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  1. Can't get over that Cartoon heroes Pic. 

  2. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    He nods "I have quite a few jobs, but the main one I am known for is my book selling. The other one, unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell you. At least not yet; there's a lot of admin that has to be done before I am allowed to tell you. But trust me, I would if I could, but if I did, then it is highly likely you won't remember any of our meeting, which is something that I won't allow to happen." he responds, his tone evident that he's not happy about the options currently. "But I'd like to think I've been as nice as I am with everypony. Or at least everypony worth being nice to." "I would think most strangers would. Just takes the ponies of this town a while to adjust to new ponies. Zecora had the same experience with the townsponies apparently." he says with a smile, before she asks the next question. "I can promise you, Sioux, my behaviour has been entirely my own. When it comes to my personality, there is no pretending; I cannot afford the time to be cruel in this work." He says softly, trying to reassure her of that. "Of course, come on then, we'll head up again." He leads her back over to lift, making it ascend again.
  3. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    He nods "I thought you deserved to see yourself, even if just once so you knew you weren't some monster." he says as he takes the glasses back, stowing them on the shelf again. "Probably get hell from my superiors for that. But I got their bell, so I'm sure they will look past it in time." he laughs "They can't get rid of me; I'm too useful. And the only permanent staff at this base."
  4. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    She would be able to see, well herself. As Coltson is currently looking at her, stood in the dimly lit corridors of the containment center for the items, shelves lined with weird things. "I can already tell they are working because I can't see a thing." he notes, she would still be in control of her body, just be seeing what he was seeing "Clever things these. The metal uses a coating of a potion that allows this. Nopony knows how to make it anymore though. Anyway, like the view?"
  5. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    He laughs at that, shaking his head "Something a bit simpler, but equally hard to explain. Let's just say these glasses were made to help ponies see life through the other's point of view. Literally in their case." he puts on one pair, then holds the other out for Sioux to take "No real side effects with these except the ones which arise from being able to see whatever the other pony wearing them does."
  6. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    He laughs "Yeah, think I can clock it in as overtime actually." he walks over to the floor safe, pressing his hoof against it, it activates the mechanism that lowered the floor, descending into the base. When it stopped he called to Sioux "Okay, now just follow me again." he moves into the base, through the main office and into the item containment, placing the bell onto a shelf and activating it, keeping the bell from working. "And one final thing." he moves along the rows, taking out a battered pair of glasses from a shelf, then another pair the same "This may be a bit weird, but I think you deserve to know, okay?"
  7. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    "Not always. Sometimes I do the admin while others bring the items to me." he says as they walk along the quiet street "And on rare occasions I take a holiday." he claims with a grin "Oh and every so often I sell a book." They would arrive at the store in good time, Coltson letting them in as he leads the way to the backstore room. "Stand here and don't move until the rumbling stops, okay?"
  8. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    "Excellent. Glad it all worked out for both of us." he said as they walked through the darkness of the forest, treading back the way they went, Coltson thinking carefully about something. After a while they would be at the exit of the forest. Coltson finally having made a decision "Oh, one last thing. Would you mind accompanying me back to my store? Feel like you should be there when the bell is locked away for good."
  9. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    He wanders up to her "Ah, sorry about startling you. Forgot about the whole noise thing. Never get used to items like this. Anyway, its safe now, the effect has been contained and we can head back to town." he smiles happily "Your eyes still not sore, right?" he asks, knowing how bad they got last time they were out, he hoped the eye covering helped her with that issue. He started trotting back the way they came.
  10. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    Coltson takes a step into the area, all sound stopping, he keeps focusing on brass, walking forwards, taking each step slowly and carefully, following where his eyes darted, slowly coming across the fallen tree. As he approached this close nothing would be able to make a sound, the experience was unsettling to say the least. Terrifying to say the most. He carefully moves towards a crack in the tree, a small bell nestled inside it. He opens the cannister at his side, levitating the bell and dropping it into the canister, slamming the lid on top of it as sound returned to the area with the sound like air rushing. He makes his way back towards Sioux "Okay, I got it. Things should be good now." he shouts with a smile.
  11. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    He nods, noticing the difference in sound as well. "You're right... You wait here, we can still just hear one another, so you can hear the things around us. I'll go in and get the item. Whatever you do, don't go any closer. I don't want you getting turned around in here." he decides as he looks ahead "This is definitely the place. I just know it."
  12. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    "Where are we going? No clue~" he laughs slightly at the situation "Just following my nose, or rather your potion. This place is already starting to look right as well. Bit ruined but oh well." he says as he keeps trotting through the wrecked path, also whistling every so often to check he still had sound.
  13. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    "Why am I looking for it? Well partly to prove it does exist. But also so I can lock it away in my safe so no other pony could use it for ill meaning purposes." he explains as he trots along with her. As he looks around, the route starts to feel familiar under his hooves, due to the fact he never walked it before, he assumed it to be the potion, letting himself follow the line he calls to Sioux "Hey, follow me I think I've got something."
  14. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    He nods "Oh yeah, sorry I forgot. But yeah, let's head up that way. I'm sure when we get closer the potion will be more helpful. Lead on~" he smiles happily, glad to be making progress now, especially since the day also included helping Sioux with her problem. This operation, at least to him, was a total success.
  15. [Open] The greatest treasures?

    "We should be good without the speed potion; I can't see much brass in the forest, in fact I'm getting the feeling its only in one place. I get the feeling there is a tree that has fallen but is leaning in the top of a tree that has been split by lightning. Ring any bells?" he asks her, smiling as he watches her mane poof in that rather cute way, shaking his head as he focuses on the area again.