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  1. "Would it?!" replied Shine Runner. "I'd trade my entire sequin collection for such a fabulous opportunity!" The unicorn danced like she was on hot coals, visibly excited. "What's my first assignment?"
  2. :"Thank you! Thank you!" The unicorn bowed deeply and sprang up again. "Well, I always thought the Hearth's Warming gala needed some extra pizzazz! Something to really "wow" the crowd, you know? Like this!" With a clap of her hooves, the tree behind her lit up from the bottom to the top. Shine Runner reached inside, looking away with her tongue sticking out. In less than 2 seconds, she pulled out a shiny wrapped present. She pulled on the bow with her teeth, and the present fell apart into a gingerbread house. Shine Runner held it proudly above her head as the door of the gingerbread house flew open to reveal a yodeling pickle. When the pickle finished its short performance, Shine Runner gently set the gingerbread house next to her.
  3. The doors burst open in a cloud of sparkling glitter! A thumping disco beat flooded the halls with a funky melody. A bright violet pony wearing a bedazzled blue winter coat came strutting out, flipping her matching Santa hat's pompom behind her head. She had gold disco ball earrings and holly pinned to her chest. Her cocky face turned to sheer joy as she shrugged off her winter coat to reveal a two-tailed white tuxedo. She flung her coat in front of her, which turned into a tree skirt, and tossed her hat on top of it. To the sound of her hooves clacking to the floor, a purple Hearth's Warming tree sprang up, now topped by her hat. She pulled a tiny white top hat seemingly out of nowhere and popped it atop her head. The disco music faded gradually away as she motioned, "Ta-da!" "Greetings, Princesses! How are we doin' tonight?" she announced, smiling.
  4. Would anyone like to roleplay with any of my characters?  :fhappy:

    1. Ciraxis


      I just finished reading App's you put and I find your characters very likable. It would be my pleasure to do just that.

    2. ShineRunner


      Cool! What do you wanna do?

  5. This is actually [Ready] after Shine Runner gets reviewed
  6. Do I remove this topic by flagging it?
  7. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Wynken (Vanish Veil)Age: MareSpecies: UnicornEye colour: IndigoCoat: Dark grey, almost blackMane/Tail: Short, fluffy teal greenPhysique: Average-to-thinResidence: NomadicOccupation: ThiefCutie Mark: A splotch of dark indigo disappearing ink Wynken earned her Cutie Mark after a classmate in magic kindergarten switched her writing ink with disappearing ink. Wynken was so embarrassed, her emotional magical surge caused her to disappear, too! At first, being invisible was scary, but when Wynken used her newfound ability to prank her classmate back, she realized how useful and fun it could be. Unique Traits: Can turn completely invisible ("wink out") for up to two hours at a time. She requires at least a half hour to fully recharge this ability. She cannot make her clothes invisible, but if her hair/fur is dyed, she can work with that. It is possible for her to teleport and then become invisible, but she cannot do both at the same time. She can't do force fields, but she is a pretty fast runner with quick reflexes. History: Very little is known about the mysterious Wynken, and she prefers to keep it that way. Records show she was born in Hollow Shades, and is the child of lesser-known criminal Secret Veil. Wynken prefers not to interact with her father. Her mother, Thinly Veil, will attempt to write her letters, but only receives unsigned apology cards in return. She had two friends growing up (Fair Weather and Fly-by-night) who drifted apart from her and began to exclude her. Both of them confirm Wynken had difficulties at home, and became increasingly harder to communicate with as the years went by. Wynken was a very confident, talkative filly, who loved racing paper boats and playing ball. She was also an avid storyteller, and her friends used to love listening to her stories beneath blanket forts at sleepovers. Her demeanor changed when her father temporarily returned home from prison. Wynken began stealing toys, snacks, and books as an older filly. As a mare, she moved onto "bigger projects," such as the school bell, museum pieces, and expensive jewelry. She often had two accomplices: Blynken (Red Toadstool), a unicorn stallion who could teleport himself and small objects instantly without causing a magical flash. However, he could only do this for short distances, and became exhausted quickly. He was captured during a high-speed chase in a street market in Canterlot. Nod (Sleepy Feathers), a pegasus stallion who created a potent sleeping powder, and a corresponding immunity potion. A permanently twisted wing made him unable to fly, and he was not very athletic. He was arrested for trying to buy oats with counterfeit money. Depending on the RP, Wynken is either a thief still at large, or is released from prison as a last resort to help adventurers on an important quest. Wynken's goals for the future include trying exotic foods, pranking stuck-up noble ponies, stealing from a dragon's hoard, and one day, settling down in a big house where she can raise a hundred cats and dogs. Until then, she wants to continue being a thief for as long as she can. She believes she isn't good at anything else, plus she enjoys the adrenaline rush. Character Personality: Wynken is an absolute hedonistic thrill-seeker, but is also clever and calculating. Despite being a thief, she has her own moral code; never steal from a foal, never steal a beloved pet, and never cause any real harm to anypony. She also expresses great disdain for hypocrites, and anyone who breaks important promises. Wynken is fiercely independent, and believes respect should be earned. It's very difficult to get through her tough outer shell. She's constantly looking for opportunities to trick, steal, and serve her own needs. She tends to only think of others if it benefits her somehow. Her weakness is cats and dogs, and the occasional pet python. She is also motherly and protective towards foals. Other ponies have described her as sneaky, scruffy, conniving, aloof, and eerily quiet. She secretly still loves paper boats. Character Summary: Unicorn thief who can turn invisible for up to 2 hours. Would make an excellent villain, antihero, or untrustworthy ally. Good for D&D-style RP and big adventures.
  8. Where would I add that in? And how?
  9. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Squeaketta Floralella Mae-Tallulah Oola Clean (Squeaky Clean, Squeaky, or Squeakers for short) Age: Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Chocolate brown Coat: Lilac/Orchid Purple Mane/Tail: Brilliant Aquamarine (Light Teal Green) Tousled with a ribbon-like curl on the end. Physique: Average Residence: Ponyville? Occupation: Bat Bather (Grooms and nurses bats) Cutie Mark: Three brown bats After a family of bats blew into her house during a storm, Squeaky took care of them. When she gave them a warm bath to help with their sniffles, her CutieMark appeared. She realized her destiny was to care for the bats of Equestria. Unique Traits: Cute round buck teeth and simple eyelashes. She cannot control clouds or weather without help from another pegasus. If she comes into contact with poison joke, she becomes a magnet for dirt and lint! She can't communicate very well with any non-verbal animals other than bats. She can use echolocation to navigate dark, quiet places. She can absolutely shred on the banjo. Her style is incredibly plain; Squeaky's wardrobe consists of a few simple blue dresses, a peach bandana and matching apron, a yellow raincoat, a sun hat, and a parrot costume. She often wears a yellow flower behind her ear in the spring. Her saddlebags are brown with a dark-coloured bat on each one, matching her trick-or-treat pouch. History: Squeaky Clean grew up around Ponyville. She had a rocky childhood due to her awkwardness, and being raised by an overbearing mother and tactless grandmother. Squeaky doesn't like to associate with most of her family, with the exception of her cousin Shine Runner. Squeaky's mother sometimes shows up for surprise visits, or sends her "love bombs" in the mail, much to her daughter's disgust. Squeaky lives a fairly peaceful nocturnal life taking care of bats. Sometimes she has to travel to remote areas to provide care to sick colonies. If she's out during the day, she's probably shopping at the stores that are closed at night, or selling various items at flea markets. When she's not working, she plays the banjo and makes her own soaps and bath bombs. She also has a small pumpkin patch (she likes medium-sized pink ones and GIANT orange ones!) Most of the food she prepares involves fruit, nectar, and bugs for her bats. When making meals for herself, Squeaky is a decent cook. Her best dishes are garlic bread and pumpkin cheesecake! Her dreams and plans for the future tend to be very humble (unlike her flamboyant cousin.) More than anything, Squeaky would like to see a day when bats are no longer considered scary. It would also be nice to have some friends, and be recognized for all the hard work she does. Oh, and playing the banjo for a crowd would be great, too! Character Personality: Awkward, quirky, caring, introverted, stubborn, simplistic, bluntly honest, sometimes grumpy. Her biggest fear is being lost at sea. She avoids going to the beach, and doesn't like to swim. Rain and thunderstorms are her favourite kind of weather. She likes to eat chocolate, garlic bread, sour green apples, and smoothies. Her favourite cake is anything with pumpkin spice. Her favourite cookie is toffeedoodle. Her favourite ice cream is rainbow vanilla. She does not like coffee, red apples, broccoli, spicy food, or beets. Banjo music, polka, and disco are her favourite genres. Almost all the books she reads are about bats and banjo players. She also has a gigantic green binder full of recipes and how-to's. Though she loves bats and cares for hundreds of them a year, she doesn't consider any of them her "pets." That title is reserved for Spot, a polished piece of Dalmatian jasper she's kept since she was a foal. She sleeps with Spot underneath her pillow every night. Character Summary: Purple pegasus whose special talent is bathing bats. Has the voice of Fidget (yes, really. Ask me for an audio sample if you don't believe me.)
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