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  1. Ever Free (Closed for combat)

    (Should we like skip over stormchaser and just do it ourselves?
  2. Solarlines' character sheet

    That mask is funny, and I like it as a unique iconic thing for your character.
  3. Sweet~ We're gonna have an RP turn order to keep everything organized right? And if so how would it go?
  4. I can take generosity if you want kindness
  5. I want Sanar to be kindness cause he's a healer. And I plan on making him a caring and compassionate person. Though it looks like Sanar is the only unicorn so idk if I can be Kindness.
  6. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    Cure smiled as he trotted down the drop and off the ship. Once he his hooves touched the dirt he looked around the area scanning every which way he could. He turned back to the ship and called up to Lucky's brother. "Hey! Are you sure this is the right place? Seems quiet. You know like how in those movies or TV Shows places are quiet and that's when something ambushes them? If I get ambushed I'm gonna be so mad." The stallion turned back and slowly trotted forward as quietly as his big loud hooves cracking twigs would let him. Sanar was not a quiet pony that's for sure. Poor bastard can't even take a tip-toe step forward without breaking something. Even so he tried to see if he can find anyone near the ship or any threats. He didn't trot off to far from the ship though as he wanted to stay close in case something attacked it or Lucky happened to pass by. "You know I gotta say. This forest I don't understand why they would build their village so close to it. Like didn't they check for timberwolves before building? Or did they just decided to kill them and use them to build their houses. Cause if that's the case then jeez these people are messed up."
  7. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    Sanar had starred at the screen watching it all go down as well. Seeing the "dim wit" of a brother act swiftly and save the young pony filled him with relief, joy, and jealousy cause damn he beat them there and took care of the wolves. "We should probably have landed sooner. Just saying." Sanar smiled and walked towards the exit of the ship looking out at the scene. He wanted to get down there and see if the pony was injured and in need of healing/medical attention. His hair blew to the behind him as the ship was zipping through the air. "You know this actually feels nice." Let it be known that Sanar enjoys blow-dryers apparently if he is getting a kick out of fast winds pushing his hair back. Now if he can stop messing around he can get to the ground and get to the pony's aid and see if he can heal any possibly wounds on her as well as help Lucky in case more timberwolves ambush them.
  8. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    (Dark Emerald)
  9. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    Sanar trotted slowly out of the cabin having finally changed into his costume that had taken him about an hour from when they started to take off. Took him the whole damn trip to put it on jeez this guy I swear. Under the hero name Cure he was known as the healer of this group thanks to his cutiemark in healing/supporting others. "Jeez this outfit. The buttons were hard to do even with magic. Well either way I'm suited up and ready to go, Lucky! Let's save another soul!" Well even if the guy was slow at dressing he did have the enthusiasm proper for this job. The white coated stallion unicorn stood tall and ready to jump into action as they flew over head of their target. His magic was ready to go, even though this poor bastard doesn't go to the gym meaning he's physically weak. Like seriously dude eat a steak or something. Do you even lift Sanar? Either way he was ready to jump into action!
  10. DEFENDERS (of equestria)

    Name: Cure Secret Identity: Sanar Enfermera Costume: white button up dress shirt, along with white dress pants, and black horseshoes. He also wears glasses and puts his mane in a pony tail. Description: When not in his super hero out fit He is a white coated Unicorn with a messy black mane and tail as well as light purple eyes. Mark: a lime/lemon green cross inside a green circle encased in a black circular lining. Power: Can heal allies and surround them in protective barriers. He can also shoot a simple laser from his horn. Weakness: He is not a powerful fighter and is physically weak. His attacks are not strong as he is mostly a healing focused hero. If he was to be in a 1v1 battle he'd lose easily or win only because he managed to survive long enough to tire out his opponent. When not in costume ---->
  11. Taking the last name.

  12. Ever Free (Closed for combat)

    (((Name: Sanar Enfermera Position: Corporal Description: Average body type, pure milk white coat, black messy mane (I'd say it's medium sized and fluffy kind of), Light purple eyes, lime colored healer cross cutiemark with yellow and grey boarders surrounding a green circle. Optimistic and blunt overall. Rather relaxed about everything and can sometimes forget the severe seriousness of the situation at hand. A little bit unconfident in his ability as a field medic. Low self esteem at times due to the impending danger at times. Items: Bandages, Syringes, pocket watch, Medical tools he carries around with his magic. Flim Flam Mark 22: Semi-auto pistol -1 P16A1: M16 knockoff, semi-auto/burst rifle -Assorted Medical Gear -2 M18 Smoke grenades -Bitaca 37: Ithaca knockoff, short barreled pump shotgun (in case i was complete **** with the description I have a pic) Just reposting this cause i changed his name to something more original and better than White Hoof.)))))