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    If I get too sick, will it overflow and I'll become perfectly healthy?
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    Peachy's chibi portraits request thread! (CLOSED)

    Now that I've thought about it, I totally need art of Loose Cannon with some sick shades.
  3. Being sick sucks. 

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    Hi.. umm.. everypony..

    Remember, Everyone is a human except for you. wait...
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    { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]

    "Indigo float, yes, yes I do see this contrasting well, thanks," Plas replied grabbing the vase in her magic. "She did, did she? I guess I was wrong. Anyway, I could never accept an entire pot just for a measly riddle, although I would never have gotten the answer myself. Hold on a moment." "Hey, seems you answered the riddle. 'One stocks his mind the other minds his stock,' I would never have gotten that," She told her sister who looked like she was on the verge of giving up. "Wait, you heard that... never mind, That was the right answer? Wow, we need something to commemorate this moment. Like a free pot," Tranquility replied walking back into the shop with the same expression as before, but inside she was proud. She grabbed the vase out of her sister's field and held it next to her. "It seems Plas wants this one, it will do just fine." Plas was unphased by the snatching of the vase by her sister. "Well, I guess you could just ignore my last statement, but to answer your question, we were never able to speak physically so we developed telepathy to communicate, I guess it's helpful we're unicorn twins. What you're hearing now is projected in a radius around us."
  6. Wait wait wait, Rarity's entrusting Fluttershy over a fashion store? -1 score. Snob shy? Cool Valley shy? Cool Goth shy? Cool Fluttershy arbitray anti-personality disorder? Character development. 9/10 8/10 final score.
  7. Maud episode? 10/10 would recommend. Wait, hold up. Guy who's practically like maud in every way? 20/10. Also Sister bias showed off in the episode, that's pretty cool.
  8. Twilight is opening a school? Cool. The elements are teachers? Maybe. Cool It's a Friendship school? Retcon the last line. EEA approval? Boo. Ignore EEA approval. Yes. 9/10 would recommend. Oh wait, I forgot. New characters. 10/10 definite recommend.
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    { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]

    Plas followed Bast down to the back where the pottery was located. Following the Sphinx's directions, she located the recommended pottery. "Ah, well, unless you think the pottery here is not adequate enough, then you don't have to make me anything right now. But what would I know? I'm not a pottery expert, I think my opinion is only valid on aesthetic design in this situation," She replied looking through the pots. "Really, I'm not sure if I want a blending colour or a contrasting colour. I mean, I guess it would fit our theme if the colours were contrasting since we contrast each other. Hold on a moment." "Contrasting or blending? What do you think the colours should be?" She asked her sister. "One stocks his mind the other minds his stock, that kind of sounds right..." Her sister mentally muttered before realising the channel was open. "Oh, um contrasting I guess, I don't think I care as much as you do." Plas turned to see the Sphinx had left momentarily before returning. "My sister says she wants contrasting colours, so I guess Red would do, or blue, whatever contrasts the best with yellow. She also said something about Stocking minds and minding stocks, whatever that's referring to."
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    { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]

    Plas heard a new voice from near her and turned to face it. Standing there was a Sphinx. She saw that correctly, it was definitely a sphinx. A normal pony probably would have made a big deal out of it, but her calm outer personality prevented her from doing so. Instead, she turned to face the Sphinx and lit up her horn broadcasting her message inside the store. "This silk is from Saddle Arabia? that makes sense," She commented before seeing The Sphinx motion to the back. "Oh, I'm Placidity, I did see the pottery down the back, I just decided to methodically look at the items in order, but I guess I'll skip right down to the pottery." She said before turning to her sister. Tranq was no longer inside the store and was outside looking at the board again. "Tranq, I'm going to be in the back looking at the Saddle Arabian pottery, you're not going to run away are you?" She said changing her connection to her sister's thaumatic frequency. "This riddle seems preposterous on the outside, but I've heard that riddles are a popular art in Saddle Arabia so it might just be me," her sister replied studying over the board. "Tranquility seems to be working on the riddle," She said to the Sphinx who was located behind the desk now. "Do you recommend any pottery for office plants? "
  11. Sometimes I'm tempted to have Loose Make a bunch of Toph jokes just for the hell of it.

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    Hi there!

    Remember, everyone is a bot except for you.
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    { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]

    The two unicorn twins were in Canterlot for super secret business. Well, it was only super secret business based off the fact of Patient confidentiality. It was not often that they both got called out simultaneously, or really got called out at all. Most clients came to them in Ponyville, but this one insisted in their presence in Canterlot. They could not deny the sum of payment and there weren't any other scheduled appointments. After leaving the client at the end of their session, they were wandering through Canterlot to see if there was anything else they could do while they were there. "Gold Coast Silk Shop. I don't think I've ever seen this before," Placidity said to her sister. "I don't think we've been around here recently. Must be a new store. Or a moderately old store that we just didn't see the last time we were here," Tranquility responded, before looking further through the window. "It seems they sell more than just silk though." Plas followed her sisters gaze through the window. Inside she saw some pottery of unique design. "How exotic. We should get some for the office. It will be good for the flowers," She said before noticing the small board. "'What is the difference between a colt studying and a farmer watching his cattle?' I mean, well, a lot of things, but the answer is obviously going to be too witty for us." "No wait, I think I've got it," Tranq communicated to her sister as she processed the riddle. "No, that's stupid." "Ah well, I guess we're not getting it." Plas shrugged before entering the store. To any bystander it would have looked as if they were communicating telepathically. They wouldn't be wrong at all, as that was their most effective method of communication. When they entered the store, they did not notice any employee right away. They shrugged it off and began to browse the items, with Plas having more interest than her sister.
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    Hello everypony!

    Remember, Everyone is a bot except for you.
  15. Out of all the cities Loose had visited, Canterlot was her least favourite. She made a non-binding pact with herself that she would never come back to this city within her own control. But despite her return being somewhat under her control, she did not wish to mark it as such. She was here on business, and such business was of a high level of importance. Luckily, unlike the first couple of times she was here, she still somewhat remembered the layout of the city, or at least, the most important parts of it. This meant she didn't have to wander around lost in a town full of self-centred posh ponies that wouldn't help her, not that she would tell them of her true reason for being here. Just a day ago, she received a pre-recorded message from somepony named Black Ice, the leader of a new organisation that was supposed to protect Equestria from forces that the military would not. Having been rejected from the traditional military, she could not reject the offer knowing that it would probably be the only chance of doing something she would actually enjoy. Once she made it inside the building that she assumed was the correct one, she noticed the iciness of the floor below her. It was cold, but not that it really affected her. For a pony named Black Ice, it was quite relevant for there to be ice here. But there was something up with the ice, it felt warmer in certain parts. When she felt around the warmness, it painted the mental image of arrows in her sign. There were directions on the floor. She followed the directions along, which lead her into a stairwell. At the end of the stairwell was a large room, which she had to pulse louder to get a full image of the room. There were three others here, one she assumed was Black Ice, but the others she did not know. "It sure is fortunate for the directions to have emitted heat signatures," She said out loud to the three ponies in the room.
  16. Name: Loose Cannon Special Skills: Loose Cannon adapted to her condition by learning echolocation at a young age. This gives her navigational skills in conditions which may impede eyesight, which she does not have. Her lack of sight may seem to many as an impediment, but to her, it's more of a neutral trade. Previous Combat Experience: Loose was rejected by the military due to her condition making her a 'liability' which she thinks was a stupid reason since they never gave her a chance. Recently she has applied for a new role of Everfree Ranger due to her growing interest and miniscule fear over the Everfree Forest. The government hasn't approved of this yet and most likely won't for the same 'liability' reasons. Any other relevant Special Training: Martial arts training.
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    Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    Before she got her own effect, Echo looked over to see WindWalker's effect. She seemed to have gotten the short end of the stick at first glance, but she thought there might be more to it deep down. But she didn't get to make much of a comment on it before she got hit by her own effect. The token impacted her head leaving what appeared to be a bruise that over time got bigger before forming into a very suspicious shape. The shape of a horn, one a unicorn would have. "Wait what?" She reached up to touch the horn, it was indeed there, but was it a real horn? Was she really an Alicorn? An Alicorn had Earth pony and unicorn magic too, did she gain either of those things? Her hearing was still gone, she was thankful for that, she didn't want to experience a new sense at this moment. "Am I really an Alicorn? Do I have all the magic?" She asked to no one in particular. "Or is it, just... there." Did she have royal social power? She looked like an Alicorn, that had to be enough. Zipporwhill was too busy spending time at the pet centre to really notice the scavenger hunt when it started, but when she decided it was time to stop spoiling all the animals, she decided to leave and see what was going on around the town. Her dog, Ripley, was besides her instinctively leading her to the park as they did every afternoon. Their journey was interrupted by a large structure up ahead that wasn't there the day before. It appeared to resemble a large slide, but it was at the level of nothing she thought was possible. Wait, hold on, was that part there before? She swore it just changed shape. She would have to go check it out. When she got there, she saw a group of three foals, one dragon and a stallion. She recognised four of them, but not the last one. WindWalker she knew existed, but she didn't know personally, she was wearing a weird costume for some reason. Apple Bloom was there too, but the other two crusaders weren't with her. She had a token besides her, but otherwise looked the same. Spike was there, everypony knew the one dragon and assistant to the Princess that had been in town for a while. Echo was there too, but she seemed different. ZipporWhill remembered her being a pegasus. Wait, she definitely was a pegasus. Wait, is Echo what she thinks she is? She looked down at Ripley who was confused as well. "This wasn't here before, what's happening here?" She asked butting her way into the group.
  18. I made the mistake of going on reddit instead of typing up my post. Damn internet.

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      I have similar experiences when visiting TV Tropes for inspiration.

  19. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: ZipporWhill Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Light spring green Coat: Light yellowish grey Mane/Tail: Moderate amber dropping down the neck. Physique: Average. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: student, volunteer at animal shelter Cutie Mark: Triple Paw Prints Unique Traits: ZipporWhill has a talent for caring for house pets. That doesn't mean she has anything against wild animals, it's just that house pets are totally way cuter. She wears glasses to correct her hereditary vision. She has an accent she has inherited from exposure to her parents, but there's a chance it may fade as she gets older. Her greatest fear is knowing that she will outlive her own dog. History: ZipporWhill was born in Coltlombia, however, her family moved early on meaning she doesn't remember much of her life there. From all she remembers, she spent most of her life in Ponyville. Her parents knew that having a child was going to be a hoof-full, but they didn't think it was going to be this much work. In her early years, she would spend most of her early days around the animal shelter and would try to resist going home insisting that she wasn't tired enough to go to sleep. She resented the days she would have to go to school, complaining that it was a waste of time, and when she was not complaining about school, she was begging for her own pet every day. Her parents were reluctant to get her a pet at first over the responsibilities that came, but it became clear over time that she was more than capable of taking care of one. On the day of the Pet center fundraiser, she got to adopt a dog of her own, Ripley. On the very same day she earned her cutie mark, three paw prints marking her skills in pet caring. Now she spends most of her free time at the animal shelter. When she grows up, she wants to complete a veterinary course. Character Personality: Zipporwhill is a nice cheerful hyperactive filly who never seems to run out of energy… except for when she does, but you'll probably never see that happen. Her hyperactivity caused some concerns around her parents, but they learned that it was just a key part of her personality. Character Summary: ZipporWhill is a young hyperactive filly with a talent involving all sorts of things pet related. She's a volunteer at the Ponyville Animal Shelter when she isn't spending all her time with her own personal dog Ripley, and she hopes to one day find a home for all the lost housepets, even if it's quite the ambitious project.
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    Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    "It would not be the same if it was sugar free. I mean, it would be heel-thier, but it might as well not exist," She commented at the fact that the gelatin was definitely not sugar free. She wasn't really paying attention to the interaction between the two other pegasi until she noticed Fast Track change into a full sized stallion. At that point she gaped in amazement at the effects of the magic, but deep down she wasn't entirely surprised because she knew of the source. It was kind of concerning to see somepony suddenly got older. Unlike most foals, she did not aspire to get much older at all, the idea of having more responsibilites did not feel right to her at all. "It should be temporary, being an adult means you have to have more responz-a-bil-a-tees. Why would somepony want more?" She explained before cringing at the colts flexing. She did not know who he was trying to impress, no one here at this moment was an adult. "There is no way I am letting him out of our sight. I don't think any of the mares are interested in random stal-ee-ons stumbling upon them. Besides, we have to keep him for ourselves. When I say ourselves, I mean you Windwalker," She joked as she watched Wind Walker climb to the top of the slide. She could not hear the filly screaming through the slide, assuming she was, but she bet it was a fun ride. "I am not waiting any longer," She said as the ride changed it's formation. As soon as the formation changed, she started the long journey to the top. Once she got to the top, she looked down through the entrance of the slide. It looked pretty normal, but you cant ruin the surprise before they get in right? Taking no moment to pause any longer, she slipped down the slide, submitting her self control to the forces of chaos. She slipped through many different areas, one of which being a disco area that would have had more meaning if she had hearing. Before she knew it, it felt like she teleported right into the pool, there was very little splash. She climbed out of the pool. "That was... surprising. Might be better on the next go." She stared at the token that she was holding in her wing. "This better be worth it."
  22. I'm thinking of creating a Snowdrop app, but i don't know where that would go.

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      She's from the past though so she would probably go in AU now that i think about it.

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      Since she would be very dead by the 'present' time, you could always make a zombie version of her. :|

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      Also, I wish Quicklime was here as that was her FAVORITE character..Like forever.. :blah:

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