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  1. This is the OOC thread for this thread, mainly to keep track in case more than a couple of people want to interact. Kindle can only handle a maximum of two customers at a time, but if more people want to join in, I'll keep a list here and send you a message when space opens up.
  2. Kindle carefully levitated the candles she'd made last night into her cart, checking for any dents or nicks she might have missed in the low light when she'd crafted them. There wasn't much she could do to prevent the light scratches that accumulated as her wares jostled back and forth on the trip into town, but at least she could make sure there weren't any major flaws to begin with. The last batch, periwinkle blue and lavender scented, had come out particularly smooth. She almost wanted to keep them for herself, but she needed them to fill out her stock for today, and they wouldn't do much good sitting on her shelves at home. Besides, she cared more about the smell and quality of light, while appearance was of more immediate importance at the marketplace. With all her goods settled, she closed the sides of her cart. "Are you coming or not?" She directed her question at the windowsill, where her cat Coal was basking in the early morning light. He flicked an ear in her direction and stretched out slowly. "This is your chance to get a cart ride into town," she said, beginning to hitch the cart to her harness. "If you get lonely later, you'll have to make the walk on your own." Coal made no sign of having heard her, but as soon as she began walking, he leapt from the windowsill to the flat top of the cart, where he curled up. "Yeah, that's what I thought." The weather was clear as usual, with only a few stray clouds dotting the sky. Hopefully there would be plenty of ponies strolling about Ponyville's Marketplace willing to stop and smell the candles. Kindle parked her cart in its usual spot and began setting up, storing her harness in the back and shooing Coal off the top so that she could affix her sign. Once she'd arranged the the candles to her liking, she turned to face the square with a bright smile. "Candles for sale!" (Please see OOC thread here)
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    [ KINDLE WICK ] Unicorn // Female // Young Mare // Profile //Threads - Ask to RP - [ STRIKER ] Unicorn // Male // Young Stallion // Profile //Threads - Ask to RP -
  4. Striker [Ready]

    Roleplay Type: WoEName: StrikerSex: MaleAge: Young StallionSpecies: UnicornEye color: Deep BlueCoat: Pale YellowMane/Tail: Orange with red stripes. Keeps them cut relatively short ever since a lab accident burned nearly half of his hair off.Physique: Short for the average stallion, but still taller than the average mare. Residence: CanterlotOccupation: Studying magical pyrotechnics at a university in Canterlot, also doing some freelance special effects work for stage shows. Cutie Mark: A red starry firework (the same shade as the stripe in his mane). Striker earned his cutie mark as a young colt during a Summer Sun Celebration. After becoming separated from his parents in the crowd, he stumbled into a backstage prep area where fireworks were being stored. Thinking that they were candles to be lit as part of the festivities, Striker ended up setting off nearly half of the fireworks early. Dazzled by the display, he earned his cutie mark and the inspiration to study pyrotechnics. His family and friends still tease him about the mishap, and he dreams of putting together a Summer Sun Celebration show splendid enough that they will forget about his previous mistake. Unique Traits: His talent for making small explosions with his magic can come in handy as both an offensive weapon and a distraction, as he discovered during the changeling invasion of Canterlot. History: His father is a unicorn blacksmith, specializing in creating the decorative swords, shields, and armor used during official ceremonies. His mother is an interior design pegasus who is well known for her work on some of the palace's rooms. Striker shares a close bond with his twin sister Kindle Wick, who moved to Ponyville to start her own business. For the past several years, Striker has been studying at a university in Canterlot. He has completed his general studies and is focusing on advanced pyrotechnics with his mentor, Professor Sparklerspurn (Professor Sparks to his students). He is studying both magic spells specialized for stage effects, as well as potions and chemical formulas for making physical fireworks. He would like to work on prominent shows, but is more interested in pulling off amazing and technically difficult shows than making a name for himself. Character Personality: Despite living his whole life in Canterlot, Striker hasn't mastered the etiquette followed of the elite class that lives there. Because of this, he can unintentionally come across as rude to more proper ponies, although he generally gets along with those who don't care about such formalities. The high rank or status of other ponies generally don't faze him, although he can become starstruck in front of show ponies he idolizes, such as DJ Pon-3. He prefers noisy concerts and parties over stuffy formal events. While he enjoys hanging out with friends and trying new things, he makes sure to set aside enough time to spend on his studies. Character Summary: Striker is a energetic stallion who loves bright lights and loud noises, and is looking to make some of his own. When not studying pyrotechnics at his university in Canterlot, you can usually find him hanging out at lively concerts and parties in the city.
  5. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Kindle WickSex: FemaleAge: Young Mare Species: UnicornEye color: Deep blueCoat: Pale YellowMane/Tail: Mainly orange with some red locks. Medium length, wavy, and usually slightly styled. Text Color: Azure (#007FFF)Physique: Average sized for a mare, and fit from lugging around her cart.Residence: A small house in Ponyville.Occupation: Kindle makes candles – sculpted, scented, and some with light magical properties (to produce colored flames or to help with relaxation, for example). She takes her wares by cart to the Ponyville Marketplace every day. Cutie Mark: A red and orange flame (the same shades as her mane). Kindle gained her cutie mark as a young filly when she helped her father relight the forge after a runaway rainstorm caused a leak in the roof and put it out. This incident caused her and her family to assume that she would eventually take over the forge from her father. However, she had difficulty learning the metalworking skills required to run the forge. When working on a side project to make candles that would let her read in the dark for longer, she discovered that what she really wanted to do was start a candle business. Unique Traits: Kindle's magic can be somewhat unpredictable when she is stressed, causing her horn to send out sparks that risk starting fires. Because of this, she has become skilled in completing tasks such as sculpting candles or braiding wicks both with and without magic. History: Kindle Wick was born and raised in Canterlot, but never felt quite at home in the hustle and bustle of the royal city. Her father is a unicorn blacksmith, specializing in creating the decorative swords, shields, and armor used during official ceremonies. Her mother is an interior design pegasus who is well known for her work on some of the palace's rooms. Kindle is very close to her twin brother, Striker, who is studying magic in Canterlot. After finishing school, Kindle worked as a clerk for her father's blacksmith business for about two years, while trying to learn the trade of metalworking. Once she discovered that her true talents lay in candle making, she decided to move to Ponyville and start her own business there. Soon after moving, she bought a house and adopted a small black cat, who she named Coal. She currently works from home, where her workbench takes up most of the living room, and brings her candles by cart to the Ponyville Marketplace. She has been thinking about moving into a larger building so she could have a shop on the first floor and live on the second, but doesn't currently have the funds. Character Personality: Large crowds and loud noises make Kindle anxious, which tends to make her magic act up, which in turn makes her more anxious... but her time in Ponyville has made her calmer and more confident on the whole, and she can handle ponies in small groups fine. Her time working as a clerk has given her good business sense and a head for numbers. She enjoys sitting by the fire and reading books by candlelight, as well as tackling any creative challenges that come her way. While she enjoys spending time alone, she also fears loneliness and desires the comfort of close friends. Character Summary: Kindle is in general a friendly mare, if a bit anxious. She is eager to continue growing her small candle business and make friends along the way. You can usually find her selling her wares at the Ponyville Marketplace, and her pet cat Coal is never far behind.
  6. Hiya!

    Thanks for the suggestion! The picture actually isn't as grainy on forum posts as it looked on the profile page, so I'll probably be able to live with it.
  7. Hiya!

    Hello everyone! I got into MLP RP a few years ago, but drifted away after a while. Recently I found myself missing my pony OCs, so I thought I'd bring them back. Unfortunately, the forum that I used to RP on has since died, but luckily I stumbled across this site! Looking forward to getting to know people around here. P.S. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make my profile image less grainy, that would be much appreciated! The original file is a crisp png that I uploaded it imgur, so I'm not sure what the problem would be.