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  1. Roleplay Type: Anything | FFA Name: Briar Rose 'Rose' is often used as a quick, short, nickname for her from those that are close friends. Please do not start calling Briar Rose, 'Rose,' unless she gives you permission or your character has had multiple interactions with her. Sex: Mare Species: Alicorn (created) Formerly a Unicorn. Eye Color: Pink The same pink as her cutiemark. Coat: White Mane/Tail: Lime Green Does contain some lighter yellow-green highlighting, but it is not always present. Physique: Residence: Occupation: Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: History: Character Personality: Character Summary: Character Appearance:
  2. Make it blue, make it pink!

    This should be better. As for the FFA and WoE, I'm aware of both since I poked around the site a bit and someone else had asked the same question before me. Bright Spark sounds interesting and I love that he's a Pegasus who has an interest in studying magic. I'm curious about Lone Nightmare?
  3. Kakushi Banner

    This is absolutely precious! Well done.
  4. Greeting

    Hi Pecan, I'm Briar Rose. I'm also new here but I figured I'd welcome you too from one newbie to another. If you ever feel like roleplaying don't hesitate to drop me a note or something.
  5. Hello!

    Hi, welcome. It's wonderful to see another Alicorn c:
  6. Make it blue, make it pink!

    Do note that I have severe social anxiety and sometimes this hinders my ability to respond. Other times I may just be busy. Hi everypony; I'm not quite sure where to begin so I suppose I'll start with explaining that I'm a huge roleplayer and I've just started getting more into the mlp universe and fandom. I've got a love for both unicorns and pegasai which means my OC is the best of both worlds, an Alicorn; modeled loosely after the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Now for the nitty, gritty. I know some people might find it off-putting but I'd just like to remind everyone that the character was designed to suit my tastes because she's simply that; MY OC and I'm not going to change her just because some ponies don't agree with them. I don't talk bad about other ponies OC's so please give me the same respect and if you have something negative to say, keep it to yourself and instead, just don't interact with me. I do my hardest to ensure that when I Rp my character is fair and doesn't come off as overpowered or mary-sue'ish. As per the rules she'd only be in FFA anyways. c: Some random things about me: * I love the color blue the most, but also have an affinity for pastels. * Blue and light pink roses are my favorite flower. * I currently have a menagerie of animals ranging from a small mouse to a large dog. * I love all that glitters. * I have a random habit of making my fonts colorful and small (I think small fonts look neater and less messy) * I'm an adult (but my age is hush, hush c: because I don't share that online) * I am female * My favorite food is sashimi (particularly surf clam, butterfish, salmon and bean curd skin)