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  1. Aero grew up in Canterlot, I think he would be a little bit older than Sunset so maybe before she yeeted herself through that funky mirror they may have made eye contact one time, maybe they actually met before. So many possibilities.
  2. I could see my main, Aero Dynamic, being a helpful point of contact. He is former royal guard and it would be pretty on brand for him to want to expand his own sphere of influence. Unsure what circumstances they would meet or even how close they could be as friends but it'll be fun to find out!
  3. Name: Aero Dynamic Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye color: Blue Character color: Light blue Mane/Tail: He has a deep blue mane with a red streak from his right eye down his back. He grows his mane down to his withers and just long enough on top that the tips of his mane just hang over his eyes. He has a solid deep blue tail that he grows down to the back of his knees mostly kept tidy. Physique: Lean and stocky but pretty tall. Almost, not quite as tall as Princess Luna. Not muscular but well filled out. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Recently discharged royal guard. Aero is looking to be in business for himself these days. Putting his experience and training to good use for more regular ponies (who can afford him). Cutie Mark: An angel wing. A fire broke out in his classroom at school and as the school was evacuated, he noticed one of his classmates didn't make it out of the classroom with everypony else. At great risk to his personal safety, Aero went back and found him. He brought his classmate out unharmed, only having a few singed feathers. After that, he wasn't able to fly for a while until the damaged feathers grew back, but he carried on living selflessly from that day on. Unique Traits: Aero keeps himself in exceptional shape, he's stronger than he looks and an excellent flier. His flying skills are developed in more practical disciplines, such as flying in harsh weather conditions, instead of showboating. History: Aero was born in Cloudsdale. At a young age he didn't get along with his parents. He was mostly unhappy that they tried so hard to raise him to be just like them. After sufficient begging, he was sent to be raised by his more well off uncle in Canterlot. He hasn't had contact with them since childhood and has no plans to change that any time soon. As a young stallion he joined the royal guard. Once again, he was unhappy being homogenized and decided he wanted to carry on his work, his way. Aero never reenlisted and has been trying to make a living doing what hes always done for other ponies. Character personality: Aero is very stubborn and has a dry disposition. He has a small scowl for a resting face which gets more intense when he's trying to focus. Though a pony of few words, he speaks with authority. Although Aero has a talent and predisposition for making sacrifices for others, his two favorite things are flying and the night sky. Some days it's enough to feel the breeze in his mane, others he just needs to go top speed and cut as many close calls as he can get away with. On days when he wants or needs to be grounded, he likes to spend time watching the stars in the sky and let himself be filled with foalhood wonder. Nothing will put a smile on his face the way those activities will. Character summary: At a young age, Aero was sent from Cloudsdale from his parents to be raised by his uncle in Canterlot. He studied hard in school and became quite knowledgeable although an academic underachiever. When he came of age he joined the royal guard. He was unsatisfied with how things were done and the narrow scope of their mission overall. He decide he could do more for the common pony on his own with his training and experience. What he wants to do more than anything is just leave Equestria a better place than how he found it, whatever the cost to himself.
  4. At least most of the time I go by Aero Dynamic in this fandom. I play a lot of CSGO and WoW. You've probably never heard of any of my works on FiMFicstion as TheBronyRacer. I'm a Ponysquare refugee seeking asylum but I'm still kinda excited to start fresh here smiley face. I've been a Brony since April 21 2011 and I'm in this for life. So, I guess I'll be seeing you all around!
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