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    Art of my OCs, whether it be references or just some fun doodles!
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    Hahaha! Thank you! Ooohh okay! That's awesome! Thank you so much for letting me know! : )
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    Satawa's Pose

    Ah, same here! >v< Thank you so very much! Aah, thank you! I'm glad you like it!
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    Hahaha, he's got a fiancee, don't worry. ; ) She just doesn't like him very much and ran off to Equestria to avoid being involved in an arranged marriage. 0x0 Whoa, tough luck... Thank you so much! : )
  5. I think it'd be super cool if you could maybe doodle Satawa, my giraffe? She's one of my favorite OCs so I'm looking for some more art of her. ;w;
  6. "Sweet dreams, my little ponies." Dreamy Drops/Sandmare Pegasus Pony//Female//Adult//Profile RP Status - ASK ME
  7. "I know the costume may look strange, but you'll get used to it!" Fly Fish Pegasus Pony//Female//Young Adult//Profile RP Status - ASK ME
  8. -DISCLAIMER: None of the art or characters that I present have been traced or copied in any way, shape, or form. The style that I use(credited to Hasbro for it being the "canon show-style" has been practiced and perfected over the years! If you need proof of this, I can happily and easily supply it to you! Thank you for your understanding!- Fly Fish Dreamy Drops/Sandmare
  9. Name: Fly Fish Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Color: Dark orchid Character Color: Light//Khaki yellow Mane/Tail/Other: She has a Catalina blue mane with some of her bangs swiped out into the front over her forehead. Her mane is spiked up in the back. Her tail is short and docked with a similar consistency and style to her mane. Residence: Rainbow Falls Occupation: Ichthyologist Physique: Fly Fish is an average sized pegasus pony. She wears a costume that resembles a tropical two-wing flying fish. This costume consists of a blue top, and a silver bottom, a yellow stripe traveling down the side of the fish. The fins of this costume are a dark blue as well, the pectoral wings covering Fly Fish's wings, much like a pillowcase does to a pillow. Fly Fish's head pokes out of the costume's "mouth", the head resembling a the head of a fish, having two, large yellow eyes positioned on the top of the hood. Likes: Sewing, baking, traveling, meeting new ponies, studying, taking classes, teaching, researching, fish, swimming, bodies of water, cucumbers, marine life, rare species Dislikes: Fish puns, the dark, illness, storms, unpunctuality, shallow ponies, getting her mane ruffled, being without her suit in public Cutie Mark: A flying fish, representing her love and knowledge for marine life, showcasing her favorite species.(Story of achievement in 'History') Unique Traits: Able to discern fish species very well, remembering minute details Perfectionist Fairly good at sewing and baking Awful at flying, with or without suit. Prefers to walk, despite being clumsy. Incredible at fishing History: High Tide was a well-recognized figure of the marine science community. He had been involved in the engineering segments of the labs that he was involved with. After years of research, he had constructed a system for boats that would lessen the use of precious fuels by combining it with magic. As a pegasus, the research that had gone into unicorn magic had gained him a lot of recognition and during a speech that he had made to speak of his discoveries, he met Sea Foam. Sea Foam was another pegasus that had a deep love for the ocean. She raised her hoof dozens of times during his speech, questioning him of his goals, desires, and how he got to where he was in the community. High Tide grew interested, and afterwards sought to speak with the mare. The two clicked, and soon enough started to see one another. One thing after another, and a few moons later, the two were married and planning the arrival of their first foal. Only months into Sea Foam's pregnancy, High Tide had been offered to set off on a business trip to the coastal city of Manehatten to deliver his ideas and blueprints to a large company. Sea Foam urged him to take the opportunity. So he did. Sea Foam gave birth to her first foal, a filly with a golden coat, a royal blue mane, and beautiful violet eyes. She looked just like her father, Sea Foam reminiscing on the stories that High Tide would tell her about his travels oversea and watching the flying fish glide out of the waves right next to his boat. That’s when she named her. Her name was Fly Fish. Fly Fish spent the majority of her fillyhood with her mother as a primary source of support. High Tide had been taking his ideas all across Equestria. Fly would only see her father on occasion. She was a star student in her school, making good grades and had been quite popular in her class because of it. Her parents couldn’t have been more proud. When Fly Fish was old enough, her father had decided to take her along on one of his oversea trips to give her a chance to see more of Equestria and to learn more of her passions for the ocean and the life within it. The moment Fly got a glimpse of the flying fish that her father had always told her and her mother about, she was captured in their beauty, leaping off of the vessel, flying alongside the gliding fish. Her flank glowed and sparkled, and in that moment, she realized that her destiny was to learn more of these creatures and more about the ocean itself. A mark appeared on her flank. A cutie mark. Not long after the trip, Fly Fish and High Tide had returned home to receive awful news from Sea Foam. She was deathly ill and it had come rather spontaneously, becoming sick within only the matter of weeks that the two were away. She promised her daughter and her husband that she would be fine, and soon started treatments. Despite this, her condition did not improve. The Nightmare Night of that year, Sea Foam had hoof-sewn a costume for Fly that resembled a flying fish. Fly was overjoyed, her father and her going out on the night, only to return to the hospital that Sea Foam was being treated at to see that she had passed away. The two were devastated. The filly Fly Fish refused to take off her costume, as it was the last thing that her mother had given her. She continued to clean and repair the costume of any tears and damage for months. Due to her mourning, she began to lose friends at school. High Tide stuck by her side for support for some time. After some time, Fly had come to a conclusion with her mourning, yet continued to wear the fish costume. She had taken time to repair and make replicas of the original as she grew out of her old suits. She made her new suits with more durable material, making them in her image. She felt more recognizable in society wearing her suit, and although she had stopped mourning her mother many moons before, she felt the costume gave her something to remember her mother by and to feel comfortable and unique in society. Fly returned to being a happy mare, returning back to pursuing her goals of working in the field to discover more about Equestria’s oceans and other bodies of water. High Tide continued to support her until she grew old enough to move into her own home, she taking employment in the Rainbow Falls Marine Science Institute where she works in ichthyology. Today, Fly Fish takes trips and expeditions from Rainbow Falls, working on making discoveries that not yet have been documented. She hopes to discover a new species of fish in the future and become more renowned in the marine science community as some of her higher-ups. She is currently low in the ranks in her lab, but she hopes to excel in the future. Character Personality: Fly Fish is a typically introverted mare, but has a fiery passion and personality. She fights for her opinions, and is a very strong-willed mare, relying purely on logic and organization in taking future steps in achieving her goals. She is a pony who typically works at her own set pace and to her own terms, not allowing the mockery of others to change her mind. She, being as introverted as she is, does have issues being in large groups, being the center of attention, or giving an introduction. However, once a friend to Fly, always a friend to Fly. She is filled with nothing but love and compassion for her friends and acts like the "mom" around those who are close to her. She has nothing but respect and recognition for her peers and shows that much more as others get to know her. Although she may seem off-put at first, it won't last too long. Fly is creative, decisive, and organized, having determination and willpower to follow through with her plans, letting almost nothing steer her away from her intended path. Her convincing and humble traits leave her to be a sweet mare, having deep desires to improve the lives of others around her, and to protect the things she is passionate about. However, with her idealistic manner, she always needs to have a cause or a motivation and with a lack of one, can panic or become anxious with confusion. Fly is a pony that works purely off of organization, and is quite a perfectionist. Fly's bursts of motivation can cause her to burn out quickly and become a bit reclusive when she seems bored or non-productive. She is a sensitive and thorough mare, wishing to typically take the safest intended path of travel. In a relationship (romantic/platonic), it is concluded that Fly is very enthusiastic in her relationships, and tends to be wise and somewhat spontaneous when she chooses to take the initiative. She enjoys genuine connections and despises ponies who are shallow or uncommitted. Character Summary: Fly Fish is an adult pegasus pony who is commonly recognized for her love of fish and demonstrating that through wearing a flying-fish costume. She is an ichthyologist, living in Rainbow Falls and studying at the Rainbow Falls Marine Science Institute. Although currently low in the ranks of employment in her lab, she is expected to excel quickly. She is a typically stubborn, passionate, but sweet mare who is rather introverted. She appreciates anypony willing to look past the fishy costume on the outside, recognizing the brilliant and loving pony within!
  10. Let's call her...Dipsy!
  11. Thank you! I hope I'll have a good time here! Haha, thank you so much! I really appreciate it! You'll be seeing my work up and at 'em in no time! I truly hope you enjoy my stuff and I hope to see you around often! Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like her!
  12. "Hello! My name is Fly Fish! I'm a yellow pegasus pony who thrives in Rainbow Falls...a lot of folks tend to call me the "Pegasus in a fish costume"...and that's because... that's exactly what I am! Feel free to come talk to me anytime! I'm not too much of an odd pony once you get to know me! Just ignore the costume, haha..." Don't respond to that in an RP or anything. It was just for funsies. So now that you have an idea of how to introduce yourself, go ahead! We’d lov my name is Nikki. You all can call me Envelin or Fly Fish or whatever the heck you want. I am an artist, thriving mainly in animation, comic design, and general cartoons. You will often find me lurking or posting long, descriptive, narrative RPs in many places. I came here to escape the wasteland that is Ponysquare, which I used to be a staff member of before activity on it dropped like a rock into a puddle. I have over 40 MLP OCs. You'll all get to know them fairly quickly if you talk to me much. ; ) My favorite character in MLP is Discord. I also am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer and Fluttershy. Anyways, here's my pretty much dead Ponysquare account to give you a good briefing of who I am before I cannonball into this! Should be fun! Much fun! https://pony.squares.im/Fly-Fish/ ~New member, Envelin
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