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  1. I awoke in what looked like a nursery, I had no recollection of what happened before I passed out, The only thing I could recall was making a wish on a magical website, but then everything went black. When I woke up, I took a close look at my body, which was now that of a Cartoon Horse. In place of my hands were two Peach Hooves, more specifically Cartoon Hooves, with a thick tan outline around them, and where my feet would usually be, there were two more hooves, or rather, my hind legs. Everything around me was crystallized in blue, everything around was cartoony and handdrawn, in a really well done flash animated style. I rubbed my eyes with hooves, and my vision was blurred, but when it cleared, I saw a lavender unicorn girl right in front of me, or Mare, and she had a long, curly, beautiful purple Mane with Pale Aquamarine Highlights,which were equivalent to the color of the Ocean in Hawaii in my world, Her Mane had a slightly curled ponytail with a curled part in the front. Her Tail had the same beautiful curl of her Mane. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, equivalent to the beauty of the Nighttime sky. Starlight Glimmer looked exactly as she did in the cartoon show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, she looked exactly as she did if she were to be officially animated in Adobe Flash 8 by the Show's Animators for an Official episode! Only she was a lot more lifesize, and a lot closer, because I was seeing Starlight and Equestria through my own eyes, rather than on a screen. I noticed, as Starlight's eyes looked in my direction, she had a concerned look on her face, like she was concerned.... About me? Upon closer inspection, I noticed my my left forehoof was wrapped in a bandage. I tried moving it, but couldn't, and when I tried, I winced in pain. "Ow, ow!" I then winced, "Sss...." I then looked up at Starlight. "U-Umm.... W-What.... happened to my arm....? I-I mean.... my.... Hoof....." It did feel odd to say that, but I knew I'd have to try my best to get used to it.
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