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  1. "Sister, I have to go now, the law is calling me." Placidity walked out of the front door, adjusting the headband that was almost always present on her head, one of the things that set her apart from her sister, who refused to wear one. She was accepted into the Twilight guard, but her sister wasn't at the time. It wasn't entirely a surprise, she was more social than her sister was. Her sister focused more on the theoretical aspects rather than her own focus on the practical aspects. That didn't mean Tranquility was incapable of doing therapy. It was kind of a good idea for Tranquility to stay back. Somepony had to keep the business up and consistent, even if the potential output was lowered.


    "Right good luck with that, I'll just be here, studying you know. Slow day and all," Her sister replied over their personal connection. Their connection was the strongest that they have ever been able to achieve and it's no surprise considering they've spent basically their entire lives together. It's only theorised, but it is a possibility that their connection could cover all of Equestria, which at that point, is it even their own prowess that's doing that, or some sort of third party amplification? They had never spent long enough away from each other to test those theories enough. 


    "Alright if that's what you want to do," She replied making no point to go any further into what she suspected. Now wasn't the time for that. She had to meet up inside the castle, of which she had never entered before. Quite an experience it would be to enter the castle for the first time if it was not for professional reasons. It was kind of hard to imagine that this once humble town could suddenly change because of the existence of this castle. Rumour had it that it suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They moved there after its creation so they weren't able to witness it for themselves. 


    The Twilight Guard, established because of the rapid expansion of the town. Named after her majesty Twilight Sparkle, although she was perhaps the least majestic of the reigning Princesses, it was just in her personality as far as she knew. She was surprised that her sister had not found a way to analyse the Princess. Most at this stage would be applying to the Twilight guard for the purpose of direct defence, but they also made it clear that they were looking for support roles too. Perfect for her, combat and conflict can be traumatic, even for soldiers, and with Ponyville being a hotspot for danger, there's plenty of trauma that needs to be fixed. 


    She made her way into the castle where she made her way over to the meeting room. As far as she knew she was the least combatant member of the guard at that moment so it was going to feel a bit weird at first, but it won't matter because they will all remember her when they're still mentally healthy. Psychic combat, she had never really considered that. She had always developed her magic for the purpose of helping others, but there may be a situation where she will have to hurt someone to save someone. 


    Entering the meeting room, it appeared that she was the third one there. Applejack, Element of Honesty was there alongside who she presumed was Fire Walker. Didn't really matter if she didn't entirely remember her because she was going to learn everypony's name anyway. "I Placidity, am honoured to be invited into this new branch," She formally addressed publically, the artificial voice resonating in the minds of anything that was present in the room. "You're going to be glad when your mind isn't collapsing on itself."

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  2. "They didn't inform me of your arrival. Maybe they forgot. Such hard workers are bound to forget," She explained. "I think they were called out for emergency reasons. The animal shelter is great and all, but the vet is still a better place for caring with injured animals. Also, not all animals are really compatible with this place, the big scary ones. I know it's all natural, but I just prefer the cute and cuddly ones." She gestured towards Ripley.


    "The shelter has been around for long enough that we basically already have all the supplies we need. But i don't really know the full measure of what we have so I'm not sure if I can really say that. If you already have your own place, then what are you doing here? I should probably ask about the condition of it first. I mean, I know now that you were called out here, but would you really leave your clinic to come all the way over here?" 


    She called Ripley back to her, offering a treat of reward, which he accepted. She of course, habitually forgot to account for his increase in size of time. "I was too distracted talking about the shelter that i forgot to mention my name. I'm ZipporWhill. The moment I finish school I'm going to try and come here more often." She looked over to Ripley who trudged back over to his corner. "I like to pretend that he's not, but I swear he's growing faster than he should be. I fear he might not be around for as long as I'd like. I think I'm just overreacting. I don't entirely like to play favourites, but I can't deny that he is mine."


    She put her hoof to her chin while she thought. "Um, well, I usually just do what looks like needs to be done," She explained before thinking. "I don't think I've gotten to the birds yet, if you want to do them. Oh right, Ashley needs her medication in fifteen minute, it's really easy to do if you want to see me do it. Come to think of it, I don't know what they're for, maybe they told me and I just forgot."

  3. There was a mare that she had never seen before standing there, with what she assumed was a confused expression. Zipporwhill was in the middle of some routines at the shelter as somewhat of an intern when she spotted the mare who had just walked in. Zipporwhill was the only pony in the building at that moment, everypony else was busy at the time, Fluttershy was off at her own house, while Dr Fauna was busy treating some of the more wounded animals with the proper equipment. So it was just her who was really in charge around here. It made her feel good that she was trusted enough to run the place, but the truth was that she didn't really know how to deal with the public in situations like this. She had resorted to doing what she normally did and as such, she did not notice the mare at first until Ripley informed her, after his one minute delay as he could not be bothered to do so at first. Was she supposed to be formal, professional, or casual. It wasn't really clear since this was a non-profit shelter. Ah well, she should just be herself she thought.


    "Welcome to the Ponyville Animal Shelter. Are you here to pick up one of these poor creatures?" She asked spreading her hooves out essentially gesturing to the animals through the building. "Or maybe you're interested in helping out? I'm probably not the right one for you to ask, but I'm the only one here at the moment and I'm sure they wouldn't mind."


    She turned and saw that the mare had a suitcase with her which peaked more of her interest. "Are you not from around here? If so, it seems like this is the first place you've visited. What an honour. It kind of does make sense because I've never seen you before. What brings you out to such a place as this?" She noticed that Ripley was still lying over in what would be named 'his corner' and beckoned for him to come over, much to his dismay. "C'mon Ripley, come say hello to the mare." 





  4. "HoneyHoof, I swear I've never heard that name before. I might have seen him before, but like you said, that would have been a while back. Those 'goofy hat' you say are a big staple of the Apple family, it's more than just an Appleloosan thing," Tranquillity said examining the image.  


    "Maybe we don't socialise enough? Or the timing is just completely wrong because we're not always in this town. The wealthy pay a lot just to bring us over to their estates," Placidity added on to her sister. "I would guess that a town on the frontier wouldn't have much to develop in their culture. I've heard they're really friendly with newcomers, probably because of this."


    "Anyway, this town is pretty good if you want some diversity. It's like a city, except smaller. That's one of the reasons why we moved here is so that we could get a variety of clients. I couldn't ever imagine living in Canterlot, the social diversity isn't really that great. Ponyville is also very calm, just like ourselves."


    "There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I'd say that you have more social skills than most dragons do. But that's coming from the perspective of a pony so the validity of my opinion might not be saying much," Placidity reassured the dragon. "It's in our jobs to take in the 'weird emotional baggage' as you would call it."


    "But please, if you must, we weren't particularly expecting to do much work today. That's why we're out here instead of in the office," Tranquillity asked the dragon. 

  5. "Honey thousands of years old that's still edible? That sounds about right. We've read that before haven't we?" Tranquillity watched the dragon approach them, almost like he wanted the field to be smaller. "Our telepathy has become a regular part of our life that I think we could broadcast over the entire town without too much effort, not that we've really tried." 


    "Ten years ago we read that in a book somewhere. I don't think it really matters what book," Placidity answered her sister. "Are you suggesting that we do such that? Send a public PSA that can be heard by anyone in this town, but the wildlife outside won't be disturbed." 


    "You know very well that I wasn't suggesting that. But yeah that could work," Tranquility privately replied to her sister. "Well, I guess we would have to get both kinds to truly experience the differences." 


    Placidity noticed the amount of rambling that the two of them were doing and the effect it seemed to have on the dragon. "Oh sorry, you don't have to pay attention to half the things we say. It's just a thing that we like to do with our natural connection. Although it would be hard for you to know what half that you should be paying attention to. Funny the most verbal mares are the least capable of traditional speech."


    "Yes, we're not going to completely attempt to cut down on it because we know it's not really going to work very well," Tranquility added on. "So your dad comes around here? What's his name? We don't really see many other dragons around here. Unless he's not a dragon and you're speaking in terms of adoption.


    "I'm sure it would be in the local news if an adult dragon came to this town, especially if it happened a couple of years ago." Placidity eyed the dragon. "So are you admitting that you do not get much socialisation? Why do you think that is?" 

  6. The pair of them looked over to the figure that was approaching them. How peculiar. A dragon. Not exactly a species one would expect to see around here, besides Spike the outlier, but in this town, anything seemed to be possible. The two of them looked each other before nodding before they expanded their range to cover the dragon as well. 


    "Honey from Appleloosa? Well, it wouldn't be far fetched to produce non apple related products in that town. It's not like their exclusive or anything," Tranquility thought out loud in the synthetic-ish sounding voice of the spell. 


    "Appleloosa isn't really that close enough to here to really be fresh is it? I mean, it really depends on what one would call fresh," Placidity added on eying the jars. 


    "Does honey have much of a freshness? I mean we haven't tried enough honey in our life to become experts on that," Tranquility replied before realising. "When was the last time we had honey?" 


    "A year ago. It never came up to have any more. Are you suggesting we purchase some of this product from this nice dragon? Would be quite the complement to this meal of ours." 


    "I wasn't sure before, but I am now." Tranquility turned up to the dragon. "What brings a dragon around to this quaint little town?" 


    "Besides the selling of your product she means, which we will be purchasing. What an effective business trick to choose the mares who are enjoying a meal, assuming it was one."



  7. "I would imagine one would have a bit of free time while sailing around. We have not done much sailing ourselves to really concur with your statement," Placidity said as she watched him finish the sculpture. 


    "That's because you're body couldn't tolerate the water much at all," Tranquility replied to her sister. She watched as the stallion offered up one of his products to a filly. "Quite nice of you to create such sculptures for others."


    "I tolerated it much more than you thank you," Placidity privately rebutted to her sister. "Generosity isn't really much of a trait that is expressed truly in this city. The most you might see are the wealthy giving gifts to other wealthy. It's more of an exchange than a sacrifice really. Of course, I'm making assumptions on the stereotypes of the city." 


    "It's a pleasure to meet you Silver," Tranquillity greeted. "You can call me Tranquillity."


    "As I go under the name of Placidity," Placidity greeted after her sister did. 


    "You can shorten them down to one syllable if it's a mouthful as you speakers would say."


    "You say you're here to see the sights, but is there a more particular reason why a stallion such as yourself is present in such a city as this one?"


    "If it means anything, we're not local either. Assuming that you're not local obviously. We reside down in Ponyville if that would matter to you," Tranquillity explained.



  8. Some ponies wonder why the twins would bother to go al the way to Canterlot to satisfy the needs of a single pony. What they somehow don't seem to realise is that if it's Canterlot, then it's no doubt going to be a pony of rich status. While the twins personally weren't ones for acheiving great wealth, if there's a free period on the schedule than it's all worth it to spread their services nearby.


    "I do not understand why one would request our services at such an early time in the morning. Well, I guess it's not that early, but still."


    "Really, it can be hard to understand the ponies of this city sometimes. I mean, it would have been sufficient to call one of us up, but then they called both of us up anyway. I guess if one is loaded then they will want premium service." 


    "I wouldn't really call premium service as calling a pair of mares that are based in Ponyville."


    "Hey you don't want to spoil our reputation."


    "How would our reputation be spoiled if others cannot hear our conversation."


    "It was an attempt at a joke."


    "You know we are incapable of doing so."


    "Not purposely at least."


    One of the benefits to being a pair of telepathic twins is the ability to communicate with each other in a way that is basically completely private from the ears of the surrounding crowd. To others it may seem that they are just gesturing to each other, as if they were signing, with a lower quality of sophistication. 


    As they were trotting along, Tranquility over heard the sound of a stallion singing at the nearby fountain. She hoofed her sister who was facing a different direction pointing over there. 


    "Oh how it would be if we could sing as great as that," Placidity commented to her sister.


    "We can't sing at all."


    "That's the point. Amazing how such a simple shanty can mean a lot."


    "I'm more interested in the sculptures," Tranquility replied pointing towards the assortment of sculptures that were near him. 


    The two of them approached the stallion and stood there for a moment waiting for the correct moment to interject. 


    "Good sir, I couldn't help but compliment the quality of your arts," Tranquility stated publically, examining the sculptures in more depth.


    "And the way you take something quite... simple and make it seem much more," Placidity followed up referring to his song.


  9. Tranquility, Placidity.

    Reason: Ponies aren't predators. It's not in their nature to fight on purpose. But it is necessary for the protection of their land to do so. A lot of unintended psychotic effects can come out of serving in the military especially in a place so close to the EverFree Forest. The twins aim to remedy that. They're not physically adept, but their magic can sure make up for it.



    Real reason: They're based in Ponyville anyway.


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  10. Name: Szalhi 

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Earthen Race: White/Asian

    Earthen Magic: Light Novice, Earth Beginner 

    Mythical Race: Ogre

    Mythical Magic: Regeneration Adept

    Appearance: As a human, he's rather frail and small, a condition that he has not been able to rectify so far. He likes to wear large bulky clothing to make him feel bigger than he is even though he knows that it's all a lie inside. As an ogre, however, he's bigger than the average human and his appearance could be considered hideous by human standards, but by ogre standards, he's just average. He does not care about his appearance in this form much as long as it doesn't negatively impact his allies.

    Personality: Szalhi's human form leaves him feeling self-conscious and anxious in public, but deep down he just wants to be brave and selfless. This all comes out when he's in his ogre form. He may not have the fanciest magic of the bunch, but his magic keeps him big and strong, exactly what he desired from his human form, just slightly different. Szalhi does not like to see other's get hurt and would rather prefer that he uses his power to keep others safe, safe from the savage dangerous creatures.



    Szalhi always felt like he was in the wrong body. He was born small, weak frail, and it just seemed that it was always going to be like this. No workout regimes seemed to work for him, it seemed as if there was a maximum cap for him. But he wanted to help others, and there was no way he could do that if he was as weak as he was. Maybe in some alternate reality, he was actually big enough to protect others the way he wanted to. Well, not quite an alternate reality entirely, but an entirely parallel reality that was existing right at that moment. 


    And he found it. Kind of. 


    When shifted, he found himself in the form of an ogre. Not an aesthetically pleasing creature to be turned into, but that didn't matter. He was big now. Big and capable. And he felt so much better. As he wandered around the reality, he found another group of Ogres. People that were just like him. People that devoured the unworthy for consumption. Yes exactly what he wanted? That's what his instincts were telling him. 


    He didn't remember much else that year. He was in the middle of feasting that year when the chief of the tribe that he joined approached him. The chief told him that he was taking too much share for himself and that he had to give back to the rest of the tribe. With his own life and flesh. They were savages. And for the past year, he was too, and he never realised it until that moment. Before he could even react, the Chief brought his club down right over his neck, a feat that would at least severely wound an ogre of his size before causing them to die of blood loss. But for him, that never happened. He lost a trickle of blood before, the wound seemed to close itself rather fast. The chief believing it was just a slight hallucination hit him again. And then three times more. Szalhi didn't move. He was supposed to be dead like he deserved. But the savages didn't deserve his body as much as he did at that moment. Taking advantage over the situation, he ran as far as he could, back to the last place he remembered. The place where he came here.


    Arriving back at the Earth realm, he was back in his old body. Except it was not quite the same. His feet could shake the ground if desired almost like it did as an ogre. That should not have been possible with his small body, but it happened. His regeneration was still there, but it wasn't as subconscious or powerful as it seemed before. He was able to heal a self-inflicted cut he made in himself, but it took longer than he thought it would and he had to focus on it. He didn't really want to test the extent of his new human powers at the time. 


    From then on all he knew is that he needed to pay for the damages he caused in the other realm, and he could use his new resistant body to do so. 

  11. "I'm kind of glad there's no royal power attached to this, even if it's all temporary, I don't want to mess up the system," Echo commented on the social standard that was attached to her magic. She could use unicorn magic now, but she didn't seem to have gained any skill. Oh well, that would probably be a good thing, she didn't want to get addicted. Since she was an Alicorn now then she would be stronger too wouldn't she? "Hey, can somepony bring me something heavy to lift? I need to test my Earth Magic."


    Zipporwhill looked at the slide. "Oh, nothing bad could come out of this right? I mean, I can't change too drastically otherwise some of the animals wouldn't recognise me," she commented before she turned to Ripley. "Are you coming too?"


    Ripley barked a sign of negativity towards the idea of his participation. "Alright then," She replied as she placed her glasses on Ripley's head. Ripley blinked as he saw his vision distort but didn't react much aside. She climbed up to the top of the slide watching the slide distort itself giving some clear example to what might be going on, but no insight to the interior. She probably guessed that she was going to come out the other side with at least one magical animal trailing behind her. 


    When she came out the bottom of the slide, she misjudged the slide. It was better than she thought it was going to be. She didn't comment much on the experience of the slide itself as she knew the others wouldn't be able to experience it. Ripley was glad to see that she was alright and walked over with the glasses still on his head, stumbling off course once or twice. "Ok, how does this work?" She asked as she returned the glasses to her face. 

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