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  1. >Find Katawa Shoujo mod that looks really good.

    >Download it.

    >It's amazing

    >Don't want to sleep.

    >I really should.

    >Okay, I will

    >Turns out mod is outdated.

    >Find proper finished version.

    >I'm sorry sleep.


  2. This was a triumph

    1. tacobob


      Yeah. Thems were nice cars back then.



    2. Corsair


      I'm making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS!  

  3. The way things are going, I'm going to be getting myself two more pieces of art, which means two more OC's.



    And they're both blind.

    I'm so predictable, aren't  I?

  4. My motivation to RP is being pressured by all the work I actually have to do. 

  5. I Guess my family has infected me. I feel terrible.

  6. Might take a break from the roleplays for a bit.

    1. tacobob


      sometimes it's good to take a little break.

  7. Hey, welcome back.

    1. Kilojoules


      Thank you! I'm glad to be back. :)

  8. My production goes down whenever I'm on break. Hopefully I'm not missing much on this site.

  9. One year on this site and I can certainly say:


    I’m still young. 

  10. Can't wait for like Six weeks without pone.

  11. "Finishing" your history draft at 1am wondering whether it's enough, but it's 1am so you just don't care.

  12. Being sick sucks. 

  13. Sometimes I'm tempted to have Loose Make a bunch of Toph jokes just for the hell of it.

  14. I made the mistake of going on reddit instead of typing up my post. Damn internet.

    1. Ciraxis


      I have similar experiences when visiting TV Tropes for inspiration.

  15. I'm thinking of creating a Snowdrop app, but i don't know where that would go.

    1. szalhi


      She's from the past though so she would probably go in AU now that i think about it.

    2. tacobob


      Since she would be very dead by the 'present' time, you could always make a zombie version of her. :|

    3. tacobob


      Also, I wish Quicklime was here as that was her FAVORITE character..Like forever.. :blah:

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  16. Oh boy, reverse talents? Well there goes Loose's navigational skills.

  17. Damn it. School's starting back up again. That will mess up schedules.

    1. Tenkan


      Cherish school, young one.

  18. I have my learners liscense so I can learn to drive now. 


    But that required effort. 


    Which I do not have. 

  19. I should probably stay away from this site while I do some real work.

  20. I'll get there eventually.

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