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Status Updates posted by szalhi

  1. I made the mistake of going on reddit instead of typing up my post. Damn internet.

    1. Ciraxis


      I have similar experiences when visiting TV Tropes for inspiration.

  2. I'm thinking of creating a Snowdrop app, but i don't know where that would go.

    1. szalhi


      She's from the past though so she would probably go in AU now that i think about it.

    2. tacobob


      Since she would be very dead by the 'present' time, you could always make a zombie version of her. :|

    3. tacobob


      Also, I wish Quicklime was here as that was her FAVORITE character..Like forever.. :blah:

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  3. Oh boy, reverse talents? Well there goes Loose's navigational skills.

  4. Damn it. School's starting back up again. That will mess up schedules.

    1. Tenkan


      Cherish school, young one.

  5. I have my learners liscense so I can learn to drive now. 


    But that required effort. 


    Which I do not have. 

  6. I should probably stay away from this site while I do some real work.

  7. I'll get there eventually.

  8. Sometimes typing up a post is like doing an exam for me. I have no clue what I'm trying to say. But I do it anyway. 

  9. I'm supposed to be doing work, but I'm roleplaying on this site instead. I've got my priorities perfectly set out.

  10. You okay? 

    1. RadiantRhapsody


      Yup! Sorry I'm taking so long, haven't been feeling well.

    2. szalhi


      ah right. Timing sucks. 

  11. Today has been a weird and tiring day. That three hours sleep in the afternoon was totally worth it.

  12. It simultaneously feels more nice and bad to be more active on the sight. R.I.P my school life.

  13. Welcome to Canterlot, I hope you stick around.

    1. RadiantRhapsody


      Aww, thank you~ ^-^


      I like yours, as well!

    2. szalhi


      Which one are you referring to?

    3. RadiantRhapsody
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  14. Them's fighting herd is out now and I have to go to school. what a disappointing way to start the awesome day.

  15. I've got so much work to do...




  16. Not really sick. I don't know what that was.

  17. Can't get over that Cartoon heroes Pic. 

  18. I think i might be getting sick.

    1. tacobob


      Please do not sneeze on your monitor. :green:

    2. GigiThePug


      Man I just got better from being sick. I had to miss a few days of work last week 

  19. Sometimes the days don't feel long enough. 


  20. Alright guys. It's almost time for us to get rekt repeatedly. 


    Them's Fightin Herds releases 22nd.



  21. R.I.P me. School's back on.

  22. Ah yes, it is complete. The thread that will hopefully keep me from going insane. Totally not inspired from that one Spongebob Episode.

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