk around in cold weather, and make fancy coffee and tea drinks. I also have a crap ton of history books I like to read. Also in my spare time I like to play Dungeons & Dragons, as well as painting 40k minis for my bf in preparations for my own army (space wolves corgis!). I've been a fan of My Little Pony since I was a kid, and I've seen all seasons of this current gen. My favorite character is Applejack, and I found this website while travelling through the warp looking for My Little Pony rp sites on google. I think of myself as pretty friendly, but I can be extremely scatter-brained. Don't be afraid to remind me about things xD I'm looking to join the roleplay soon, just have to make a character.