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  1. From the album Persephone

    Persephone's cutie mark was custom made by based on a list of specific words I had given them. I am ecstatic over the whole thing and couldn't be happier.
  2. From the album Persephone

    Purchased from on 02/05/17 for $21.00 USD- Aquired over Notes (proof of note-string can be supplied upon request)- has messaged to have the username on the adopt changed to - Notification from me to posted here (both parties have been pinged)
  3. Thanks, both of you. Yes, I love animals and I'm working towards a career in conservation. My next goal once I complete this is to complete my BA in Wildlife Rehab and Conservation
  4. Hi everyone. I thought I'd give signing up a try since I was looking for a place I could Rp and socialize and I thought I'd give this place a try. At the moment I just purchased a character design I plan to main and I'm just waiting for the artist to update the adoption page since I bought it from the person who previously won the auction. Once everything changes I'll work on my profile. My character's name is Persephone. Outside of the online world I'm a 24 year old female (turning 25 in April) who's attending college for Animal Care.