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  1. Canon characters in FFA

    Thank you!
  2. Canon characters in FFA

    Sorry in advance if i didn't happen to see this, but i was wondering what the rules are on playing a canon character in FFA? If it's only allowed to progress the plot, If it's only allowed with an approved roleplayer for that character, or if You're only able to play as canon characters in PMs. I want to apply for King Sombra eventually, but first i would like to roleplay with him to get a good grasp of his character. Is this only allowed in PMs? Can i at least advertise in FFA if that's the case? Or am i allowed to full on play the complete character in FFA? Sorry again if i neglected to see an answer or similar question tobmine, and thank you in advance to whomever answers!
  3. SO I am so excited to talk about this movie because so much has been discovered! the lands of the mysterious south have been revealed and now there are several things that are canon! 1) Breaking your horn is probably not such a rare occurence. We see Tempest shadow recount her story of being attacked by an ursa major as a filly, busting her horn. This isn't something significantly hard to do! Plenty of monsters exist in equestria and can bat ponies around like playthings! 2) Anthropomorphic sentient beings! Cats and birds and fish that are sentient and walk on two legs, A whole nother society and culture, a kingdom undiscovered! 3) The hippogriffs! They are amazing, i love their design and their ingenuity, i just hope they don't remain sea ponies because i love their hippogriff designs! I hope eventually we can learn about their original home, the story behind their self-exile and their culture and city! 4) The emotions! God, the animation had such beautiful subtle expressions and movements, and twilight snapping at her friends, her friends ACTUALLY trying to put twilight in her place! Such raw emotion and depth! 5) LIKE THREE OF THE SONGS ARE VERY VERY VERY GOOD. I ****ing loved Capper's song, Rainbow's song about being awesome, and Tempest Shadow's villainy song! Beautifully sung and executed and i am smitten! I'll be listening to them for days! 6) THIS MOVIE GOT DARK. This is the main thing i want to discuss, because there have been some things revealed that are pretty mindblowing for the world of equestria! The stormking enslaves the ponies, and while i loved that to no end we have seen it before with King Sombra. No, what i want to talk about is the society in the badlands, where slavery is apparently extremely common. Makes you wonder how many equestrians were kidnapped by them. Did you see the stall where one guy was selling unicorn horns? UNICORN HORNS. Think about it, they either had to KILL a unicorn for those or cut the horns of kidnapped unicorns off. That's goddamn dark as hell! I'm extremely fascinated by this black market of slavery and stolen horns, and supremely pleased that is it now CANON that dark and realistic situations, people and places exist in our candy coated land of pastel ponies! Equestria isn't as happy and carefree all around as once thought, and tragedies DO occur in this realm! Hell, Capper is suffering from debt and if that isn't dark and realistic, what is? The hippogriffs were forced from their city, the badlands are under the thumb of a tyrannical king, slavery and tragedy exists NOT JUST IN THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE but this stuff was happening day-to-day in equestria! While ponies lived their lives, someone couldve been kidnapped, horn chopped off and sold to the badlands to pull carts and do manual labor or perform for the upright inhabitants! I am pleased to no end that a darker reality has been realized, and i'm ecstatic for the roleplay possibilities! Face it people, My Little Pony may be a show for little girls, but it is NOT free from the horrors of reality.
  4. Eh, new?

    Hello and welcome! I'm on the lookout for roleplay partners! I also particularly enjoy darker settings (Why i like Sombra!) And if you'd like to roleplay, feel free to message me and we can think of some plots!
  5. Um...Hi...

    Hey welcome! This is a nice place, you'll like it!
  6. I'm new so hi

    lol a little late but thanks, i don't consider myself very new here anymore. Amateur but not new.
  7. I'm new so hi

    When you post three times you gain access to the gallery and editting priveleges. To 'level up' you just have to post. The ranking system doesn't mean a whole lot however and seems to just mark your seniority.
  8. Lonely Is This Place 

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      really cuz i thoguht i was a tiny green frog man this whole time omg

  9. OC

    my original characters go here
  10. Rusty

    (Art done by me) Name: Copper Nickname: Rusty (uses this as his name)Sex: MaleAge: TeenageSpecies: Dragon Eye colour: A minty green, like pennies exposed to oxidation. Coat: Rusty's 'coat' is made up of tough leathery hide, which is a dark brown tortoise shell pattern. He has copper colored scales running from his chin all the way to his tail, covering his underbelly. The top half of his head is black with a stripe running down from his eye. He has two horns on his forehead, two sweeping back, and two more on his upper neck. His ears are shaped like fins. His wings are a reflective copper, as well as his claws and tail fin. His legs have black 'socks' and he has black stripes down his tail. Three black spines on each side of his taile have reflective coppery hide stretched between them, used for maneuvering well in flight. Physique: Rusty is a teenage dragon and smaller than other dragons his age, but that doesn't mean he's not strong. At all fours, He's a solid three feet taller than an average bulky stallion. Rusty isn't as strong as other dragons either,but compared to a bulky stallion he has average strength. Rusty is lean and fit, built better for maneuvering and speed rather than strength. Residence: The peninsula off San Palomina Desert. More accurately, a cave in one of the sandstone cliffs. Seperate from his arena, his cave is located by the beach and more comfortably outfitted than some wild migratory dragon's homes. The entrance to his cave is up from the ground about two stories, and has an overhang to keep rain from blowing in. The entrance can be blocked with a doorway of woven plant fibers, moved into the cave entrance when the elements need to be kept out. Sandstorms, heatwaves, tornadoes, earthquakes and monsoons can occur, but almost never snow. Occupation: While dragons don't normally have jobs, dragons also normally are tough and committed enough to amassing their own hoard and competing with others. Rusty wasn't a strong fighter, though he had clever wit on his side. He started collecting animals and making them fight, and the betting of gems from other dragons allowed him to rise in social and economical standing. Other dragons that picked on him originally praised him for the entertainment, and his adopted father was proud when he started using his blacksmithing skills for good uses. When Rusty became old enough to leave home, He set out for a secluded area that ponies wouldn't discover, but still accessible for the dragons to travel to the ponies. The peninsula of San Palomina Desert was perfect and Rusty carved out an arena from a sandstone mountain along with some hired help. The arena is about 4 acres in diameter, with seats for dragons carved into the vertical part of the bowl. The ground has cave entrances on each side, where cells made for containing combatants are located. He never fights combatants to the death. Likes: Pennies, hot weather/sunbathing, tropical flowers, sandy beaches, tropical fruit, shallow warm water, Loves Coffee. Dislikes: Snow (Or cold in general) Swimming, Singing, Anything that's detail oriented, bigger dragons Unique Traits/Skills: Knows blacksmithing from his adopted father Mortar, but isn't very good at heavy lifting and usually works on small simple stuff. He's gotten proficient at hunting, trapping and tracking, especcially concerning when he wants to capture a new champion. Things he's bad at: Pillaging and fighting, he has to use intimidation and bluffing to win against weaker opponents. Fears: Caring for someone else, bigger dragons, and most of all he fears helpless, being caught in a trap like the prey he hunts and being utterly unable to escape. Goals: His goal is to find his real parents, and to either find, train or raise the ultimate fighting champion. History: Rusty was kidnapped from his real parents when he was an egg, and from where no one can say, though from his sandy coloration he seems to be from a hot climate with sand. A changeling hive had plans to raise the dragon to fight on their side, but as they passed over the badlands they were caught by the female green dragon Flora, who stole back the egg. She searched for his real parents but after having no luck, decided to adopt him much to the displeasure of her mate Mortar. Mortar is constantly dissapointed in his adopted son and cold towards him, though Flora loves Rusty with such a fierce intensity that her mate dares not challenge her. Personality: Like most dragons, Rusty is aggressive and loathe to talk about his feelings. He has a hot temper, and doesn't rely on others. He has a dark sense of humor, a gentler side and occasionally talks to himself when alone. Rusty is self consious, and a little vain. Despite his self-consiousness, he projects a persona of false confidence and charming wit to hide his insecurities. He's not an inherently bad guy, though he does enjoy the creature fights. He just wanted to be accepted in dragon society and the fighting of other creatures was the one thing he was good at setting up. He's self controlled and mostly solitary. Trivia: * Rusty hunts his own champions but allows other dragons to admit their fighters too, for a fee naturally. * Uses special crystals to create a dome around the arena to keep in flying creatures. * Rusty cares deeply about his best fighters and treats them much better. * Secretly finds ponies adorable and would like to have one as a pet.
  11. Hiya~

    Hello and welcome! If you're looking for someone to rp with, feel free to PM me and we can come up with some rp ideas! Also i absolutely ADORE your OC, she's a gotdam cutie!
  12. PecanPraline hasn't replied in over three days and hasn't given notification as to their status or asked to be allowed more time so for the sake of the rp not stagnating, it is now Pyroblaze's turn. PecanPraline if you still wish to stay, mention so and I will fit you back in
  13. Hi, There!

    You seem like a cool person! If you ever wanna RP, PM me and we could brainstorm ideas!