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  1. (Nice. But we will have to wait a bit. Bronco is having to deal with a lot and it's tiring him out.)
  2. I'm not sure how I feel. I mean I prefer 1 episode a week so t he season lasts longer and we have a week to deal with what we just saw in that 1 episode and so that feeling of suspense before during and after the finale has a better impact and lasting feeling on us instead of all the episodes coming at once and overwhelming us. I have to admit though youtube's recommendations keep bringing up the episodes released in Canada and my curiosity stops me from ignoring it and waiting.
  3. Out from the door came a white coated unicorn with a messy black mane and tail. His eyes were a light shade of purple and his cutiemark seemed to be a light green cross inside a green circle that is boarded with yellow and grey circles. His horn was giving off a parakeet green magical aura as he was levitating a few first aid items behind him. He stopped once his body was fully out the door and lifted his head to face the 2 as the grown stallion spoke. f"Hello? Sorry my name is Sanar Enfermera. You can just call me Sanar. I was sent out as a field medic to find and help the injured or fallen. I haven't found many others though. I am here trying to scavenge for medical supplies." The Stallion walked a bit closer to the 2 while keeping his medical supplies levitated behind him and above his already full medic pack. He was wearing what could easily be described as a field medic's outfit. His jacket and medic pack even has a bright green cross on it. He trotted by the Sergeant and his Private as he went to try and find other supplies in the infirmary. As he was heading towards the infirmary though one of the doors became loose and nearly fell on him. Thankfully he conjured up a decent barrier to protect him from any harm and dropped the door to the side. "This place is just becoming more and more undone everyday. if you're gonna be investigating these buildings it maybe best to break down the doors so they don't get you first." With a sigh of defeat after he stuck his head in the infirmary to see it was completely empty, he headed back towards the doors he came out from ready to turn in.
  4. planning

    I've been ready for days bruh
  5. planning

    Yeah I don't mind. I could make 1 private RP of this for one of us and the other in a thread for the other.
  6. planning

    Sure. In my thing about Sanar Enfermera I think I mentioned his talent is healing and supporting. Meaning it can be physical support or emotional support as well as healing injuries and wounds and stuff. So he can totally help with the emotional problem Nightgale would have seeing her mom.
  7. I was thinking of doing an RP involving a trip to Las Pegasus. Sanar Enfermera happens to be enjoying some time off of studying to relax in a Party Utopia such as this place, but not all good things last as his vacation may have to be put on pause due to someone requiring aid. And being the stallion he is decides to aid the pony in need (aka your character.) After helping with whatever the problem maybe they could probably hang out for a bit longer and perhaps become friends, or not. Of course not everything has to end happily. The problem your character has can be minor or major anything will work really. I was hoping to do this with 1 other person. So if anyone is interested or has any ideas on how this could be fixed up and adjusted to be made better and into a longer lasting RP feel free to give criticism. I'll do my best to make it perfect for anyone.
  8. Nice episode, but I feel like scootaloo was a little too harsh on Rainbowdash. I mean as she says she never had supportive parents, but I'm sure even she could've seen Rainbowdash's parents were being a bit too much especially with how they almost shot Rainbowdash and that white haired pegasus, i forgot her name, with a fire work. Yeah they were the ones to encourage her and helped her become awesome and they are tryingto be supportive but there is a limit and a thing called overbearing. Granted Rainbow shouldnt have yelled at her parents the way she did she really could've handled that in a more mature fashion, but scootaloo was being a bit blind to the whole thing out of the bias of never having supportive parents. And I'm gonna go out on a whim and say Scootaloo has neglectful probably emotionally abusive parents. This show has handled adult topics in the past.
  9. Am i the only one who doesnt scream and freak out over seeing derpy? Am i the only one who doesn't really care for her? I don't hate her i just dont feel anything towards her other than eh. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Monokuma


      Oh thank goodness. Cause sometimes when i watch reactions if derpy is somewhere in the foreground or background they spend 5 to 10 minutes screaming about her and how amazing she is and im like "Ugh..." i dont hate her i just dont think she's all that amazing.

    3. Bronco


      Derpy is the fandom heart tester. If you don't freak out over her sheer amounts of cuteness you sir are heartless.


      kidding she is overplayed a little.

    4. Thunderbuck


      While I love Derpy, I can fully understand. I feel the similar about Celestia. There are certain characters the various groups freak out about. 

  10. I got 240 dollars for graduating. An i bought a whole bunch of ****. Rings, pocket watch, necklace, cosplay hoodies, shirts, some video game stuff for league, a new phone case.

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    2. Bronco


      Yah the good old broke limb simulator. I see what u mean, I don't have any either.

    3. tacobob


      I hope someone got you slacks! Always need slacks!

    4. Monokuma


      I already own those

  11. Just as a reminder. Remember the order of responses is the order of who joined. So itd be Bronco then me then Screws then Storm
  12. I still wanna know how they got their cutiemarks. Like what's the story behind it and behind Luna's black mark around her cutie mark. Like did Celestia and Luna wake up one day and was like "**** that round object in the sky" and just put it away?
  13. I guess. I was just trying to mix science logic and cartoon logic. Guess that failed on my part.