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  1. I'm BAAACK

    Well well well! Long time no see Canterlot. I'm back in black and well I'm sad to say that I have been so caught up in a different site roleplaying that I forgot about my darling Canterlot! I better post some of my characters from there to here! Hello everypony!
  2. Crescent Sonnet

  3. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Crescent Sonnet Sex: Mare Age: Young Adult Species: Bat Pony Eye colour: a lustrous purple with a black slitted pupil, along with a very neat pair of black thick arched eyebrows. Coat: Grey, not too dark and not too light! Mane/Tail: like her eyes but a little more vibrant! A deep purple, almost indigo looking mane, often down and has a natural slight curl to it. A prominent curl over her eye. Sometimes braided fish-tailed style. Like wise for her tail! Physique: Slender and tall with a posture worthy of a princess. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: She likes to perform in her spare time on her piano or violin and when she isn't Crescent is often found keeping in shape, practicing her singing or going on adventures around Equestria. She performs at a variety of places which allows her to make coin but always returns to Ponyville. Cutie Mark: A crescent moon with a quaver, crochet and a treble cleff in/surrounding it. Unique Traits: Crescent's voice is simply sublime and her scales are always perfect. She is a very fast flyer thanks to her slender frame and like most bat ponies works better under darkness. History: Crescent was born in Hollow Shades with her mother Moon Thyme and her father Nocturne White. Her father was a hard worker who served in the Army and her mother a herbalist. They both were kind, loving and sweet and always made sure their daughter was happy, singing to her on cold winter nights and playing with her under the summer sun. True family love. Crescent in her foal years often found herself by her mother's side, singing as she planted flowers, mixed potions and created all manner of elixirs the young mare hadn't a clue about. The bat pony hummed songs of her own and even sang her mother and father's wedding song once in a while, especially when he was gone for months at times. Little Sonnet finally reached the age she could go to school and reveled in the happiness it brought her and how interesting the world became. She understood things more than ever! Learnt history, geography, daring places and amazing ponies! However, there was one thing that drew her in the most. Music. She was wondering around trying to find the music room and stumbled into an old mare, playing the piano so elegantly and perfectly, Crescent fell in love with the sound and aspired to be that good. The two practiced every day until the end of the year and she was full of so much joy and even performed on stage at school! She also took up the violin with the same old mare, practicing and working for what she wanted to the point of sore hooves. Crescent was heading home one day when news had been sent her father had died in battle. She was devasted, a little foal so young had lost her father and entered a black part of her life. She stayed home a lot, wouldn't do anything at all except write. Words? No...Music. She laboured over pages, creating a symphony worthy of her father until the time his funeral came. Little Sonnet played her piano piece and left the crowd in tears, her a hard stone knowing that she had already shed enough and it was time to be strong. For mother and father. There the filly earned her cutie mark and since then has practiced right up until the last day of school. Her mother stayed in Hollow shades but Crescent moved to Ponyville for a new life and to branch out her music career. Crescent performed hard, builidng up money to by her mum whatever she needed and herself a place to stay. She often makes frequent trips back home. Crescent after leaving school enrolled herself into the Military for about 6 years before retiring to care for her mother in Hollow Shades. She did this in honour of her family which has a long history of Military and was happy in keeping up the traditions our of respect for the passing of her father. For now the mare spreads tears, happiness and a cloud of emotions from her music and has always performed in the moon's white glow, in honour of her Father's death. The Old Mare she knew passed away as well due to old age and she performed a private song she composed for the family and friends. Crescent hopes to continue spreading her music across Equestria, not for the glory but for the feels. 'Lives are short but memories of the beloved are eternal, like the music,' Character Personality: Crescent is a well spoken pony with a wise mind, her voice is deep and soothing and she carries a relaxing air around her. Some ponies often mistaken her for being someone very snooty but she isn't at all! The bat pony is very kind and loves to see and meet new ponies, she enjoys spreading her music and helping ponies out with their problems. Socialising is key for her career, being in the industry (or building up properly into it) is very important to make appearances and attend charity balls/parties and even make guest appearances. She does so with gusto and enjoys learning ponies opinions and getting to know them. Crescent is very respectful however many are very intimidated by her confidence and mannerisms, which often leads to quite a 'walking on eggshell' feeling around her to new ponies. She acts more maturely than she is perceived to be! Crescent is very hard working and does not forget her roots. She's very family orientated and always wants to make her mother happy, she's just a ball of love. The mare when arguements are present mostly takes the back seat, such as her chill nature portrays, unless it is a very deep subject on a perilous stake where she is brutally honest. She does however get fustrated with her own personal problems, such as when she has no creative ideas or struggles with pieces due to a mental block, she gets very angry and often aggy. The mare also struggles with her sleeping patterns! So if she's wearing shades inside a room it's most likely because she hasn't slept and is attempting to hide those disastrous bags! Being a bat pony and playing under the moon's light for her performances, when she has a busy schedule, from meeting with her mother, friendly gatherings, parties, performances, rehearsals etc she develops an appetite worthy of a buffalo and is in a state of constant fatigue! Leading her to be quite a scary image...Her time management of her private life is terrible and she's constantly setting alarms in her house or leaving notes on her walls. Crescent is quite blunt at times too leading her to point out key things that put others on edge when said, however she doesn't mean this disrespectfully of course. Only if she doesn't like you, then she'll let you know as she isn't one to shy away from her feelings on other ponies. Character Summary: Overall Crescent is a very kind pony to be about, with her ups and downs and her terrible timetable she always makes room for the people she loves in her life. She recieves respect and is respectful and always makes sure her manners are remembered. Despite mostly a rickity, intimidating start, Crescent warms up easily and is always on hoof if you need a shoulder to cry on. With a wise mind and a unique talent, she performs from her heart and knows her father is watching over her from the stars and in her heart. Just watch out for when she's angry or tired! Being blunt and eating like a buffalo and in a constant sleepy state due to chaotic sleep patterns is not so pretty! Her: Cutiemark:
  4. Crescent Sonnet

    Just a place to put rough drawings and everything tbh.
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    Oh my what a welcome! Thanks love! I'll be the bane of your existence! Thank you!
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    Thank you guys ?
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    An active MLP rp site! -squee- Anyway I'm Kitty! Nice to meet you and I'm from the UK! I love all the characters and I couldn't chose one! I found this site by googling. I was proud with the results. Hope to RP soon! The idea of posting for the 'proper' like roleplay bit is rather daunting... See ya loves.