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  1. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    Once both Chesster and Sombra were ready, the crowd seemed to perk up. Sombra's reveal had put a dampener on the atmosphere, and it was clear they wouldn't get a show from the crystal ponies due to their fear. But now here was Chesster, the last competitor, Head raised and closed helm not revealing even a shred of fear. Indeed, if Sombra were to try and sense any fear, the closest he would find would be adrenaline, the tenseness of muscles ready to spring, and anticipation. The crowd sensed the confidence and seemed more invested than before, some spectators even playing devil's advocate and cheering for Sombra, just because they wanted a good show. Still, the crystal ponies were the quiet group. "Seems we're down to our final two competitors. May the jousting begin!" The announcer declared jovially Chesster wasted no time in focusing his steady amber eyes on Sombra, galloping down the tilt-yard with a very detailed plan in mind. He believed he knew how to beat Sombra, and looked forward to his victory. Chesster might've been a little distracted by these thoughts, as he tried to gauge Sombra's strength as the opposing stallion drew closer. Or maybe Chesster was distracted on purpose. His coronel met the chestplate of Sombra's armor, the lance snapping cleanly in half. However, Chesster overestimated Sombra's weight, and was leaning too far forward when the lance snapped, and when Sombra's lance connected with Chesster, it was enough to trip him up. Chesster stumbled and fell forward, mitigating his fall by doing a clean roll and leaping back to his hooves, though it still counted as a fall, and counted as points for Sombra. Though Chesster hadn't meant to trip up, now he knew Sombra's strength behind that lance, and could plan accordingly. None the worse for wear besides some scuffs on his armor from the fall, Chesster trotted easily to the other end of the tilt yard, the ground crew quickly fixing another lance to his armor, and providing the same service for Sombra. "Nice hit." Chesster commented, lifting a foreleg and raising his head higher. "I'd like to see you do it again. Unfortunately, beginner's luck might be running out for you~" Maybe for the first time in 1000 years, Chesster was finally having fun again.
  2. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    The crystal ponies, upon hearing their former ruler's voice, seemed to move even further away, though reluctant to leave the tournament entirely. Though they were very scared, they wanted to see how the tournament would end. Each and every crystal pony, excepting Chesster, were watching Sombra with a wary curiosity. It could also be noted that some of their manes and coat colors had diminished as a result of their fear. Chesster listened attentively to Sombra, and nodded solemnly as he recognized the truth in Sombra's words. Truth be told, Chesster didn't know much about Umbrum. They were a mythical creature, a foal's tale to tell naughty children. Dont stay outside too late or the Umbrum will get you! Perhaps they'd been real long ago, but with the Crystal Heart protecting the kingdom, nopony had seen one in years. Lifetimes, even. Chesster didn't know what exactly happened to them, other than the vague story given to youngsters, claiming that the princess banished them away forever. Did Sombra ever tell anypony he was an Umbrum? Frustratingly enough, thinking back on it Chesster could not remember. Being wiped off the map for 1000 years left a few holes in his memory, and he'd heard similar from other crystal ponies. This Umbrum line of questioning had never occurred to him before, but now Chesster wanted to ask. When he and Sombra were alone, of course. Or at least at a less public function... But if there was something to be learned about King Sombra, Chesster wanted to learn it. "Their memories are relatively recent, i'm certain the crystal ponies will fear you for as long as they live. " Chesster commented casually, though his tone held a hint of amusement as well, as if Chesster was almost as pleased as Sombra. Glancing back at his own race, who were cowering behind eachother, he sneered behind his helm. While they didn't know who Chesster really was, they did know that anypony to willingly endure Sombra's company must be wrong in the head. And so they sheepishly turned away, until Chesster returned his gaze to the joust before them. The crystal ponies were right back to staring. It was a bit annoying, but Chesster wasn't going to say anything about it. In the tilt-yard, the joust had been finally finished. However, both competitors had been so distracted that they had jousted poorly, and Chesster wondered if it was on purpose. After all, if either of the crystal ponies were to win, there was the chance of facing King Sombra. It was declared that both competitors had jousted poorly, and thus soon the final round would begin shortly, between Chesster and King Sombra. About time. Chesster though with satisfaction. He hated so many obstacles being in his way, but it seemed that now all the meaningless opponents had been weeded out. And if folks came to see a show, he and Sombra would give the most spectacular jousting match these ponies had ever seen. The announcer spoke up to announce their joust, and from the worry in his voice it seemed like he was concerned Chesster would drop out as well. He'd do no such thing, of course. "May the best jouster win." Chesster said with a smug tint to his voice. The outcome of this joust would only make one of them happy, and though it was tempting to lose on purpose to preserve the peace between them, Chesster knew it'd be more of an insult to Sombra if he didn't win on his own merits, as well as an insult to his own abilities. If either of them lost, it would need to be a loss that they earned. With that, Chesster made his way to the tilt-yard, fixing his lanced to his armor once in the yard, double-checking his armor for any faults, and then raising his head tall and proud, showing the spectators that he was not going to back down, and instead anticipated this joust. The crystal ponies had no idea who to root for in this case, but they tentatively cheered for Chesster. He wasn't Sombra, at least.
  3. Goldenglow sketch

    Thank you so much! Goldy wishes she were on a date, she's a romantic gal looking for that special somepony
  4. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    Once Sombra had regained his spot for spectating beside Chesster, he finally deigned to comment. He hadn't wanted to speak until he was sure Sombra would return to the same spot, some part of him wondering if Sombra would prefer to be by his self after revealing himself to the tournament. Chesster was glad, though. He also appreciated the looks of fearful confusion on the face's of other crystal ponies, as they wondered how Chesster could withstand sitting beside an 'illusion' of King Sombra. "A bit of a dramatic risk, but you pulled it off nicely. Fear is a very good weapon to wield, and it may be the one weapon you wield better than me. Though i can dream." Chesster's voice came steady and methodical, as if commenting on King Sombra being back from the dead and participating in a jousting tournament was as casual as the weather. Chesster paused, then continued in the same manner. "Course, they would have shut down the tournament if the real King Sombra were here. I made up the illusion excuse so the tournament, and your freedom, would still go on. I'm sorry it detracted from your fear factor, but it's a necessary sacrifice. It'd be a real shame if the princesses got here before we had a chance to face off. " Behind Chesster's helm, he was grinning. By tartarus, it felt so good to admit he knew about Sombra, even if he did so indirectly. Sombra was a relatively fast learner, Chesster was certain he wouldn't need to spell it out for him. As the jousting match went on, both competitors crystal ponies, it was clear they were getting distracted. Sombra had really shaken up the crowd. Idly, Chesster wondered if this would have an effect on future jousting competitions. He hoped not, because it was the one interesting thing he'd found to do in Equestria.
  5. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    The crystal pony, afraid though he was, didn't give up hope. After the ground crew cleaned up the lance pieces, He readied himself for the next tilt. Rearing up on his hind legs, the crystal pony dashed forwards, galloping down the yard. It took all his focus to aim his lance, but the terrified pony managed it, the coronel connected with Sombra and snapping. But while he was focused on aiming, he was not focused on anything else. Sombra's own lance blow struck him soundly, splintering and causing the crystal pony to mis-step. He yelled and fell forward, landing with his face in the dirt, and dents in the once-shiny armor. Shame-faced, He got to his hooves and took his position for the final tilt. Even if he knocked sombra over, the crystal pony would not win. He raised his lance skyward, in a signal of surrender. The crowd was buzzing now, though most of the comments were about the pity they felt for the jouster who surrendered. There were still matches left to go, however. Sombra's appearance had shaken up the crowd, so the announcer spoke to appease their chatter. "A strange tournament to be sure folks, but quiet down now, So the Court of Honor can announce the winners heading to the final round! " A list of names was then read, though it was very short. It seemed only four had actually made it into the final rounds, after most had been defeated or dropped out. For some crystal ponies, the mere sight of Sombra was enough for them to lose their appetite for jousting. Course, this pleased Chesster. The faster he could win, the faster he could drop his mysterious pretenses. It was beginning to get exhausting to keep up. As the last 2 jousters besides Sombra and Chesster were called up, Chesster waited patiently for Sombra, giving no indication as to if his appearance was startling in any way. The rest of the crystal pony competitors who were just watching now moved out of Sombra's way, none daring to get more than 5 feet of him.
  6. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    Sombra's crystal pony opponent was knocked off balance by Sombra's first strike, though miraculously didn't fall. This was probably due to pure luck, and as he rounded the tilt-yard for the next tilt, the look on his face was so expressive, it was almost funny. The range of emotions went from shock, to fear, to doubt, to confusion, and finally rested at determination, though it was clear from his stance that he held the same deep-seated fear that all crystal ponies had experience'd under Sombra's sabaton-clad hooves. "It's not real it's not real it's not real it's not real-" He muttered this mantra as quietly as he could, his trembling legs bringing him closer to the very same pony who tortured, tormented, and enslaved his kind. His focus, balance, and all knowledge of how to even joust fled him. His lance's tip was way off, and it didn't take much at all to knock him over. Some of the crystal ponies, despite their fear, began to cheer for Sombra's opponent. Though they looked at Sombra and knew their tyrant king when they saw him, if there was even a chance a crystal pony could beat him, they supported it. The crystal ponies found a metaphor in beating king Sombra in a jousting match, and it was a metaphor for defeating their own fears and traumas. Even if it was a small victory, they hoped for this victory nontheless. Chesster soon returned from whence he'd gone, and out of all the crystal ponies, he was the sole stallion willing to walk right up to the border of the tilt-yard, the only one who dared to be so close to the crystal pony's dreaded ruler. He didn't say a word, and merely observed Sombra with his silent, impassive gaze. This round would be childs play for him. Their face off against eachother however, would not be won so easily...
  7. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    It was Chesster's turn to be surprised, as the illusion that he'd seen through hours ago finally came down, revealing it to be exactly who Chesster knew it was. Well, thats a strange tactic... Chesster thought, tapping his hoof against the chin of his helmet. Chesster himself wouldve taken a more subtle approach, with just the eyes. It'd be something nopony could prove, and triggering enough to win any match against a crystal pony. But revealing himself entirely? Either the stallion had gone mad since his destruction or was just that bold. Or cocky. Chesster pushed his way to the best viewing place ahead of the crowd of competitors, his amber eyes narrowed as he observed from behind the safety of his apathetic mask. The situation could of course be salvaged... Chesster had only just found his king, and he wasnt going to let an attention stunt bring down the princess's wrath on him. Chesster slipped back into the crowd, the rattle of his authentic, worn armor being completely muffled by the chorus of shocked gasps. And shocked gasps there were indeed. Bags of popcorn and cups of cider were heard being dropped and spilled, Some ponies cried out in anger or surprise, while others were shell-shocked into silence. Whispers of the dark deposed king from the crystal empire wove through the stands like mist from the everfree, coiling around every spectator until they were drenched in their rumors and gossip. The crystal ponies seemed to back away without realizing it, far too afraid to do anything else. But nopony ran. Rather, they held their breath and waited, hoping it would be some horrible, poor-taste prank. An impersonator here to use Sombra's influence to win the tournament, rather than the evil king himself. Sombra's competitor had no time to gawk however, as Sombra was headed towards him and to stand still in a joust was poor jousting. The pony lurched forward, lance at the ready, his nerves steeled, but the crystal pony hadn't prepared for Sombra. His legs trembled as he charged, his lance managing to strike Sombra, but it glanced off the armor without the force behind it to break the lance. The crystal pony shook his head to clear his mind, he hadn't even begun to grasp what was happening. But the joust had to go on. The announcer seemed to finally get a hold of himself, though from the lack of pure terror in his voice, it could be assumed he was not in fact, a crystal pony himself. "Don't worry folks! I've just recieved news that what you're seeing is a result of an illusion spell gone awry. We have somepony working on the problem, and we apologize for any disturbing illusions you may be seeing. But given theres no rules about that sort of thing, the joust will go on." The crowd murmured to themselves, and even though the crystal ponies looked unconvinced, it was a good enough excuse for most of the spectators to buy it. They went right back to their cheering and clamoring, the competition made more intense by the prospect of defeating a pony who looked like King Sombra. Whoever could claim that victory, even if it was an illusion, would have a hell of a story to tell.
  8. Goldenglow sketch

    Goldy goes "EEEEE!" and gives fluffy hugs back!
  9. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    Every so often, Chesster would comment on the successes or failures of the competitors, which was actually... an odd thing for him to do. He wasn't the talkative sort, and usually at this point in a competition, he'd be watching closely and keeping his thoughts to himself. But he figured Sombra would need all the help he could get. Round after round was fought, and though most were standard as far as jousting went, there were some interesting ones. During two of the more amature equestrian's joust, both ponies had managed to miss eachother all four times. It was announced that they had jousted poorly, and so neither won. Some ponies, upon seeing how brutal the jousting tournament was, dropped out of the competition before there was a chance for their names to be called. Others dropped out after experiencing the joust for themselves. Though it meant less soft pony obstacles, Chesster still felt annoyed by their weakness. "Cowards." He spat, his lip curled in contempt beneath his helm. Eventually, he himself was called up. Without sparing a second glance, he met his opponent on the field, and to his delight it was another crystal pony. That meant he could take out the stronger competition early on. After three tilts, it seemed at first that they were evenly matched. No flaws in their jousting could be picked out, and both had broken their lances the same amount of times. Their weight was the same as well, so neither seemed to even consider knocking down the other. But Chesster noticed his opponent's armor was just a bit too big, most likely borrowed. On the fourth pass, while Chesster's opponent's lance splintered on Chesster's armor, Chesster suddenly tilted himself to the side, shouldering his lance to raise it higher. His lance's coronel connected with his opponent's open-face helmet, the lance's end snapping off in the same moment that Chesster removed the helmet from his opponent in one deft heartbeat. As he slowed down his gallop, the crystal pony's helmet swinging from the end of his halved lance, the Court of Honor's mouths agape while the crowds cheered for his display of skill and precision. As Chesster returned triumphant to the place where Sombra had been viewing the joust, he didn't need to say a word. Chesster believed his risky display spoke for itself. If Chesster had missed, the other stallion would have won. He did it to avoid a tie, for if Chesster had simply broken his lance on the crystal pony's armor as well, they both would have been admitted into the final round, and Chesster needed there to be a very clear, very concise winner. Himself. the announcer commented on this performance with a bit of awe, and anticipation for the final rounds. Next, Somber was called up, his opponent being another of the crystal ponies who knew more about jousting than the Equestrians. Chesster observed Sombra's opponent with mild worry. Sombra was decent at the basics of jousting, and his opponent was no expert, but it would be cutting it close in Chesster's mind. Of course, if Chesster was in Sombra's position, he'd already have the perfect plan to win this round. But did Sombra himself realize? Chesster was not going to spoon-feed Sombra everything, so he sat back to see how Sombra handled this match. The obvious solution, at least to Chesster, was to intimidate the crystal pony in the final round. Give a triggering flash of green and red eyes, just the right hint of purple smoke, it'd be sure to disorient the crystal pony enough to miss, or even better, fall over from Sombra's lance. But how Sombra handled it was up to him and him alone.
  10. Ever since the 'Dear Cady' advice column had begun, Goldenglow had ate up every article, though she had never quite managed to get up the courage to write a letter herself. The latest issue had her rethinking her stance on it however, as the princess of love answered questions as small as childhood bullies to problems as large as loving someone far above your own status. Certainly that was an immense problem indeed, and reading about the princess answering such tough questions with poise and clarity gave the yellow bat pony the courage she needed to write about her own specific issue, one she had been avoiding for quite some time, and didn't know how to even begin handling in the slightest. Fluttering from her reading chair over to her writing desk (as if there was any other kind), Goldenglow got out a simple piece of clean, off-white parchment paper, just the right size to be folded into an envelope. It struck the fluffy batpony as odd, that she had this amazing chance to write to the princess of love, basically a celebrity, about anything she wished. Goldenglow had been having troubles with romance for a very long time, despite being young, pretty, and kind. She had a very particular taste for dashing bad boys, and it didn't always turn out well for her. Goldenglow wanted more than anything to find a stallion that could set her heart racing, and start a family with her. And yet, despite these long aching ills, as she took the quill within her teeth, she found herself wishing to write of a far more serious problem, one that the princess wouldn't get as often as simple, petty romance troubles. Goldenglow's romantic malfunction was a problem she could solve on her own without regurgitated 'don't lose hope' advice, but this -- this was bigger. Golden frowned at the ink pot of ordinary blank ink. She was writing to a princess after all, so she decided to get a little fancy, busting out the reflective metallic gold ink and her wax seal kit, She finally touched her quill to the parchment, holding the edges still with her hooves as she focused on giving the princess neat, easily legible mouth-writing. Dear Princess Cadence, I have always believed that you should marry for love, just as you did for Shining Armor. Sadly, my family does not feel the same way. They wanted me to marry somepony who didn't care about me, and they told me it was my duty to the village, and that if i cared for my family or keeping the community together, i should marry a stallion who felt more loyalty to a boat than any mare. The stallion in question did not mind the arranged marriage, but only because he planned on not being faithful to it. On my wedding day, a day that is supposed to be happy, i couldn't bear to go through with it. If i stayed, i'd break my own heart, and if i left i'd be breaking my family's heart, and letting down my community. I couldn't bear to face them, so i ran away from home. I have not spoken to my family in many years, and i miss them terribly. But i am afraid they hate me for what i did, and i fear they may pressure me into the same situation again if i were to meet them. I am currently living in my own home, and i have a job that makes me very happy helping ponies in need. I want to find my true love, but i want to be the one to decide on who that special somepony is. I am still looking for them now. I don't want to let anypony, not family or a miserable marriage take me away from everything i've worked so hard to build for myself. I really miss my family, and i want to reconnect with them, but i'm very afraid of being labelled as a traitor, or finding out i've been disowned. I really don't know what to do, please help! Sincerely, Heart of Gold. Goldenglow gathered the paper in her hooves and read it over as the golden ink had time to dry, frowning at her own words. It all sounded so.... cliche? No, that wasn't the word. Reluctantly, Goldenglow folded up the parchment neatly, slipping it into an envelope and writing the address with the same golden quill. Using her wax seal kit, she poured a circle-sized amount of warm yellow wax onto the center fold of the envelope, sealing it with a stamp custom-made to resemble three pillar candles, her cutie mark and the same insignia she used for all hoofmade candles or beeswax she made and sold. The envelope looked so pretty by the time she was done, that nopony could even guess it's contents were of such an ugly nature. Before she could give herself time to rethink the whole ordeal, the fluffy yellow batpony quickly flew the letter to her mailbox, racing back inside as if Princess Cadence herself was about to appear before her in a big puff of pink clouds and heart-shaped glitter. She allowed herself a giddy squeal once inside the safety of her small home, she had just written a letter to a PRINCESS! The novelty was sure to stick around in the young mare's mind for the days to come until the next article was published.
  11. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    Chesster's blank helm stared at Sombra for a silent moment, his empty gaze so intense you could almost sense him blinking in disbelief behind the placid metal. Somber? Is that really what he was going with? Chesster thought, fighting the urge to mock the oh so creative title. Chesster almost felt cheated by how little of a challenge Sombra presented regarding his identity. Sure, crystal ponies were dumb and had PTSD, and equestrians didn't know what Sombra looked like up close and personal, but come on. He succesfully squashed his urges, not for the first time grateful his helm hid his expressions, because even with years of practice maintaining a perfect poker face, Sombra really was challenging Chesster's ability to keep it up. Chesster reminded himself he'd need to mind himself much more carefully once the helmet was off, and coughed to clear his thoughts of what he wanted to say. "Very well then, Somber. Make sure you memorize those rules, your form is good but it means little if you don't mind the ways you can be penalized. Watching the first few matches will help as well." Chesster gestured with his hoof for Sombra to follow, making his way back to the tilt-yard, where scores of spectators had gathered, and the smell of fair food and the excited buzz of chatter filled the air. The hype was certainly building, and in the tilt-yard a few of the combatants were doing circles, waving to the crowds and making themselves known. It was a warmup and publicity gain at once, but Chesster never liked to prance about and show off. He'd prove his ability through skill, rather than popularity or the flashiness of decorative, ceremonial banners. Chesster ducked into his own tent for a hot second, to get himself a lance affixed to his armor. He preferred to use his own lances, to ensure quality, though naturally such equipment had to be checked by the tournament organizers to make sure they were legal. In the place where the competitors waited for their turn was a convenient multitude of lances, standardized for competition use, for those who did not bring their own lances. It was in this area Chesster trotted to, though it was notable how he preferred to stay at the edge of the crowd. Soon enough, the tilt-yard cleared up and two remained, still circling the tilt going down the middle of the yard. The announcer spoke up, and the entire event seemed to buzz with a palpable energy, a tension as the first match was about to begin. "Welcome welcome mares and gentlecolts, to the first Equestrian Jousting Tournament!" A cheer followed, ponies in the stands and packed into any available viewing space whistling and clapping in celebration, prompting a chuckle from the announcer. "Settle down now, first up is Deadlift, an Equestrian stallion with a talent for weight training, versus Silverlining, another equestrian stallion here to test his mettle! Both are new to this sport so give them a round of applause!" As the announcer commanded, a roar of clapping came from the stands, some ponies calling out the name of their favorite competitor. The announcer continued once it had lessened in volume, his voice booming across the field. "Four rounds, one winner, aaaaaaaaand BEGIN!" Chesster scoffed, turning to Sombra and speaking his thoughts on these competitors. "These equestrians will be short work. It's the crystal ponies that should have you worried. But not by much, myself being an exception. Watch their mistakes. You can learn a lot from sloppy performances. " His piece being said, Chesster returned his attention to the field. The two ponies took their places at each end of the tilt-yard, their lances lowered. They began to gallop at eachother at a high speed, and soon a resounding CLANG was heard as Deadlift's lance connected with Silverlining's armor, his lance breaking off, whilst Silverlining's simply skimmed off the larger stallion's armor. The ground crew swept in to clean up the broken lance piece, while the competitors recieved new lances, and prepared for another tilt. "A solid beginning for Deadlift! Three more tilts to go!" The announcer voiced, as the thundering of hooves met once again, This time both of their lances splintering against eachother, Silverlining staggering under Deadlift's blow but keeping a straight path. The third tilt resulted in no hits, both ponies missing. The fourth tilt was upon them at last, and this time Deadlift crashed his lance so hard into Silverlining, his lance splintered and fell from it's fixture in the armor, and sent Silverlining sprawling across the field, armor dented considerably. The crowd gasped and cheered in surprise and delight from the powerful blow, the buzz of energy and excitement increasing in intensity from the first showing. The competitors were escorted off the field to check for potential injuries, and lances taken care of while the Court of Honor convened on the winner, to be announced after the first round. "Prepare yourselves ponyfolk, this is what the armors for!" The announcer said laughingly, as the next two were called up onto the field. Chesster spoke once more, giving his own commentary on the performance. "Silverlining lost, you don't need the Court to tell you that. Bad aim, off balance. But Deadlift is no winner either, not in the later rounds. He is also off balanced, control is sloppy, though his weight seemes to counteract that against lighter opponents. Analyze your enemies, exploit their failures." The names mattered little in the grand scheme of the tournament, and indeed after the first few rounds they already were blending together. But the elation in the air, the clanging of metal on metal, the airborne adrenaline, all made it impossible to not be swept up in the excitement.
  12. villain OC limits?

    Hello, i have a friend that may want to join this site sometime, and their OC's special talent would be resurrecting the dead. They play the character as a villainous type, though i doubt anything large-scale (enough to attract a princess's attention) would come of it. On their behalf, i decided to ask about what kind of limitations there are for people wishing to roleplay an antagonistic character, whether they'd be barred from WoE roleplay or if it can be managed by playing your cards right and keeping lowkey as far as villainous things go, or if raising the dead with malevolent intent is even allowed in WoE. In addition to this, i feel like it's also important to ask what the limits are on an antagonistic character's history are, as villains are often shaped by troubled pasts. I know that generally, common sense would be used like... no murdering your own parents and consuming them, but felt that knowing the limits would be important regardless. Both of these inquiries are posed at WoE roleplay, as i realize FFA has a bit more flexibility. Thank you in advance to whomever answers my questions!
  13. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    Indeed, Chesster had nothing left to say to the dark stallion, and allowed him to resume practice with no more snide remarks on his behalf. For the rest of the time they had for practicing, Chesster would observe Sombra's approach and technique, and at times offer tips or corrections, though as the training went on Chesster had less corrective advice to offer, as he noted that Sombra was indeed doing quite well, picking up on the techniques of jousting well enough. He could hardly wait for their match to commence, and whether Chesster won or lost, he'd still be getting what he wanted. That was how he planned almost everything he did. After observing Sombra doing quite well with his practice, Chesster made a brisk announcement. "You're doing just fine, so i'll be getting my own practice in." It was the closest to a compliment the cold crystal pony could come to, and so like Sombra he spent the remainder of the time they had before the tournament started getting some practice runs in, not saying much to Sombra in the meantime as he honed his own technique. Chesster's strategy relied entirely on his wit, and knowing his opponent. From his time spent with the deposed tyrant, Chesster had a pretty good idea of how to outmatch the egotistical stallion. Sombra had a weight advantage over Chesster, and probably an anger advantage, since anger lent power to strength. Chesster could use that against him, and if Sombra threw his weight into his charge, Chesster could use his lance to shove the dark unicorn off balance. The rules of jousting meant that Chesster could not avoid a hit, so his solution for this was to distract Sombra so he couldn't focus on a hit. There was a chance it could backfire of course, but strategy was always about risk. Chesster was confident that odds were in his favor, and if by some stroke of fate he lost, then it was simply not meant to be. Luck played as much a part in jousting as skill and strategy sometimes, it was unavoidable. After a good long while of practicing with the quintains, Chesster's head perked as he heard the announcer's voice on loudspeaker reverberate throughout the field. "Attention all competitors, make your way to the tilt-yard, the first matches are about to begin." Chesster put his practice lance away, glancing back at Sombra. Finally, the time had arrived. There would be lots of elimination matches to be sure, but Chesster hoped he and Sombra would be the ones to make it to the final round. It'd be so much more dramatic that way, but he'd take what he could get. "If i may ask, what name did you enlist yourself as in the signup?" Chesster inquired, since he did not recieve a name from the stallion, and wondered what title he would go by for the competition.
  14. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    Chesster merely shook his head at Sombra's accusations of him attempting to soothe his ego. Chesster firmly believed there wasn't a creature alive who could anyways, even if they wanted to. As for pacification, well... that was certainly a dramatic term. And of course, nopony appreciated being laughed at. Keeping his voice measured, Chesster replied to that first. "Soothe your ego? I don't possess the capacity to care about your ego, and correct me if i'm wrong, but i assume the feeling is mutual. And if our roles were reversed, it would be you who were laughing at me were i to make such a spectacle. Feel angry about it if you wish but do not take it personally." Chesster hoped he had chosen his words correctly, but he would not lie to the dark stallion. Dealing with Sombra felt like walking barehoof in a room full of glass. It was familiar, at least. "I offer the second question because you need a break. Attacking the quintain when you're worked up will lead to another surefire failure." Chesster was grateful for his blank helm, as he closed his eyes and exhaled with a hint of exhaustion. He opened them once more, his gaze staring out into the field at nothing in particular, as he contemplated the second question he'd been asked. Now that was a surprisingly easy one to answer. "Well, that's easily answered. I don't like the shiny armor's color. Too bright, too flashy. The darker tones suit me better. The helmet is not aesthetic, however. Ponies are more intimidated by an opponent whose face is concealed." There was of course, a different reason why Chesster wore the dark colored armor, but it might be giving away too much at this juncture in time. The dark armor allowed him better cover under dark, when patrolling the black crystallized streets for citizens out past curfew. He could blend right against the black crystal trademark of Sombra's reign. The helmet, while it did truthfully intimidate opponents, was also for anonymity. Chesster's answers were the truth, but he ommitted these small details for the time being. Chesster stood up, his armor like darkened crystal clattering as he did so. "I have quite a few questions myself, but i am patient enough to wait until i defeat you in this jousting tournament to ask them. Unfortunately for you, you must resign to do the same. Now, if you're done sitting about, we can get back to the task at hoof, preparing you to be a worthy opponent." Though Chesster wished to ask his questions as much as Sombra did, Chesster's questions would be of a much more personal nature, such as how Sombra lived, why he was in a jousting tournament, if he had plans to retake the empire, yada yada yada. Those would be best asked after the tournament.
  15. Jousting Tournament [closed]

    Despite the former king's rage, Chesster's thrill of amusement didn't seem to leave. It was one thing to laugh at a trainee who failed in a particularly messy way. It was another to laugh at the former tyrant who enslaved a race of ponies who was known for having a spectacular temper. If they had not been in public, Chesster was quite certain that a fight would have ensued, and became grateful that they were indeed in a public setting, where Sombra could not reveal the full extent of his wrath without sending some equestrian crying to their princess, or a soft crystal pony crying to their new princess. Observing the tinge of green in Sombra's eye confirmed Chesster's assessment. While it was true that Chesster would have never, never ever ever have laughed to Sombra's face while he was king if he valued his life, he'd be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the feeling of being untouchable to such a powerful unicorn, at least for the time being. Not many could claim laughing at Sombra's face and living. And if Chesster wanted to keep that claim, he'd have to calm down the deposed tyrant somehow. Throughout the training field, some other ponies had indeed took notice of Sombra's particularly noteworthy blunder, more specifically their head's being turned by the loud crash that had resulted. It was always funny to see somepony else mess up so long as it was harmless. One such pony wasn't looking where he was going because of it, and as a consequence he himself had tripped while running at the quintain, paying for his distracted thoughts. It was enough to take the focus off of the dark stallion, and remind the others who were training that they couldn't afford to get distracted as well. While Chesster thought of a way to calm Sombra down, he gestured for Shieldbreaker's help with a hoof, calling to the muscled stallion. "Shieldbreaker, get these lance pieces picked up. We can't have any shards lying around, it's a hazard." The former guardspony nodded and moved to do as Chesster had asked. While watching Sombra, Chesster had the feeling that what the prideful stallion really needed was a moment of quiet to simmer in peace. It was like that during his reign, after all. Although since ponies avoided him in general during that time, they didn't need to be told twice to avoid Sombra when he was angry. Chesster wisely allowed Sombra his alone time by checking the shock quintain itself for any damage, hoping for some indication of faulty work to pin the blame on, instead of Sombra's ineptitude. But as he suspected, the quintain was in standard health, and being built to take on the weight of a fully grown stallion, it was no worse for wear either. It was times like these that Chesster found himself wishing he had the least bit of sympathy to offer, but he really didn't. Sombra had messed up and paid the price, and Chesster found nothing to sympathize with that. It was a truth that couldn't be coddled if he expected to teach him right. A while later, when Chesster believed Sombra had stewed in his own rage for quite long enough, He approached him quietly, seating himself a few feet away, so as not to be invasive of Sombra's space. He could not soothe Sombra's ego, nor would he attempt to. It simply was not a skill Chesster possessed. But Chesster did have something else to turn Sombra's thoughts away from his own failures, for the time being. "Though your training is not yet finished here, you may ask of me what you wish." Chesster stated matter-of-factly, carefully moderating his voice to be calm and even, not a single trace of his previous merriment present in his tone.