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  1. You could make it any colour, it's not like she'd notice.
  2. Pony name: Loose CannonColors you want for background: Some shade of Yellow-orange for contrast.Special effects: NoneFont Style: I would ask for Braille, but I'm not that cruel. Bold.Image you are providing I'm really not stingy at all about design.
  3. "If there's anything we've learned from the Everfree forest is that it's wild. Chaotic wouldn't be the right term because it was already stated that Discord didn't create it entirely. So really, there's the odd chance that if you do discover something, it might not be relevant for very long," Tranquility elaborated. "Some researchers have a theory that it plays favourites on different entities, so really, you've got to give it a try yourself." "It was said that Nightmare Moon may have been 'chosen' somewhat by the forest, but it is argued whether or not it was just her own magic," Placidity added on. "You'll meet Rarity eventually, but if there's somepony you will definitely meet soon, it's Pinkie Pie. Which begs the question why she's so late." "I would have predicted you met her already when you came in." "Or she's just really busy." "No, she has weird priorities." Placidity simply nodded to end that tangent. "Truth be told, we don't normally drink tea very much. So maybe we do have preferences, but as far as we can tell, they're not really prevalent."
  4. (( The mute ponies say the most stuff it seems.) "You study magic? Well, at least it's not practicing magic. Although, maybe you should do more of that to get better," Tranquility pondered. "Ponies have tried to study the Everfree for millenia, and it hasn't worked out too well. Maybe a Kirin can do better." "Yes, maybe us unicorns aren't looking at it the right way. The psi of the forest is quite horrifying sometimes and other times just loud, but it only happens within, just like everything else about it," Placidity added on. "Rarity is the local fashionista, she runs her own boutique here, and I think two others, or was it three? Her boutique is probably the cleanest place in Ponyville." "We're not really ones to play too much on favourites. We'll accept whatever tea is available at the time, should make it easier on others, though it seems some ponies can't fathom the idea of not having preferences though, and it seems to make it actually harder on them."
  5. "One could not blame you for even having the house remotely clean yet. It's not even considered normal to have a house cleaning spell. Well, unless your name is Rarity," Placidity joked at the end, hoping the certain pony was not nearby, though with these conditions, she probably wouldn't leave the boutique. She took a sip from the tea. "Ginseng? I don't believe we've had Ginseng before." "We have. When we went to the Velvet Strand for a week," Tranquility reminded her. "Oh yes that's right. I'm almost sorry for forgetting. It's some really nice tea." "I'd like to say it's the best, but I'm not a connoisseur for tea or anything," Tranquility complimented. To say they could judge really anything would be contradictory to their personalities. "Such a trait must be useful. Well, unless used by children if there's any consistency within the realm."
  6. "It's no bother at all. We just showed up to your house, you're in no big commitment to comfort us at all," Placidity replied as the Kirin proceeded to set up her stuff, outside. It was no surprise to them that the Kirin would use flame magic to heat up the kettle after the experience from just a moment ago, but the real surprise was that it didn't go wrong. Yet. Maybe. "With current conditions, this is really the nicest setup we could expect. Is that a specific spell, or is that an inherent racial trait? I've read a bit on Kirin's but such sources are fairly out dated by now," Tranquility asked. "May I ask what type of tea you may be serving us?"
  7. "Well, I'm sorry that our pony spells don't quite translate into other species, but maybe you could be the one to do it?" Tranquility asked. Part of her thought that maybe it was just an issue with this one in particular, but she didn't want to say it. "Well, the accident has occurred. Maybe if you're going to try the spell again, you could do it with extra precautions. Like some extra wards and stuff. Probably not cast by you, if there's anything to learn from here," Placidity replied looking towards her sister. "Of course, I'd be the one to do it, since Plac here hasn't learned the spell yet. And maybe she never will." "Yeah, like you will never learn the flower spell," The black unicorn retorted before turning back to Iggy. She hoped they weren't broadcasting all that, but she knew they were. "I would have been concerned if the crate leaked in the residue." "If you're still offering, we would gladly accept it."
  8. "Well, you said you had a dragon with you. Have you tried it with him? Dragons aren't directly related to ponies so it would be a good work. If it works on him, it's safe to say it works on everycreature." Of course, that was ignoring all the animals and stuff. "I don't really need the shard. This is the largest public body of water nearby, I'm not entirely interested in being a seapony for very long, although it was an interesting experience." The Hippogryph shouldn't have to worry about her as with the lack of her ever having sight, it's harder for her to know what she's missing out on. Sensing around, she could sort of notice the dust on the surface, but not much else. "How long do you think until everything's okay?"
  9. "Maybe it's a cycle." "No, I think it just happens when they're angry or something." "I've never seen them around, have you?" "No, not at all. Maybe they're angry at the house." "At this point the house would be angry at them." In the time it took for them to have their mini conversation, the Nirik managed to, well, de-nirik? Was that how it was? Whatever. What a coincidence it was at that moment that the two calmest (externally) ponies in the town would show up. "Hi Iggy, I'm assuming you just made it in. Is this some sort of Kirin house ritual?" Tranquility asked the new Kirin, although she didn't quite feel comfortable saying the nickname. This wouldn't be clear through the artificial voice. "What my sister meant to say is that houses don't normally, well, explode or anything," Placidity interjected. "I'm Placidity, and this is my sister Tranquility. I wish we could have met on, better circumstances."
  10. Huh, so it wasn't an innate racial trait, it was from an artifact. That explains how he could so easily use it on her. "That's pretty cool. You said shard, so that kind of implies that maybe it can't be replicated? So, there's a limited supply of shards then." It would have been cool if everypony could transform. "And does it work on creatures not relating to hippogryphs?" Yeah, that was enough questions for now. "I don't think there are any spells to restore- well grant sight, otherwise it probably would have already happened. I never had sight to begin with so that might make things a bit harder." There were tiers of 'restoring' sight and for her, she was far from the recently damaged eyes tier. "As much as some of us blind ponies would love to have sight, there's also part of us that are afraid of the experience and the changes."
  11. This surge is feeling great.

  12. With the new changes around the country, they were kind of expecting more business with the higher traffic, although it was to be said that the new tourists were not coming to this town for them. Placidity didn't really feel like working much right now anyway, and Tranquility just wanted more time to work on her book, but Placidity managed to drag her outside. "Today's not an in day." "The sooner I get this book out the sooner we'll get revenue." "What are you going to do exactly with that revenue?" "I... Something. It's just good to have." "You don't need it right now." To anyone from the outside, they wouldn't be able to tell they were having the small argument at all. Their facial expressions were so regular that it was as if they were just peacefully strolling side by side. But one who knew enough about them would know that their natural twin telepathy showed very little external magic to be seen. Unless one could deeply detect magic, it would be hard to tell. But one could definitely assume. Right at that moment the psionic twins would look up as they saw the beginning of the massive explosion. Placidity's face changed slightly to one of concern, but Tranquility's remained roughly the same as if she had a plan, which she did. The mixture of dust and soap came crashing over them, but unexpectedly, it did not seem to effect Placidity. "You did it didn't you?" Looking around the Black unicorn could see the field that was no question being projected by her sister. "Well, truth be told I wasn't spending all that time on the book." "Right, and it saved our health. You should do it more." "Maybe you should too." The two of them decided to go and investigate the source of the explosion. When the effects settled down enough for their coats to be safe, Tranquility dropped her barrier. They made it over to the calculated epicentre of the blast. "Perpetrator, reveal yourself." The White unicorn broadcasted out loud. She wasn't meaning it in so much of an authoritative tone, but whatever got the fastest response was possibly the best. ((I forgot how fun it was to play these two.))
  13. From this range she couldn't quite make out the exact effect, but she could hear it was explosive. Naturally an explosive sounded bad by itself, but what Cloudy said confused her. "Cleaning spell? That doesn't sound so bad," She replied misinterpreting the exact effects of the spell. She didn't have much time to think as her body shifted both biologically and positionally and she was pulled beneath the surface. Her pony brain told her to hold her breath but her new instincts overtook. With a click, she could perceive just as if she was on the surface, with no impact to her respiration. "I... wasn't exactly expecting that to work." She knew of the transformative traits of the hippogryphs but she wasn't entirely sure how they worked and assumed they were innate like with changelings. "So, you can use it on anyone?" (( So, yeah, it's basically the same, just without the other effects impeding. I guess you could argue that it might get better underwater, but she has to train for that ))
  14. "Ah well, you know, If you merge at least two of you together you'll get a pony. Because that's totally how science works." At that moment, she felt as if she was getting a glare from her mother. How she could know what that was like was something no one could possibly answer. "Well, you're only misfits here in this country." She thought about a certain town that she heard about down south. A town where everyone was so different that in the end there were no misfits. What was it called again? "Well, I suppose it's been a while," She said to herself as if she wasn't already planning to go in. She placed her stuff down to the side and, well, trotted into the lake. "Alright, show me whatever magic you've got." She had somewhat of a clue, but she didn't believe it was actually going to work. ((I'm quite tempted to hijack your other thread even though it might be detrimental to my totally existent quality. ))
  15. "What is Iggy exactly? A normal pony would just assume they're a unicorn, but I'm not a normal pony. I know sorcery is not as restrictive as ponies think." A lot of ponies just assume that only unicorns can cast spells when really it's just way easier when you have a focus appendage. "Alright I'm coming. You don't have to lead me or anything, I already said I know about it. I've been living here for seventeen years. Or maybe actually sixteen. And it's always been there." She made the point by quickly overtaking him. If it was up to her she would have stopped by her house first to unload, it wouldn't have taken longer than an extra minute, but she didn't want to distract him from his objective.
  16. "More spells than Twilight Sparkl- Wait, no that's not a great comparison. More like Starlight Glimmer. She was the Guidance counselor at the school. She's probably the headmare now." With how everything was going, she would be surprised if that wasn't the case. "There's also another two unicorns. I'm not sure how many spells they actually know but the ones they do know are quite amazing." "Swimming? Yeah kind of. But I'm not a marine creature so, I'm kind of hindered more in the water. But it's still good," She explained. She didn't have that part of dolphin. "That lake is not very deep at all though, so the amount of true swimming one could do there is really debatable." Something he said confused her. "What do you mean as a seapony?"
  17. "As much as I like to think I've adapted within the last twelve years there are still things that really like to frustrate me, like well, obviously time." She sighed. It wasn't that she had something and lost it, it was more that she never had it in the first place and she's not getting the full experience. "Well, yeah sort of. I knew something was different but I just assumed it was my fault. But with the changes, I guess it makes more sense now." Although Hippogyph Isolation ended a year or two earlier, she hadn't really met one properly up until now. She wasn't sure whether to ask about the Gryph's new experiences up on land since she wasn't entirely sure how long they had been up. "Hey, I can see small things. Sometimes. It's complicated. I've basically found what I need and whatever more that I may be missing I can just grab later. It's not dire or anything. But really I can help you. You've found the market already, that's good. A day or two in this village and you could basically know everything."
  18. Well, it seemed she wasn't really perceiving the peg- no wait, whatever they were called, she forgot. "Well, I mean, it really depends what you mean by see." Would she keep beating around the bush like this? Possibly. She already got the answer she sort of wanted. "Like, I guess by most ponies definition. And the medical definition. And the legal definition. And the totally not noticing definition." Wait, she was just making the situation more weird than it had to be.
  19. "What? No! Or yes! Totally. Everything's fine. Nothing's wrong. Ha, ha ha. 12:39, nice joke right?" She laughed in a totally not legit manner that could never really fool anyone. Late afternoon, really? If it was that far already, just imagine how far it could get with subsequent days. Part of her wanted to blame the High Princess for this, but the rest of her prevailed. No it was totally her fault. But that seemed like too much of a big gap. Unless, he was wrong. He said himself he wasn't certain and with him supposedly being a traveler or something that aided that factor, but well, now that she thought about it... "It would be really nice to be able to use clocks normally," She said under her breath before realising that she was still there. "I mean uh, yeah, it sure is a nice afternoon is it?" She should probably have just stopped talking.
  20. Granted. Now you're a slave to society. I wish I could get up and actually do something.
  21. (( My participation is probably a mistake. I'm super inconsistent with this website it's crazy. First posts are always exposition trains.)) Things felt different here after the Coronation. Loose was sort of away when it happened and she wasn't entirely caught up with all the changes. Twilight Sparkle had ascended to the High Throne and with that the castle had been sort of temporary converted to a public museum, although it was more of a Historical reservation in it's current form. There wasn't much certainty over what would happen to it and no one thought ready to pester the new council over it. If it was up to her, she'd just turn the entire place into a full on library instead of the divided section it was formally. The lack of intrusive feeling in visiting the place bolstered more tourism and supposed immigration which felt really weird to her. She didn't really like to talk much about her current occupation. It was not one in which she was intending to spend the rest of her life with and as far as she was concerned, she just did it to bridge the gap. She was not ready quite yet, though most of her wished she was. She was on break now. Back in her resident town of Ponyville. It wasn't her first stop, that would be her hometown of Appleloosa, but as much as she liked it there, she could not imagine ever living there, it was weird and she was not agricultural. Maybe when the 'fad' died down she would go visit the castle. It wouldn't be the first time she was there, but it would be different. But right now she had to restock on all the stuff that expired when she was gone. As much as she wanted to be efficient, appetite does not exactly function that way. There was a bit of a problem though, not really relating to the food though. While part of her 'internal clock' functioned- well, internally, there were parts that relied on exterior methods. The sun was a big one, and the sun did not shine equally everywhere. She just needed a bit of calibration, for she was definitely sure it was not 12:37. It wasn't really that big of a deal, it wasn't like she had anywhere she needed to be today specifically, but all of that could add up and it wasn't like she could just look up at the clocktower or anything. She was supposed to meet Haste in a couple of days and she did not want to be late for that. She would just ask that pony over there. They didn't seem too busy, maybe. There was something off about the pegasus though, their shape was a bit wrong. While she liked to bolster that her perception was strong, it wasn't without fault and half the time she had to fill in the gaps. It wasn't quite clear in this case whether she was perceiving wrong or filling wrong, but hey a weird seeming pony was an interesting one, and nopony could possibly get mad at her situation right? "Hey, excuse me. Do you have the time? I think it's 12:39 but that feels wrong to me."
  22. "Right, thanks. Any form to let me know, but really, I notice better than you probably think." Sometimes she didn't like to admit that she had blind spots at all, but soccer was a bigger sport with a lot more player variables than buckball, there was only so much she could remember. It wouldn't really be that big of a problem if she had eyes on the back of her head, but If she really did, than things might get a bit scary. It seemed her foresight worked this time. They were actually going to be doing juggling in this session. Hoof juggling was bit different from wing juggling, but that shouldn't be much of a problem for her, besides, they didn't really expect her to do true juggling right? That would be too chaotic for their first day, implying this wasn't already chaotic. She was glad she didn't shoot earlier because than she would have to retrieve that ball, in a manner that could never be considered discreet. The rules were simple and had not changed within the last couple of years, although if they had she would have known. No grabs were obvious, soccer balls were spherical and literally meant to roll and not be held. She thought about starting off with a quick juggle, but than another idea came up. Without much warning she grinned towards Wind Walker and kicked the ball. Not very cooperative, but she wanted to see her reaction. This was not a true test and there were no big faults to be had here. Except maybe some injuries. That would be kind of interesting though...
  23. That facial expression sums her up better than I could have imagined.
  24. Aw geez, maybe some Echo art will make me come back. Still going for lucky week seven so look out for a post on thursday or something. I blame D&D for taking all my imagination. Name: Echo Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Appearance: Cutie Mark: Swear I had a ref or something, but it's just a buckball with wings. Personality: Physically energetic, but socially insecure, a by product of her condition. Type of Request: Digital
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