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  1. Travel around Equestria [Open]

    Bright was thinking while he was packing his books in his bag. This strange duo really intrigue him. Why Discord didn't use her to make the world has he would? Why did she's trusting him? Anyways, he needs to continue his travel and he just noticed that he badly said the name of the town where he's going so he took map on the side of his bag and check the name of this little town. "Sorry, I've said the wrong name! I must go to Ponyville, I need to meet the Princesses for my studies and I've a letter to deliver at the Princes Celestia" The color of the sky catch his attention. Orange, like his mane with pink clouds and an awesome sunset. The dusk his calling him and a thrill go through his wings, the twilight is his favorite part of a day, the dawn is the second one and he loves lost himself in the sky during those part of the day and admire the world around, or imagine himself as a lord ruling the world around and protecting each soul that live under his responsibility. But each time he lands on ground the reality catch him. He shooked his head to forget this thought. "I stay here of the night and I will go early in the morning tomorrow, would you make this travel with me?"
  2. Hello there cutie one!
  3. Welp, i hath returned

    Hello there! I'm glad you come back. I think old one are still here but news pals are comings each week. ^^
  4. Make it blue, make it pink!

    Lone Nightmare is just an idea for now, but that will be a changeling that want to become a "real" pony.
  5. Make it blue, make it pink!

    I'm glad you join our forum but... Can make your presentation redable? Bright pink + italic on white is really hard to read. And about your OC, no one around will bother you about it BUT you must play her in the right section. In Canterlot we got a loooot of RP section but the two main are: -FFA. Where you can do whatever you want -WoE. On this second one, your character must fit to Equestria logic and history, in this section you can't play a OC alicorn. However, there always a way to fit with a unvers and be whatever you want. My first OC, Bright Spark, is a good example: I like magic and I LOVE pegasus so... Bright Spark is a pegasus who's studying magic even if he can't use it. Another question?
  6. Travel around Equestria [Open]

    The vision of a little pony who saved the world a lot of time hugging the powerful god of Chaos was cute and... weird. He hears Fluttershy talk to him; but he don't pay attention to her right now, his mind was focused on the treasure that he just found. Or maybe that's the treasure that found him? Anyway, Discord is one of the best subject for his studies and he is in front of him, reading one of his books. However there's a big problem about this subject, Discord is selfish so if he wants to study his magic Bright will need to find a way to keep him close for some days, even hours... His eyes turn to the yellow pegasus and a smile appear on his face. She's the key of his first study, still her own magic will be interesting to study he prefers to focus on the most strange for now. But he also got a travel to make, ponies to make and at least a library to found. The only thing that is worry about is what will happend if Discord discover that he's using Fluttershy to keeping him around? He put a hoof on the book that Discord is holding. "I need this one." As he was waiting for Discord to drop his book, he talks to Flutthershy. "So, I'm travelling around our country and I'm actually going to PonyTown, did you wanna come with me?"
  7. LemonSoda the Pegasus (Ready)

    For "age", don't put numerical value, we don't really know how the MLP world work with ages. Put "Filly" instead for a child. Who is her sister?
  8. Hello!

    Weeeeelcome you! Cool to see that you already got some question. So: -There are different space for RP around. The two main area are FFA (You can make WHATEVER you want here) and WoE in this second one, your character musr fit with the world around. -Alicorn cannot be created in WoE. PM me or post here if you got anothers questions.
  9. Travel around Equestria [Open]

    While the young traveler has finished his phrase, he looks at the mess he did during his small rest and wanted to start clean it but... Things aren't always like we would. When he took the first book he noticed that he was surrounded by a huge strange-shaped shadow. At the moment where he turn back to see what is the source of this shadow his mind break. Maybe he forgot what's the name of the mare that wakes him. Maybe he forgot to check his bag before resting. But actually, all his mind, brain and soul was focused and one thing. One big strange thing with a pony head, dragon tail, griffon wing and claws and others randoms creature's limbs. For a second his brain shut off, if a mindmaster were to be spying on him right now he would only find a dead silence. Then an explosion of thought make him feel a weird sensation going down his spine. Discord, the god of chaos was flying just in front of him and reading one of his books. He turns the face around to see the yellow filly that woke him and the vision of the puzzle beast make him remembered who is this mare. This shy full pony is "just" one of the pony that is father talks the most them. She's one of the Element of Harmony she's Fluttershy the element of kindness. He focused on the world around it and realized what happened in a few seconds. After swallowing his fear, apprehension or whatever this feeling was. He tried to draw the Discord's attention. “Hu... you're the last draconequus on earth and also the god of chaos are you?”
  10. Greeting

    Hello Pecan! Have fun around! Don't hesitate to ask if you got any question!
  11. Goodness, Hello!

    Hello Sleepy! Have fun around! Don't hesitate to ask if you got any question!
  12. mr new guy

    Welcome! Don't hesitate to ask if you got a question about something!
  13. This section is just here to inform other players about who are our characters. If one of them interest you, feel free to ask the user if he want to use the character with you. If you want to play a manecast character, ask in the manecast section. This section will appear by itself when you fill the "character log" and "main character" in your profile page.
  14. Travel around Equestria [Open]

    The little voice of the worried pony near him awake Bright. While he was trying to accustom his eyes at the light around him, he looks at the filly who spoke to him and got a weird sensation. He felt like he knows her from somewhere, but his mind was not cleared because of the headache that his awakening caused. He stood up, stretched his limbs and answer at her. "Hi." He rubs his eyes "I'm fine, why wouldn't I be ok? I'm just resting in a wonderful place before starting a long and fascinating journey through our beautiful country." While he was talking, he didn't notice that his bag that contain his books fall over and spread on the ground. The grass was covered by his three books and some of his drawing. One of the books talk about Equestria History, the second one is about magic and the third is his own notebook who exceed a map of all the continent. There's a lot of drawing, some are anatomical, a few of them are graphics, but the biggest part are strange abstract with a lot of black and purple.
  15. This sunday was like all the others one for the entire world. Ponies was resting peacefully around Equestria enjoying their week-end with a picnic or a party. But let's focus on a little pegasus named Bright Sparke. This sunday was the first step of his travel, of his History and he was a little bit anxious about his capacities of living alone on road. The goodbyes with his parents was hard but necessary, he was needed to travel for studying how magic is used by the different kinds of this fabulous world. While he was flying to the peak of the Hasufel mountain he remembered something his father told him. "Bright, Even if you can't use it I've teach you how the magic work. Maybe during your travel you will meet some ponies that will laugh of your work only because you're a pegasus. Forgot those ponies and focus on those who will help you." While he was remembering he quickly flies over the peak. What he sees at this moment cut his breathing and stop his wings. The sun was making Rainbow Falls shine like colorful diamond with gold nuggets on it. The fresh grass was shining like emerald. The wind was whispering a sublime symphony, using the trees and mountains as instruments. He lands on the ground and say his first words since the start of his travel. "So that's what look like the world around? I won't be back home as soon I was thinking..." He make the next part of his travel on the ground to take time to admire the view and enjoy the peace of this place, but he don't directly go to Rainbow Fall instead he takes a sleep some kilometers before the town, at the bottom of the mountain.