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  1. Roleplay with Rarity (Requests here)

    I feel Showtoon would play pretty well off of Rarity, and definitely want to try it out! She's an actress, so maybe asking help for costume making? You don't need too if you don't wish, of course
  2. It sounds great and SUPER fun, but not somewhere Showtoon would fit in.
  3. My char has just been accepted, yay! I was looking for some people that play fillies and colts her age to maybe have some friends? her ref is here!
  4. [ready] Showtoon

    @RainbowFoxxy Done!
  5. Human Twilight depicted with brown skin color?

    But how would it be fitting, the voice actress for Twilight, Tara Strong, is white. It's just that I see this multiple times when going through fan art drawn by quite a significant amount of artists. Plenty of white people have been cast as characters of color (I.E Voltron or Kubo) The fitting part probably refers to purple being a darker color. And It's not uncommon to draw even human characters who are drawn in canon as white or caucasian as people of color In order to make the world more diverse. Plus white Twi would probably make her palette weird, what with the significantly lighter peach skin v.s. purple fur. Honestly do what you want, with the desighn
  6. Why do bronies use red and black OCs for "evil" characters?

    mmmm that good character design theory. Might as well add my two cents. When a bright color, such as red, is put against a dark one, like black, it stands out, almost as if it's glowing at times. And It's a common mistake when beginning to create characters to want to use the brightest, most eye catching thing possible. That probably explains the saturation. As for the colors, it's probably due to the ingrained symbolism.
  7. Any younger pones?

    I'm a big fan of the series, and want to be more active in the community. But there's like - a lot of stuff that Isn't kid safe. And I'm only 13 so... I'm looking for some fans my age that I can hang with!
  8. [ready] Showtoon

    @RainbowFoxxy can I still play with some symptoms (like basically her having a short attention span and being easily bored?)
  9. [ready] Showtoon

    done! I think it's only mentioned once, so there's that!
  10. I updated the ref sheet!

  11. [ready] Showtoon

    @RainbowFoxxy done and done!
  12. [ready] Showtoon

    Her ref sheet is here! Roleplay Type: readyName: ShowtoonSex: female Age: fillySpecies: earth ponyEye colour: yellowCoat: light orange and cream Mane/Tail: short and red with gold curlsPhysique:small for her ageResidence: ponyvilleOccupation: student, writes cartoons for her local newspaperCutie Mark: A comedy mask with a badly drawn faceUnique Traits: a very shetland-pony like build (I copied/pasted from my ref on another site and I can't get it black or the font size to 13 help) History: As a filly ( or a younger filly then she is now) Showtoon always dreamed of creating the vivid stories and characters with her art. This was hard to achieve, however. SHe couldn't seem to make it look right. She tried, but lost hope that she would ever be a well known artist. She instead put hard work into school plays and acting. She loved the craft, and started to take lessons outside of school, but there was still a calling to art in the back of her mind. She tried to act on this calling, but was always frustrated with her supposed 'lack of ability'. Her 'eureka' moment came when she was working on a play outside of school. It was a comedic play that played off of tropes, and used purposefully forced and 'bad' acting to hit the jokes home. The play went off without a hitch, and the comedy worked. As the curtain closed to the applause, it dawned on her that purposefully 'bad' art can be really darn funny. And thus, her cutiemark appeared, - a comedy mask with a pouty face that Show liked to use. After a lot of work, she was 'hired' to make comics by the local newspaper.Show mastered her stick pony art, and created 'Wafflez' - A character made up of bad character design and cliche tropes in other 'OC's, that she used to play off of her persona, the salty and cynical 'Toony'. After improving her art, she added Sakura as well. Character Personality:Show fits the mantra of the comedy and tragedy masks rather well. When she's happy, she want's to have all eyes on her. She's ready to make jokes and put on a show for her friends. She makes quips at things she doesn't like and drones on for hours about things she does. This is the sides her friends see, because this is the Show that wants attention. They don't see the Show that doesn't nearly as often. When she's sad, tired, or stressed, she tends to snap at ponies when she's crying, even when she doesn't mean too. She tends to be enthusiastic and generally happy to converse, but REALLY doesn't like to be disturbed when she is focused (and don't get me started on hyper focus). She has a short attention span and is easily bored, making school and conversations a bit hard. She can be blunt, and sound exasperated and annoyed when she isn't. Doesn't really have a filter, especially when voicing her opinions on others. She doesn't let critique get to her. She isn't always great at communicating either. She finds it frustrating to have to relay information she already knows to other ponies. Her self image is VERY dependent on how others view her, or, more accurately, how she thinks others view her. She shuts up really fast when she thinks ponies are mad or upset with her, usually covering her face and trying to take up as little space as possible. It can take a bit for her to warm up to ponies, but when she likes somepony, she really likes them. Same goes for disliking ponies (sometimes she gets angry just being near them) Her emotions have two settings - low and Extremely high. Nothing she feels or does is subtle in any way Character Summary: Show is a born entertainer. Nothing pleases her more than making other ponies happy, or at least giving them something to think about. She values her alone time though.
  13. eyyyy

    Hi! I'm Roe and I'm new here!