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  1. Soccer wasn't her favourite sport at the current moment, that was taken by Buckball, but soccer was probably a close second. They were both ball sports, and at the end of the day, that was really what mattered to her. Soccer was a simple sport to understand in general, not to say that it was easier. Echo made her way through the front gate. The field was surprisingly good considering the terrain of Canterlot. But fields were meant to be practical not natural anyway so it was not that big of a surprise in the end. There was no clear prior indication of who was going to show up for this. It could be anywhere between... well, she couldn't be completely sure. But she could already see two ponies there; one foal. Sweetie Belle was there, she was a crusader, they made their presence basically well known that they would almost be celebrities in a sort of way. There was also another pony. She couldn't remember his name, she swore he looked familiar to a wonderbolt, every pegasus knew about the wonderbolts in one form or another but she didn't know him enough. The star of the attraction was not present as far as she could tell at this moment. Where could she be hiding right now? Long Shot was her name, at least that's what it said in the advertisement. There's no way they could have mixed it up with another player, Long Shot was too famous for that. Even if the mare was present right now, Echo wouldn't have rushed up to her. Years of being self-conscious about her voice have basically taught her to be calmer in some situations, and if she went all hyper now, well, she would probably be completely unintelligible, and that would be kind of embarrassing. Well, it seemed like she was the third arrival. How did Sweetie Belle get here before she did? Was Sweetie really that interested? Well, she would have to find out. She walked up to the filly. "Hey Sweetie Belle, did not think you would be here today," She asked. "Anyone else here that I missed?" She hoped she didn't miss anyone. That wouldn't be good for her perception, she couldn't go blind as well.
  2. I've been meaning to get art for the twins for a while, but it's kind of hard when they're designed bottom up. I can't settle on a real specific design of them, because I don't really care at all, yet I still want art? I want art of something that doesn't really exist. I don't understand myself. 

    1. PyroBlaze


      This is partially why I usually make the appearance one of the first things to finalize.

    2. szalhi


      Crisis averted. Thanks @GoldenDaze

  3. Maybe this will kick me back into forum role-playing.
  4. Man, thanks for reminding me that this thread died.
  5. Well, I guess if it's truly casual than I might be able to hold up Echo for this.
  6. Seems like my hiatus might continue longer than I thought.

  7. I guess I make it easy.
  8. Me whenever I joined a new site.
  9. Cool, more fresh meat.
  10. This is my series finale wishlist. May be updated later or something: Grogar dies. No way he's getting a redemption. No Cozy Glow and Chrysalis "redemption." They've had their chances. Tirek I Will elaborate on later. Assuming Tirek stays evil, I would like a sort of evil mischief trio squad. Council of Harmony. Just go right ahead and say it. Extended theme at the end. They have it, it's awesome, just do it already. In fact, you can change it up a little bit, have more than Twilight singing if you want, just don't remix the hell out of it. As a bonus, I'll take about G5: Next gen MLP. I swear they did so much with the world theh can't just ditch it. Make it in ToonBoom or something, just keep the world. Next Gen is one of my favourite things to come from the fandom. Even id it won't be exactly like Kianamai.
  11. Y'know, I do all my fics in Docs, I never considered the same for here.
  12. Well, I was planning on making some posts beginning next month, but I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in 20 hours, so not sure if that will affect anything.

    1. szalhi


      Well, My face is dying now, but it could be worse I guess.

  13. As much as I want to play the others, I really should give Sandbar some more love
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