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  1. Threads are ordered by most recent. Stricken threads are practically dead or finished.


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    Loose Cannon // female // Teenage Mare // Blind


    The ice breaker (closed)

    [STAR members] Shadow of Ice, Base, north of Las Pegasus

    Running of the Leaves 2018

    First Harvest (Open)

    And So it Begins. {STAR Recruitment} (See OOC)

    Strange Behavior (Open)

    A Much Needed Break [Open]

    Guidance Saga:


    In Blind Magic, luck helps a lot!(Open)

    sugar, spice and, everything nice (Friendship)

    Clean Solutions At a Steep Expense [Open!]






    Echo // Female // Filly // Deaf


    Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    The Best Freak N' Comic Shop (Closed)

    [Semi-open][exaggerated] Winter Snowball War.

    A Forbidden Palace No More! (Sign-Up in OOC Thread)

    Muddy in the streets [open rp]



    ZipporWhill // Female // Filly // Canon


    A Helping Hoof [LunarDisplay, Szalhi]

    Bug eyed [Open]

    Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)



    Sandbar // Male // Young Stallion // Canon


    Ogres & Oubliettes & The Mystery Of All These Dice... (Open)



    Tranquillity // Female // Young Mare // Mute // Telepathic // Twin


    A visit to the velvet strand [Closed][ask for invite]

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    [Open] Day Off.

    A Pirate's Life For Me! (Open)

    { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]

    [Open] First day in town.



    Placidity // Female // Young mare // Mute // Telepathic // Twin

    A visit to the velvet strand [Closed][ask for invite]

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    The Twilight Guard (Invite Only)

    [Open] Day Off.

    A Pirate's Life For Me! (Open)

    { Gold Coast Silk Shop } [ OPEN ]


    [Earth Pony]

    No Vella // Female // Middle Age // Blind



    Haste // Female // Teenage mare 

    Days Ahead ~ 95 PE


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    Szalhi // Male // Middle age. // Witchcraft?




  2. She sighed when It seemed that the foal was okay. It was just a small fall. Not like the rock was a part of a trap. Or was it placed there on purpose? She was kind of surprised when the Filly had straight up asked her a question about the books she had. A bookworm I guess, she thought. The books were all apart of a series and the series demanded long repetitive titles so she had to read over them with her hoof to remember. "I actually have three books here: Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore, Daring Do and the Eternal Flower and Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds," She answered. "They took a while to come in but since I'm the only one that I know of that needs braille I get an extended loan."


    She went to ask if the filly needed help but it seemed that she didn't so she continued on her half rant. "You know how hard it is to finish Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone and find out you can't read the rest straight away?" Well, she didn't know if the filly had actually read any of the books in the series, but one would at least give at least one book in the series a chance? She was actually surprised when she found out the series was really popular and wondered why she hadn't read it when she was younger. "I'm sorry for rambling, it's been a while. The name's Loose Cannon"


    (( You can actually get those books IRL))

  3. (( Not sure if this is open, but because you're new, I'm assuming it is. ))


    A year to do practically nothing.


    That's how long she had before she would definitely join the military. She could join earlier, but she thought it would be better for her health if she didn't. What does one do when you have time to kill? Punch some trees. Run around Ponyville a couple of times. Get deprived. Nap. Get Drunk (not that drunk), hang around the Night-club, even if it was day. The Bartender was pretty nice. The DJ seemed pretty cool, though she never said a word, maybe she was mute. Well, that would make communication hard. Yeah, this is kind of what she did every day. Except for the getting drunk part. She's not doing that today.


    Loose had no desire to stick around any longer and decided to swing by the library for some braille books. Took them a while she thought when she exited the library. Despite living here for a while, the library still didn't have many braille books. Although it was kind of understandable considering she didn't know any other impaired ponies, and some ponies don't know she's impaired since her precise echolocation is pretty good. One might hear the noises she makes to aid this echolocation. She was trotting down the path when she noticed a foal that was quite small, smaller than average. She didn't know many foals, normally keeping to herself or socialising with other ponies around her age. The Foal was carrying a bag, presumably full of groceries. 


    There was a pretty large rock there. If she wasn't paying attention at all she wouldn't have noticed it. Big enough to trip a small foal.  Better move it,  she thought to herself, before realising that the foal was quickly approaching it and showed no signs of noticing it. 


    "Hey! Watch o-" She shouted a bit too late. She winced. She heard the contents of the bag spill onto the floor. She walked over to the Foal. "You okay? How did you not notice that? Even I would've noticed it."

  4. "Well, that's disappointing. Thought you could turn me into an Alicorn, of which there are actually five." She actually wasn't disappointed, becoming an Alicorn would be as scary as gaining a new sense. "Although it would attract a lot of attention if that were to happen."  Attention that she didn't particularly want right now. The Quiet stallion next to her seemed to doubt the effects of the potions. She could see how since the mare was obviously not a unicorn, but there's a first time for everything. Zebra's don't have horns but they are known for their chemistry.


    The mare running the stall finally gave a name, implying that the name wasn't already written down somewhere on the stall. "Oh so the name's Ploomette, I thought you forgot your name from a potion's side effect ahahahaha... 'tis just a joke..." She joked while slightly backing away. She moved back up to the stall. 


    She finally focused on the wings that Ploomette had, they were pretty big. Who would decide one day to just have big wings? Maybe a crazy pony. Or a pony that wanted to test the limits of potions. There were a lot of potions there, the only possible reason she could think of as to why one would have so many is for variety. "Are those wings permanent? Also, what are the craziest potions you have here?"

  5. She didn't know if there was a sign that said not to touch them, but it seems that the mare didn't like the potions to be handled incorrectly. She couldn't blame the mare, this was careful chemistry and any wrong actions could seriously mess things up. At least she had the common sense to not handle them yet. 


    "Would consuming two potions shortly after each other result in twice the effect or twice the duration?" She asked ignoring the other two ponies. "Or maybe some other effect that I should probably know about." Maybe the world would collapse if everything here were to mix together, how would she know, she's not a chemist. But this mare is a chemist. Nothing has exploded yet. 


    "Are there any other side effects that maybe you forgot to mention? Like maybe the loss of sight?" She laughed. "Like that one would matter to me, how do you lose something you don't have? Maybe I'll find out." She started digging around for her bits, wherever ponies keep them normally. Her mother would probably get mad if she found out she was taking potions, but she didn't really care. She was a grown mare (barely) and she could make decisions for herself even if they were probably bad. These potions sounded pretty cool to the point that they seemed fake or illegal. 


    "These are legal right?" 

  6. AppleLoosa was her birth town, the town she would've remained in if it weren't for her condition. Her mother was a scientist, one of the reasons why the Apples are even able to taste as good as they were. She though? She was more like her father, not that she ever knew him very well, but a name like "Loose Cannon" resembled him more than her mother. She was here visiting her mother, who was currently working giving the young mare time to lay back on the streets. No, not drinking, she's not into that... yet. Although it seems now would be the time to try. Not that kind of drink.


    A mare had a booth set up nearby, and it seemed to have nothing to do with Apples. It was supposedly a potion booth and the mare running the store seemed to have special wings, going by the conversation between the mare and the stallion nearby, Loose wasn't focusing on the mare's body. She got up from her resting position and made her way over initially ignoring the two others. She couldn't read any of the labels on the bottles - if there were labels. The potions the mare described were quite interesting and there were a lot of potions, but she wasn't sure if she was going to risk trying any.


    "Potion of speed you say? Would that cause the user to tire quickly as well? Would it damage the muscles? Would it enhance reaction time?" she asked the mare. If the claims of the mare were true then this could be useful for certain situations. "What is a mare like you doing out in a town like this? Diversifying your customers?"


    Roleplay Type: WoE, 

    Name: Loose Cannon

    Sex: Female

    Age: Young Mare

    Species: Earth

    Eye colour: Milk white

    Coat: Orange

    Mane/Tail: Short red.

    Physique: Muscular


    Residence: Ponyville


    Occupation: STAR Force.

    Cutie Mark: A Flaming horseshoe. She's good at brawling, but she better not be in charge.


    Unique Traits: She was born blind with Equine Recurrent Uveitis. Around the age of eight, she taught herself Echolocation based off a semi-fictional character. Her echolocation can be heard sometimes by others, mostly if focused on. She fights with an unpredictable art style. Her hearing has given her the unmoral habit of eavesdropping.


    History: Loose Cannon was born Blind with Equine recurrent uveitis. As an Earth pony, Her parents didn't think she was going to have that great of a life as they thought. But none the less they tried to give her a full filling life. After moving to Ponyville from AppleLoosa, they learnt braille and taught her Braille as well, but they were still unsure of sending her to school.


    It wasn't long before she was sent to school. She made some friends, but she was bullied quite often and even with her friends around, she couldn't let go of the fact that she wasn't normal.


    It wasn't until she came home one day that she realised that she didn't have to be that different. She thought she read every braille book she had, but there was one book she seemed to of skipped. The story of Zatoichi, a blind Guard from olden times. She read through the whole story several times and loved it. She realised that all she needed to do was adapt her other senses.


    It was not long before she managed to teach herself Echolocation. Her parents were amazed at this feat and they thought there may be lots more potential in her after all.

    Inspired by Zatoichi, she started training in many martial arts. She never mastered a single art, but used many together and used her own tactics as well. 


    She's currently having a gap year, but she's looking into becoming an Everfree ranger, the first one to be exact, that she knows of. 


    She's now employed in S.T.A.R, Petty officer third class


    Character Personality: Loose Cannon can look intimidating, but she can also be quite nice. To be a part of the guard, you have to look strong and act like it but also be nice to the ones you protect. She can sometimes be over-sensitive, but she's learnt to think of her lack of sight as a gift. 

    Character Summary: Loose Cannon is a pony who's trying to overlook their missing sense and live life exploiting the others. She's nice if you don't mess with her. She's strong mentally and physically, but not short of any weaknesses. 


    Picture reference:








    Lucy "Loose" Cannon is a junior student who studies martial arts. She was transferred from AppleLoosa and has congenital glaucoma. Her attire is quite casual consisting of Some cargo pants and a simple white shirt as she has no concept of Fashion. She uses Echolocation frequently, but she still uses her cane just incase and she's not afraid to use it for other purposes, "Legally."



    More Art:






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