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  1. hey fluttershy um i'm a bunny

  2. auroraran12

    RWBY role play

    um sure
  3. can you believe friendship is magic was discontinued, utterly mortifying 

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    2. tacobob


      And another movie!

    3. auroraran12
    4. tacobob


      As long as the ponies keep selling, the new seasons will keep coming out.

  4. auroraran12

    RWBY role play

    We can do one on one role playing on the chat and role play with others here
  5. auroraran12

    siren or equestria girls role play

    Ocs and canon characters
  6. auroraran12

    RWBY role play

    we can role play on the chat we have on the message i gave you
  7. hello rexdraco its a pleasure to meet you

    1. RexDraco


      Nice ta meetcha! Rex or Discord is fine ta call me by! How ya doin?

  8. auroraran12

    RWBY role play

    its fine we can do a topic
  9. auroraran12

    RWBY role play

    Oh I see
  10. auroraran12

    RWBY role play

    so want to talk or role play on messager?
  11. anyone interested in role playing equestria girls
  12. auroraran12

    RWBY role play