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  1. Name: Loose Cannon Race: Earth Appearance: She has short mane and tail with a darker orange tone than her coat. Her eyes are basically white, but they can appear a bit red sometimes, remnants of her uveitis. She is above average in strength. Her cutie mark is a flaming horse shoe. Personality: She can seem intimidating sometimes, but other times she's kind of nice. She's not a leader, don't put her in charge, she doesn't know what to do. She tries not to care much about how ponies think of her, but it can be clear sometimes that it doesn't work. Winter Civilian gear: -Thick wool sweater. -Blindfold (Despite serving virtually no function, her eyes are still sensitive. She wears it sometimes to stop further inflammations. It also looks cool, maybe.)
  2. In one week I'll be out of school.



    Wait what? That's too soon.

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    Ya'll Got a Problem!

    But how can we be sure?
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    Ya'll Got a Problem!

    Bot's back?
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      Thankfully no one came to mine either :P Luckly i live on the edge of town where no one bothers to go =D 

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    Celestia's Birthday Party

    Might consider dropping out of this thread if I can't reply soon. Don't want to slow down the thread..
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    Ya'll Got a Problem!

    91 episodes to get to the world stuff.
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    Ways to improve writing?

    Sometime you just have to take your time. I had a problem with that, I always felt Like I was on a deadline and if I couldn't meet it, then I should scrap it. But then I read how long it took for Metro 2033 to get written and I realised that I personally can't write something fast, especially with all the other things I have to do right now and I just had to accept that it's okay. Still sucks.
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    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    This place would get crowded soon. While not something that would be that big of a problem- she hoped, they were still more used to small groups as was the nature of their occupation. Was that King Sombra? Placidity had heard about him, the stuff he did, and she had also heard other things recently. It seemed that everything was alright though. "Is that Sombra? That Sombra? The Sombra? Of the Crystal Empire?" "It would appear so. Seems nothing's wrong. Nothing to be alarmed about, even if it is within your extra duties in the Twilight Auxilliary," Tranquility replied looking around herself. She was mostly focusing on Luna for the moment. "So it's your sister to blame for the mistake? I guess she gets a pass because it's her birthday. Really, it's only a single letter, one which is of similar form to it's successor. Is our telepathy really that clever? I would have thought more ponies would do it, albeit, not as often of course. I should study that. We always knew we got a boost from our natural connection, so I want to know if it applies to other twins too. Besides communication, it really helped us with our profession. It seems to be much easier for clients to understand us if we're speaking directly into their mind." Celestia offered them drinks. Of course, it wouldn't be a party without some. But what drinks would they ask for? Placidity was assuming Celestia was referring to alcohol right? But maybe it was a bit too early for that? She would have to ask. "We're not really big into drinking, so forgive us if we do not understand the terms. But what would you recommend? Alcohol or not, it shouldn't really matter in this circumstance. Living in Ponyville has given us a sort of preference for cider, but that would be a bit boring now wouldn't it?"
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    Celestia's Birthday Party

    Damn, forgot it was my turn. Sorry.
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    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Wait, it was Celestia's Birthday? Well of course the Princesses would have birthday's but the twins didn't remember ever learning about it. Was there any reason around that? Maybe they just overlooked it or forgot about it. "It's your birthday your highness? Forgive us for not knowing if we were ever supposed to. I suppose us ponies were not supposed to know? Well, we know now at least," Placidity said bowing, before remembering what Celestia said about informality. She quickly rose up. Informality around the royal elder sisters was going to be a bit weird. Princess Twilight wasn't quite formal, but these princesses were thousands of years old. "Informality, of course," Tranquility said to her sister. Unlike her, Tranquility did not bow to the princess, merely bringing out their invitation instead. "Right here, it says 'Celerstia'. It might have been a duplication error. Maybe we only got it. It's really no big deal to us. Maybe it's a big deal to you? Assuming you wrote it." She looked over at Luna. "Good Afternoon to you too Luna. Perhaps it was your mistake? If you were to have your own party too, you wouldn't make the same mistake would you?" Placidity looked around. There were three other ponies here she saw at that moment. She recognised one of them, she thought. Ice Storm right? The name was brought up once during one of her sessions, maybe for only a moment. Besides the name she didn't really know them any more than the other two, one of which was a filly that proceeded to capture most of Celestia's attention. "It is an honour to meet you Luna, We are Placidity and Tranquility. We speak through telepathy whether direct or broadcasted, for we do not possess voices ourselves, we never did. I must compliment you on the work you put into your sky every night. As my sister said, would you have your own party too? I would be willing to attend if you did."
  12. School's kind of taking a toll on me, I need to save my roleplay rations for other threads.
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    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE

    (( It really depends, I've got a lot of roleplay on my ass, but I could possibly do something...))
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    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Tranquillity had been sitting in her office working on her upcoming book when she was assaulted by the letter. When she had opened up the note, she was surprised at the contents of such letter, of course, she didn't represent it physically. She was invited to a birthday party in the Canterlot Palace Gardens. It didn't specifically say who's birthday it was. It couldn't have been one of the Princesses' could it? She had never met any of them, or if they did it was long enough for her to forget. The next best guess was a client in Canterlot, though they'd have to be high enough to even get the Gardens as a venue and they didn't take any high nobles as clients. For some reason, a Princess birthday sounded more plausible to her. She lit her horn up to talk with her sister who was outside. "Plas, we've got a situation here. Royal letter from Canterlot, says I'm invited to a party in the palace gardens, you're invited by extension too." Placidity put down her tools and started to head back into the building. "Party in the Palace gardens? Why would we be invited to that? I'm coming in to take a look." When Placidity arrived at the office she saw the letter floating in her sister's grasp and took it from her. "This is real. We're literally invited? We should go. It says there's no need to bring a gift, we could leave right now." "And if it's weird, or a mistake we'll leave straight away, good," Tranquility replied taking the letter back. "It says we can use a verbal command for transport. Is it literally verbal, or can it be any sound, otherwise we might have a problem." "Let's find out." The two of them placed their hooves on the letter at once and they both projected the words. "Take me there." With a flash, they were teleported directly to the gardens. This was not the first time they'd been there, the last time had been when they took the palace tour a couple of years ago. They looked around and saw that everything was still being set up. Were they early? There was no time indicated in the letter, maybe they weren't expected to come straight away. The two of them approached the princesses and bowed down, lighting up their horns projecting their artificial voices. "Your Highnesses, we were invited to this birthday party of which there was no name. We are unsure if this was a mistake or not, please tell us it wasn't." "If it is, then you can just send us back, we will understand," Tranquility added on raising from the bow. "Oh, by the way, there's a typo on the letter, not sure if you noticed."
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    My OC's

    Hello everycreatureone. It is I Szalhi, commander over the creatures of my creation and the most human thing on the world (take that robots.) Or basically, I'm just a user if you're boring and need clarification. This is my first Blog that is not completely satirical (although if you want me to keep doing the wholesome episode reviews, then I'll totally do that. I've only done Four episodes so far, and It's totally been hard work.) In this blog I'm going to talk about something I have no personal experience with at all, but is such a passion for me because I'm weird about that. You should all know about it, it's literally one thing all my OC's have. Disabilities. You see to me, Disabled characters are only relevant if their disability is just a trait. As much as there is a downside, it can't have such a significant part in disrupting the equillibrium. A disabled character should work to overcome as much of their disability as they can, to replace their loss. But the replacement shouldn't be a direct replication. I'm not going to say I hate ponies who overcome their disability with a direct replacement, I'm just saying it doesn't add much to the character at all I.E magic eyes and stuff. Basically anything that they didn't have to earn on their own. You can see that through my four OC's I have on this site. Loose Cannon: Loose is blind, has been since shortly after birth. She does not remember anything about sight, but I'm not going to deny that she did have it for upmost a week. Her blindness was caused by Uveitis meaning her eyes basically burned out. Her blindness by default doesn't completely restrict navigation, but compared to a sighted pony, then it is obvious that it is not as good. It also does not restrict her verbal communication, but it does restrict traditional written communication. What's her replacements? Well to assist in navigation there is Echolocation. Echolocation is the use of the feedback from echoes to interpret the distance and shapes of objects. I could do a more precise explanation, but I'm not feeling very scientific right now. Obviously, it's not a direct replacement for sight, in fact it is entirely based off a different system which is sound. This means it has some upsides over sight navigation like not being reliant on light sources. However it of course has some downsides. A big downside is that you're putting two eggs in one basket. If she goes deaf, she just basically lost two different systems. Another downside is that the range at what Loose can perceive entities is much lower. There's also braille. Braille is just a tactile replacement for the written script. It is designed differently from the roman alphabet to accommodate the accuracy of the sense of touch. Basically, it's way more efficient than embossing letters. It's way more simple and takes up less space. AS a fun fact, Loose Cannon was made as the final project of basically a bunch of prototype oc's that were never fully developed. Echo: Quite the ironic name for a pony that can't hear echoes at all. Yeah, her disability is deafness, not that original when you consider she was made after Loose Cannon, but you know, I can't just have all blind ponies, that would get boring fast. (Maybe I should make a blind pony without Echolocation.) As she's deaf, she has less convenient options to communicate with others. Writing stuff down can be annoying, and not everypony knows how to sign (How do ponies sign?) She also can't listen to her environment around her for analysis purposes. Well, what are her replacements? Well to replace the lack of communication she has the ability to lip read. She uses the movement of the lips and tongues to try and interpret their conversation. She then uses this to learn to speak. However of course, there's more to speaking than just lip reading, there's also tones and stuff. Well, she can't hear, but she can feel vibrations. It is these vibrations that she uses to replicate speech. She's not mute, she's perfectly capable of Speaking as long as she knows what sounds to make. But of course, languages can suck and sounds are pretty diverse. Some words she can pronounce pretty well, but try and give her a big word and she's going to mess up a sound in there. Due to this, she isn't going to babble on for a long time as even talking for more than ten seconds can get uncomfortable. Wait, but what about signing? Well, Echo never learnt to sign, if that's even a thing ponies are capable of doing and have developed. Why try learning to sign when speaking is way more convenient for her interactions with society? There's also improved eyesight. Sure it's not as cool as Echolocation, but being able to see and distinguish things easier is a very significant trait. No its not see micro-organisms levels of sight, but it's more or less processing more information and not dumping the "useless" bits out. Tranquility & Placidity. These twins are mute. Now honestly, this isn't as drastic of a disability as the other two, but it is still relevant to their skills. They're twins. What do you have with twins? Supposedly psychic connections. What if they were unicorns? Well, then it can be even more literal and advanced. The two of them have no verbal communication to their disposal, but they do have their natural connection to build off of. So with that they managed to go even further beyond their personal connection and broadcast their thoughts, or what thoughts they allow to the outside world. This is used through either a direct link, or a sphere of influence. Generally, if they are talking to someone who is new, then they will use the sphere of influence. Ponies generally don't like their mind being invaded or tapped into without their allowance, but the sphere of influence is more public so it's generally more acceptable. If the target is more comfortable, then they will use a more direct private connection for communication, the direct link isn't sound based at all, but rather the subject essentially converts it into a form that is the most comfortable to them. To most ponies that would be voices, but it can also be displayed in other forms. Really all this means is that unless the subject is basically completely brain dead and as long as the correct language is being used, then they will be able to understand everything that is being transmitted. Alright, i guess that's really about it for now. I've been meaning to post this for a month, but things have kept coming up, mostly me wondering whether or not this was worth posting, but I don't really care anymore. i'm not going to spoil any of you on my next post as if it took me a month to publish this one, I really don't know what to do for that... I won't be changing this post if my opinions change or if I get a new character. This isn't a log. It's a representation of the time period I posted this.
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  17. After making it over the bridge, Loose Cannon continued on. Considering the number of participants who jumped that ravine, maybe she should have done that too. She didn't really communicate with any others after that point, as she contemplated her chances of success. Ah well, she couldn't change her mind now. What's done is done, unless some force of magic could change that, magic which is of course against the rules. The race felt like it started a while ago, but in reality, it wasn't really. Perhaps it was the distance that made it feel as such since this was a race and they were going at full optimal speeds. The Roundbottom hills were what the next area was called from what she remembered. She had never been here before, but from what ponies had recalled, the hills were tiring to navigate. Why go over the hills when you can just go through them? They were scary. Supposedly. Why were they scary? Darkness, the unknown, creatures that would be hiding. What is darkness? Something that is completely outside her realm and has no meaning to her. Really, it was just a regular dense forest to her. However, for some reason, they were not forced to go over the hills. Another choice within this race of choices. Who knew a race could have so many choices? Normally the only choice is the one of participation. "Okay right, so go over the hills and mess up my energy, or go through them and face off against the darkness," She said out loud when she arrived at the fork. "Is this supposed to be a choice?" No, it really wasn't a choice at all. She noticed Applejack and ran up to her. "Alright, let's get this over and done with." She was going to go into the forest of darkness, whatever that is.
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    Celestia's Birthday Party

    Oh boy.
  19. School's so dense right now and I don't want to do any of it.