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    1. tacobob


      This is like MLP from an alternative dimension where Faust got to do her 'Milky Way And The Galaxy Girls' show, and MLP was cranked out with horrible CGI and was forgotten after one season...

  2. >Find Katawa Shoujo mod that looks really good.

    >Download it.

    >It's amazing

    >Don't want to sleep.

    >I really should.

    >Okay, I will

    >Turns out mod is outdated.

    >Find proper finished version.

    >I'm sorry sleep.


  3. @tacobob @SteelEagle 


    Did y'all plan to murder my notifications?

    1. SteelEagle


      Yes. Our vile plan is revealed.

      In all actuality, I just noticed you've been making these threads and I wanted to get updated on them. Thank you for posting them and I plan on keeping track of them now. ;)

    2. tacobob


      (hides knife)


      uh no



  4. Bleh. 


    I'm going to try and make an attempt to post. 

  5. Alright guys. It's almost time for us to get rekt repeatedly. 


    Them's Fightin Herds releases 22nd.



  6. D&D is taking up a lot of my imagination right now, so I'm not around as much as I'm used to. 


    I can think of two threads I have to get through, don't worry @GoldenDaze I haven't quite forgotten.

  7. Damn graduation. 


    Now I have to get a job.

  8. Day 23. Give it up for Day 23.


    1. RainbowFoxxy


      K-R-A-B-B-Y says I!

  9. Guess I'll be away from the site to pull myself together for a bit. 


    Everyone can skip me.

  10. Here's your Christmas movie.



  11. I have my learners liscense so I can learn to drive now. 


    But that required effort. 


    Which I do not have. 

  12. I've got so much work to do...




  13. If anyone wants to do completely third finished roleplays that last two weeks, hit me up.


    I'm great at those.

  14. In one week I'll be out of school.



    Wait what? That's too soon.

  15. Magic lore Iore I see? That reminds me of my own revelation I came up with for the show's magic.



    1. KaityKat



      I'd love to geek out and discuss it together, if you wanna PM me. ;)

  16. No one came to my door.



    1. DreamWanderer


      Thankfully no one came to mine either :P Luckly i live on the edge of town where no one bothers to go =D 

    2. tacobob


      Yeah. The front door!


      We all snuck in the back! :kissy:

    3. PyroBlaze


      Me either, but that's pretty typical

  17. One year on this site and I can certainly say:


    I’m still young. 

  18. Since I've watched 9 seasons of this show over six years I thought it was about time to get my first (and probably only) piece of merchandise. 




    1. KaityKat


      Cool! I've thought about getting some of the Daring Do books, myself, but I never really had enough interest to actually go looking for them. *shrug*


      Tho, now that the series is over, I'm thinking about getting into the comics.

  19. Sometimes the days don't feel long enough. 


  20. sorry if I haven't replied to any threads yet.


    I've just been out of it. The more free time i have to write, the less likely I am to do it. 

  21. The way things are going, I'm going to be getting myself two more pieces of art, which means two more OC's.



    And they're both blind.

    I'm so predictable, aren't  I?

  22. Week Six. 


    Here's hoping for lucky seven.

  23. "Finishing" your history draft at 1am wondering whether it's enough, but it's 1am so you just don't care.

  24. Is this year even new?

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