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  1. Well damn..  lost my partner. I'll probably be leaving for a little bit. Pm if you want to talk. 

  2. Things are bad and rough on my end. I'll reply when I can. I work nonstop and will be heading to an Expo next week. 

    Just a heads up :)

  3. I miss ya! Hope all is getting even better for you. 

  4. I hope your move is going well! 


    1. starsteemer


      It's definitely taking a long time, i hope to be back regularly soon!

  5. It's quiet....

    1. tacobob
    2. starsteemer


      school's starting up, everyone's eitheer preparing or sleeping while they still can! myself included lol

  6. Symphony- She represents my love for flying, my childish side and my love for music and Cellos
  7. Mine is a drawing of my oc by my awesome rp partner
  8. Ill use you as a warning sign

    That if you talk enough sense

    Then you'll lose your mind


    Ill use you as a focal point

    so I don't lose sight of

    what I want

  9. Gah. I would love my OC to be drawn. Ive tried and failed ;~;

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. starsteemer


      no charge, i don't have any kind of charging account anyways, like no debit or paypal 


      Just describe her to me in very specific detail! 

    3. SymphonyReign


      You are amazing. When I get to my PC I'll send all her info over

    4. starsteemer


      Make sure to be very specific! If you have a loose idea of your oc, i could also just create a design! 

      Make sure to tell me the color palette, And every single detail! 


      Mane color, mane style, mane texture, hairdo, messy or neat, long or short, extra bits of hair color, like having the ends a different color or different stripes or just an ombre


      the coat could be a simple one color, but it could be more fun to get creative with designs that real ponies/horses have, like spots, paint spots, stars, socks, stripes, etc! 


      Wings, feather colors, you could do so much more than having the wings the same color as the coat, like having the primary feathers be a gradient of another color transitioning to the coat color, 


      Extra details like freckles, scars, birthmarks, accesories, piercings

  10. My anxieties that I messed up is overwhelming..

  11. Is it me or did Canterlot go down for a bit?

  12. I actually like the third option! Feel free to PM and we can discuss more!
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