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  1. hello! i realize this is old but if you're ever on and want sombra plots and allies, i do happen to have an OC based off of sombra! (I'm a huge sombra fan and i'm interested in seeing how he's played by others!) anyways, Chesster Pierce is a crystal pony who was commander of the crystal empire, and loyal to sombra, even to this day, mostly because he thinks only sombra can restore his status and influence.
  2. alright, i'm willing to give it a shot! once i've settled into te role of king sombra, i'm actually thinking about applying for him, but not anytime soon lol. anyways i'm excited to actually just start a roleplay! so how do you want to do this? king sombra in the alternate timeline? when he first reigned the crystal empire? or when he's been defeated and is weak? i think for the power balance to be there, it's best to go with the third option but i'm open to suggestion!
  3. earth pony

    Alright, i went ahead and edited my app to the best of my abilities, i looked through it carefully and fixed any capitilization and grammar errors, i added breaks between paragraphs and removed the reference to Luna! There is a chance i've missed something or perhaps spaced something awkwardly, i tried moving some sentences around to make more sense within the paragraph (in the personality section, i seperated his personality bits from what he likes and dislikes) I feel as if i did good in fixing the mistakes, if there's anything i missed simply point it out to me! thank you so much for reviewing my app, and i hope i'm ready soon!
  4. earth pony

    I went ahead and fixed the issues, and honestly i didn't even need a workaround, i feel like this way he's more round and interesting as a character anyways. i made some minor alterations to wording and phrasing, and changed some of his history and added to his personality. i eagerly await any more advice you can give for helping me make my character the best they can be!
  5. Thank you for your insight, both of you, i feel it's helped me gain a better understanding of this website and how it works, and i thank you both immensely for your time and consideration into my question!
  6. earth pony

    Thank you for the feedback! i was unsure about the immortal thing anyways, and i've thought of a workaround that may or may not work? Okay so With Sombra's curse, the crystal empire and all of it's inhabitants disapear as well. I have only two issues with this that may be fixed. issue one, memories. The crystal ponies memories were blocked from fear or the curse, so they wouldn't be able to assist in any way with defeating sombra. But what about those loyal to sombra? in the show, no sign of sombra loyalists exists, so it's clear that if they did exist, they were well hidden, and for that purpose probably hidden so they couldn't be used by the 'enemy' and/or so they could help sombra retake the empire when it was time. So... perhaps his loyalists retained their memories and worked behind the scenes to assist Sombra, and once sombra was defeated for a second time, it would make sense for his followers to leave the empire, at least some of them, in search of their master or to simply keep themselves safe from equestrian justice. my second issue is crystal ponies living outside the empire, if crystal ponies were to be forgotten entirely then all trace of them would have vanished, including households. this is only an issue cause i want Chesster to keep his manor, which could have disapeared with the rest of the crystal pony's legacy and reappeared, like the crystal empire intact. If this is too big of a problem though i can see another workaround, with chesster just.. rebuilding his house thank you so much for your time in helping me refine my oc, it's very appreciated!
  7. I MAY be interested? like you i have a deep love of Sombra, and for a whie i've been interested in trying to play him. however, i'm very unsure in my abilities, and your idea could be an opportunity to test the waters of my skill with King Sombra? Or if you're open to an alternative idea, my main oc is Chesster Pierce, commander of the crystal empire army, and King Sombra Loyalist.
  8. So i've searched around and so far haven't found any information regarding npcs, and you'd think npcs is a rather self explanatory concept. a non player character helps to propel the story, and is eventually forgotten about. but my question is a bit riskier than that. suppose you're in a roleplay with a group or one on one, and your characters come to a point where they need to interact with....dun dun dun... A CANON CHARACTER. this may be a silly or obvious question, as i'm new to the site and despite me poring over all the information i could possibly glean, there is a chance i missed something. or perhaps it is an unspoken rule? When your characters must make a deal with discord or visit princess celestia, what are the rules? the outline? is it allowed to fill the role of that character temporarily to propel the story, or is it permanently in stone that you MUST have an official representative of that big important npc? like do you have to put the entire roleplay on the backburner while you run and beg the nearest person roleplaying this character to make a brief appearance in the roleplay? If they say no and this character is necessary to the roleplay, what then? Is it possible to roleplay a canon character within a private roleplay extensively, without an official claim so long as you make sure all involved know you do not claim the character? What if what was intended to be an npc turns out to be a major player in the rp? personally, in past roleplays i enjoy adding a plot twist to the story by interjecting a character that flips things on it's head, reviving the passion and interest in the roleplay. my past partners have enjoyed when an npc becomes plot important, because it's unexpected and adds that something-special element to a realistic roleplay. in real life, you never know who all your players are or who's controlling the pieces. Now, this isn't to say i'm asking permission to do this at utter random. courtesy demands that rp partners be made aware and given the choice if they do or don't want an npc to become important. my question is if there exist certain guidelines i haven't seen, if npcs absolutely must undergo an application process, even if they are important to only one roleplay or plot. I may think of more questions regarding NPCs later but so far these are all the burning questions i can cook up. I apologize for making this long but i felt it was necessary to fully get my questions across in an eloquent and clear manner. i eagerly await a response.
  9. Hello! i am starsteemer, but friends call me star, or kalo, i'm fine with either. Obviously i'm new but this website is already looking a hundred times better than the overly restrictive friendshipismagicrpg website. their rules say you can't keep using an npc. what!? their rules sometimes make no sense and seem to limit creativity in the most ridiculous of ways. this site in comparison seems very firm, but not strict to the point of suffocation. rules are there for order and to ensure a good time, not to insure a ridiculous and honestly exclusive standard of canon and high level roleplay. i want to roleplay for fun, not as some sort of uptight professional job! That being said, i'm no beginner roleplayer, simply new to applying to an official roleplay website. for years i've roleplayed with close friends with things such as creepypasta, scp containment breach, steven universe, fallout and a general free-for-all with no underlying theme or fandom. As a seasoned roleplayer, i'd like to say i'm not harsh or exclusive, rather i like to offer constructive advice and if our styles really don't mesh, i will be upfront about it and encourage exploration for the right partner! i can occasionally take on the feelings of my character, i like to get deep into the role, but this absolutely does not mean i AM the character or condone their actions, nor should my characters be treated with fragility due to the assumption my feelings are attached to them. my real emotions make the character seem more realistic, and i encourage interactions that will lead to emotional results. I've rambled on a bit much, i will probably tell more about myself in depth once i figure all this out!
  10. Name: Chesster Pierce Gender: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: Crystal PonyEye colour: Amber Character colour: The Coat is a very creme off-white color, with brown at the tip of the ears and a bubble gradient from hoof to elbow/knee consisting of a light red, shaded red, brown red to brown at the hoof. Chesster has two short scars across the muzzle and one on his left ear, all of them earned in scuffles with childhood bullies who didn't like being tricked by the clever colt. He has a longer scar on his left side, extending from his shoulder blade to his hip, and forked slightly in the middle. This scar is from when he first joined the guards and got into an accident while sparring without armor. Mane/Tail/Other: The mane is an ombre of a neutral red to dark red at the hair tips, and is light and fluffy, ultimately straight. The mane is about shoulder length, and partially covers his upper back. His tail is the same way, and is similar to a cow's tail. He also has a short goatee, the same color as his mane and tail. Physique: Chester is a tall, muscular stallion without the stocky build of most distinguished stallions, and measures to about 5 foot. Though what he lacks in a broad barrel body he makes up for with his athletic, slim physique, good for sprinting and low endurance activites. Residence: In the canon universe, he lives in a secluded manor in Whitetail woods. In the Sombra undefeated universe, he lives in the Crystal Empire. Occupation: Originally, he was a soldier and then a commander of the Crystal Empire, due to his talent for strategy and tactical decisions. Under King Sombra, he was ruthless and deadly efficient, as one must be to survive under King Sombra's rule. After Sombra's (second) defeat, he fled the empire and makes a living from his manor in Whitetail Woods. As a hobby he goes to chess competitions and jousting matches, and if he needs the money he does mercenary work, dealing with threats from the Everfree and elsewhere that occasionally come out to torment the ponies of small towns. Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a knight and a pawn in four alternating squares of black and white, the chess pieces representing his propensity for strategy, careful decision making and tactical decisions. He also happens to be really good at chess, checkers, and most card games. Chesster first got his cutiemark when he defeated his bully in a battle of wits, and got revenge by humiliating his bully. Unique Traits: Chesster learned how to battle in heavy armor and fight with a sword, overcoming the challenges being an earth pony posed for sword duels. To make up for his lack of magic and to confuse his foes, he has a helmet with a sharp, fake unicorn horn on it, for fooling attackers into thinking he's more skilled in magic instead of other areas (such as strength) and as use as an extra sword, his helmet horn can be used in a sudden thrust or to parry a blow, or act like a spear while charging an opponent. History: Chesster is from the Crystal empire, from a family of poor grain farmers. As a foal, he was small and weak and hung out with the smart, nerd kids, which got him picked on and beat up frequently. Escaping bullies led to Chesster becoming quick witted and clever, and he became disillusioned with friendship, since his 'friends' often betrayed and abandoned him to save themselves. He came to rely on himself, and focused his skills with years of study and research to develop his skills, studying famous commanders and tacticians to improve his skills. He trained himself with vigorous excersize, making it his goal to join the royal guard, to prove that he could rise above his roots and become greater than those who tormented him as a foal. Chesster climbed his way to where he is (or was) by being the smartest, and the most determined. He demonstrated great skill in combat and strategy and joined the royal guard, but his intelligence and cunning helped him climb the ranks. Due to a incapacitating 'accident' caused by Chesster in his ambition for power and position, the commander at that time became unfit for duty, and Chesster was promoted. He used his position for power and personal gain, sometimes blackmailing to get what he wants, among other unethical methods to amass a small fortune. When King Sombra rose to power, Chesster immediantly swore loyalty to him, recognizing power and realizing Sombra was his chance to rise above. Chesster demonstrated his loyalty by helping to enslave or imprison the crystal ponies, and kept the rest of the guard in line and following Sombra's orders. Chesster took his duties very seriously, taking every opportunity to prove his loyalty, through any means. When Sombra was defeated and the Crystal Empire fell to Sombra's curse, Chesster fell with it. When it returned, Chesster had his memories blocked like the rest of the crystal ponies, though he remembered his loyalty and understood the logic behind the block on his memories. Chesster prepared for Sombra's defeat or victory by gathering his belongings and his wealth, and a small portion of his most loyal guards. When Sombra was defeated by Twilight Sparkle and her friends, his memories returned and Chesster left the Crystal Empire, fearing repercussions for his role in enslaving the crystal ponies. Chesster built a small manor in isolation in Whitetail Woods with his ill-gained money, and spends his time preparing for King Sombra's eventual return, sending out search parties to find any trace of the King of Monsters. Character Personality: Chesster is clever and devious, always using underhoofed, dirty and sneaky tactics to win. He's very proud, has a strong sense of loyalty and tends to be selfish. He doesn't care who he has to defeat to rise to the top. He has no pity for the weak, since he believes if he could escape his weaker self, so too can everypony else, but they simply don't want to. He cares most about himself, but on occasion can be selfless for personal gain, or as an investment. When Chesster wants to be, he can be quite suave and charming, usually coming up with clever and flirtatious compliments to mares or superiors he's kissing up to for favors. Chesster can sometimes have a large ego, and takes critisicm poorly. He's very prideful of what he does and a cold, quiet anger takes him when his skills are called into question. Chesster puts on a cool and collected exterior, preferring to appear mysterious. He acts cold, but deep down he really wishes somepony would make him feel something more than a lust for battle and power, however his cold, logical and calculating nature can put ponies off. Chesster also doesn't recognize most of his flaws. His redeeming qualities would likely be his extreme loyalty, He's very loyal to his king and his guards, and wasn't loyal to the original ruler of the Crystal Empire because he secretly believed she was too weak to rule. When needed, Chesster is willing to set aside his pride if it benefits him in some way later on. Chesster likes fine dining, sparring with his loyal guards, and winning. Chesster dislikes other ponies acting like they're better than him, hot weather, and ponies telling him to get a haircut. He can be somewhat vain about his long hair, however impractical it is for battle. To remedy this, he gets somepony else to put it in a bun or ponytail. He likes strategy games and riddles. He has regal, lavish taste, a penchant for the finer things in life, and believes he deserves nothing less. His sense of style is modest but expensive, and he prefers dark tones or shades, particularly mahogany and red velvet. He likes dark brown and red, and may be biased due to his coat colors.He likes to pass on his skills, and enjoys teaching them to the next generation, however rare that may be. Character Summary: Chesster is an ambitious crystal pony with a skill for strategy, originally a commander of the crystal empire under king sombra, and since his defeat he has retired to a manor in Whitetail Woods, awaiting King Sombra's hopeful return. While waiting for his king, Chesster sometimes leaves his manor in disguise, to participate in chess competitions, or other such competitions requiring a level of intelligence, sometimes jousting. Whether he wins or not, Chesster evaluates his tactics and plans for better ones next time, growing and learning however he can. He also prefers to be called by his last name Pierce, as he believes the name Chesster isn't nearly as intimidating enough. He greatly prefers Lord Pierce and Commander Pierce. Chesster thought of the crystal fair as a distraction and preferred to focus on his studies and training, secretly though he envied the fun that other ponies had and wanted to go, but his reasoning was that he had nopony to go with him so there was no point. Chester's base design