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    Roleplay Type: WoE


    Name: Placidity


    Sex: Female


    Age: Mare


    Species: Unicorn


    Eye colourhazel


    Coat: black


    Mane/Tail: Yellow with a green headband.


    Physique: average.


    Residence: Ponyville


    Occupation: mental and social Therapy (psychiatrist)


    Cutie Mark: Two patched up hearts; referring to her focus in social therapy. She got it when she helped a schoolmate get through after their parent's divorce, despite never having experienced such an event personally. 


    Unique Traits: Placidity (Plas for short) is a twin with Tranquillity (Plas came second) who was born mute. In spite of their muteness, she developed her own form of telepathy that they use to try and communicate. She is not completely identical to her sister. Placid has an extra talent for cooking and gardening. She's totally better than her sister in social situations.


    History: Placidity was born to a single mother in Baltimare. She was born without any noise or any crying at all. This concerned doctors and her mother who discovered that she was born mute. However it wasn't just the muteness that concerned them, she showed no visual signs the way that a foal would when crying. None the less, it would make caring for her easier as she was less likely to throw tantrums than the average child. She was not excluded from the typical childish behaviour, beyond her natural communication with her twin she also developed their own form of Telepathy which meant that they could communicate behind their mother's back.She describes her acquisition of telepathy as "boosting the connection with magic."


    After graduating from school they went to Canterlot university where they trained in social work and got degrees in psychology. They chose to open their own office in Ponyville due to the small nature of the town and lack of competition.


    Character Personality: Despite hardship in early life, Placidity managed to get along in life with very little worry. Her calm demeanour makes them easily approachable for help knowing that they will naturally refrain from aggressiveness; they can't physically yell at you anyway. Under her calm demeanour, she is very cheerful.


    Character Summary:


    Placidity is a unicorn who uses her skill in therapy and psychology to help ponies in need. May or may not be the evil one.





    Roleplay Type: WoE


    Name: Tranquillity


    Sex: Female


    Age: Mare


    Species: Unicorn


    Eye colourBrown


    Coat: white


    Mane/Tail: Red


    Physique: average.


    Residence: Ponyville


    Occupation: social and psychological Therapy (psychiatrist)


    Cutie Mark: the ancient Unicornian symbol for psi (psychology)Ψ. She got it when her friend's mother refused to believe there was anything mentally wrong with her son to warrant a diagnosis. But Tranquil diagnosed the problem with confidence. The acquisition of such cutie mark forced the mother to actually seek professional help.


    Unique Traits: Tranquillity (or Tranquil) is a twin with Placidity (Tranquil came first) who was born mute. In spite of their muteness, they developed their own form of telepathy that they use to try and communicate. She is not completely identical to her sister. Tranquillity has an extra talent for writing (she's developing a book on psychology) and Yoga. She's totally better at mental therapy than her sister.


    History: Tranquillity was born to a single mother in Baltimare. She was born without any noise or any crying at all. This concerned doctors and her mother who discovered that she was born mute. However it wasn't just the muteness that concerned them, she showed no visual signs the way that a foal would when crying. None the less, it would make caring for her easier as she was less likely to throw tantrums than the average child. She was not excluded from the typical childish behaviour, beyond her natural communication with her twin she also developed their own form of Telepathy which meant that they could communicate behind their mother's back. She describes her acquisition of telepathy as "feeling each other's consciences and reinforcing the link with magic."


    After graduating from school they went to Canterlot University where she got degrees in psychology and trained in social work. They chose to open their own office in Ponyville due to the small nature of the town and lack of competition.


    Character Personality: Despite hardship in early life, Tranquillity managed to get along in life with very little worry. Her calm demeanour makes them easily approachable for help knowing that they will naturally refrain from aggressiveness; they can't physically yell at you anyway. Under her calm demeanour, she has a quirky sense of sarcasm.


    Character Summary:


    Tranquility is a unicorn who uses her skill in therapy and psychology to help ponies in need. Totally not the Evil one.

  3. "Aye. Well, now that I think about it, you're lack of recognition for your system shows how good of a nomad you are if it's simple and you don't have to think about it," she complimented. "I Hope I'm not overwhelming you with compliments? Consider it somewhat of payment."


    She began focusing harder to try and hear the sound of a train. But she could not hear any. Either she was far away or there was no train in motion. "I can't hear the train from here so I can't confirm yet if you're going in the right direction."


    She smiled at his judgement of the town. "Ponyville is a nice place. It's not actually my birth town. I was born in Appleloosa, but it wasn't really a good place for a young blind filly. I was supposed to move to Fillydelphia until... stuff happened. So besides the first two years, I spent most of my life in Ponyville," She explained. "If you want, you could stay at my house while you're not in the market." She thought for a moment before grinning. "If you were really feeling it, you could risk going into the Everfree. I tried once or twice but never made it far in. I think I had the advantage of not being scared by the dark. Apparently, the trees shade most of the areas making it more gloomy or something, whatever that means."

  4. She felt the stallion pat her lightly on the wing. She wondered if that was a normal pegasus thing as her friend had done that several times too. She would have done it back if she was a pegasus. "Well no, it wouldn't be hurting anypony, I don't think it's wrong, but I don't know much about Canterlot culture, I don't want to risk anything, we'll just wait until we're on the train," she answered. 


    She nodded in acknowledgement to his answers. Ponyville was not her birth town, but she's been there long enough that it might as well be. "Well, if you didn't have a system, then I'd have to question your validity as a nomad," She joked before thinking for a moment. Coming to Canterlot showed her that Ponyville was actually a relatively nice place. "I can't really exactly explain what Ponyville is like, I'm heavily biased since I've been living there since forever and I see things differently. What I can tell you is that it's very progressive in its culture, quite the opposite of Canterlot, you'll fit in right away. If I'm travelling with you, then I'll need to grab some stuff from my home. I can't confirm if I will right now, but the mood says yes." 


    "When we get there I'm gonna have to show you around. There are some places you'll definitely have to check out," She informed positively. "I'm not going to spoil them for you right now."

  5. Loose Pondered for a moment before replying "I think one of the reasons why I haven't heard of any other users is that they don't know that Echolocation is a thing or that they can even learn it. Like, I bet if I was never inspired, I would have never thought to enhance my senses and learn it." 


    She could hear the uncertainty in the Stallion's voice as he authorised her previous request. "If you're okay with it, but we're not going to do it here. I don't know about you, but I'm most likely going to be returning here sometime in the future and I don't want to give the wrong local impression. I don't think you're actually ready for it," She informed him listening around for any locals. There were few than before, but in a city like this, she didn't think one could get any real privacy. "I don't think I'm ready for it either, is this a normal thing ponies do?" 


    The Stallion sure was awkward, and it was such awkwardness that seemed to be seeping into herself. "It is a system if you're doing the same process repeatedly. In a way, you just taught me how to do it in less than ten seconds," She pointed out with a smile. She watched as Ejaz finished the last of the pieces. "I don't think you ever told me where you were planning on going next, if you had plans that is. I'm supposed to be going back to Ponyville, but in reality, I don't have any reason to stay there." 


    She was going to offer to pull it, but she decided against it. The Stallion did this all the time and unless his body was weakening, he would be fine. Instead, she opted to stay beside him. 

  6. "The thing about Echolocation though, is that I have a feeling that it's not as easy as it was for me. Maybe I just got lucky and learnt it real easy, it doesn't mean I would be able to teach it to to others," she remarked. "There would also be varying levels of hearing sensitivity. I don't think I'll be able to help anyone learn it, the variables are just to high."


    She attempted to try and sense whether or not the stallion was lying or not, but she could still not detail enough of his face. "Well, If you say you have a natural face, then I'm just going to have to take your word for it, I'm not about to go rubbing my hoof all over your face," she whisphered back at Ejaz. "Unless you'd allow me to, which, I'd understand if you didn't, we only just met." 


    As they walked along, she could feel the presence of the locals around her. She could not make out their miniscule expressions which made her feel at unease. She attempted to ignore them, but it was kind of hard when her social status was kind of important, especially since she was probably going to be stationed in this city in the future. However, luckily, she noticed the out of place shack up ahead that was most definitely her companions.


    She watched the stallion take apart the shack bit by bit, he seemed to be fast at it, maybe too fast. She wasn't sure if he had a certain method or he was just improvising it. "It's okay, i would help, but I don't know if you have a specific system that I don't want to mess up, you have to do this everytime right? I don't think you have time to explain such system if it exists."  



  7. She pondered for a moment. "Well, I guess I could teach echolocation, maybe one day. would be useful to other blind ponies, but it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You just have to hear the difference between the echoes based on your position," She tried explaining to him. She felt a nudge in her side so she started paying attention to her surroundings as they set off. She noticed that as they walked, the locals seemed to pay less attention to them, probably because they weren't lingering. 


    "I can kind of recognise facial features. But nothing extreme, basically stuff I could just guess. Why? Is there anything special about your face?" She asked. "Because to me, it seems pretty normal right now. I don't really rely on facial expressions." 


    Her body was actually feeling pretty restless. One disadvantage about Canterlot is that The locals don't take to kindly of others 'mucking around.' "I mean, I don't really have to help you since you made it here by yourself, but it just seems like a way to repay the favour. Besides, I have too much energy right now to do nothing," she explained. "Where are you planning on heading next? Anywhere specific?" 

  8. Loose chuckled at the stallion's sudden outburst. She remembered the number of times she asked her mother to explain sight and it was hard to explain and hard to understand. Maybe this situation would be similar. But whatever, maybe this stallion would understand. "It's okay, I can answer those questions. I'm not sure how easy it would be to learn, I've never heard of anypony else using it. Besides you have sight, it's easy for me because it's all I've got," she explained. "I can't exactly explain what it's like. The best I could say is it's like seeing the silhouettes of everything."


    She paused for a moment thinking back to when she first learnt it. "I was somewhat influenced into learning it based off the Neighpon pony Zatoichi, who may or may not have been fictional. It was never blatantly stated that he used it, but one thing lead to another and I realised how sound changes based off the objects around you. So I learnt how to locate with echoes."


    She once again paused for a moment, this time to send out a pulse. "There are a lot of variables for range. Right now it's like thirteen metres, but that could change. I can understand why you'd have think a loud city would let me perceive everything, but the reality is that the sounds are so varied I can't rely on all of them. That's basically all I can tell you now."


    The stallion suggested taking the scenic route. Hopefully he meant the parts of the city that she hasn't visited yet. "You don't need to feel sorry, it wasn't a long experience. Yeah we can take the scenic route. Although the scenary might have a low effect on me. If you're going to help me than surely I can help you with your supplies back."

  9. No maps? Loose would have assumed that as a Nomad, the stallion would use maps more often. But then again, he probably just picked a direction and stuck with it. No maps really needed. 


    The stallion seemed to lower his voice to a range outside regular pony hearing, probably to obscure the conversation. She wouldn't be able to lower her own volume so the act would only work one way but she smiled appreciating the attempt. "My pupils definitely wouldn't dilate. They were damaged shortly after birth by my uveitis, I've never seen in my life," She explained. She stilled got inflammations occasionally, but they were so few and minor that she never thought to bring it up. "I was actually referring to ponies outside Canterlot. I don't get the opportunity to converse with most ponies here so they never notice," she clarified to the stallion. "Not that I'd really want to. Sometimes I feel like the Princesses are different enough from the locals that the only reason why they're here is for traditional reasons."


    She rubbed her front right hoof along her left hoof emphasizing her physique. "I'd say that my physical fitness is one of the things that sets me apart. I'm not saying that other blind ponies can't work out either, it's just that I've never met another blind pony or heard of one that knows Echolocation so I wouldn't expect them to pursue the same level as myself."


    That was a good essential question he asked last, but it would come with a simple answer. "There are no emergencies. No hurries. We have all the time in the world," she said before chuckling to herself. "Well not really, but you know what I mean. Flying would be faster, but unless you're in a rush yourself, I'd rather not do that. I remember my first experience flying, it didn't go too well."

  10. (( School is really messing up my normal post times and my comfort.))


    "It's a pleasure to meet you too," She replied giving her own bow. She continued to instinctively eavesdrop on the ponies within the vicinity while listening to the stallion as well.The stallion was definitely a nomad if he was asking to travel along with her. "I wouldn't mind you travelling along with me. though I haven't got far to go. I'm only going down to Ponyville. You'd have to know how to read maps, otherwise I'd doubt you'd be willing to go through with helping me," She pointed out. 


    He did notice her blindness, but what made it good was that he didn't doubt her abilities... or at least express doubt. "I'm glad you're not like the average. Most ponies don't notice I'm blind and while that's good sometimes, other times it can make situations weird. When they do notice I'm blind, they seem to completely ignore my capabilities," She explained in a cheerful tone. "I work out. You would not want to be on the other side of a conflict. I mean, I'm not that compulsive..." 


    His last statement changed the mood a bit as it gave her mixed emotions. Fly with him? It would definitely be faster but... could he even carry her? Even if he could she'd be up in the sky, away from the ground. Up in the air, the ground is outside her perceptive range, it didn't feel safe at all. "Oh... I'm not sure about the flying part," She muttered. "It's like, I'm not even going to notice the ground, it will be like, there's only you and I. That doesn't feel right at all. I'm not saying I don't trust you; i do trust you, but you know..." Would he know? The air is natural for a pegasus. "I mean, I guess we could do it... If you really want to."

  11. She felt the stallion move closer to her but she didn't mind at all. "Oh, Travelling Mechanic? So you fix stuff for ponies wherever you go. Well, I don't have anything that needs fixing here Ejaz. Well, artificial stuff. My name's Loose Cannon," She introduces herself. She was lucky to find somepony from out of town or else she would be stuck here until she stumbled in the right direction or she found an oddball local.


    Her ears perk up as she listens to the ponies within the vicinity, her hearing let her eavesdrop on some conversations. "Listen, I'm not really feeling comfortable around these other ponies here and I don't think they like us here either. If you could help me find the train station that would be great I don't plan on staying here any longer than I need to," She states before quickly adding on.,"No hoof holding required, my ears still work, I only need somepony who knows the way. Or is capable of reading a map."

  12. Spoiler




    Wait, hold on. She was just about to leave for a different location when a stallion came up to her expressing their desire to help. Somepony here was actually willing to help here? No way, couldn't be true. No wait, it could be true. They were speaking in a softer voice, one which a sophisticated Canterlot Pony would never use. She sent out a pulse tracking the pony's location and form. Not a Unicorn; a pegasus. Yes, it was true. 


    "Yes, I am lost," She answered turning to face towards the pony, her eyes not sure if they want to stay open or closed. "I need to find the way to the train station as I have forgotten where it is myself. These locals are no help at all, spitting out the same basic automated replies like they're not paying attention." She paused for a moment. "They are definitely not paying attention. How do they expect me to use a map that's not embossed? How could you even get a map in sufficient embossed detail?" 


    She realised she was ranting on and caught herself before she went any further. "But enough about that, you're willing to help me? You must not be like anypony here at all," She acknowledged. "Are you a local? Tourist? Nomad?" 

  13. Spoiler




    Her Blindness had stumped her again. It was never always an issue, her Echolocation was a good replacement that allowed her to do some things normally. Sometimes ponies wouldn't even know of her impairment. The only clear factor of her blindness is her eyes when they are open, and when they are closed one might wonder how she doesn't bump into things. 


    Loose Cannon was in Canterlot temporarily for future business. She was planning on joining the guard so she needed to go to the recruitment center. Because of her condition, it would take a while for them to come to the decision as Canterlot hasn't ever had a blind guard before, but the recruiters expressed their interest. They sent her home saying they'd notify her later through mail, hopefully in Braille. This wasn't the first time she was in Canterlot ever, but it was in the last five years. She decided to spend some time looking around the city. It wasn't as exciting as ponies say. One of the various reasons ponies come to visit Canterlot is just to admire the architecture of the city. But to her, it didn't leave much to be desired. When she was done she decided that it would be better to just leave and go back home to Ponyville. Off to the train station, she would go. No wait, that's not the station. Not that either. This is back where she started.


    This was the problem. 


    She didn't know where the train station was. Canterlot was a big city and the locals weren't always so kind. "I don't have time for this, They'd say or mostly "Just use a map." She would have liked to just use a map. Maps are distributed to all tourists who need them. She was kind of a tourist. But maps are colour based so she couldn't use a map. She tried to look out for a pony that may seem like they could help, but if there was one, they were diluted among the rest. She stood there on the side of the street with a look of concern. 

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  14. She was sure she wasn't supposed to have known that last bit of information but because of her lip reading, she understood it anyway. Kahoot does not physically match her. This was surely all one big act. Does Kahoot really think this is a game? Wars are not games. They're serious business. Unless they are war-games in which case they're kind of half games. Maybe this is a game. Yeah, this is just for fun. All right, let's just pretend it's not a game, even though it clearly isn't. "If I must be mistaken, then this war will clearly have no victor as the legendary Echo is never defeated either," She pointed out while finishing off the last of the ammunition set. "But I assure that you must be the one who is mistaken instead. Which means the war continues until I have defeated you or you accept the un-con-dish-uh-nel surrender. Which I believe will not take long."


    She would have to prepare the advanced weaponry in case the advanced tactics of Shock and Awe are to be utilised. This meant creating the siege cannons and the mortars. This was no longer just a test of physical strength and accuracy. In the event that advanced tactics aren't enough, Operation Endgame would be activated.

  15. The opponent was a fool to think that they could get past her impenetrable defenses. Nopony has ever successfully done so. That's part of the reason she was kind of alone today, most of the foals know better than to attack the impenetrable fort. Maybe she should just tone... no. Never. The most she would do is let others join her army but no toning it down. If somepony does manage to take down the fort than they shall be rewarded with... something. Then the fort will be rebuilt better as if nothing had happened. 


    She started her barrage. She used all her current energy to fling all the remaining ammunition at the target. The accuracy was lower but spray and pray was a legitimate tactic that could work out especially if you don't know the exact location of your target. Now that her energy was lower she would have to recover it to optimal levels. She would do so while manufacturing more of the ammunition and reinforcing the safe havens. Before starting she peeked up over the top of the fort. "Kahoot you fool! This was over before it started!" She shouted over at the opposing base seeing the splotches of snow where the balls landed, some having landed outside, but the majority having landed within or on the opposing base. "I will now consider your un-con-dish-uh-nel surrender!"

  16. ((I love the exaggeration. ))


    Echo didn't really get the last message from Kahoot but it didn't matter because the war was on. She looked over her arsenal. She almost forgot to build equipment. She wouldn't really need it now but siege cannons would be useful. Snow Mortars would also be useful, but as an excellent ball user, she wouldn't need the equipment now. Unless the opponent also had ball skills, she should have a clear advantage. One of the novice mistakes she witnesses in most snowball fights is the lack of understanding of physics. Most ponies seem to focus on destroying the enemy fort or waiting for the enemy to expose themselves before throwing the snowballs directly at them as straight as possible. 


    She calculated the minimum arc she would need to avoid the opponent's wall. Then made adjustments to leave room for miscalculations and varying velocities. Once she had the supposed angle calculated, she made sure her supply of snowballs were nearby as she wasn't going to be manufacturing for a while. It may have seemed a bit unfair to start with such an obscure strategy, but all's fair in love and war right? She picked up the first snowball and threw it, watching to see if it hit the designated area. Close enough. She stretched her forehooves. Now it was time to start the barrage.

  17. She watched as the challenger set up their defenses opposing her own fortress. It was nowhere near as good as hers. 'Must be a novice,' she thought to herself. Who would dare challenge such the likes as herself? Not that she didn't want anypony challenging her, there's no point in having a fort if there's nothing to defend from. The almighty Kahoot of Manehatten. What would city folk know about the art of snow wars? 


    "You dare challenge the fortress of tri-amph?" she replied in a more sophisticated voice revealing herself from behind the walls. Situations like these would probably be the only time you would hear her like this. "I assure you you're making a mistake." 'Actually please don't leave.' "I guess you haven't heard the legends of Echo." They weren't legends. "I won't hesitate to pound you with the ammunition." True fact. "It seems you have set up your fortifi-kay-shons. The battle will begin when the signal is given." What signal? "Also, I'm deaf so yeah, won't be able to understand you half the time." She had never seen the mare before so she probably didn't know. 


    She ducked behind the wall and pulled out a larger ball than average. The snow-bomb. That was the signal. When the bomb hits the ground between the fortifications the battle should begin. The bomb had been specifically designed to cover as much area as possible while sacrificing any real damage. Why? Because it looks cool. She flew up and tossed the ball into the air before rushing back into her fort. The moment it started she would arc the ammunition at Kahoot's wall.

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