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  1. Maybe I should finish Haste's App.
  2. If it's truly an adventure RP then I'll probably be able to stick through it more.
  3. I might be somewhat interested in this. I'm just worried about my own dedication.
  4. "Alright, so I'm definitely being a Paladin then," He said as he started to build the rest of his character. "I played the game a while ago, but like I said, that was a while ago. I haven't really read through the recent rules thoroughly, so as far as I know, I'm basically on par with everyone else." He probably sounded really modest, but it was kind of true. After some deliberation, SandBar decided that his Paladin would be a minotaur. He thought that the race best fit the role while not being a pony. A big tall stance to protect others, and with dextrous hands to hold equipment. Minotaur's weren't very fast creatures so there would be some penalties there, but it wouldn't be his key strengths anyway. Minotaur's were normally an isolationist species, so a Minotaur to be away from their group would be quite deviant. Maybe, their tribe doesn't exist anymore. That's probably why they became a Paladin in the first place. What about a name? The only minotaur name he really knew was from his teacher's recollections of one named 'Iron Will'. It didn't sound like his actual name, so he bet that their names were short and probably didn't need to make sense, kind of like Yaks. Why waste time on meanings? Maybe... Marcol. Yeah, he guessed that would work. While he was thinking of his character, two more creatures walked into the room. Silverstream and... no wait, that wasn't Ocellus. Unless it was, but wasn't Ocellus supposed to be doing something around now? No, it wasn't Ocellus. It was somecreature he had never met before, and he was uncertain of their species. It didn't really matter to him though. In her trademarked excitement, SilverStream marked this game as the best, although he knew for a fact that there was no way she could have played this game before. "Hey Silver, it really is a good game, if you can get a Good GM and can understand the rules good enough." So Smolder was playing a wizard as her character. Quite the contrast against herself, but he guessed that was kind of the point. If he put the same treatment on himself then he would probably be a dragon Barbarian or something, but it wasn't really something he felt like playing. He didn't want to force himself to not have fun. "Hey, you don't really have to worry about that Smolder. No one will be dying when I'm around." It would probably be him that died first, knowing his nature. "Alright, so my character is Marcol the Paladin Minotaur. He is the sole survivor from his tribe and rather than risk trying to join one of the other tribes at the thought that he could be seen as abandoning his original tribe, he decided to adventure out to try and help other creatures," he explained his character's simple backstory. "He doesn't get spells until level 2 so I haven't really thought of what I could use, although Lay on Hands is a pretty cool action. If Smolder is going to go support, then maybe I can focus more on Divine Smite, Although I kind of want to go defensive with Oath of the Ancient and Protection." He hadn't drawn his character yet, Minotaur's were differently shaped then ponies so he didn't really want to attempt it yet.
  5. Sandbar did a bit of Tabletop Roleplaying back in Seaward Shoals. An old stallion back there was into it and tried to drag him into it. He couldn't really get into it properly, it was a bit complicated even when they tried to dumb it down. However, that was back then and now he was certainly smarter and he was pretty sure that the newer versions were designed to be less complicated to get into. Of course, he couldn't remember much properly from the game, and he wasn't sure if the changes were drastic enough. He would probably be learning it completely again. He didn't need to give it much thought when deciding to join the game, it was clear how much Yona wanted to do it and he couldn't let her down. He couldn't let any of them down. Walking into the room, he saw that the place had basically been transformed. It wasn't meant to be a classroom anymore, it was more of like a blank slate. Perhaps to distract them from the educational mood and to put them more into the world of imagination. He would say it was a bit excessive, but he appreciated the amount of effort Yona put into this so he didn't say anything negative about it. "Hey guys, sorry if I'm late," he said before looking around. He was the fourth one there. On the other half of lateness but not the last one. "Guess I'm okay. Nice work on the place Yona. It was all you right?" He went over to the table and took a seat. "Those ribbons Yona, they're in theme right? Might give us a bit of a hint, although I'm not getting much of a complete idea yet." He pulled over a character sheet. He remembered his old character. A level four Paladin. That was all he made it up to before quitting back then. The GM was probably being nice back there with the Experience. Well, he kind of had to finish what he started, so his character here would also be a Paladin. He couldn't remember much else about the character. He didn't really care what his race was, so he would probably do that at the last second. "I still have to create- well, recreate my character from back then. None of you are Paladins right?" Not that he minded if any of the others were, he just wanted a bit of a diverse team.
  6. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria. Name: SandBar Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Light Sea Green Coat: Pale Green Mane: Light Cyan Physique: Earth Pony Average Residence: School of Friendship. (Originally Seaward Shoals.) Occupation: Student at the School of Friendship. Really, he doesn't need help with friendship, but it's an excuse to help others. Cutie Mark: Triple Turtles History: Sandbar was born to a loving family in the small port of Seaward Shoals where he naturally gained a bit of an affinity in the ocean, most notably the marine biology. Although he really wanted to pursue his talent more deeply, he felt that at that point in his age, he couldn't quite do it alone. He needed friends, charisma, and in his small town, there weren't many others around his age. When he heard of the School of Friendship, he knew that was his ticket out of there, not that he hated the place, but because it didn't amount to him much at that time. He must admit though that he was going to miss his family, especially his foal sister. When he arrived at the school, he couldn't have entirely known what he was getting himself into. Five new friends from five different naturally less charismatic species, what kind of jackpot did he find here? He was just a pony like most of the others, why him? Well, his genericism would end up playing a key part in saving their school from Cozy Glow and the EEA. How could a pony willingly want to help some exotic weird creatures? Nothing could possibly go wrong if you just let him go. He's not like the others. A pony is just who he is on the outside. On the inside, he was a person, just like his friends. Character Personality: Sandbar is just a naturally nice and chill guy. He has a high desire to help others and will go along with plans that he doesn't necessarily agree with just so they won't go wrong, and if they do go wrong, well at least an attempt was made. He is not one to try and disappoint others, losing a friend might just as well crush him. The events at the School of Friendship has shown that he is an easily trusted individual. Character Summary: Sandbar is a dependable chill Earth Pony. He didn't become a student to help himself, but rather to help others... help himself. As much as he wanted to help the ocean, he felt the first step was to learn more about the world, and the best way to do that is to build up your charisma with some more friends. Even if he was debatably the most generic of the group, there was still a part for him to play in such group.
  7. Might take a break from the roleplays to work on some fics.

  8. She was nowhere near the age of being a Sensei at that point, and she didn't really feel like competing with her old teacher. "Things might change when I get older, maybe I will become a teacher. If I'm still alive by then. I don't really expect to live that long and I'm kind of okay with it," she explained before thinking. She heard someone come in behind her but she didn't bother to check who it was while she continued. "Do any of those creatures have their own significant language as well? I never really thought about that, or are they all just dialects of Ponish? I wouldn't entirely be comfortable with calling it Ponish in that case." Hopefully she asked that correctly because she got lost on her own words. When she heard the commander speak, Loose quickly turned herself around and snapped her own salute. She wasn't expecting a visit from the commander so soon, what with all the stuff going on. But maybe there was a reason. "Commander, I wasn't expecting to see you again so soon, what brings you down here at this time? You really put a lot of thought into the base. I'll have more comfort knowing that the base is adequately designed even if I would have tolerated the conditions otherwise," She complimented. "When you do overhaul the colours, I do ask that you let me know so I won't feel so left out."
  9. Yeah, that's right. She did say that cheesy speech. Well, it was kind of cheesy to her and she swore she wasn't in control of herself, which was a lie, it wasn't much different from her normal speech. "That's right, I'm Loose Cannon. When you're good at martial arts there are really two options to protect others. Teach them how to fight or fight for them," She explained. As she talked her positioning would drift more so away from the mare as she examined the room. "And I don't think I could possibly really teach anyone much. Could you imagine that? Sensei Loose?" "Well, I mean, I don't think you can because I bet you don't know me very well. I'm not entirely sure how I got the invite, but I'm not going to question the methods of the Commander. All I can tell you is that I took this job because nopony else would have me, some stuff about accommodation," She trailed out near the end. "I don't think it would matter what colour they painted the place if it's supposed to be concealed. Maybe some colours to indicate guidance and stuff? It doesn't matter to me," she turned back towards Tongue Twister. "You're a linguist right? And you work with artifacts? Do you think any of them could be vital to our defense?"
  10. It kind of made sense to her. Loose was still kind of mad, there was no denying that, but she understood why they never accepted her. It wasn't because she wouldn't be able to keep up, it was because they wouldn't be able to keep up with her. She can still fight, she can still train, she can accommodate herself into the military, but they cannot accommodate themselves around her. Such an army has been around for a long time and as far as she knew, it didn't really change much. Of course, the members changed all the time, but the overarching principles remained the same, and with her in, then there would have to be several changes. Like the EUP could really change that much. But luckily, she managed to find this instead. Some private elite force that was willing to take her in, a force that existed because the EUP was apparently too incompetent. She didn't really need an opinion on whether or not that was true, because this was the best option she had. She was basically a vigilante now. Like in those stories, except more real. Or maybe she was a mercenary. Glorified mercenaries they were. She was given the rank of E-4, or a specialist. She didn't have to work her way up the ranks since this was newly formed, there were plenty of positions available so she didn't have much opinion on the judgment of her commander. She was still an enlisted though, and in the eyes of the army, that meant she was the working soldier. There to do the physical work, because who would ever trust her to be an officer? Not even herself. With her enlistment came her transfer to the new base, which was located near Las Pegasus. Not quite finished, but enough to satisfy her needs. Or at least she thought, she hadn't actually explored the entire base yet. When she walked into the gym, she sensed around. A gym it was, but more so suited for the combat of a soldier. She noticed another pony there. She recognised her from the first session. To be fair, she only really paid attention to half of that, but she still remembered this pony. Tongue Twister wasn't it? And she was a linguist, mostly working for museums. That's what Loose remembered. Certainly a better candidate for the specialist role then she was. "Yo, um hey you're here too, Tongue Twister right?" Loose walked in introducing herself. Tongue Twister was an enlisted too right? So it was okay for her to act like this? "Seems pretty cool here to me. I was expecting maybe, dark colours, maybe... well, I'm still expecting it because, I can't see colour to satisfy that expectation right?"
  11. "I am indeed. It's a psychology book. I'm not sure if I should bother boring you with all the details, but it focuses primarily on the Equus genus. Perhaps in a sort of sequel book I could delve into other species," Tranquility explained before turning to her sister. "Unless of course, you want to start writing it?" "No, I think I'll leave that up to you," Placidity replied. "I would suggest taking your entire herd along with you, but that begs the question of how big your herd is anyway. I'm guessing you're just going to wait until you're older when you have an heir to continue on your work." "A sensory spell could help visualise the magic aroma and it's directional flows. I say could, but really I don't see why it wouldn't work since it's still magic and thus shouldn't be that much different," Tranquility explained trying to remember her sensory spell. It was in there somewhere. "Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about the whole salt thing, there clearly isn't anything wrong her that could possibly warrant bringing salt around to these parts." "All stories you say and no certain facts? Does no one here record any of your histories, anything that could certainly tell us what possibly happened?" Placidity would have exclaimed if she was a regular pony, but her artificial tone stayed the same. "I do have a theory that your current magic is somewhat overriding your flight capabilities. Your magic seems to resonate mostly with the environment and thus wouldn't atone much to the sky to give you flight as other creatures. Flighted creatures generally have massive proportionate wingspans alongside aerodynamic bodies or magic that interacts heavily with the air." "Enough talk I would say for this moment," Tranquility cut in fake coughing. "Would you help aid us in finding a place to stay for the coming week?"
  12. "Thank you kindly good sir. We may be staying here for about a week. Depends really. We could push it longer but that's how long we marked on the business," Placidity replied nodding to the Peryton. "I'm sure Tranquility might add some mention of your kind into her book." "Well, I'd have to think about that. I'll probably use it as a comparison, but I won't put it into too much focus, at least with this one. Maybe in future ones I'll include them bigger," Tranquility replied pondering the sequel. At this point, she hadn't completed her first book yet so she kind of wanted to save it. "The water is entirely crystal clear? Hmm, that's a bit discriminatory against some sea creatures what with the salt and all," She joked. "Speaking of them, are there any deer around here? I'd expect at least one, but I'm interested to know if there may be anymore," Placidity inquired. "I'm not entirely certain myself, but I think the deer must have some kind of magical ability of their own even if it isn't' entirely obvious." "Ah so I was right. Perhaps a sensory spell could help determine which one performs which function. Who knows perhaps it is different for each individual? I don't think it would matter which side did which function as long as the output was the same," Tranquility theorised further. At that point she noticed something about the peryton. "I haven't seen a single Peryton in flight. Are your wings Vestigial? They must have functioned at one point for you to have them." "I'm sorry, I guess we forgot to mention them before. Our names are Placidity and Tranquility respectively," she introduced. "I'm sure glad we got to meet you Lockhart."
  13. So it was pretty much natural to them. While ponies were known to be friendly and mostly passive, they were not entirely peaceful and calm. That made them a bit envious. "It's quite a lovely aroma even if it doesn't have that much of an altering effect on us," Tranquility replied. "It's like we were meant to be here." "Us two were born quite differently from the average pony more calm and peaceful, more similar to your kind. It might be in our magic, or it might just be purely coincidental," Placidity explained. "We overheard this place within our studies. It wasn't a key topic as we were studying mostly pony psychology but it was just something that was briefly brought up." "I remember hearing about it when we were foals, but I don't think you were there at that moment Plas," Tranquility mentioned privately to her sister before turning back to the Peryton. "It was about a week ago that we decided to actually get around to coming here. A blank slot in our schedule that we had to use for this." "Kind of like a pilgrimage," Placidity cut in as she could guess what Tranquility was going to finish off with. "When you say the water is purified, what do you exactly mean by that? Do you mean like the water is perfectly clean? No salt or anything within?" "Also I was noticing the fact that you perytons have two antlers. I know your species isn't the only with antler's, but would it be right to assume that you channel through one and output through the other?" Tranquility added on pointing up to the Peryton's head. "I'm just making an assumption. The way you speak of them makes it seem like a very specific function."
  14. At first glance, it would seem that the Velvet Strand was not quite the flashy place. But it wasn't made to be so. It wasn't the visual aspects that kept the town thriving, it was the atmosphere. They swore it was the calmest place in the world, that they had been too. That was kind of the entire reason they came here in the first place. It was something to do with their magic. They probably could have read up more on it before, but they decided to learn right from the source itself. "A place like this could put us out of business," Tranquility observed as she wandered around. "It looks like they do everything better than us." "Well, we fix problems. It feels like they kind of just, avoid them in the first place," Placidity replied to her sister. The effect of the strand's auras didn't have that big of an altering effect on them, they were already calm enough. But they had to admit, it was kind of nice to be in a place that felt kind of natural to them. "How about we just move here?" Tranquility gave off a mute laugh. "Then we wouldn't really be that special would we? I don't think everypony has the opportunity to come here, I mean it took us twelve years to get around coming here. We should just stick with where we are and help the ponies there." It was clear from the beginning that they wouldn't be taking any residence here, their banter was just some close bonding even if in the end it didn't have that much effect in the end. She could feel the aura getting stronger as she walked further along, A rather large Peryton was walking near them. "You think it's coming from him?" "The Peryton seem to stick to the old herds lifestyle more than us ponies do. By my guess, the males would have a large factor in spreading the aura. We should go talk to him." The two of them made their way closer to the Peryton. "Excuse me good sir, we are tourists from Central Equestria. Would you care to aid us in the ways of your land?" Placidity asked through her projected voice as it can be unnerving sometimes to use a psychic connection when others are unaware of it. "The aroma is stronger around you, do you happen to be the source?" Tranquility added on. "Is it something you learn, or something that happens naturally?"
  15. Probably a visit. It would be nice for them to visit this place they'd heard of for a while but never went.
  16. Really, out of all my characters, they are probably the most suited for this situation. Now the question is, what is that situation? Because I have no ideas.
  17. Maybe I could do something with Tranq and Plas. Maybe. Really, I just need to get back into roleplaying.
  18. I guess this year is normal too.

  19. Here's your Christmas movie.



  20. The day was dark, and it was cold. But that wasn't really out of the ordinary. The cold was normal, Dark was normal, and for her, it wasn't really a thing, to begin with. It was kind of a surprise for her to be pulled into the Rangers until she found out it was in times of desperate needs. So that was it? The Everfree was wearing them down through Attrition so it was no wonder that she got in so easily. Well, it would surely be more exciting than her original job. HMA was fun to do, but she had to admit she was no sensei. She needed real combat, and so she accepted the role, even if the budget was low, and she would probably not make any cash off of it, what good would be cash if she wasn't expecting to survive? She trotted through the cold, albeit it was kind of confusing as the weather tried to fight against the systems in place to keep the town from completely frosting over. If one was outside at this time, then they were probably crazy or they were traveling. If there was anypony watching her, then they'd probably be wondering how she was getting around with her eyes so blocked like that, maybe if they were closer they would be able to hear the sounds she would make. It's not like she needed to do such now anyway, she knew her way to her destination. She had gotten the job, but she didn't really know much else. Maybe there was some information that she couldn't read somewhere. She was going to the diner to try and gather more information, maybe there was somepony there that could tell her. She finally made it inside the building. She would have to make use of the heat as much as she could for she probably wouldn't be experiencing it much ever again. Trotting her way over to her usual spot, she noticed the usual presence of the #1 employee. "Yo, Ponks, get me the usual would ya?" she called out before realising it would probably be the last time she'd ever get this. "Make it three, to make up for the times I won't be here."
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