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  1. Slowing down a second [closed]

    Lens carefully listens to her talk on corruption, nodding slightly as she speaks her views and thoughts on the matter, the topic itself raising quite an interesting thought for Lens, this mare had no need for bits, and was decently powerful, so did not view herself as a target for corruption, however it was obvious he had very little in the way of bits and power, which made him silently wonder if perhaps she viewed him as a possible issue, although, very much not a threat considering his lack of power, but nonetheless he knew that if he thought with that train of thought, the matter of the pony he was talking to would eventually come into play, an interesting thought but slightly worrying. "Perhaps, although I do not think it can be so black and white, after all, I have met many a pony who has turned to a life of evil and cruelty to protect those they love and their morals. Sometimes a deed done with the best of intentions can go sour, after all, corruption is not about the reversal of what we stand for, more about tweaking the little motivations that we have for our goals." he comments calmly, before looking outside "Well looks like it's near time for me to get ready for my train back home, otherwise I'm sleeping on a bench in Ponyville tonight. It's been a pleasure meeting you, and I wish you all the best for your work going on from here. Hope it doesn't get too risky for you." he says with a smile as he stands, flicking one of the store leaflets into his pocket. "I'll try and drop by your other branches, see what they are like. So uh, until next time I guess."
  2. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Lens nods quietly as Twilight explains the nuances of the spell, knowing he made a mistake by suggesting something logical being applied to magical changes. "Oh, sorry. Magic never really was my strong suit." He chuckles slightly, rubbing his head nervously from the mistake, not a fan of making mistakes in word or action, so somewhat understanding Twilight's feelings here. "It still looks beautiful though." he comments casually "Just means I'm going to have to look up to keep an eye on Libra, eh?" he grins as he sits down again, letting himself relax again. He listens to the dragon talk again, the more he heard from this dragon's mouth, the more Lens was convinced that Twilight was his second love, only dwarfed by his love for himself, the dragon either talking about himself, his exploits, his personality, or the 'name' he was making for himself. Though this part interested the detective greatly; the name this dragon was creating could be one of two ways, and Lens had a sinking feeling that this dragon probably did not work with a care for the ponies that his actions may impact upon. He would have to take a trip to the city sometime to investigate this matter, see what he could learn about this sudden new arrival, and what he was capable of, perhaps work with Ice for this one, as there would be no issues of pay split as this was off his own back. But for now, just observe and relax, his two main priorities for the evening. Drop by the boutique on the way out to deliver Rarity's present if she was in.
  3. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Lens nods with a soft smile as he listens to Twilight's short description of Luna, knowing full well her adoration for the Princess from such a simple sentence. A theme that ran common with many ponies he talked to, perhaps Luna had more friends than even she realised. "It is obvious you have a great respect for Princess Luna, Princess. I seem to get the good fortune to keep meeting ponies who have such great tales of working alongside Princess Luna, almost makes me jealous to know so few ponies myself." he chuckles quietly, looking up again as Twilight starts to point out the constellation Libra, he quickly looks to the angle from north that Twilight stated, quickly taking note of the bright constellation hanging above them as he whistled "You know, that is actually highly interesting, the fact that everything meets so perfectly together, not a single element neglected. Makes a detective like me very happy. Though I must say, just from that knowledge you displayed there and the ease you had identifying Libra, I think you could even give me a run for my money in my own work. Kinda worrying." he laughs. "But yes, it is very cool stuff." he smiles, standing up again "Probably just as cool as turning an entire party into crystal to reflect the night sky in the sheen of the ground underneath it. When all the lights go on this is really going to make everything reflect perfectly." he speaks, trying to somewhat encourage the Princess on her spell mishap, after all, even if results were unintended, they could still be beautiful. Now that he looked at Twilight again, he could see Fluttershy standing with her, to which he quickly gave the pegasus a gracious bow, not wanting to say anything yet as she looked like she was about to get into a conversation with some very interesting beings that Lens could not recall ever seeing before. Although speaking about things he had not seen before, there appeared to be a dragon here now with quite the interesting outlook to the holiday, considering he was at a Hearth's Warming celebration, and yet it soon became clear he was more here to see a certain Princess, and yet Lens couldn't help but wonder what stopped this dragon from meeting the Princess at any other time, rather than when everypony was distracted with festivities. Then again, with a personality like that, perhaps it was more based off ego and making a show of an entrance. Lens certainly remembered when he used to do that. That was when his thoughts were interrupted by a thud as a pony ran into the wall near him, bouncing off the wall with an impressive speed, the pony seeming less worried about herself, and more about everypony else, Lens carefully approaches her with a smile "Hey, easy there. We're all fine, just a little bit of Hearth's Warming magic is all. Are you okay though? I've ran into enough walls to know that one looks like it stung." he comments, worried for this mare.
  4. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Lens looks back to the Princess, noticing she had not yet wandered off, even more peculiar was that he could see the mental cogs were turning in her head, starting to make him wonder if they had met before. He didn't recall ever meeting a Princess, but then again, the years did sort of blur. Her next question made him chuckle a bit, as he shook his head "I'm afraid I ain't that intelligent, Princess. I just owe a lot of my success to the night and the Princess who governs it, like many in my predicament, I look up to her and try to follow the example of standing against corruption. So every so often I sit and reflect back on things. Though if you feel a need to show the formations and constellations I am more than happy to learn a few." He nods with a smile, before remembering what he was going to ask. "By the by, don't suppose Rarity will be here at all? I've brought along a little something for her, a nice gift for a good client." he explains as he adjusts the sleeve of his jacket.
  5. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Lens finally looks down at his hooves, noticing the sheen he frowns for a second, before looking up again, he would be surprised but after his experiences, there was very little that could happen spontaneously and surprise him. More nowadays it was when something went right that he found himself surprised. It was at that moment he looked out at the ponies coming in, when suddenly one topples over like a sack of potatoes, making a thud like somepony dropped an equally heavy sack of horseshoes. Lens winces at the sound, half surprised the pony did not shatter from an impact like that. Luckily though it seems somepony more qualified and willing was on their way to help the guy, and so Lens just relaxed again, humming to himself as he watched a certain dragon run across to Twilight and Luna, before looking back to the stars. He was so content with his stargazing he nearly missed the fact he was being talked to, turning his head to look to the pony who was currently speaking he was somewhat surprised to see that it was the Princess of Friendship herself, then again, considering her title, he then began to wonder why exactly he was surprised that she would be trying to socialise with a pony she had not befriended yet. He nods to her with a kind smile "I shall certainly try my best to enjoy it, Princess. My name is Lensblot." he answers in his usual slightly tired tone of voice, before the Princess then went to check upon the fallen pony, giving him time to stargaze again.
  6. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Hearth's Warming Eve, now there was a truly special time of the year, a time to meet with friends, loved ones, and share the warmth of friendship with strangers as well. And for one pony, it was the last category. Lensblot wanders around in Ponyville, keeping the pavilion in sight as it was his first time in Ponyville as it was getting dark, so he wanted to keep one location that he knew in view at all times. He never really minded not having any true friends, it seemed a lot easier that way in fact. However he had been finally persuaded to go to one of the main celebrations by his family, of course he chose Ponyville instead of Canterlot, as although he would never admit it; he was rather fond of the little town and found it a calming change of pace compared to the bustling streets of his home. As he wanders about the Town Square he notices the two Princesses meeting up and conversing, the Princess of the Night wearing a rather complex regal dress, while the Princess of Friendship seemed to be opting for something a bit less complicated. Once again Lens almost wished that he had a slightly nicer jacket than the one which he was wearing now, the green jacket was rather nice and warm, but it was showing its age, starting to become rather threadbare. He brushes his sleeve gently to straighten it out as he goes to remove his sunglasses with a soft smile "Well, won't be needing these anytime soon." But as he puts them in his pocket, suddenly a painfully bright flash of light illuminated the area briefly, the flash surprising Lens as he jumps a bit, looking around "Well that was... interesting." As he calms himself, Lens tries to find a quiet corner as he sits down, looking up at the sky as the light fades, enjoying the soft transition of day to night, simply taking in the atmosphere, not yet noticing the crystallization.
  7. [Age of Heroes] Robot Revelation [Open]

    Prop nods as he studies the drone, his technoscanning eye lighting up as it scans the length of it "And the job you did was incredible considering the materials. But it just needs a small amount of tweaking for efficiency." he says as small probe like arms with tools on unfold from his body, starting their work on parts of the drone, removing pieces that were crude or dangerous to the unit itself as he works on the pieces, seeming to upgrade them with almost nothing, although he knew that the fixing was being done with his tools and the reserve tanks he had inside with his metal in molten form, replacing the components and rewiring certain areas, the fixed components bearing a similar sheen to his metal, and like his body, being extremely durable and water resistant on the most part. He scans it one more time "It is done. Risk lowered to 0.01%, with fan efficiency sped up 10%. It should be able to maintain a higher speed for longer now." He comments as the arms folded back into his body. After that he turned back to Applejack, blinking at what she said, it did not make sense to him fully "But you can be peaceful as well as protect others. Peace is an option in every situation, is it not?" he asks, tilting his head slightly as he waits for her to lead on, studying her form carefully as he looks at her suit, then down at himself, then back at the suit "I have noticed you wear coverings over yourself. Should I find suitable coverings before arriving in Ponyville?" he asks, noting the cloak on BROODMARE as well, thinking that he perhaps was already doing something wrong.
  8. This island certainly was in interesting one, with a strange sky and unusual amount of astral bodies it was obvious that this realm did not conform to the usual structure of Equestria, and that was before the inhabitants were even counted in. The beach teeming with ponies of all sorts of unique appearances, however true they may be was largely up for debate, and that debate was one that was currently drifting through the mind of one certain investigator. Lens found himself wandering along in the direction of the spa, making sure he was out of sight before he strayed from his course, heading instead towards the next area of beach on the island; if these Changelings really were being faithful in their intentions, then the best way to check would be to see if they were still having fun away from the public eye, after all, as well as being a resort, this was their home. And coming from a tourist heavy place himself, he knew there was often nothing better than slipping away to an area that took a bit of looking to find, or a bit of walking in many cases. As he walked he admired his surroundings; being a city pony his whole life, the whole tropical idea was very interesting, and although it was a bit warmer than he would like, he got over that by just carrying his jacket slung across his back, his sunglasses finally suiting their location as he neared what he hoped would be a beach area a ways out from the landing zone, ready to see if any other ponies were around there.
  9. [Age of Heroes] Robot Revelation [Open]

    Prop watches the two of them, they seemed both so different, and yet so similar at the same time; their outside look was so different, and yet underneath, the way they acted they were almost identical, which caused him confusion on why BROODMARE seemed surprised and worried that somepony knew her, they were so similar underneath so why would it be bad to be so different on the outside. He would have to learn about this when he got into Ponyville, he could study in a few libraries probably, he looks at the other drone deployed in front of him, realising this was a sign of aggression he quickly stops trying to take control of the drone. "Sorry, but it is in need of repairs; the motor devices are at a 15% risk of overcharging, and that could cause great risk to this forest and the creatures in it. I am made for fixing, both organic and non organic, and preventing injuries however needed." he explains as a flap opens on his side, a telescopic welding torch unfolding out to demonstrate, folding it back again as the flap closes, the design so well made that when it closed the compartment was impossible to see. He looks back to the Equestrian as he tilts his head to one side then the other "I do not know... I just got told to go out and learn, and live. To see how far I can develop and what I may accomplish on my own. I am not operated by a pony, you see. I was designed to be autonomous, and I was made too perfectly so that I am also conscious, self aware, and able to learn. They could not create any more like me, the engineer refused to, he said it would devalue me to be just one of a production line. I suppose when I get there I will just... do what everypony else does, and blend in with the crowd." he says, before looking down at his chest "I am not that bulky... I was designed to resemble a trim, fit pony..." it seemed like he actually got somewhat embarrassed at being called big and giant.
  10. A Little Me Time [Open]

    This mare was starting to annoy him the more that she spoke; not that he couldn't see where she was coming from, very much the reason he found himself so annoyed by her is that he could see exactly where she was coming from, and unfortunately for him it seemed like the direction that he was heading in, in which the case is the most important thing above all others and anypony who got in the way of the work was simply an annoyance to use to their benefit. After this case he was going to have a serious heart to heart with himself; he didn't like the idea of this route now that he had seen where it could lead him. Luckily there was no time to dwell on it now, it appeared she wanted to learn things from a local casino owner, of course casinos were where he spent most his time anyway when he was off duty, he had probably met this pony before, and even if not, they were easy enough to learn information from. "Alright, seems simple enough. Everypony is this city is eccentric in their own twisted ways. I'm sure I'll have fun getting to know this 'Jackpot' if I don't already know him, and I think I already have an idea of how to work him. A 'fun' lead? Didn't realise you old timers knew how to have fun." he comments jokingly, putting his sunglasses in his pocket as he takes out a small map, looking over it "Okay, casinos by owner, alright then just north of here, let's get going, we're burning hours." he says, heading to the door quickly "And my client doesn't have hours."
  11. Slowing down a second [closed]

    Lens again just listens to her talking about her view of his world, reflecting on it now he realised just how strange a world it was that he inhabited; a town completely at odds with the rest of the pony lands, where greed was valued above friendship, and in which friends usually just passed through. It certainly was a town unlike any other, but it had its quirks in that strange order of things. Especially for ponies like him, who made a name for themselves diffusing situations that may arise, or causing the occasional situation to escalate out of control to take it down properly. Still, no place was quite like it, and that made it special to him. "Corruption is everywhere sadly. Just in a city like Las Pegasus, ponies are more open about their swindling and the like, and it's less corruption and more... a difference in order. In the rest of Equestria, one's worth is calculated by their friends or the like. In Las Pegasus, you are all in or you are all out. It's money or nothing in that society, and when you are driven by money, you have two ways to pursue it; by keeping your friends and morality intact, or by speeding up the process in exchange for those who are with you. It's why the best detectives keep the corrupt with them; easier to betray a corrupt pony to progress yourself; everypony else calls you a hero when you do it. I mean heck, apparently I'm making an impact on the scene; some of the big names in the business have expressed great want to ruin my career. Princess Luna, ah yes, it was a tragedy what happened to her, especially considering that nowadays there are so many ponies who prefer the night to the day. I do a lot of my work under the blanket of the stars, easier to walk and think in the cool darkness. One of your bosses? Wow, that's certainly an impressive space to hold. I don't think I've ever met anypony big who hasn't wanted my head except for Rarity."
  12. Spar treatment [Open]

    Switch looks up from his resting spot, adjusting his goggles; they looked like welding goggles, the level of tint on them alone would make anypony question how this particular stallion saw out of them, and yet his head instantly turns to Blaze before he even speaks a word, he listens attentively to the stallion talk, nodding his head "Well a pleasure to you too. However I wouldn't really say that we shall be sparring as such. To spar you have to make sure you are on level footing with your opponent, these are practice fights, you know, training." he adjusts the strap on the armour around his chest. "But I will be happy to train against you." He then looks over to the pegasus, studying the clothing he nods "Ah, one from Saddle Arabia?" he notes quickly, looking at the wings he sighs "Well I can demonstrate Earth Pony techniques, however I cannot teach you Pegasus techniques for reasons that should be obvious." he nods "Most dashing of heroes? Well tell whoever told you that to come and see me. I'd love to be called dashing instead of the usual set of words used to describe me." he chuckles, dropping from his bench onto his hooves as he slides the bench away again "So I suppose the pair of you should be together for this session. No point trying to train unicorn fighting methods when we only have one session; too many things to think about when magic is involved; we'll start simple." he states calmly as he unlocks the door at the back of the wagon again, checking it still wasn't rolling before climbing inside when a orchestra of metal clangs and thuds would be heard.
  13. Changelings in Paradise (Hub, see OOC)

    Lens listens carefully to her response, watching the activity around himself as well; it certainly seemed like some here already knew others, this intrigued him greatly, as it would mean that at least some of the workers were perhaps contacted by the queen to come here, rather than being directly at her side the whole time. Before he got lost in any more tracks of thought he nods "Thank you most kindly, ma'am. I shall make sure to look at the lagoon." he says calmly, hoping to avoid the hot springs and spa due to his ego and image; it was not something which he thought would help with ponies identifying him as the wrong gender. With that last thought in his mind he makes a mental map of where he is, heading off towards the clinic area at a brisk pace; not wanting to lollygag anywhere. [[Lens has left the topic
  14. Slowing down a second [closed]

    Lens nods as he listens to Ice talk; she certainly spoke with a lot of passion and enthusiasm; it made it obvious to him that she had never done work in the areas of Las Pegasus that he worked in. Everypony and their pet dog had some kind of hustle up their sleeves, it was only a short time ago that a certain pair of ponies managed to dethrone the reign of Gladmane's monopoly on the Las Pegasus entertainment industry, and put another pair of hustlers in charge of the business, albeit far more open about their intentions than the two faced nature of Gladmane. Las Pegasus worked by the hustlers hustling the hustlers out of their hustles, it was an endless game of cat and mouse of different ponies working towards their own agendas, it is what made Las Pegasus a Investigators haven. "They ain't anymore. I saw to a big branch of them already, only thing they'll be tampering with is the bedding in their cells. One of the only places I know of where detectives routinely end up putting ponies in high places into a nice cozy cell for the next however long. Unfortunately it also means that the good cops put a lot of work in and get overladen with cases, so do have to say no to some, which then get picked up by freelance detectives and investigators, who take some stress from the law enforcement; it's a cycle of helping one another really, also some ponies find the size of an organisation a bit scary, so going to a private eye instead seems a lot less imposing on them." he explains calmly with a nod
  15. [Age of Heroes] Robot Revelation [Open]

    The sudden appearance of another being like him made him jump a bit; his scanners were still calibrating from the range of beings in the forest, along with wirelessly scanning new forms of technology to detect them, it left him easy to sneak up on for now. His eyes widened as he got 'scared' the screens getting filled with lines of code as he reset from the startle, shaking his head as his ears flop a bit, clanging like chimes as they hit his head. They both seemed to want to know why he wanted to go to Ponyville, it seemed like a rather strange query to him, all things considered. "I was told by my creators to seek it out. Also, why would I not want to seek a way out of this forest? It is lonely and empty, and I am bored of seeing moss, Miss The Equestrian." he says, moving a leg carefully as he checks to see if he had fully recovered from the shock. He straightens up, smacking his head against a tree branch, the branch snapping as he jumps, flinching "Ouch!" he exclaims, his voice slightly distorted from the hit as his eyes spin from the hit, shaking his head to recompose himself as he looks down at the branch then to the tree "I am sorry for the inconvenience to your photosynthetic cycle." he says with his normal voice again as he looks back to the two ahead of him as he tries to gain wireless control of the drone to make it fly over to him.