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    I like to draw, im new to drawing ponies so bare with me. I've been into mlp for awhile now and I'd like to get into the swing of things about mlp roleplay and websites. I honestly hope I can make friends here and I hope you guys will support me. :)

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  1. She's more of a out going pony, she really doesn't let anything stand in her way and she isn't afraid to stand up to anyone.
  2. (Just comment below if interested in roleplaying on this with me!) AeroSpace yawned as he sat down on a picnic blanket with a book in his right hoof and a small cup of tea in his left. He sat down his cup of tea and started flipping through the pages of his book looking for his bookmaker he had left in it the night before. His big green eyes looked up from the book as he heard a noise in the bushes. He tilted his head and put hi book back down and walked over to the bush, he looked around for what was making that noise but couldn't seem to find where it was coming from. he shrugged it off sitting back down in his sport on the blanket. He couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched by something...or someone. Shivers went up his spine.
  3. "Hi! It's me, Dreamer, or that's what people and ponies call me. Anyways, since I'm new here I'm gonna let you guys ask me questions, I'll respond as soon as possible! So, ask away!"
  4. Hi! I wanted to say I absolutely love your art! your content is amazing! keep up the good work, also im new here...can you show me how some of this works?

    1. AeroSpace34


      Hi! I'm new here and stuff...but, I draw art and I hope I can make some new friends here and such!

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